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Looking at the networks that support #Hemedti in #Sudan, an interesting carousel emerges with the #UAE in the middle

Network-centric statecraft at its best, involving #Libya, #Wagner and the War in #Yemen Image
2) starting with the #UAE's direct networks to #Sudan & the #RSF, Abu Dhabi has set up a well-oiled network of companies and financial institutions to support #Hemedti to bring gold to market and manage personal finances…
3) The #UAE have provided arms to #Hemedti's #RSF in #Sudan since 2019 - recent evidence suggest as late as 2021…
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Abu Dhabi has significant leverage over Hemedti

"With the sending of mercenaries to Yemen and the financial manna of gold smuggling for the #UAE, #Hemetti also became one of the richest and most powerful men in the country." #Sudan…
The #UAE have used their role as a regional hub to build broad networks in #Sudan making it an indispensable facilitator for the #RSF…
The UAE also provided information support to the #RSF:
"In October 2021 DFRLab reported on a Facebook network with links to Saudi and the #UAE, which was removed for “coordinated inauthentic behavior on behalf of a foreign or government entity.”…
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Artikolo de @RevuoMonato (2023:01) pri la nuna situacio en #Libio
Kompleta artikolo (por abonantoj):
Por legi kelkajn interesajn partojn, jen 🧵(1/7) Image
La 28an de oktobro 2022 la Sekureca Konsilio de #UN unuanime aprobis
rezolucion, kiu plilongigis la mandaton
de la Subtena Misio de UN en Libio ĝis la 31a de oktobro 2023. Samtempe ĝi
bonvenigis la nomumon Abdoulaye
Bathily kiel speciala kunordiganto. 2/7
La posteno de kunordiganto estis vaka ekde la fino de novembro 2021, kiam
la diplomato kaj eks-ministro #Kubiš post
dek monatoj neatendite forlasis tiun postenon. 3/7
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Syrian Air (Force) Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATA airborne from Benghazi #Libya.
Syrian Air (Force) Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB en route to #Libya.
#Haftar linked Harmony Jets Falcon 10 9H-SSG heading over #Syria.
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Un piccolo thread sulla #Libia, ché la lettura delle cronache locali fornisce sempre spunti interessanti ma preoccupanti. Non allegherò link; alcuni li ho già pubblicati in questi giorni e se qualcuno ha dubbi o questioni si tratta di fonti e notizie molto facili da recuperare 1/
Il tema di fondo è purtroppo quello dell'insipiente inutilità della missione #ONU e delle costanti ingerenze da parte di Paesi stranieri interessati quasi esclusivamente a spartirsi la ricchissima torta delle risorse energetiche di una Libia tuttora divisa in due. 2/
Senza pretesa di essere esaustivo, provo a ricomporre un piccolo puzzle di notizie, tutte degli ultimi due giorni e tutte provenienti appunto dalla stampa libica. 3/
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Almeno 4 morti e 5 feriti (anche civili): questo il bilancio provvisorio degli scontri in corso in questi minuti in #Libia, nella capitale #Tripoli.
Tutto ha avuto inizio nella notte, quando le milizie guidate da Haitham Tajouri, schierato con il
premier designato del governo di stabilità nazionale libico (Gsn) Fathi #Bashagha (l'uomo del generale #Haftar) hanno affrontato le Forze di sostegno alla stabilità, sotto il comando di Abdul Ghani al Kikli, affiliato al capo dell'esecutivo di unità nazionale (Gun), Dabaiba.
Pochi giorni fa proprio #Bashaga aveva minacciato di essere pronto ad entrare a Tripoli con la forza, dichiarando che "7 milioni di persone" vogliono il suo governo "mentre solo 200 o anche meno sono contro" di lui.
Nel timore che gli scontri iniziati ieri notte (pare
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#Putin¦s Äußerungen vom 7. Juli bei einem Treffen mit den Fraktionsvorsitzenden der Duma über den Krieg mit #Ukraine, dass "jeder wissen sollte, dass wir im Großen und Ganzen noch nichts Ernsthaftes begonnen haben", bedeuten mehr als eine gg den Westen gerichtete Drohgebärde.👇🏼
#Putin inszeniert seinen Krieg gg #Ukraine als Weltereignis. Er soll wie ein weltkriegerischer Konflikt aussehen, der (auch) ohne Waffengang ausgetragen werde: stattdessen sollten wirtschaftliche u soziale Güter u Beziehungen zu informellen Waffen u Kriegsschauplätzen werden.👇🏼
Dazu definiert Putin die Sanktionen gg Russland als eine gigantische Selbstschädigung des Westens, zugleich warnt er vor einer Verschärfung der Sanktionen: als Reaktion könnte er zB seinen Getreuen #Haftar in #Libyen anweisen, libysche Erdölexporte nach Europa zu unterbrechen.👇🏼
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Further clashes are bound to unfold soon in #Tripolitania.


• some #local rivalries have become too tense.

#macro fault lines have shifted too far away from #Libya’s Jun 2020 equilibrium, which so many policymakers & watchers take for granted;

[ see 🧵 thread👇🏻]
One must, right off the bat, acknowledge the outsized importance of #Zawiyah actors in today’s NW Libya configuration.

The most zealous pro-Dabaiba fighters on 5/17 in #Tripoli were led by #Bahrun.

& the #Buzeriba forces (who didn’t fight on 5/17) are ferociously anti-Dabaiba.
Other #local antagonisms that became evident on 5/17 in Tripoli include Mustafa Qaddur’s animosity vs. his #Mukhabarat superior & Dabaiba ally Hussein al-#Ayeb.

Nawassi — which holds a major grudge against Bahrun, too — coordinates w/ Buzeriba & Wershefana’s Muammar al-Dhawi. Image
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Mahan Air's (Iranian Airline) A340 EP-MMR 3/29/22 Tehran-Moscow 2h 59m-Tehran, en route

"Russia says it has written guarantees on Iran nuclear deal"… ImageImage
Andy Beal's (Beal Bank) N123AB 3/23/22 Dallas-Istanbul 3/26/22 Istanbul-Nice-Miami

1st time I've seen him in Istanbul

ICYMI: There seem to be/has been Beal Bank branch in Minsk, #Belarus.
Giuliani, Parnas, & Fruman used N123AB for some of their trips
Oneida II's (Jeffrey Sudikoff) N70PS 3/27/22 Teterboro-London 1h-Dubai 3/31/22 Dubai-Heading NW

Dubai is the new favorite for Russian oligarchs

Sudikoff's IDB established ties with Russian govt in the 1990s'. In 1999 he went to prison 4 insider trading. ImageImage
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Today, EDVA Fed Judge allowed lawsuit against warlord #KhalifaHifter (or #Haftar) to continue. Last Nov case was stayed pending Dec 2021 #Libyan elections that never occurred & likely will not until 2023.

#Hifter will now be deposed.…
2/Parties have until June 2022 to complete discovery & pre-trial conf will take place right after.

#Hifter also ORDERED to reimburse us for costs of two canceled depositions w/i 14 days or else default will be entered & damages hearing will occur ex parte (w/o him).
3/#Hifter is represented by #JesseBinnall who also reps #Trump & previously worked w/disgraced attny #SydneyPowell.…
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The war in #Ukraine will bring a sea change in the #Libyan crisis

#JeuneAfrique kindly included a few of my thoughts on why observers really ought to brace for substantial side effects, not just minor ones.

[ thread on the #Russia facet of the #Libya reality c. 2022 ]
Since the Feb. 24 launch of the invasion of Ukraine, apart from lots of unfounded speculation, there’s been not a shred of evidence to suggest any number of #Russian fighters have left Libya.

In fact, over the last several months, the number of Russians in #Brak has increased.
Historically, 1 of the top reasons #Russia has acquired a clandestine #military presence in #Libya is the fact that it’s key strategic territory on #NATO’s southern flank. The #Ukraine crisis of 2014 deepened the Kremlin’s perception of NATO as hostile to Russia’s core interests.
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Intl community has a plan and #Libya has another plan...

Natl Election Commission announces peaceful closure of electoral centres due to candidacy of #Saif #Gaddafi and #KhalifaHaftar in Zawiya Gharyan Khoms Zliten

Now add Mislata Tajura & Tripoli

#Libya’s National Elections Commission rejects #Saif #Gaddafi candidacy... then immediately deletes the rejection on the Facebook page.

Testing the pulse?

#MENA #OilAndGas #Libyaoil #ليبيا
US State Dept SPOX, Samuel Warburg: There are problems with considering a #Saif #Gaddafi presidency due to his @IntlCrimCourt arrest warrants and the fact that he's still subject to US (OFAC) & Intl sanctions

#Kleptocracy #MENA #OilAndGas #Libyaoil #ليبيا
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One of #Haftar’s tanks he left across Northern Chad. The turrets couldn’t move fast enough to track the Toyota’s with anti Tank missiles. They call Haftar “Son of a Bitch” here cuz the asshole left thousands of landmines everywhere. Still clearing today. Image
Haftar’s old base at Wadi Doum in Chad still has plenty of Soviet era junk. The sand blast work was n this burnt out Libya Air Force Transport looks like fine art. All pics c RYP all rights reserved Image
Here’s a quiz for aviation buffs. What the hell is a Trinidad and Tobago registered plane doing in the ass end of nowhere #Chad? The engines are clean @Gerjon_ The locals don’t have a clue. Looks like gear failure on the incredible steel plate runway a slick as ice. Image
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Et si #Déby s'était fait avoir par mégarde!?
Ce fil est proposé tel la chronique d'un piège fatal, où un scénario est fixé à partir de faits recoupés. Accessoirement, les hypothèses les moins crédibles seront écartées.
Pour commencer, condoléances au peuple tchadien..
Ensuite, rentrant dans le vif du sujet, il s'agira de rappeler des dates et leurs moments clés associés...

Adoption de la nouvelle constitution renforçant les institutions (création du sénat et d'un poste de vice-président).
Le texte ici…
Cette #constitution piloté par #Déby, vise à sécuriser son pouvoir, en posant les bases pour un transfert de pouvoir à se proches, tout en donnant des gages démocratiques.
Mon analyse sur ce sujet à lire ici...
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Quasiment pas un jour sans émission, articles, couvertures...diabolisant #Turquie et #Erdogan, bien + que n'importe autre pays/dirigeant.

Pourtant, la Turquie était un allié, il y a pas si longtemps intouchable quand elle était une vraie dictature, sous développée...

Thread ⬇️
1. La #Turquie c'était notre "allié", encensée (comme on encense aujourd'hui nos alliées dictatures arabes) quand:

- elle était sous développée, avec une monnaie qui dégringole et une inflation énorme.

- Aujourd'hui, 15eme économie mondial, infrastructures modernes...
2. Quand la #Turquie était encensée, l'armée détenait le pouvoir.
Il y avait un putsch tous les 10ans. Des putschs militaires qui ne posaient aucun problème!

Aujourd'hui certes ce n'est pas une démocratie parfaite, mais elle est de loin la plus démocratique de son histoire!
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#Libya 🇱🇾 BREAKING: Mahmoud al-Werfalli, commander in the #LNA and wanted war criminal has been assassinated in #Benghazi today.

Al-Werfalli was wanted by the @IntlCrimCourt for the execution of several dozen prisoners and the killing of non-combatants. ImageImage
#Libya 🇱🇾: @trbrtc did extensive research on all the execution videos posted by al-Werfalli. All the details are in this multiyear thread
Many Libyans will rejoice over the news of the death of al-Werfalli but in #Benghazi this also means dangerous times could be ahead. Werfalli commanded the Saiqa brigade and his men were very loyal to him. They probably want revenge.
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"The #UAE was the most likely foreign funder of the mercenary operation of #ErikPrince...The report points out that the mercenaries had offices, bank accounts and shell companies in the Emirates."…
"#MBZ has longstanding ties to Prince and is probably #Haftar's most important foreign backer...Last year, the #UAE poured tons of weapons into Libya in blatant disregard for the arms embargo..." - Abu Dhabi has still not responded to the #UN Report
#MbZ once famously referred to Erik Prince as "his guy" considering how much the #UAE owed to Prince's mercenary know-how & networks…
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1/ Seems #Haftar has pulled off a last minute upset after finding himself being cornered by his allies locally and internationally.
While his allies find themselves shuffling to make sense of yesterday’s developments, Haftar is positioning himself as sole negotiator of the east.
2/ For #Haftar to successfully achieve this goal, he will need to carry out a hard reset as his advisors are now blamed for failing to secure a new executive consisting of their allies.

#Agila is facing heavy criticism both socially and politically in Eastern #Libya.
3/ #Agila was warned by constituents to avoid a deal with #Bashagha and to have a back up plan that allows a ‘socially’ acceptable candidate take his place such as #Baraghthee of #AlWafi (in that order).

The competition for social credit is now between #Haftar & #AlMnefi.
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Dept of (In)justice's G550 N708JH 10/25-10/26/20 Manassas-Stewart Int (~1h 35m)-Kyiv #Ukraine 10/27/20 Kyiv-Stewart Int
No doubt its connected to bogus H Biden laptops. Stewart Int is used for flights to/from NY

ICYMI: DoJ investigated FBI NY office leaking to Giuliani in 2016 ImageImageImage
Phoenix Air Group's (US Govt contractor) 10/25/20 Cartersville, GA-D.C. (~1h 20m)-Reykjavik-Ramstein Airbase (~3h)-Kyiv #Ukraine 10/27/20 Kyiv-Reykjavik-D.C. en route

Connected to DoJ's N708JH's flight to Kyiv? The jets departed Kyiv 14 minutes apart🤔
Sonnig Int's (Mortara/Haftar/LNA) P4-RMA 10/26-10/27/20 Dubai-#Benghazi #Libya-Reykjavik-Bangor, ME (45m)-St Louis
US Navy's Cessna C560 VM714 10/26-10/27/20 Joint Base Andrews-Bangor, ME-Andrews
Not sure if the flights are connected but the jets landed 2 minutes apart ImageImageImageImage
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#BREAKING Libyan factions sign 'permament' national ceasefire after talks: UN Image
#BREAKING Libya truce takes place with 'immediate effect': UN Image
VIDEO: Libya's two warring factions sign a "permanent" ceasefire agreement following five days of talks at the United Nations
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THREAD: #Russia-#Turkey interaction over #NagornoKarabakh getting uneasy. After #Moscow turned down #Ankara’s proposal to set up #Syria-type format for Karabakh (#KarabakhAstana) @MevlutCavusoglu told #Lavrov cease-fire not gonna happen until #Armenia leaves occupied Azeri areas Image
Earlier, I forecasted 👇 that #Turkey's ultimate goal in this war was not to fight anyone but get a new deal with #Russia. It was obvious from @RTErdogan's criticism of Minsk OSCE group performance on #Karabakh. Bu the devil is in details & here they are
1.#Turkey's position - to support #Azerbaijan - meant to disguise its interest - to extend its influence in #Caucasus.
Turkey hopscotching crises -#Greece/#Cyprus,#Libya,#Syria now Karabakh to increase its capitalization in the market of regional powers w/ great power ambitions
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Andy Beal's (Beal Bank) N123AB 9/27/20 Paris-Nice
Len Blavatnik's (Access Ind) N761LE 9/26/20 London-Milan (~1h)-Nice 9/28/20 Nice-London

ICYMI: Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman used Beal's jet for some of their travels
Blavatnik "funneled millions into #GOP campaigns" ImageImageImage
Syrian Air's A320 YK-AKD 9/28/20 Damascus #Syria-Cairo
Third flight to Cairo in September

"Egypt sends forces to Syria for Assad regime. 150 soldiers deployed in Aleppo's western countryside, outskirts of Saraqib in southern Idlib countryside" July 2020… Image
Trump's private jet N725DT 9/28-9/29/20 Waterbury-Monmouth Executive Airport (~2h 15m)-D.C. (~25m)-Waterbury
N725DT seem to fly to D.C. every time there are crisis in the WH.
#TrumpTaxes ImageImage
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Tom Barrack's (Chairman of Trump's inaugural cmte) N284CC 9/7-9/8/20 Aspen-LA-Aspen-Teterboro 9/9/20 Teterboro-Shannon-Dubai

Barrack hasn't been to the Middle East for months, apart of 4 short landings in Beirut after the explosion. I bet he's involved in the ME 'peace plan'. ImageImageImage
Rada Airlines' Il-62MGr EW-450TR 9/9/20 Maputo, Mozambique-Tekirdag-Doncaster/Sheffield, UK

Ew-450TR flew from Belgrade to Maputo 9/8 making a landing in Khartoum, indicating heavy payload
M-ABEC is linked to Prigzhin and Ilya Gubin, still in Maputo
Russian E-Cargo's 757 VP-BHM 9/9/20 Leipzig-Conakry, Guinea-Venezuela?
VP-BHM has made multiple flights to Caracas, Venezuela in 2020. In 2019 it allegedly flew gold out of Venezuela… ImageImage
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I wrote Attorney General Barr requesting @TheJusticeDept to own criminal inquiry into #KhalifahHaftar's war criminal activities in #Libya. #Haftar is USCIT & jurisdiction exists under War Crimes Act of 1996 (which I testified before Congress on nearly 25 years ago). ImageImage
In trying to persuade Congress that USGOVT should prosecute #warcriminals, I testified:

"the cries of 'Never forget' that arose out of the ashes of the 6 million murdered in the Holocaust are still sadly being drowned out by the millions that are being murdered today....
....In ensuring that we never forget those who are victimized by such atrocities, we must strive to “always prosecute” those that cause such unjustified and inexcusable suffering."
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