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Waiting for the start of the Brexit What's The Deal event at Bracknell Open Learning Centre organised by Berkshire for Europe.
We'll be live tweeting the event, so watch this space.
If you are at the event, use the hashtag #WhatsTheDealBracknell on social media.
It promises to be an interesting evening, particularly with the news this afternoon that Railways Minister @JoJohnsonUK has resigned from the government and spoken out in favour of a #PeoplesVote on Brexit rather than the choice of no deal or a bad deal.
Our speakers this evening are:
Bracknell MP @DrPhillipLeeMP who was one of the early MPs to resign their ministerial post over Brexit (for the right reasons)
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At the council house in the public gallery watching Birmingham City Council debate a #peoplesvote #finalsay on theBrexit deal. Watch live here.…
Passionate speech from @Jonperrybarr on the benefits of the EU and the damage it will cause to Birmingham to leave.
@BrumLeader making the case that 8 of 10 top trading parties for the city are in the EU, the incredible narrowness of the vote in Bham and that no one voted to make our region poorer.
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Thread: Several prominent people in tech (VCs etc) have *privately* thanked me for being so public about a #FinalSay / #PeoplesVote. They are v. worried about the future of the UK. Then again, one or two say I’ve damaged myself. “Stick to tech!”
Only 4 people (that I’ve counted) are actively pro-Brexit (I have a LOT of contacts so they are very much in the minority. Those who are against Brexit but remain quiet say they prefer not to “do politics”.
And yet they’d probably be the first to admit that we landed in this place because the Tech Industry did not do enough to *actively* defend democracy. Instead, it built products without thinking about how they might one day be weaponised against democracy.
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So #VoteLeave chair @GiselaStuart (who I note quit as an MP in 2017 rather than try and make brexit work) apparently said on @talkRADIO this morning that she believed there were no leave voters on the #PeoplesVoteMarch a couple of weeks ago.

Let's examine that.


So @GiselaStuart maybe you do not believe that #RemainerNow @Will_DryOFOC was at the #PeoplesVoteMarch. In fact he now works full time fighting #brexit with @OFOCBrexit & was one of the thousands of young people leading the march. Here he explains why

Or @GiselaStuart do you not 'believe' this little collage of evidence of leave voters @damidude @CharlesGallahe2, his brother, @hughnorris, @damidude @snoozette1 @MrsEmmaJK @andrewhardie3 all of whom are #RemainerNow &were at the #PeoplesVoteMarch on 20th Oct?


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The difficulty with whistleblowing is that the only people who really know the truth are you, and the people being exposed. So the only way to get the public and politicians to believe you over them really just comes down to who has the most evidence - proof.
And for that evidence to be confirmed and validated by the authorities. But when the evidence is provided, the criminality proven, the most debilitating thing is seeing well known media personalities, famous politicians and trusted journalists still blatantly lie to the public.
To have seen the crime first hand, and then see well known people that are trusted by the British public to so blatantly lie is extremely frightening.
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Alright - I am going to really take a look at this. It is of course more than 2 bits of advice. Probably it is 4 - all from someone not fighting for what I am fighting for, who has changed sides twice in 2.5 years.
#PeoplesVoteMarch #stopbrexit (Thread) 1/
To begin with, the tone. You will not reach many seasoned #remain campaigers by talking to them as if they are stupid or dupes.
#peoplesVoteMarch #FinalSayForAll 2/
Take your own advice Owen - we've been doing this for 2+ years - we are making headway - whilst the Labour party are erm -3 again in the polls.
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1. There are some who think that Parliament would never allow the UK to crash out of the EU without a deal.
2. There are others who think that the UK will crash out with no deal, but it will be o.k., because very quickly the UK will go back to the EU with a begging bowl, and Brexit In Name Only, or Brino, will be drafted up super quick and agreed to.
3. This won't happen, because this craven set of Brexit politicians cannot listen to reason, and all they will do is blame the EU for their own stupidity when the EU refuses their conflicting irrational demands, such as leaving a club, but still keeping the value of membership.
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I am becoming more sure as every twist of the #Brexit knife happens, that the same mindset that was behind Hitler's policies in Nazi Germany are being subtly or will be openly enacted here upon a #nodealbrexit
Let me unpick this .....
Right from the start of the campaign ~ generated to keep Cameron in power and stave off the 'bastards' sic.Major on the right/UKIP, pure racism was allowed and encouraged in the press. A subtle game was played whereby legit EU citizens were turned into 'illegal migrants. #brexit
Outright lies of Leave.EU and Voteleave were never publically opposed by any MPs ~ and indeed, the *crimes* committed by both organisations are not being investigated by the police,nor Govt declared the ref null & void on what has been uncovered by @carolecadwalla
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The responses to this from @FabianZuleeg are very much worth reading and reflecting on (as Fabian’s points always are). Senior Remainers need to devote energy to discussing and convincing their EU27 capitals colleagues and contacts on an extension.
In more ordinary times (e.g. a GE) UK diplos would be quietly briefing their counterparts on possible outcomes and consequences. I very much doubt this is being done now.
If Fabian’s analysis is right, an extension that would be needed for a #FinalSay ref is very far from guaranteed. Other senior current and ex-politicians from Remain need to work with their EU27 contacts now to explain and convince.
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The 6th list of #Brexitconcerns is building up here:…

1-5 are linked to at the top of this thread
That thread I made from the IFS report about the impact of Brexit on employment is here:
ICYMI (many did) here's the parliamentary debate on 11th December 2017 on why we should hold a 2nd ref on Brexit which had many MPs speaking sense, incl.
@CarolineLucas & @susanelanjones

#PeoplesVote #FinalSay
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Are people still writing to their MPs on Brexit and the need for a #FinalSay/#Peoplesvote? If not, we should be. MPs get mail/emails on an endless variety of issues, and if their postbag is not dominated by opposition to Brexit they won't feel the pressure to act. 1/
I know some people are, and I know people have and have got no reply so it seems pointless to do it again, but it really isn't. It needs to be sustained and widespread to get through, but MPs genuinely take notice of this. 2/
Also, when MPs see opinion polls, they always think their constituency is different and an exception if what they see in their postbag/inbox and on the doorstep doesn't chime with the polls. 3/
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CORBYN SPEECH: Labour leader offers Brexit truce with May if her final deal is 'sensible' #PeoplesVote #FinalSay…
A couple of thoughts about this Brexit offer that Jeremy Corbyn has made to Theresa May...(thread)....
Until now Labour’s position has been that it would only vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal if it met Keir Starmer’s “six tests”...
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Possibly unwisely, I’m going to stick my neck out and say that while @UKLabour’s Brexit motion is, as it always would be, a bit of a fudge, it is a positive move and contains some very important stuff. Important to read the whole thing though. H/T @LabPeoplesVote 1/
Disclaimers: I’m not a Labour supporter, there are some negatives (e.g. focus on “Hard Brexit”, not “Brexit”), and I would of course liked it to go further. 2/
1. Acknowledgement that the harm of Brexit cannot be simply undone by a future Govt. This is against the ‘let them screw it up and we’ll get power’ thinking prevalent in some quarters. 3/
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1.This is a thread for my fellow Remainers in the #fbpe movement. There were some threads yesterday which have caused upset in our community and a shaking of people’s confidence. Well I awoke his morning with these thoughts on my mind and wanted to get them down on paper.
2. We have the privilege of having some excellent specialists in their fields fighting by our side, I thank each and every one of them. But it is by THEIR SIDE. They know the technocratic stuff and understand the legalities of treaties and trade deals.
3. But all of that on it’s own is not what will get us a peoples vote and our personal opinions, worldview and knowledge and experience should hold equal weight when considering our own positions.
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Great that Labour voices are calling for a #finalsay, but we have to be honest about what it will be on.

There’ll be no vote on Chequers as it’s already been rejected by EU27.

EU27 very unlikely to agree to renegotiate at that point, so Norway+ won’t be an option. 1/
The choice, of a Withdrawal Agreement happens, will be between a) accepting it, b) rejecting and no deal, and c) rejecting and revoking Art50 2/
As rejecting the WA for no deal is utterly, criminally, bat-shit mental self-immolation, Parliament should reject it as an option, leaving the question as the Withdrawal Agreement as agreed vs Revoking Art50. 3/3
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The government has zombified its Brexit position but clutches the corpse: I tell Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London why May and Johnson’s fight is an embarrassing side-show, and why Chequers is still eye-wateringly dead
Boris Johnson is right that Chequers gives us less control than we have now, but UK government is out of options. No-deal can’t happen; that means a deal will; and the EU has no incentive to budge. We know how this story ends
Meanwhile, Macron has said he doesn’t want a ‘blind Brexit’. I explain what that is and why there’s a strong chance we won’t get it anyway, thanks to implicit demands of Irish backstop. Vanessa was also good enough to correct my #AccidentalPartridge when I misquoted Dylan Thomas
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#BrexitConcerns from the ONS about a worrying disparity in our trade statistics.

"in 2016, Britain recorded imports of services from seven countries of £68bn: but those countries registered total exports to the UK of £140bn"…
Seems there is even more at stake than we realised.

Brexit is a bad decision.
I haven't a clue why the colours on that pic are inverted.
Here it is.
Just another huge reason to #LookB4WeLeave

#FinalSay #FinalSayForAll
#ProjectFear #BrexitReality
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Sign up for #FinalSay today.
Let's look before we Leave.
We need change, but this is not the change we are looking for

Better safe than sorry.
Do you want this future?
It's in the hands of the People.
Please help put the brakes on Brexit…
I miss summer already.
Crisp chill in the air.
The washing didn't dry on the line this afternoon.
The nights are drawing in.
But there's a different feeling to the usual turn of the seasons.
A dread, building these past years.
Brexit is coming & it will break #OurNHS
Why aren't more People helping to #SaveOurNHS?
Vote Leave's campaign was about giving tons of much-needed money to the NHS.
That's not going to happen.
In fact #OurNHS representatives say Brexit will break it
Let's check (democratically!) that enough of us want that eh?
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1. Every day I awaken hoping MPs would just once challenge the validity of a #Brexit that Robs us of Rights & makes us Poorer based on a non-Binding result the votes of only 25.6% of the Ppl, 37% voters & 51.8% of those voting..many of whom now regret it.
But no it's the same old
2. Autocrats of Right & Left more interested in imposing their wills on the Ppl than the current Will of the Ppl, deny us a #PeoplesVote & a #FinalSay with a #Remain option, on the basis it would undermine democracy, disillusion voters & fuel the Far Right. So #Brexit must happen
3. I repeat...the result was non-Binding & backed by only 26.5% of the Ppl 37% voters. But also these 'Democrats' don't just deny a #PeoplesVote ..they choose to ignore the flawed & probably illegal basis upon which the Ref was based. Cambridge Analytica, Foreign interference etc
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1. Labour Schism: the threat's real if there's not a major shift in #Brexit policy at Conference.
A #BrexitShambles harms UK
A #PeoplesVote is Democratic
A #FinalSay Confirms the Will
#Remain + Current Deal is Best Deal
Prob is the Leadership Stance
1a Big diffs between 1980s & today's #Brexit emergency which play to a new Centrist Grouping not being SDP2..
1. Politicised Remainers
2. Party loyalty less strong
2. Far Right infiltration of Tories
3. Macron
4. LibDems a Catalist with a base
5. Big Funders
A new party is Viable
1b IMHO #Brexit must be stopped before a Gen Elect...time's too short for that & a Ref & this #BrexitShambles can't be sorted in a multi issue GE unless Labour stands full square behind
#Reject #Revoke #Remain #Reform
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<thread>1. To reify means to take a process & make it static like an object whilst endowing that “object” with special powers.

Referendum voting was a flawed process in which Electoral Law was broken by domestic organisations. It was also flawed b/c of who was disenfranchised.
2. Following flawed process that was subject to criminal acts, the RESULT was reified.

Meaning, made like an object with magical powers.

The BBC, newspapers & major political parties cooperated in the reification of the result.

UKIP agenda treated as worth appeasing.
3. General Election 2017 called by Prime Minister in April 2017 dissolved the HMG that had sent a leaflet to households dissolved.

Any promise the previous government had made no longer bound the new Parliament.
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1. I'll try once again.
@SkyNews @SkyNewsPolitics @Channel4News @BBCNews @BBCr4today etc etc...



Citizens affected disenfranchised

It's not all about the Economy.

#PeoplesVote 4 a #FinalSay & a #Remain option
2. UK citizens at Home & Abroad will lose Rights....…
3. Other EU country citizens in the UK will Lose Rights…
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1. Yes @UKLabour it is nearly beyond time..back your members...back your voters...back the Maj of the Ppl & actively Oppose not Appease.
Your 1st priority is to the Country. #Brexit in any form harms it.
@Labour4EU know it...Unions know it..Momentum too.…
2. Don't let the Govt stall or the @EU_Commission give them more time. Any #Brexit will become a Tory hands the UK to the Far Right & ERG.
The Ref validity is long gone...past its Use By date.
Lies, Illegalities & Rights to be Removed w/o CONSENT.

#PeoplesVote #FinalSay
3. PS Extensions, Renegotiations, Re-entry, Transitions & a Blind #Brexit are Tory #Brexiter & Labour #Lexiter #RedKipper CONS...
All lead to a Tory #BrexitShambles which Removes Rights & Impoverishes the UK...

#PeoplesVote for a #FinalSay with a #Remain #Reform option
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