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As someone who opposes Islamophobia, why should I vote strategically for a party that drafted a dog-whistle bill around it or that voted for it, over the NDP who didn't?

#Islamophobia #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
As someone who supports labour organizing, why would I vote strategically for a party who doesn't want to strengthen labour laws to support workers during strikes and lockouts, when the NDP does?

#canlab #strike #Elxn44
As someone who wants trade deals that are good for Canada and Canadian workers and don't contain harmful ISDs and respect our sovereignty, why would I vote strategically for any party who undermines that? #trade #cdnecon #Elxn2021
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This is shocking from the @bccla, and complete cowardice.

Sandbagging @HarshaWalia over a tweet — one which is certainly within the realm of progressive discourse, now & always — is unbelievably terrible.

#IStandWithHarsha #IStandWithHarshaWalia #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA
For the @bccla to force @HarshaWalia, by far their best Executive Director and staffer in decades, bar none, to resign over a tweet is shocking.

The credibility of #BCCLA has been shaken to the core.…

#IStandWithHarsha #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA
As @MatthewGreenNDP aptly says: “Burn It All Down” is a call for decolonization, not arson… not an ignition of actual, literal fires... but burning down structures of injustice to create better futures.

#IStandWithHarsha #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA

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News that the UCP are pursuing deep wage cuts for frontline healthcare workers just as Alberta is starting to climb out of this pandemic shows a dramatic and galling disrespect for the care they have provided Albertans.

#ableg #abhealth #canlab
These workers have changed sheets, served meals and cleaned hospital rooms, all while risking their own exposure to COVID-19.
"Frontline healthcare workers have guided Alberta through a dramatic global pandemic for the past 15 months. They have saved lives and provided exceptional care each and every day." - @DShepYEG
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This coming from the guy who has threatened the livelihoods of every healthcare worker in the province, while @shandro yells at doctors in their driveways, & who’s policies have prompted hundreds of doctors to close their practice &/or relocate. In a pandemic.

#abhealth #ableg
Sources to support claims to follow:

#ableg #abhealth #covid19ab #shandemic
“Health Minister Tyler Shandro said the UCP government would rip up the existing contract and impose changes to billing and compensation after talks with the Alberta Medical Association broke down.”

via @DrewPAnderson, Feb, 2020

#abpoli #abhealth…
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Having travellers quarantine would basically shut down fly-in-fly-out workers at oil camps like those owned by CNRL, which have been hubs of covid spread.

Oil and Gas doesn’t love you back.

Voting Conservative has consequences.

#ableg #cdnpoli
I wonder how the current #CNRL outbreak compares to earlier outbreaks at #Cargill and ther meat processing plants?👇

#CNRL received $192,648,603.55 from the federal government in CEWS benefits in 2020, but would not keep their workers safe.

Where did all that money go?

#BoycottUCPdonors #ableg #abpoli

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On May 9, 1992, an underground methane explosion killed 26 miners working at the #Westray Coal Mine in Pictou County, NS. Despite overwhelming evidence, all attempts to prosecute the negligent employer failed. The lack of justice deepened the tragedy. #AbLeg #canlab #cdnpoli
This led the @SteelworkersCA & the Canadian labour movement to advocate for changes in the law. It took 11 years, but the lobbying eventually led to the passage of the Westray Act, which amended the Criminal Code so employers could be held criminally liable for worker deaths.
Here in Alberta, the AFL, our affiliates and our allies successfully lobbied the provincial government and 10 police forces to sign an agreement that they would use the Westray Act more often in cases of employer negligence causing worker deaths.…
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One of the things that the #Covid19 pandemic has highlighted for me is the role that class and class inequality plays in maintaining liberal capitalist societies like #cdnpoli. Workers are asked to sacrifice, workers are asked to do everything necessary to keep working.
And when they raise questions about work conditions, when they ask for sick benefits, when they question why they have to go to work and face the danger of the pandemic, they're told they're being selfish or threatening the economy. #canlab
They're told to go back to work or else it will be inconvenient for other, usually more privileged owners or workers. They're legislated back to work, they're placed in harm's way. And then, gov's refuse to bring in permanent support for these workers.
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Let's examine the absurdity of this action by the Liberals in more detail. #canlab #cdnpoli

Ottawa tables legislation to send striking Port of Montreal workers back on the job | CBC News…
The Liberals have now shown us enough of who they are to know that they are, at their core, fundamentally anti-union. Any pretext to the Labour Minister saying she would rather not do this, or that they respect collective bargaining is a straight-up fiction.
How do we know this? Well, this is now the second time the Liberals have done this. First in 2018 when @cupw was on rotating (ROTATING!) strike prior to the Christmas season. The Liberals really really didn't want to legislate these workers back to work...BUT
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Last weekend @NDP convention delegates adopted a constitutional amendment on labour affiliation & convention delegate entitlement. In this 🧵, I try to make sense of the change by providing some historical context for the #NDP-union relationship.

#canlab #cdnpoli
.@CanadianLabour is a founding partner of the #NDP having played a significant role in the formation of the party in 1961. But the relative strength of labour’s institutional ties has varied over time.
At the @NDP founding convention in 1961, 35% of delegates represented affiliated unions. For the first few decades thereafter, union delegates typically made up a quarter of NDP convention attendees.
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These are some of the 61 7-Elevens applying to @Ont_AGCO for permits to serve alcohol in bars. They are all within a block of schools & most have gas stations attached. 2 are ON university campuses! .../2 #Onpoli #canlab
2/ This 7-Eleven in #Ajax applying for a bar licence is the most outrageous example of the corporate convenience store giant's disregard for public safety. It's within a block of 3 schools with students who go there daily for snacks. .../3 #onpoli
3/ TODAY is the deadline to object to 7-Elevens' backdoor scheme to get booze in convenience stores. Tell the @Ont_AGCO you don’t want these in your community. File your objection here online (select ‘liquor’ category & ‘7-Eleven’ applicant):… #onpoli /4
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Ralph Bucks 2.0? In about an hour, the UCP will announce that 300,000 frontline workers will each get one-time $1,200 cheques. Too bad it took months of shaming by Alberta unions and the media for them to get the cheques out the door. #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab
Keep in mind, most of the money is coming from the federal government. It’s from a federal program announced last May that provides $3 if provinces agreed to pony up $1. The UCP has been holding things up for months because they refused to kick in their share.
So, we can put this under the heading “better late than never,” I guess. Things to watch for:
- who will the UCP deem eligible/worthy?
- will the money go directly to workers, or will it go to employers first (if employers, then how do we ensure it eventually gets to workers?)
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@armstrongcbc Djenaba Dayle said the minimum wage needs to rise, and that rent control is crucial — and not just during a crisis.

#CERB #BAI #canlab #cdnpoli #CFIB #Shecession…
Listening to @FoodProfessor on w. @jordimorgan, re. flight from Cdn. cities during this pandemic.

When he references folks who can work from anywhere, he’s talking about the top branch of the ‘K’ recovery, who are doing fine.

What about the #LowWage workers on bottom branch?
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Six months after @globeandmail investigation of unsafe OHS conditions at Cargill's High River, AB plant, site of 938 COVID infections + 2 COVID deaths, @globeandmail selected Cargill as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers.

Here is my correspondence with G&M editors. #canlab 1/
@globeandmail justification of selection of Cargill as Top 100 Employer. "[...] we stand behind our decision to editorially support Cargill’s inclusion on the list." 2/
@globeandmail says they are open to questions about Cargill's selection as a Top 100 Employer but prefer to correspond by email. /3
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More than $300 million in federal wage top-ups that should have been paid out to lower-wage frontline workers in Alberta months ago is still being held up by UCP foot-dragging and political manoeuvring. Shameful! #AbLeg #abpoli #COVID19AB #cdnpoli #canlab…
Don’t let the Kenney government tell you they’re ‘still negotiating with the feds.’ No other province is having any problems. The UCP here in Alberta are the ones who are holding things up by not kicking in their share.
Here is the document that the federal NDP obtained in response to the inquiry to Parliament they submitted on behalf of the AFL. It shows that most or all of the available money has already flowed to front line workers in other provinces. In Alberta? Only 3.5 percent!
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The UCP’s mishandling of the pandemic will make the economic crisis deeper and the recovery longer.

#ableg #covid19ab #cdnhealth
Hundreds of thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs.
Businesses have had to close their doors — many forever.
Even before the pandemic, Jason Kenney’s plan to hand over $4.7 Billion to profitable corporations failed. Investment fell, the economy stalled, and 50,000 jobs were lost.

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After learning that some health care workers who are sick or must isolate are being forced to take leave without pay, we are calling for Premier Jason Kenney to follow through on his commitment and introduce sustained sick pay.

#ableg #covid19ab #cdnhealth
The new federal sick pay program, formally called the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit, does provide eligible recipients with $450 per week after taxes, but it only can only to cover two weeks of leave from work.
We can’t ask people to choose between paying their bills and obeying public health orders. The federal paid sick leave only lasts for 10 days and it does not apply to people working in hospitals who come into close contact with a patient positive for COVID-19.
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As Alberta blows past 1000 COVID-19 cases a day, Jason Kenney needs to stop behaving like a Republican Governor. If he doesn’t, we’ll look like Republican states, with overwhelmed hospitals and refrigerator trucks outside to store the dead. #COVID19AB #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli
Albertans will pay a steep price as Kenney continues to follow Trump’s playbook on COVID, says AFL president in urgent speech posted to You Tube. Alberta’s largest worker organization supports call for “circuit-breaker” lockdown. #AbLeg #abpoli #canlab…
Excerpts from the speech: "Premier Kenney said he would act when faced with a catastrophe. Well, a catastrophe is unfolding before our eyes. But instead of action, all we get is Republican-inspired talking points and half measures."
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For months, PHAC has refused to recommend full protection for health workers from potential airborne transmission.

Now Canada's rate of health worker infection is 2X the global average. PHAC has failed health workers. #canlab #cdnpoli… 1/n
PHAC needs to be reformed to better protect workers now and in the future.

Leading international experts recommend that a new arm of PHAC be created with legislated authority for decision-making on matters of worker safety. #canlab #cdnpoli 2/n
Matters should incl. OH&S guidelines, directives, policies and strategies. Staff should incl. all fields relevant to worker safety: epidemiology, nursing, medicine, occupational hygiene, safety, psychology, chemistry, statistics, economics, engineering etc. #canlab #cdnpoli 3/n
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Wildcat strikes have apparently begun at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton and the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. When Kenney and the UCP decided to attack health care during a pandemic did he really think workers wouldn’t fight back? #Solidarity #AbLeg #canlab #cdnpoli
The strikes have now spread to the South Health campus in Calgary (huge!), as well as hospitals in Westlock (my home town!) and Cold Lake. Alberta Hospital in north Edmonton has also joined in.
Many, many more sites are now reporting that they’ve gone on strike. Trying to get a full list, but it’s hard to keep up. Stay tuned!
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We're calling for a comprehensive workforce strategy as part of a new proposal for universal, quality, affordable and accessible early learning and child care.

#abfuture #canlab #abecon #canfem Image
When fully implemented, the proposal, released Friday at would put at least 42,500 people back to work and would increase Alberta’s GDP by nearly $6 billion.
The single most effective economic strategy we can implement to get people back to work and grow our economy, is to offer universal, affordable early learning child care.
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As someone who has been researching and monitoring the downgrading, standardization and privatization of public education since the early 90s, I’m caught between being heartsick at the lives upended, the kids being sold out, the staff being mistreated /1…
...bullied, and kept in a constant state of uncertainty, the parents and families living with anxiety and the ongoing sense of betrayal..... and my utter fury and frustration at how bloody predictable, deliberate and calculating this has been on the part of the MOE /2
‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ is directly out of the privatization playbook. Snobelen arrogantly announced it on video in the early 90s but even back then he was cribbing from other jurisdictions. /3
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Jason Kenney and the UCP gave TC Energy $7.5 billion dollars with no strings attached.

Now TC Energy itself is laying people off.

This isn’t a good sign for Alberta.

And we don’t know how many are being laid off — and that’s not ok.

#ableg #yyc
Canada’s natural resource sector has seen 43,000 people lose their jobs.

Now even more people are wondering how they’re going to pay their bills, put food on their table, and support their families.
@jkenney needs to immediately instruct his Labour Minister, @JasonCoppingAB, to release the number of people laid off today.
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We are calling for a public apology from Premier Jason Kenney after UCP MLA Shane Getson accused over one million Albertans who applied for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) of spending the money on “Cheezies”, “cartoons” and drugs.

#ableg #cdnpoli #canlab
“It is absolutely vile that a UCP MLA would make such a baseless and harmful statement about the hardworking people of Alberta who were forced to access emergency support during a global pandemic.”
- @ChristinaNDP, NDP Labour Critic
People accessed these funds because their workplaces shut down or because they or their families were forced to isolate.
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The UCP are pressing ahead on their agenda to create an Alberta Pension Plan, despite devastating new information revealing additional and significant underperformance at the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)

#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab
The UCP government has already issued a request for proposals for a study examining how to create an Alberta pension plan. The RFP was issued on September 10th and asks for the analysis to be submitted by early 2021.
The report is required to include figures regarding the contribution rate, level of benefits to be expected, and the amount of assets and liabilities Albertans would be transferred.
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