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The UCP’s new anti-worker law, Bill 32, represents a fundamental attack on worker rights & democracy. This isn’t about “balancing the scales”; it’s about tipping them grossly in favour of the UCP, corporations and the wealthy. #AbLeg #canlab #cdnpoli…
Here’s a transcript of the comments I made to reporters. “This Bill will dramatically reduce the bargaining power and legal protections currently enjoyed by working Albertans and set off a race to the bottom.” #canlab…
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Internal government documents obtained by our caucus reveal the grave financial risk to Albertans if @jkenney moves ahead with his plans to pull out of the Canada Pension Plan. #ableg #abpoli #canlab
The briefing note contains a detailed analysis prepared by the department of Treasury Board and Finance on the financial implications of withdrawing from the Canada Pension Plan. #ableg #abpoli
If AB were to pull out, the province would be required to assume both assets and liabilities. According to the briefing note, “Alberta’s share is estimated to be $32.5 billion in assets and $165.5 billion in liability (resulting in a $133.1 billion unfunded liability).” #ableg
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The Manitoba government’s bill to gut union contracts and stifle negotiation has been declared unconstitutional. The court said the law was a draconian infringement on the freedom of association. Are you paying attention ⁦@jkenney⁩? #ableg #canlab…
Why is this significant for Alberta? Because it’s exactly what @jackmintz (chair of Kenney’s “Economic Recovery” Panel) and Janice MacKinnon (chair of Kenney’s “Blue Ribbon” Panel) have both recommended. In other words, Kenney’s plans have been dealt a serious blow.
Take that, Jason! You may fantasize about governing like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and other anti-worker, authoritarian, Republican thugs. But Canada is not Donald Trump’s America. We will NOT let you turn Alberta into Republican USA North! #canlab #cdnpoli
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Freedom of Information laws are necessary to keep governments accountable. They’re a cornerstone of democracy. But the UCP is breaking its own laws by refusing to release documents about this noxious union-busting “information line.” #ableg #abpoli #canlab…
This program, designed to discourage Albertans from exercising their constitutional right to organize, was launched more 8 months ago. We submitted an Freedom of Information request on Oct. 23, 2019. On Dec. 19, we were told that 255 pages of documents would be released to us.
On Jan. 27, 2020, we were told the documents had to be “signed off.” In other words, they were sitting on the Labour Minister’s desk awaiting his approval.
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Brace yourselves Alberta! The de facto head of Kenney’s “economic recovery” panel, former PM Stephen Harper, has a plan for our post-COVID economy. And it’s ugly. He thinks corporations and the rich will be our saviours. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab…
And as of on cue, the other prominent member of Kenney’s panel, corporate lap-dog economist Jack Mintz, chimes in with a call for massive public sector layoffs. These two seem intent on turning the Alberta economy into a smoking crater in the ground.…
The right wing’s corporate agenda was generating a world of a few “haves” and many “have nots” even before the pandemic. This crushing inequality will just get worse if we follow Harper/Mintz. @JimboStanford offers a glimpse at a better approach.…
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⁦.@UniforTheUnion⁩, which represents 450 workers at #Northwood, says #PPE was withheld in early stages of the outbreak because the nursing home, like many others in Cda., was concerned about its supply running out.

Story ⁦…
2)@JanetHazey, Pres. @NS_nurses, said staffing levels at #Northwood have long been a major concern of hers.

She said the union has been calling for a staff review at Northwood for years and published a report called Broken Homes in late 2015. @MulliganCBC…
3) @LindaMacNeil3 of #Uniforsaid there will be a meeting of the health-care unions on Thurs. She said the call for a public inquiry will likely be a topic of discussion.

Janet Simm said Northwood welcomes the scrutiny.

(@StephenMcNeil has consistently dodged the question.)
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1) B.C. made this critical, life-saving change to staffing in #LongTermCare on Mar. 31.

@AndrewRankinCB@nsgov took 2 weeks to enact another PHAC guideline to limit nursing home workers from working at multiple LTC facilities. That #COVID19NS…
2) policy came into effect in Nova Scotia on April 23.

(In early April, many Nova Scotians were asking why NS wasn’t adopting the BC model, which included ensuring our #HealthcareHeroes were giving FT hrs at 1 facility. #nspoli
3) As early as March 13, Nova Scotia healthcare unions were united in their call to @nshealth for PPE’s - #N95masks specifically - for all frontline workers.

Those calls were ignored.

@cupenovascotia @NS_nurses @NSGEU @UniforTheUnion @NSNDP #nshealth…
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COVID-19 means we have to stick together. Whether you work at a grocery store, food processing facility, nursing home, hospital, or school, you still have rights.

Here's our statement on COVID-19...… #canlab #UFCW #401solidarity
The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19, or coronavirus, a pandemic. Certain reports in the press and on social media have given rise to considerable panic among the public, including the hoarding of basic foodstuffs and household supplies.
Those images of busy aisles, lineups, and retail chaos are our workplaces.
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Sunday is #IWD2020, and a time to reflect on Canada’s record on gender equality. #canlab #canfem 1/6
This year Canada ranked 19th on the @wef ’s #gendergap20 report, up from our poor showing in 2016 (35th), down from 16th last year. Canada’s young women are the most educated generation in history, but they are still hitting the wall in the world of work and politics 2/6
Women working full-time are still paid only 81 cents for every dollar men take home. The gap is even larger for racialized women and Indigenous women, who make 60% and 57% of what non-racialized men earn #canlab #canfem 3/6…
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Sunday is #IWD2020, and a time to reflect on this #onpoli government’s record on women’s work. #canlab #canfem
The @fordnation government had targeted public sector workers. Public sector work is mostly women’s work; women are 62% of public sector workers. @CCPA research shows that the racialized gender pay gap is smaller in the public sector.…
Bill 124 legislates limitations on public sector compensation increases to a maximum of 1%. As @ontarionurses points out, this legislation will disproportionately have a negative impact on women.
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BREAKING: The UCP continues to kill jobs, not create them. 19,000 Alberta jobs lost in January! Kenney’s austerity policies are making our economy weaker, not stronger. #WhereAreTheJobsJason? #ableg #abpoli #canlab #cdnpoli…
After improving dramatically in 2017 and 2018, Alberta’s unemployment rate is now continuing to climb.
After years and years of leading the country, Alberta’s employment rate continues to fall.
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I am re-doing this thread cuz I flubbed it and it's super important to know.
The # of gig workers in Canada was up by 70% between 2005 and 2016 (~1 million to 1.7million), and the % of Canadians trying to earn via gigwork is up 49% (5.5% to 8.2%)
#FutureOfWorkers /2
2) Of the 8.2% of CDN workers who were gig workers, more women (9.1%) than men (7.2%)
3) Half (48.6%) had no regular (T4) job
4) The bottom 40% poorest workers twice as likely to do gig work
5) Gig work more prevelant among immigrants
4) Median income: $4,300
#cdnecon #canlab /3
7) For many gig workers, total net gig income was negative. Almost half (48.6%) had no other wage-earning job. 36.3% had one wage job, 15.1% had multiple jobs. So for about half these workers, gigs were sidehustles and a way to boost earnings.
#cdnecon #canlab /4
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BREAKING: Under the guise of “red tape reduction”, the UCP has begun their attack on the safety rules that protect Albertans at work. Their first target: workplace health and safety committees, which are designed to make sure workers have a say in their own safety. #ableg #canlab
Calling these committees “burdensome” for employers, UCP Labour Minister Jason Copping has announced he’s dramatically slashing the number of committees and scaling back commitments to training (to “reduce time away from work”).
Copping says he’s “heard that the current rules aren’t working.” Translation: employers have told him they don’t like pesky workers having a say in workplace health and safety. Funny how the UCP only hears the complaints of employers but put their earplugs in for everyone else.
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Unemployment among young men in Alberta is now at levels not seen since 1983. And the increase over the past few months is the sharpest outside of a recession on record. There are several important political observations that need to be made about these developments. 1/x #abpoli
First, it’s becoming more and more obvious that this collapse in jobs is not the result of who happens to be in power in Alberta. The Kenney government’s policies have not turned things around — in fact, they seem to be getting worse. #abpoli #ableg #canlab #cdnpoli
Second, it’s also becoming clear that the Kenney government’s policy of tax cuts for profitable corporations is not working. They promised that their $4.7 billion giveaway would create 50,000 jobs. Instead, both investment and jobs are down. We lost 18,000 jobs last month alone!
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Jason Kenney is Alberta’s “Gaslighter-in-Chief” ... and in this article, his gaslighting tactics are on full display. Follow this thread to see what I mean. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab 1/x…
For those unfamiliar with the term, here’s a definition of gaslighting: “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.” #ableg
In this article, Kenney says anyone concerned about his cuts is “ridiculous” because the cuts are “modest.” The truth is, when you adjust for inflation and population growth, his budget will cut per capita spending on public services by 15-20 percent. That is NOT modest. #ableg
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I’m going to be super vulnerable for a minute. There is a very real possibility that I will be affected by these cuts. The environment at work has been extremely negative for months now and I am starting to feel completely drained. #ableg #canlab
It’s been very hard seeing what a fantastic job @jkenney has done convincing the public that somehow I’m less of a “real Albertan” than them thanks to my profession and that I deserve to lose my job so that it will miraculously bring back theirs. #ableg #canlab
Not only am I scared of losing a job that I love, I’m scared of a future Alberta where I have to send my kids to schools with massive class sizes that aren’t allowed to teach critical thinking. #ableg #canlab
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Thoughts on back-to-work legislation: When right-wing governments demand back-to-work legislation, whose interests are they looking out for? Seriously, do Liberals and Conservatives think back-to-work solves the outstanding issues? #canlab
Today, the conservatives in #skpoli demanded back-to-work legislation. So did conservatives in Quebec. And conservatives in Ottawa. Liberals in Ontario and Nova Scotia and BC have used BTWL in the same manner.
Often when govs, legislate workers back to work the issues fester. Liberal and Conservative answers? Impose some sort of arbitration. Harper used final offer selection, which means that the arbitrator has to pick which sides final offer was the most workable
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Catching up on a Facebook Live event held earlier tonight with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. (Replay:…) In it, he says (~6:00 mark) unions heading to arbitration are asking for 6-7 per cent pay increases. First time I've heard that stat. #ableg #canlab
Kenney says: "Those unions have come forward in those arbitrations to ask for six and seven per cent pay increases. Now, you tell me, who in the private sector i looking at a six- or seven-per-cent increase this year?" #ableg #canlab
If the government allowed that to happen, Kenney says, they would have to cut health and education and would have to raise taxes significantly. "Union bosses" asking for a six or seven per cent raise this year is "out of touch with reality," Kenney said. #ableg
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Reading Adam King’s piece yesterday in The Conversation made be think about @BernieSanders’s workplace democracy plan and what a similar plan might look like in #cdnpoli…
@BernieSanders First, many of Bernie’s plans are uniquely American. #canlab does not have to worry about public medicare (already exists!) or right-to-work laws (don’t exist in #cdnpoli). Bernie’s plan is so radical in part because the situation for workers in the US is so bad.
@BernieSanders And some of Bernie's plan has been in place in #cdnpoli provs for decades: first contract arbitration; right of public workers to strike (#skpoli since 1944); banning replacement workers (#bcpoli & #qcpoli since 1990s); stopping companies from shifting ownership to avoid a union
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On October 1st, a Saudi cargo ship is due to dock in Port Saint John, New Brunswick.

Weapons of war--Made-in-Canada light armoured vehicles (LAVs)--will be loaded onto the ship and transported to Saudi Arabia as part of Canada’s $15b arms deal with the Kingdom. #canlab
Originally signed by the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, the deal has been upheld by @liberal_party government of @JustinTrudeau.

Saudi Arabia has committed war crimes in Yemen and has contributed to what the UN has called the “world's worst humanitarian crisis”.
Saudi Arabia ranks in the @ituc's “10 worst countries for workers' rights in 2019." See:
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As summer begins, @jkenney and the UCP have decided to show their “support” for teenage Albertans by cutting their wages by $2 per hour. Here’s a thread explaining why the anger being felt by young Albertans is justified. #ableg #abpoli #canlab #cdnpoli
The anger is justified because people doing the same work should get the same pay, regardless their colour, creed ... or age. Anything less is discrimination. Full stop.
The anger is justified because, despite UCP talking points to the contrary, the youth wage will kill more jobs than it creates. That’s because it will provide a big incentive for low-wage employers to replace 18+year-old workers with 15-17 year-old workers.
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I emailed @Instacart to try to find out if this is how the company operates in Canada, too. No reply.… #canlab
Like what on EARTH is this?
ALSO (I only know about Ontario for this one, apologies to non-Ontarians), only @foodora_ca pays into Workers' Compensation. This means couriers for @UberEats and @SkipTheDishes are not covered if they are injured on the job.…
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Businesses raise their prices *without* the minimum wage going up allathetime! #cdnecon
Exhibit A: Tim Horton's raised the price of a cup of coffee in
2011 by 7¢ ("rising prices of coffee beans")
2014 by 10¢ ("rising operations costs", with coffee bean prices and, oh yah, costs of [$11B] Burger King deal identified)
August 2017 by 10¢ ("rising operations costs")
You will note not one of those rising costs were wages.
Put price rises in context. Any rising input cost is a rising cost. Period.
Including executive pay and mergers and acquisitions.
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