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Nowadays, we know what the African continent represents, but do we really know what the origin of this term ‘Africa’ & why this continent is called Africa?
The first use of the term Africa is dated from the Roman Empire with Roman Africa (Africa Romana) and designated the north of the continent, but where does this word "Africa" ​​come from etymologically?
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The Touareg Amazigh people of the Sahara/Sahel.
Who are they?
#Amazigh #Touareg #Algeria #Libya #Tunisia #Mali #Niger #Azawad #Agadez
They are an Amazigh (berber) people who live mostly an nomadic live in the Sahara/Sahel in different countries but in the same region. [it still North Africa and not sub Sahara Africa!]
For years are the Touareg people in North Mali/North Niger fighting for independence.
The Azawad(North Mali) is a big succes. The noble men liberated and control mostly everything above the Niger River. The independent movement is called #MNLA with leader Bilal Ag Acherif
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#Vandal nobleman and #Amazigh mercenary in North #Africa, somewhere south of the Atlas (5th century AD). The Vandals were a #Germanic tribe that conquered first Hispania and then Africa, from where they sacked Rome by sea. Image
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#Marokko! Soll das Weiterkommen gefeiert werden soll oder nicht?
Klar: das erste afrikanische Land im WM-Halbfinale ist was großes - so wird es in Afrika auch gesehen.👍🏼
Ich will knapp erklären was der Hintergrund der Kontroverse ist (am Ende meine persönliche Meinung):
Was hat es auf sich mit Themen wie der #Westsahara, den #Berbern (#Amazigh) oder den #Palästina Flaggen. Und noch etwas mehr wie #Sportswashing und Monarchie. Die #Westsahara ist ein ehemaliges spanisches Kolonialgebiet, das in den 1970ern von Marokko besetzt wurde.
Dagegen wehrt sich deren Nationalbewegung, die #Polisario. Marokko hat das Land mit Siedlern geflutet, Widerstand erstickt. Die Sahrawis leben als benachteiligte Minderheit im eigenen Land, in #Flüchtlingslagern im Ausland und hinter einem von Marokko gebauten Erdwall.
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I thought I had figured out an important verbal group, and presented about it today... and then I ran into Simone Mauri's description of Ayt Atta #Tamazight.

What I'm interested in is how to reconstruct the Aorist and perfect of verbs with two long vowels. A small thread. Image
Most forms of Central Moroccan Tamazight have an a...u vocalism for both the Aorist and perfect (just like Tashlhiyt). From there I had thought of a way to reconcile the Kabyle form ulwu/ulwa with the Tamaight alwu alwu. I proposed a three step analogy: Image
1. Start with ulwu/ulwa
2. Through analogy of verbs like agʷəm/ugəm, the aorist was reformed to alwu: alwu/ulwa.
3. The aorist stem was generalized to the perfect: alwu/alwu.

But this explanation totally breaks down for Ayt Atta!
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@nmq_noor Petit témoignage perso!
Moi qui,comme Ihsane Haouach, suis #amazigh originaire du #Rif,par pudeur, je n'ai pas l'habitude d'étaler ma vie ni celle des miens en public, ni en privé d'ailleurs.Mais, je veux apporter 1 petit témoignage qui contredit certaines de ses affirmations 1/
@nmq_noor 2/ J'ai pu me rendre compte des dégâts que peuvent causer les #Islamistes au sein des familles. J'ai beaucoup de famille en #Belgique, notamment à #Bruxelles. La plupart y sont nés et y ont grandi et été à l'#Ecole. Au début, ça se passait plus ou moins bien. Père au boulot,
@nmq_noor 3/mère au foyer, enfants à l'école, comme tout le monde. Jusqu'au jour où des #islamistes, originaires du #Proche-Orient, très actifs se mettent sur leur chemin. Ils repèrent le père, tres pieux, à la Mosquée et commencent par le harceler (invitations, sermons, etc.)
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I am very proud of my collection of modern literature in #Tarifiyt (#Tarifit, #amazigh).

Therefore a thread on Tarifiyt literature in the Netherlands. Image
1993 was the year that the first books with modern literature in Tarifiyt were published.
One was a collection of poems by Salam Essemghini published in Morocco. Image
The other one was a collection of poems by Ahmad Ziani, published in the Netherlands. The edition was carried out, in close collaboration with the poet, by Roel Otten from Utrecht University, who also provided a beautiful translation into Dutch. Image
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#Libya 🇱🇾: despite the global pandemic the battle for #Tripoli continues and even intensifies.

Today #GNA forces dealt another blow to #Haftar's #LNA, taking the coastal city of #Sabratha and several surrounding towns Image
#Libya 🇱🇾: with the securing of the entire coast west of #Tripoli the #GNA is now in a position to attack Watiyah Airbase, which could mean the end #Haftar's conquest on the capital
#Libya 🇱🇾: video os some of the heavy fighting around #Sabratha earlier today.

Both sides are completely disregarding the #coronavirus pandemic to continue the war
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#Algeria 🇩🇿: mass protests in #Algiers on the 40th Friday of pro-democracy rallies
#Algeria 🇩🇿: 40 Fridays for freedom
#Algeria 🇩🇿: pro-democracy protests taking place in #Setif.
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