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1. Neither I nor #Remain millions R Extremists but #Brexit's marginalised the Centre to the point we've become extreme
Extremely Angry
Extremely Politicised
Extremely Determined

Govt/Opposition/#Brexiters/#Lexiters thought we'd just Suck It Up, Get Over It, Move On.

2. We no longer see Tories or Labour, PM or Corbyn as the only alternative to each other. That's a false conceit you want us to swallow. Tactical voting & social media played out in GE2017. #Brexit is toxic & will continue to be if U don't #RevokeA50. A plague on both your houses
3. This is an Existential & Generational Crisis sucking the life & soul out of our Country..there is No Good..No Viable #Brexit nor #Lexit..both = #BrexitShambles
Both Remove Rights w/o Consent & leave us Worse Off.
There is NO COMPROMISE between IN or OUT beyond the one we have.
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Theresa May's government is falling apart in office. It can only win votes to keep itself in power, and cannot pass the substantive legislation it promised in its manifesto... 1/ so why no constitutional crisis?
2/ The U.K. Brexit Impasse is nothing to do with procedure: the implicit rule is: a neoliberal cannot fall if its replacement is pledged to cancel neoliberalism...
3/ Even in Australia, where Labor is nowhere near leftist, the fossil lobby and the white racists have to cling to power because the change that's coming, as neoliberalism dies, just needs their fingers removed from the levers of power...
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Brexit: Robbins gobbing off in a Brussels bar is interesting for one reason only; May's choice is a deal or a long extension to A50; *only consulting the British ppl again would allow A50 extension* 1/... so...
2/ Here are the routes out of the crisis ... May persuades 50+ Labour cowards to pass her deal thru panic - only possible if there is hard deadline. Robbins leak effectively confirms this...
3/ if Cooper Bill passes - taking Commons out of May control - the way is open for Corbyn to move his Brexit plan. Entirely in order to whip this - but it will fail. So what then...
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This one is probably just for the scientists
#UKPunDay #GeekJokes
(It's less funny if you have to explain it)…
BTW this isn't my picture, so kudos to whoever made us all do a nerd-snerk laugh with their wit.

I don't have a Soundcloud, but please, for the love of Attenborough just sign up for #FinalSay and tell your friends we need to #MakeitStop…
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Owen Smith on channel 4 news “why are we not opposing Brexit? 👏👏👏
Where is our support in Parliament. Every single MP in Westminster back or front bench hears the same evidence as we do every single day from the Bank of England, from businesses , from journalists who uncover the lies and deceit of the leave campaigns
We got at least 700,000 people on the streets from John o’Groats to Lands End and further afield throughout Europe onto the streets with one very simple message to deliver to Westminster. We want #finalsay
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John Bercow calling Peter Bone a delicate flower is a thing of joy, and Joanna Cherry ensuring Donald Tusk's words are registered in Hansard tops it all off beautifully

Solid British humour ftw, even in the face of the Unbearable Shiteness of Brexit

#MakeItStop #JustMakeItStop
Very pleased that Donald Tusk's heartfelt reaction to the Unbearable Shiteness of Brexit is now recorded in Hansard for posterity 🤣

Well done to all of those continuing to speak plain truths
#StandUp2Brexit #MakeItStop…
I know everyone's gone straight to fighty biting about @eucopresident's fervent hope that those *responsible* for Brexitshambles will be rewarded with suitable punishment (#NotAllLeaveVoters)

but think it's important to read the full extent of his remarks…
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Okay here's a mind map of the Brexit endgame, with an emphasis on the challenges for Labour... 1/ If the EU ditches Ireland over backstop we get May's WA and a hard Brexit. Game over. But...
2/ If May sticks to No Deal/Ticking clock the *main danger* is a group of 50+ rightwing/centrist Labour MPs panic and vote for any deal on offer. The weak whipping operation by Labour means this is a serious possibility and Labour members need to mobilise to stop it... however...
3/ There is also a possibility that May accepts dynamic alignment with EEA over labour market rules but not the Customs Union. This, too, sparks a rightwing Labour revolt in favour of May's deal. Less likely but dangerous....
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1/ war paint on & we're ready to #EURockNRoll 🇪🇺🇬🇧👊

Protesting outside Parliament today over the #MeaninglessVote

Your deal is dead @theresa_may! Plan B is Plan A - and it's not good enough for #Britain!

It's time for the people to demand a #FinalSay on this mess
2/ there appears to be massive @UKIP and @LeaveMnsLeave #WTO rules protest and march occurring.

Not enough Remainers on the ground to counter & the atmosphere is very toxic.

I was immediately called every name under the sun and told I am a disgrace. 🙄
3/ I had to take a photo of this dude.... I'll give it to him - his costume is great! 😂🤣😂 #LeaveMeansLeave
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This week UKGov & Parliament effectively have to decide to revoke Article 50.

An act is probably needed. It took 7 weeks to pass the Art50 Act. It's 8 full weeks until Brexit day.

An extension is not guaranteed, even if legislated for.

Revoking is now the only sane option. 1/
I have argued for a #FinalSayForAll referendum. I still believe this is the best (least bad) route to either get popular consent to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement, or reject it and remain a member of th EU. 2/
Unfortunately, this process was started by a referendum, along with some rash political promises regarding it. To maintain popular consent for government and our system of government, a referendum is the best way to end it, either positively or negatively. 3/
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*deep breath*
On Monday I am (probably) in national press & on TV talking about how, despite being stable, capable & mostly happy for 15 yrs after spending my 20s in psychiatric care, the unbearable shiteness of Brexit made my suicidal thoughts re-emerge.

#MakeItStop #FinalSay
I'm a lot better this year but last year was particularly difficult.
There were a couple of incidents that could've gone badly but thankfully didn't.

I'm really struggling to see why we are just letting this be done in our name when it will only make things worse for most of us
I'm hoping people will agree that it's not me that's crazy, simply that #BrexitIsBonkers.
Hoping that people just don't see how damaging this path will be to anyone who isn't tax-dodging profiteer.
That they haven't seen the impact Brexit is already having on us & our neighbours.
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On the length of time needed for a #FinalSay Referendum, UKGov’s 1 year timetable is fairly obviously over-stating by some way, but it’s equally silly (and potentially damaging) to pretend that it could be knocked out over a wet weekend in February. 1/
The Constitution Unit (@ConUnit_UCL)’s view is that 22-24 weeks is needed for it to be done properly, and I think it should be done properly.…
The @instituteforgov puts a minimum at 21 weeks. Both are well respected. Neither have much to gain one way or the other, except in maintaining their credibility, and I’ve seen no serious arguments as to why their timelines are flawed. 3/
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All over the UK there are numerous local anti-brexit groups doing great work on the streets of towns and cities.

I'm aware they often meet many leave voters who've changed their minds.

This thread shows those voters who've been willing to record something.
This lady (from Truro) voted leave. But she regrets it. She considers the UK public was made to panic and told a lot of lies. She is a #RemainerNow as she explained to @Cornwall4EU in the late summer.

She is right and it's why many leavers back a #PeoplesVote
This video was recorded in Bury St Edmunds in August by the local group there and sent into @peoplesvote_uk. She explained how she feels now she knows more about #brexit she is a #RemainerNow. She thinks it's a mess and we need a #FinalSay
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A short list re why a #PeoplesVote #FinalSay is not outrages or unreasonable.

We know more and we deserve to give an informed decision to our politicians based on facts rather than hot air.

No one wants no deal #brexit and no one likes May’s #brexit deal.
Many #Brexiters like to deny it but immigration was a clear concern. The UK has always had control but the Gov never really bothered to implement any control Directive 2004/38
Some were for sovereignty but the media and #Brexiters tried to make it black and white. The UK is sovereign para 67 Miller
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1/My New Year's Blog:…

"When we get our #PeopleVote - it is imperative that we make the positive case for the EU, but this will be just the beginning of an ongoing narrative we must sustain: educate, inform & work to change the hostile attitude to Europe."
2/ "Brexit is a categoric & catastrophic mistake but if in another referendum it is still “the will” of our tragically misinformed electorate, then we continue to make our arguments & lead the campaign to rejoin. It's always worth fighting for the values you believe in."
3/"For this reason I have admiration for activists with opposing values to my own – At least they have not fallen victim to apathy. It's necessary in a democracy to challenge each other in a civilised discourse & reach compromise that serves the interests of the many not the few"
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There’s a lot of disinfomation about a #FinalSay Referendum floating about based on variations of these points.

Some of this is very misleading. Corrected version in next tweets 1/
- Ref requires primary legislation, but could be as part of another act (1)
- Only Government can allocate time for act, but amendments to another act could use that Bill’s time. (1)
- Minimum of 147 days to hold a ref (although this is a minimum) (2)
- A ref would require an extension to Article 50, which requires unanimous agreement of EU27
- EU27 have indicated repeatedly that this would be likely to be available.
- That extension would need to be past the EP elections on 23-26 May.
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Ahoy any Brit who lives outside the UK ... (what, what WHY would you want to do that I hear you ask....?)

If you are still eligible to vote please register...and tell any friends or family including students or young people who have recently left the UK.

#PeoplesVote #finalsay
.@Aiannucci I don't suppose you could RT the above tweet given how much work you've been doing on trying to get people to register to vote? Thanks.
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I've spent the last 2.5 years in a horrible place and no, I'm not talking about Birmingham - in fact, I love where I live, in the place many seem to fear most, a truly multicultural neighbourhood, it's part of why I fight so hard.
We voted Remain btw
When the referendum came I wasn't paying attention to the world, I was just hanging out with my 3yo child, who was going to start school that autumn.
It was our last Spring of hanging out together.
I read around all the arguments for Leave but in my view the EU is not our enemy
In fact, my experience of the EU has been very positive as previously I worked in Home & Child Safety promotion and before that set up a small business in event services with the help of EU regional development funds.
Plus I have lived in Germany, my friends & family are European
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V Large poll (8k).

Sophisticated and proved statistical methods.

12% Remain Lead.
Majority support for a #FinalSay in every Region, every party even Conservatives, and both male and female.

The only age group with a leave majority was the 65yrs+.…
I would also note that this poll was completed on 6 Nov. (The statistical analysis is complex, hence delay but proven to be reliable).

Given the trend it seems likely that the swing to remain likely to be higher still now we have seen the WA and its lack of appeal.
3/ Plenty of material here for pressure on MPs.

Especially Labour.

Some 77% of Labour supporters said they wanted the public to be given the final say, against 52 per cent of Conservatives.

The North East Region included!

Get going. Get writing. Do not stop.
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UKGov’s legal advice might be secret, but EU watchers have been discussing this for months.

I agree that EP elections would have to be held and UK MEPs take up their seats. I don’t agree at all that this rules out the A50 extension necessary for a #FinalSay referendum. 1/
In June, the EU Council agreed a decision on the composition of the European Parliament after Brexit. This redistributes the UK seats to the other Member States.…
Article 2 of this decision makes specific provision for what happens if the UK is still a Member State at the beginning of the 2019-2024 EP term.

It says that the composition will be the current one, as laid out in the 2013 decision that is still in force. 3/
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If the Govt did move first on a #FinalSay ref, the Labour leadership will be left in the impossible position of either opposing something the vast majority of their members and voters support, or supporting the Tories.

Huge numbers of people would never forgive them for either.
Either is also likely to blow any electoral gains they might hope to make in 2022 by not acting and letting the Tories own the catastrophe.
Indeed, doing either is very likely to end any idea of electoral gains, and make their only strategy damage limitation as they haemorrhage voters.
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So it’s been one year exactly since I (Andy) started tweeting under @remainernow.

This thread will cover thank yous, some of the things the #Remainernow campaign has done over the last 12 months, what I think must happen next & how you can help.
So 1 year ago today, having spent the previous 18 months devastated about Brexit & the ramifications it looked like it was going to have for UK, I decided I had to do more & I set up a new twitter account with a simple aim & this was the 1st tweet.

I'd been following several #regretful leavers (e.g. @HughNorris7 & @timjn1) for a while on my personal twitter (now dormant) & decided that their voices (& many others like them) must be amplified & they must know others feel the same..@remainernow was the result of that.

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Main Brexit messages from EU27 leaders:
- This is the Deal, the only deal.
- Backstop and it's legalities are not going to change.
- Happy to help with strong declarations etc.
From some:
- UK can also choose to avoid No Deal with extension/revocation.
- It's choice if it doesn't
So much, so expected. 2 interesting things though.

1. From the different ideas coming out, EU27 are happy to find ways stronger than a simple declaration to help. None of them change that the facts of the Backstop though. It's about emphasis, political intent, and explanation.
The difficulty though is that it is not about finding a workable mutually beneficial solution to a problem. We have that already - The Backstop. It's about finding a way to please people that fundamentally just cannot be pleased within realistic parameters.
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Very good article from @philosgreek arguing that if direct democracy is the new gold standard, as UKGov and many MPs seem to think it is, a #finalsay referendum meets that standard far better than the alternatives of No Deal or deciding to revoke Art50.…
It also starts with a quote from Rousseau that is one of my favourite quotes of all time.
Should say that I don’t think direct democracy should be the new gold standard, but I do think that in a process started by direct democracy, there is a legitimacy issue with MPs deciding to revoke A50 as a policy choice.
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1. 💥💥💥💥💥

@BestForBritain has started a petition to give #The5Million @BritishInEurope and @The3Million the right to vote in a second referendum.

We're thrilled to be working with them 🍾
2. No franchise can be considered democratic if the people excluded from it include anyone whose rights and lives are changing on Day 1 and who pay taxes in and have ties to the UK.
3. Please sign, share and tell your MP you're supporting it. It will be extended if we get to 10,000 signatures - I see this as a challenge. 💪🏻

#finalsayforall #finalsay #peoplesvote
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