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Today is International #YouthDay

Healthy behaviours that start in adolescence make healthy adults:
-Healthy diet
-#NoTobacco nor alcohol use Image
Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death & disability among adolescents (10-19 years)

In 2019, nearly 100,000 adolescents died because of road traffic accidents.

Half of all #MentalHealth disorders in adulthood start by age 14, but most cases are undetected & untreated


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Happy #InternationalYouthDay 🥳🥳! Young people and Amnesty go hand in hand! They are the future of the movement after all! Join us this #MembershipThursday as we celebrate our members and volunteers making a change! Who are you celebrating this #YouthDay ?
Have you met our Outreach Coordinator @EMongute ? She is the founder of the Amandla MEK Foundation an organization that helps empower women and young people to become leaders in advocacy, social welfare, and entrepreneurship. On top of all that, she’s a superstar #AmnestyMember🤩
We love artivists and our #AmnestyMember @victorslimKE is one! Currently a toolkit organiser with @pbikenya, V-Slim is also a member of @cghrdkenya. He sees a world where everyone enjoys equal rights and we couldn’t agree more with that vision. #YouthDay #InternationalYouthDay
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It's International #YouthDay!


Youth around the 🌏🌍🌎 have the power to take action & the right to urge decision-makers in their communities to defeat hunger, improve sustainable healthy diets & improve the planet.

👉 #YouthLead Image
Youth voice should be put at the centre of food systems transformation.

Here are 6⃣ actions young people can call on governments & companies for sustainable & equitable food systems 👇 #YouthDay #YouthLead
Nutrition 🥗🍍🥕🍅 is essential for health and well-being at every stage of life.

On International #YouthDay & everyday, let's help young people thrive by ensuring access to & benefits from equitable food systems. 👉 Image
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कविताएं भावनाओं सी होतीं
शब्दों को पद्यों में पिरोतीं
सपनों का यथार्थ रूप
कविता अंधकार में धूप

क्रांति लाती कविताएं
हास्य से मन मोह जाएं
गंभीरता से भरे कुछ शब्द
सोचने को मनुष्य विवश

आहट ये विश्वास सा
भूत भविष्य आज का
समाज का सटीक चित्रण
कविता कामनाओं का उदाहरण
#Kवी #youthday
छत ये मिट्टी की
सोने नहीं देती
बारिश का डर तो
हर वक़्त बना रहता

निश्चल है ये मन
मस्तिष्क मगर फिर भी
जाने क्यों मचलता सा
होनी से डरता सा

एक दिन अपने छत को
पक्का मैं बनाऊँगा
पर मिट्टी तो फिर भी
वो साथ में आएगी

From Mundeshwari Devi Temple, Bhabhua, the oldest functional temple in the world, India is land of mystical temples, usually elaborated structures & are our most valuable assets. These temples remind us of architectural brilliance those days. My words for majestic temples.

#Kवी Describing the beauty of Ol...Image
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To celebrate this International #YouthDay we invite you to meet our Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation!

If you are also a Young #Amphibian Conservationist, post your pic and tag us, so we can share your work with the entire ASA partnership!
The Future Leaders of #Amphibian #Conservation program is an award to a number of early-career conservationists from around the world that have been identified by the Amphibian Survival Alliance as the next generation of amphibian conservationists.
So far we have awarded 19 Future Leaders from 12 countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Australia and the United States).

Have a look at the link and meet some of them!
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"The theme of International #YouthDay this year is ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’.

Today I’d like to join Mrs @AAzoulay as we recognize young people, youth-organisations, and youth-networks around the world for their collective action during #COVID19"-@DrTedros
"Thank you for your continued support, and your energy, creativity and motivation to get us all through this pandemic safely.

You have a big role to play here"-@DrTedros #COVID19 #YouthDay
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Today is Int'l #YouthDay, a day for celebrating youths globally, encourage us & propose ways to improve our lives. Sadly in Nigeria, it's another day to discuss an unfavourable govt policy that suffocates an employment window for youths & MSMEs. This time Uber & Taxify. Thread
The public transportation system is ranked amongst the worst in the world. An insufficient and decadent multi-modal system, and an inhuman public road transport impacts negatively on the overall quality of life of Lagosians. The emergence of ride hailing apps helped reduce that.
Prior to their emergence, the average Lagosian had to either go by the buses or engage yellow taxis who charge exorbitant fares despite, an overwhelming majority of them being older than 20years, break down frequently and are inhabitable for humans. LASG turned a blind eye.
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It's International #YouthDay!

WHO calls on youth around the 🌎🌍🌏 to take lead, take action and fight the #COVID19 pandemic for a better future.

Young people can take the lead in the fight against #COVID19 by

👏practicing hand hygiene
↔️ keeping physical distance
😷wearing a mask
🏡staying home
👥avoiding crowded places

to protect yourself & others from COVID-19

Shout out to young people around the 🌎🌍🌏

Don’t risk your life, play it safe and help end the #COVID19 pandemic!

#YouthDay Image
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Q&A with @SCBriand on the role of young people in stopping the #COVID19 infodemic. #AskWHO…
Join the Youth Engagement For Global Action webinar to find out more about how young people are taking part in the #COVID19 response:

Spiral calendar pad 12 August 2020 - 12:30 - 14:00 CEST


Register here 👉 Image
It's #YouthDay!

Join WHO/@UNESCO webinar LIVE now:
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.@WHO is launching a new #WearAMask challenge!
By wearing a mask, you are sending a message of solidarity and protecting other people, especially those most vulnerable to #COVID19.
Take a photo or a video of yourself wearing a mask, share it and nominate friends to do the same ⬇️
Let me be clear - masks alone will not stop #COVID19 - we must 𝗱𝗼 𝗶𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹:
#WearAMask that covers your nose, mouth & chin
Keep physical distance
Clean your hands
Keep away from big crowds
Cover your mouth & nose when coughing

We are the ones that can end this pandemic.
I now nominate
to join our #WearAMask challenge and help us spread the word about how and when to use a mask to protect our loved ones from #COVID19. Together, we can 𝗱𝗼 𝗶𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹!
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I won’t agree with @JoeBiden on plenty, but this November 3rd I will be voting for him as our next President.

I hope you will too. Here’s why:
100 Days. Because Joe cares about preserving and strengthening our global relationships. While T has trashed our allies in NATO, Joe recognizes the importance of trans-Atlantic diplomacy:
“Defending the liberal international order requires that we resist the forces of European disintegration and maintain our longstanding insistence on a Europe whole, free, and at peace.” Because yes, “The EU has been an indispensable partner of the United States.”
–JB (Jan 2017)
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Here are some truths about that day that have not been publicized in honor of the legacy of the 600 odd brave lives lost (the media will tell you less than 200) in June 1976. #june16 #YouthDay2020
I once had the pleasure of meeting some of the student leaders of the time. Namely Sibongile Mkhabela, the only woman student leader who was one of the Soweto 11 Accused, who is now CEO of Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Image
The "Soweto 11 Accused" are young student leaders who were captured and mostly tortured (electrocuted, testicles twisted with pliers and the latter) in jail for starting the protest.
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Imagine if kids at Morris Isaacson told the brave ones who were protesting being taught in Afrik & Bantu edu on this day in 1976, to stop because of the school’s “reputation”? B/c they felt the school’s image & racist teachers needed to be protected more than black CHILDREN?
That’s what you ladies and gentlemen sound like when you say stupid shit like that about the women and girls fighting racism in schools today. That they should stop because an inanimate object (the school) is feeling pain but black pain doesn’t matter
I feel like it’s serendipitous that this convo and fight is happening around this time. A time for deep reflection on what has changed in SA and to look even deeper at what has not. The attitudes of many white South Africans unfortunately still mirror those of 1976 ...(cont.)
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Happy #YouthDay #PSL football fans, I'm back with another piece of interesting research. So I went back and looked at crowd attendance at #AbsaPrem football matches

Here is what I found. THREAD 👇

#Amakhosi4Life #OnceAlways #DownsLive
It's a known fact that crowd attendance has been an issue for a long time. Others have mentioned price while travel time and safety are also major factors for a lot of fans. I will look at pure attendance numbers as well as jump into some research I found around #PSL attendance
To make things easier, I focused on the top 10 crowd attendance averages for the last 3 years. I then looked at the big three teams (Chiefs, Pirates and Downs) and tracked their average attendance record over the last ten years.
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Our #QuoteThisWoman+ database has close-on 300 voices now - and a significant number of our wonderful women are able to contribute to the debates around #YouthDay. Here's a list (thread)...
Prof Deevia Bhana's research focuses on gender, sexuality, race, class, culture and childhood and takes in poverty, wealth, violence and inequalities. She is Professor in Gender and Childhood Sexuality at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Dr Shakira Choonara is an award-winning public health researcher whose work spans universal health coverage, youth advocacy, health governance, gender equality, HIV, disability and malaria prevention. She is a member of the AU’s Youth Advisory Council. @ChoonaraShakira
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Today is #YouthDay!

The 🌎🌍🌏 now has more young people than ever before: 1.8 BILLION.

Protecting their health will be critical for achieving #HealthForAll.

@WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @DrTedros @UN @antonioguterres Young people are powerhouses of human potential & can be critical agents of change, if they participate in conversations in a fundamental way.

Safe, effective & meaningful engagement is a good way to realize their full potential for health, wellbeing & their rights. #YouthDay
@WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @DrTedros @UN @antonioguterres #YouthDay: Engagement with young people in all relevant aspects of the health system will not only enable individuals to thrive, it will also bring economic and social benefits for countries, because a healthy population is more likely to be productive & prosperous. #HealthForAll
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