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Maybe another word on the '#unredacted Fauci emails', now that it is clear that there were no cover-ups or suppression of #lableak, but just neutral #scientific discussion.

Observe how lableak advocates will run their #disinformation playbook, we've seen this before.

A 🧵

Everytime new contradictory information (to the lableak conspiracy myth) comes out, there is an increase in #activity by lableak advocates.

We've seen this with the BANAL sequences in LAOS that proved that the RBD domain of SARS-CoV-2 was not 'manmade'
We've seen this in response to 2 scientific papers that establish the Huanan market as the center & start of the pandemic.

(Worth re-reading this thread too)

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First Appeallate Authority rejected the appeal on the ground that the person filled an appeal is not aggrieved person as per definition of Section 107.

S. 107, "Any person aggrieved by any decision or order passed ....may Appeal to such Appeallate Authority..."

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A vehicle was intercepted at Alipurduar Zone, West Bengal and later Order was passed against Ashwani Sharma, who was the alleged driver/person-in-charge of the relevant vehicle

M/s Akash Trading Co., Who were the consignee of the goods, filed an appeal against the Order

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First Appeallate Authority rejected the said appeal as it was of view that the said consignee has no right to file appeal as only Mr. Akash Sharma, against whom the order is passed, has right to file appeal

Aggrieved against the rejection Writ was filed before High Court

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#COP27 Your #CarbonTax is rising.
#UN '#climatechange' conference delegates to stay at five-star hotels and luxury resorts | Nov 4
- #SharmElSheikh was built up by the Egyptian govt to become a luxury tourist destination for the world’s richest.…
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An innocent questioner came to me asking "Why do you start [see chart below] at 2021?"

And it stumped me. Because I've studied Steve Morgan's tweets enough to know he's touted "$3 trillion" since at least 2018.

So, why DID I start at 2021? Quite simply…
…I had Morgan's more recent #guesstimates in front of me when I first decided to "chart the math."

Really, though, his multi-trillion $$$ guesstimates date back to 2016. And they're not … exactly … "scientific," if you know what I mean:
Morgan's original multi-trillion $$$ #guesstimate waffled as it [d]evolved from 2016 through 2017 depending on whom he cited:
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I took the "2022 DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge."

I regret to say it *still* doesn't offer good password advice. (I'll cc: @DAF_CISO for whatever that's worth.)

See @DethVeggie's tweet (below) for folks who can't get their act together re: password policy
I took the "2022 DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge."

DoD continues its #absurd edict to make *everyone* from E-1 to O-10 personally responsible to inspect & ratify a public library computer has the latest antivirus | spyware | malware protection:
(I won't argue with anyone who insists military libraries are "controlled" vs. "public." Min-wage contract groundskeepers can visit the base library, food court, etc. See my tirade over the 2020 DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge.)

@threadreaderapp unroll…
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A near perfect example of how 'wedge issues' are exploited by the Govt to divide voters: Johnson/Rees-Mogg/IDS etc are literally "the ruling elite" & Brexit was supported by many of the richest people in Britain - but it's not working because of some Other "ruling elite"?
There will be MUCH more of this wedge issue/culture war bullshit, so we need to develop a 'herd-immunity' to it. They managed to kick out the right-wing Govt in Australia - despite the best efforts of Murdoch & Lynton Crosby - so we can do it here too.


Our Govt & a global network of opaquely funded free-market think tanks, intent on destroying worker & environmental protections, conspire with the UK's foreign/non-dom billionaire-owned press to fuck Britain, the environment, the 99% & the future.
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Menulis lagi dgn harapan tulisan ini tidak stuck lagi......

--Petilasan Begawan Sakti di Tengah Hutan --

Sebuah cerita untuk hiburan semata. Semoga berkesan di hati para pembaca...

@P_C_HORROR @HorrorBaca @ceritaht @IDN_Horor #ceritahorror #ceritaseram #ceritaaneh #absurd Image
@P_C_HORROR @HorrorBaca @ceritaht @IDN_Horor Malam itu di tengah suatu hutan yg lebat, seorang laki-laki setengah baya tengah duduk menghadap ke arah suatu api unggun yg beberapa saat yg lalu ia nyalakan.

Laki-laki itu adalah Pak Tasrin, seorang musafir yg hendak pergi ke kampung di mana putrinya tinggal.
@P_C_HORROR @HorrorBaca @ceritaht @IDN_Horor Ia telah melakukan perjalanan yg sangat jauh dari kampung halamannya. Ia telah melewati beberapa tempat baik itu yg berpenduduk maupun berupa wilayah kosong seperti hutan yg saat ini tengah disinggahinya.

Ia kemalaman di tengah hutan tersebut, dan merasa tidak mungkin untuk
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Something is coming!? (Countdown: 1/7)

#BigBang #Gravity #Newton #Blackhole #Genesis Image
Why are we joining (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, Medium, 6th-Dimension, etc) in order to follow one Token's news? (Countdown: 2/7)

#Absurd #Clutter #Mess Image
Getting bored talking to Non-Crypto people (Countdown: 3/7)

#HODL #BTFD #Shill #Rekt #FUD #Whale #WhenLambo #DYOR Image
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