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We heard nothing today about how our overburdened healthcare system is going to deal with a potential surge of Omicron cases in hospital. 🧵

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Our hospitals are far from recovered from the Premier’s massive failures in the fourth wave. There are tens of thousands of Albertans still waiting on delayed surgeries.
There are tens of thousands of Albertans without access to a family physician and we continue to see emergency room closures in various rural communities and ambulance shortages that are leading to waits of up to an hour for emergency care.
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The UCP’s mishandling of the pandemic will make the economic crisis deeper and the recovery longer.

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Hundreds of thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs.
Businesses have had to close their doors — many forever.
Even before the pandemic, Jason Kenney’s plan to hand over $4.7 Billion to profitable corporations failed. Investment fell, the economy stalled, and 50,000 jobs were lost.

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Alberta’s NDP and small business owners are calling for a suite of support measures for struggling small businesses in light of new, last-minute COVID-19 measures announced by the UCP government last week.

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Once again Jason Kenney has delayed action until the last possible moment creating unfair pressure on struggling small businesses in many parts of Alberta. #covid19ab
Businesses need certainty, and they need support from this government so that we can all do our part to bring COVID-19 under control without completely sacrificing livelihoods.

#SupportLocalYYC #supportlocalYEG
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We're calling for a comprehensive workforce strategy as part of a new proposal for universal, quality, affordable and accessible early learning and child care.

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When fully implemented, the proposal, released Friday at would put at least 42,500 people back to work and would increase Alberta’s GDP by nearly $6 billion.
The single most effective economic strategy we can implement to get people back to work and grow our economy, is to offer universal, affordable early learning child care.
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Jason Kenney and his government, including Minister Schweitzer, have wasted a year and a half with their cancellation of proven diversification programs and their deep cuts to the institutions that drive innovation.

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A well thought-out plan for economic development, innovation and research would engage with other levels of government and the private sector to leverage dollars.
That work takes time, which is why we're extremely frustrated that Minister Schweitzer and his cabinet colleagues stood still instead of keeping Alberta in the global technology race.
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These are no doubt unprecedented times, and it’s highlighted the importance of municipal government.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the leadership you’ve shown your communities in dealing with the challenges of this pandemic.

I know you are feeling the same stress all Albertans feel.

Every level of government is feeling it, and that means hard decisions for all of us.

We have some big challenges in Alberta right now.

Jobs have been lost. Businesses are closing. The economy is shrinking.

People need help, which means demand for services will go up… while at the same time your tax base is going down.

Everything from emergency services to public transit to patching the roads is under pressure.
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In my address to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (#AUMA) Convention in #Calgary, I called on Jason Kenney and Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard to reset the province’s broken relationship with municipalities, and invest in their economic recovery.

So far, the UCP’s approach to supporting municipalities has hovered somewhere between condescension and outright disrespect. Municipalities deserve a real plan for diversification.
This plan must engage elected leaders to act locally and grow their strengths while pivoting to new opportunities because there cannot be an economic recovery in Alberta without municipalities at the table.

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Alberta’s unemployment rate decreased to 11.8 per cent in August, but remained the second highest in the country. The drop in the unemployment rate was mainly due to the fact that 16,000 Albertans left the workforce, while only 9,700 found jobs.

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On a metropolitan basis, #Calgary had the highest unemployment rate in the country for the second month in a row at 14.4%.

Meanwhile, Jason Kenney's UCP remain committed to cutting services like health care and education, and eliminating thousands of public sector jobs.

It is absolutely ludicrous to move forward with mass layoffs in the public sector while the private sector continues to struggle. Jason Kenney is going to make a bad situation worse by cutting jobs at a time when Albertans desperately need them.
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The UCP’s so-called economic recovery has stalled as more Albertans gave up looking for work than those who found jobs last month, according to the latest Statistics Canada figures.

#ableg #abecon
Before the pandemic even hit, Jason Kenney’s $4.7 billion corporate handout to already profitable corporations resulted in 50,000 job losses, a shrinking economy, and a deficit that doubled.

What we’re seeing now, is that because of these failures, Alberta is not keeping pace with the rest of the country when it comes to economic recovery.

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Jason Kenney and the UCP revealed documents Thursday that show a $12 billion deficit for 2019-2020, doubling the deficit by the previous NDP government.

#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #ucp #abecon
The fiscal update did not provide a plan for economic growth or recovery and Minister Toews was not able to explain why the deficit grew before the pandemic and the drop in the global price of oil.
The NDP are calling on Finance Minister Travis Toews to come before the Public Accounts Committee to explain how last year’s deficit ballooned before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Alberta.
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Today’s cabinet shuffle demonstrates what most Albertans already know — the UCP government has not delivered jobs or a better economy.

This was the case before the pandemic. Since the pandemic, the choices the UCP have made have made a bad situation worse.

#ableg #abecon
We are in the midst of an unprecedented economic downturn… exacerbated by a global pandemic.

Hundreds of thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs.
People are worried about their economic future in our province. And they’re worried about their kids.

What we do now will set the stage for jobs and opportunities for years to come.
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CBC NEWS: "Rodney's appointment and the $250,000 salary that comes with it are raising questions given his history with Kenney."

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"What we have is an incredibly rich salary, for a job that they just made up, to someone who's not really qualified to do it," Notley said on Wednesday.
"So I think we just have to ask Albertans to add one plus one plus one to get an inside deal to help Jason Kenney's friend and insider whose biggest political achievement was stepping aside for Jason Kenney."
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Jason Kenney lied to Albertans when he claimed he could not produce his annual financial report on time, due to the impact of COVID-19 on the Auditor General’s office.

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Kenney claimed “The Auditor General has indicated that their office is not in a position, because of the pandemic, to produce a report according to the normal schedule."
The Office of the Auditor General confirmed this was not true. According to a submission provided by the Office: “To the Auditor General’s knowledge, we never stated any concerns about our capability to complete our financial statement audit work by June 30.”
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Premier Jason Kenney is pushing tens of thousands of Albertans into unemployment amid a deadly pandemic by cutting crucial supports for Alberta students.

#25klaidoff #ableg #abed
On Saturday afternoon, the UCP released a brief statement indicating that funding for educational assistants, substitute teachers, bus drivers & others was being withheld from schools during the pandemic.

In total, Kenney is cutting $128 million from the school system.
NDP Education Critic @shoffmanAB noted many students are already struggling as they adjust to learning at home. Now, there will be substantially fewer supports to help them.
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