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Yesterday the members of CUPE 1295 at Brock Univeristy held an information picket and rally for a wage increase that 1. ensures an orderly start to the academic year and 2. recognizes the value of these workers.
"You have 280,000 CUPE members behind you!"

@Yoequality shares the full support of CUPE Ontario with members that are facing huge increases to their cost of living and wages that just aren't keeping up.
And @FredHahnCUPE tells the CUPE 1295 members that "No one wants a strike. But if there is a strike, I'll be out there with you beginning Day 1!"
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Much ink has been spilled in recent weeks over union endorsements for Ford's Conservatives in Ontario - and what that may mean for the future of labour politics in Canada. Here's a 🧵.

#canlab #onpoli #cdnpoli
For context, the 8 construction unions that endorsed Ford have a combined membership that represents less than 5% of Ontario's total union membership. The NDP secured support from a broader range of much larger public and private sector unions.
But what made the PC endorsements newsworthy was their novelty (with the exception of LIUNA which also supported Ford in 2018). Remember that construction unions emerged as a key opponent of the Ontario PCs from 1999 to 2014, through the Working Families Coalition.
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Why, other than it being the right thing to do, should you care about disability or welfare if you're not on it?

Put simply, self interest.

If you think you can separate their material conditions from yours, you're deluding yourself. 🧵


#Canlab #LivingWage
The low wages and rollback of labour rights for the worker under neoliberalism are connected to the low rates and degradation of those on benefits. The insufficiency of benefit programs, feeds a ready supply of labour to low wage paying employers. Trapping the working class

into a cycle of poverty whether they earn a wage or receive assistance.

If you are poor and look down on people on disability or welfare and support punitive measures intrusiveness, cuts and austerity etc. to social welfare recipients, what you are unwittingly supporting

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CUPE Alberta President Rory Gill @RoryGillAB is speaking today to the annual CUPE AB convention. This thread will capture his comments in real time. #alberta #ableg #abpoli #canlab
@RoryGillAB 2. No matter what challenge the last two years have thrown at our members they overcome and so has our union. The proudest statement that I can make is that I am CUPE member.
3. At our last convention, I and many of you, believed that the vaccines that were beginning to be rolled out would provide an end to the pandemic and the public health protections.
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Ontario's plan to guarantee a 'minimum wage' of $15/hr for gig workers (but ONLY for time engaged on an assignment) will have ABSOLUTELY ZERO impact on the incomes of gig workers. Anyone who thinks it means something does not understand how the gig business model works #canlab…2
Gig workers spend a great deal of time (often OVER HALF) waiting for assigned fares/tasks, or traveling to central hubs. It's bad enough this unpaid time is excluded from this 'minimum wage'. Eg. if you spend half your work day waiting, then the 'min. wage' falls to $7.50 …3
Even worse is the impact of the endogeneity of labour supply in the platform model. Uber & co depend on enough workers signing on to keep a surplus pool of drivers available to meet demand. The cost of unpaid waiting time is part of the calculation drivers make in signing on…4
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With the Ottawa community solidarity rally getting underway, let's get a few things clear. Firstly, it's not a truckers protest.… /1 #OttawaOccupation #OttawaOccupied
Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” Is a Front for a Right-Wing, Anti-Worker Agenda… #OttawaOccupied #canlab
Anti-Vax Convoy Organizers Previously Targeted Picketing Oil Refinery Workers in Alberta…
#OttawaOccupied #canlab /3
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As a lifelong trade unionist who has spent a lot of time on picketlines and at protests, it's not lost on any of us how the police have been used to suppress democratic trade union rights and bust strikes /1 #cdnpoli #canlab
Indeed, often police forces are used to enable the transport of scabs across picket lines. In other words they act as a agent to help capitalism suppress working people's legitimate charter right to a union and all that this should entail /2
There are too many examples to cite. Pick a picketline. The Fleck strike of 1978 - a strike of mostly women working in horrific conditions. These women were courageous and their cause just.… /3
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MEDIA RELEASE: Members of United Nurses of Alberta have overwhelmingly ratified a new collective agreement with Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health and two smaller employers:… #abhealth #ableg #canlab
“The Bargaining Committee felt strongly the Mediator’s recommendation issued on December 21 was a fair deal that will benefit our members and also fair to the people of Alberta,” said UNA President Heather Smith.
“I am gratified that the members agreed with the bargaining committee’s recommendation and voted by 87 per cent to ratify this agreement," UNA's Smith said.
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🧵The other day @pressprogress published an article (… ) exposing @Sflecce’s private audience with right wing religious lobbying organization & “think tank”, #Cardus. #OntEd #FireLecce #cdnpoli
#Cardus, a registered “charity”, wants taxpayers to fund private for-profit religious schools & a voucher system that has gutted public education in 🇺🇸.

This model would siphon needed funds from public schools & funnel them instead to schools with RW religious ideology #ONpoli
#Cardus revenues = nearly $5M/yr.
Cardus’ donations from other charities increased 17.4 X from 2008-2020. A nearly 2,000% increase in just over a decade. Yet they pay zero in taxes, because “charity”…like lobbying to gut public education in favour of for-profit religious schools
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Have Saskatchewan Health Care Workers Reached a Breaking Point?

Presentation slides 🧵 Part 1. #covid19sk #ohs #canlab
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It is distressing but not surprising that disgraced former health minister Tyler Shandro's first act in his new role is to proudly weaken job safety laws.

#ableg #abpoli #canlab #yycacadia
The Occupational Health and Safety Code changes announced today explicitly create loopholes around the requirements for workplace safety committees, as well as weaken the standards around the kind of safety training required.
This is not flexibility, it's a continuation of the UCP's misguided efforts to water down Alberta's workplace laws.
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As someone who opposes Islamophobia, why should I vote strategically for a party that drafted a dog-whistle bill around it or that voted for it, over the NDP who didn't?

#Islamophobia #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
As someone who supports labour organizing, why would I vote strategically for a party who doesn't want to strengthen labour laws to support workers during strikes and lockouts, when the NDP does?

#canlab #strike #Elxn44
As someone who wants trade deals that are good for Canada and Canadian workers and don't contain harmful ISDs and respect our sovereignty, why would I vote strategically for any party who undermines that? #trade #cdnecon #Elxn2021
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This is shocking from the @bccla, and complete cowardice.

Sandbagging @HarshaWalia over a tweet — one which is certainly within the realm of progressive discourse, now & always — is unbelievably terrible.

#IStandWithHarsha #IStandWithHarshaWalia #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA
For the @bccla to force @HarshaWalia, by far their best Executive Director and staffer in decades, bar none, to resign over a tweet is shocking.

The credibility of #BCCLA has been shaken to the core.…

#IStandWithHarsha #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA
As @MatthewGreenNDP aptly says: “Burn It All Down” is a call for decolonization, not arson… not an ignition of actual, literal fires... but burning down structures of injustice to create better futures.

#IStandWithHarsha #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA

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News that the UCP are pursuing deep wage cuts for frontline healthcare workers just as Alberta is starting to climb out of this pandemic shows a dramatic and galling disrespect for the care they have provided Albertans.

#ableg #abhealth #canlab
These workers have changed sheets, served meals and cleaned hospital rooms, all while risking their own exposure to COVID-19.
"Frontline healthcare workers have guided Alberta through a dramatic global pandemic for the past 15 months. They have saved lives and provided exceptional care each and every day." - @DShepYEG
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This coming from the guy who has threatened the livelihoods of every healthcare worker in the province, while @shandro yells at doctors in their driveways, & who’s policies have prompted hundreds of doctors to close their practice &/or relocate. In a pandemic.

#abhealth #ableg
Sources to support claims to follow:

#ableg #abhealth #covid19ab #shandemic
“Health Minister Tyler Shandro said the UCP government would rip up the existing contract and impose changes to billing and compensation after talks with the Alberta Medical Association broke down.”

via @DrewPAnderson, Feb, 2020

#abpoli #abhealth…
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Having travellers quarantine would basically shut down fly-in-fly-out workers at oil camps like those owned by CNRL, which have been hubs of covid spread.

Oil and Gas doesn’t love you back.

Voting Conservative has consequences.

#ableg #cdnpoli
I wonder how the current #CNRL outbreak compares to earlier outbreaks at #Cargill and ther meat processing plants?👇

#CNRL received $192,648,603.55 from the federal government in CEWS benefits in 2020, but would not keep their workers safe.

Where did all that money go?

#BoycottUCPdonors #ableg #abpoli

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On May 9, 1992, an underground methane explosion killed 26 miners working at the #Westray Coal Mine in Pictou County, NS. Despite overwhelming evidence, all attempts to prosecute the negligent employer failed. The lack of justice deepened the tragedy. #AbLeg #canlab #cdnpoli
This led the @SteelworkersCA & the Canadian labour movement to advocate for changes in the law. It took 11 years, but the lobbying eventually led to the passage of the Westray Act, which amended the Criminal Code so employers could be held criminally liable for worker deaths.
Here in Alberta, the AFL, our affiliates and our allies successfully lobbied the provincial government and 10 police forces to sign an agreement that they would use the Westray Act more often in cases of employer negligence causing worker deaths.…
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One of the things that the #Covid19 pandemic has highlighted for me is the role that class and class inequality plays in maintaining liberal capitalist societies like #cdnpoli. Workers are asked to sacrifice, workers are asked to do everything necessary to keep working.
And when they raise questions about work conditions, when they ask for sick benefits, when they question why they have to go to work and face the danger of the pandemic, they're told they're being selfish or threatening the economy. #canlab
They're told to go back to work or else it will be inconvenient for other, usually more privileged owners or workers. They're legislated back to work, they're placed in harm's way. And then, gov's refuse to bring in permanent support for these workers.
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Let's examine the absurdity of this action by the Liberals in more detail. #canlab #cdnpoli

Ottawa tables legislation to send striking Port of Montreal workers back on the job | CBC News…
The Liberals have now shown us enough of who they are to know that they are, at their core, fundamentally anti-union. Any pretext to the Labour Minister saying she would rather not do this, or that they respect collective bargaining is a straight-up fiction.
How do we know this? Well, this is now the second time the Liberals have done this. First in 2018 when @cupw was on rotating (ROTATING!) strike prior to the Christmas season. The Liberals really really didn't want to legislate these workers back to work...BUT
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🔺3k workers (20-69 yrs) perished in #CdnPoli pandemic @CPHO_Canada. Hard to get good official #OSH info . Using #ONpoli @WSIB injury reports & PHU data from
@TOPublicHealth &
to estimate where fatalities might b . #TOpoli #PaidLeave #SickPlan #COVIDZero Image
#Pandemic #ONpoli work hotspots inc warehouse, transport, health, #OntEd, manu, construction, stores & offices. Adj fatalities for #excessdeath as per @MoriartyLab . #DayOfMourning @FredHahnCUPE @HarveyBischof @ETFOpresident @aefopresidence @OECTAProv @SharleenStewart @FolkDawson Image
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Last weekend @NDP convention delegates adopted a constitutional amendment on labour affiliation & convention delegate entitlement. In this 🧵, I try to make sense of the change by providing some historical context for the #NDP-union relationship.

#canlab #cdnpoli
.@CanadianLabour is a founding partner of the #NDP having played a significant role in the formation of the party in 1961. But the relative strength of labour’s institutional ties has varied over time.
At the @NDP founding convention in 1961, 35% of delegates represented affiliated unions. For the first few decades thereafter, union delegates typically made up a quarter of NDP convention attendees.
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These are some of the 61 7-Elevens applying to @Ont_AGCO for permits to serve alcohol in bars. They are all within a block of schools & most have gas stations attached. 2 are ON university campuses! .../2 #Onpoli #canlab
2/ This 7-Eleven in #Ajax applying for a bar licence is the most outrageous example of the corporate convenience store giant's disregard for public safety. It's within a block of 3 schools with students who go there daily for snacks. .../3 #onpoli
3/ TODAY is the deadline to object to 7-Elevens' backdoor scheme to get booze in convenience stores. Tell the @Ont_AGCO you don’t want these in your community. File your objection here online (select ‘liquor’ category & ‘7-Eleven’ applicant):… #onpoli /4
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Ralph Bucks 2.0? In about an hour, the UCP will announce that 300,000 frontline workers will each get one-time $1,200 cheques. Too bad it took months of shaming by Alberta unions and the media for them to get the cheques out the door. #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab
Keep in mind, most of the money is coming from the federal government. It’s from a federal program announced last May that provides $3 if provinces agreed to pony up $1. The UCP has been holding things up for months because they refused to kick in their share.
So, we can put this under the heading “better late than never,” I guess. Things to watch for:
- who will the UCP deem eligible/worthy?
- will the money go directly to workers, or will it go to employers first (if employers, then how do we ensure it eventually gets to workers?)
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@armstrongcbc Djenaba Dayle said the minimum wage needs to rise, and that rent control is crucial — and not just during a crisis.

#CERB #BAI #canlab #cdnpoli #CFIB #Shecession…
Listening to @FoodProfessor on w. @jordimorgan, re. flight from Cdn. cities during this pandemic.

When he references folks who can work from anywhere, he’s talking about the top branch of the ‘K’ recovery, who are doing fine.

What about the #LowWage workers on bottom branch?
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