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1/In sanctuary for #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral due to start in about an hour. Family and friends are wearing black and white, filing past the open, gold-plated casket. Everyone wearing masks. @AP and @HoustonChron posting photo.
2/Family and guests taking seats #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral. @JJWatt and @channingtatum spotted. @tylerperry Jamie Fox and @FloydMayweather expected.
3/ The latest from #GeorgeFloyd family and funeral in #Houston…
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#AfricanNeuroscience [Thread]

Ever wondered what #Neuroscience research looks like in #Africa? For 3 years, we have been working on profiling the neuroscience research landscape in the continent’s 54 countries. Very excited to share our latest work:…

(1) Image
Why is this important?
#Africa has real potential in #Neuroscience, but needs help to rise from its current position! To do this, we need accurate data that reflects the heterogeneity of research across the continent's 54 countries.

Such data is lacking, as previous estimates about research outputs from #Africa are mostly inaccurate, partly because it is difficult to tell whether the research was, in fact, conducted within Africa or outside the continent in collaboration with #Africanscientists

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Thread. What is the link between #red & worms? Why is there an insect whose Latin name is '#worm little worm'? Let's start with a Sanskrit term: "krimija", "worm-made". (I know no Sanskrit, so please feel free to offer better translations). This was borrowed into Persian as قرمز.
2... qermez (contemporary Tehran pronunciation: ghermez), meaning 'red'. Above, popular Iranian children's TV character kolah ghermezi, 'red hat'. This appears to have happened in early Islamic times; in Middle Persian 'red' is 'sukhr' (New Persian sorkh). What about the worms?
3. Well, before the advent of synthetic #chemistry in the 2nd half of the 19th century, #dyes & pigments were mostly obtained from plant roots, or in certain cases, animals. The most famous is the 'imperial purple' obtained from the glands of Mediterranean sea snails.
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1/5 #Tunisia 26.05.20 - According to official statement of Tunisian National Guard spokesperson the authorities between 17 & 25.05.2020 thwarted 24 boat crossings and apprehended 484 #migrants of different nationalities. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/5 - 25/26.05.20 Tunisian Maritime Guard during night patrol seized a high speed boat off Quarba and apprehended 21 #migrants (20 Tunisian & 1 Moroccan) and 1 Italian smuggler who skippered the boat with additional cigarette contraband. All referred to Public Prosecutor.
[similar case] "Traffico di esseri umani e sigarette dall'Africa a Marsala. Iniziato il processo"… and "Four Tunisians among human trafficking suspects in Sicily"…
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What happens when $6.4M grant for "counter-terrorism" to a country who in turn allows 🇹🇷🦃 smuggle terrorists over border? #Libya #GNA @RichardGrenell @GenFlynn @LNA2019M @SecPompeo

+ 03/25/20 36(b)(1) Re #Tunisia $325,800,000.00…
01/23/20Tunisia USAID FAIN SLMAQM20CA2020
A little odd that South Africa is also selling weapons to 🦃 too, yes?…
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Thread :
The Expired #GNA is a predecessor of a list of #Tripoli based govs that backed,founded,& funded #terrorist orgs in #libya,#Turkey
Such as the #Benghazi shura council; that attacked the US embassy in 2012
Many fighting against the #LNA in #Tripoli
The #Binghazi shura council
is a military coalition in Benghazi composed of Islamist and jihadist militias,including Ansar Al-Sharia, Libya Shield 1, & several other terrorists groups such as #ISIS & #AlQeada
This coalition by the #MuslimBrotherhood was created to fight the #LNA
Who are BRSC?
Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council was formed in 2014 by Ansar AlSharia (#AlQaeda) leader Mohammed AlZahawi & Wissam Bin Hmaid.
The group fought alongside #ISIS in Benghazi in an attempt to stop the Libyan Army #LNA liberate #Benghazi.
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1 In January 2019, #Tunisia approved a law that reformed its social assistance system and established the Amen Social. The new social registry is the backbone of the system to be put in place to ensure a minimum income to the poorest. See Photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo CC BY 2.0
2 The new registry was built on top of the previous one used to assess eligibility for the PNANF/AMG1, a #CashTransfer + free health care for extreme poor hh heads unable to work; and the AMG2, which offers subsidized health care for vulnerable hhs.
3 In a 2019 study about the feasibility of a #socialprotectionfloor in Tunisia, CRES – a local think tank – has shown that 34.7% of the working age population did not have any income security. See table 4 below from their publication:
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1 In #Tunisia there were 1025 confirmed cases of #COVID19 as of 7 May. The country has responded to the threat of #COVID19 with a strong lockdown from 22 March to 3 May, with an Oxford Stringency Index of 90.61. The lockdown had a strong negative effect on employment and income.
2 As a compensation measure #CashTranfers of max TND 200 (USD70) were established for both #FormalWorkers and registered #SelfEmployed with suspended or reduced work activity and for poor and vulnerable hhs in the social registry. See the decrees:
3 Application for #FormalWorkers had to be done online by their employers as long as they fulfilled these criteria: Registered #SelfEmployed could also apply online through the platform
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📰🔊This is our analysis of the #COVID19 #testing strategy in #Tunisia🇹🇳, given the potential technical and contextual limitations, and future challenges.…

Happy to contribute to @OpenNiqash with @Jaber_Bel, @drziedbouslama & @droussamazekri!
Real-time RT-PCR (@WHO gold standard) is complex and requires technical equipment and skilled human resources. Deploying a military mobile lab for temporary missions in the south is a good step, but still, testing capacity remains limited: only 24,406 tests performed as of 02/05.
Antigen and antibody rapid tests provide a less costly and faster delivery of results compared to RT-PCR. However, before these tests can be used, it must be acknowledged that they serve different roles and thus need to be used in different scenarios.
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1/11 How can a country quickly implement emergency #CashTransfers when hit by a shock like #COVID19? Options include increasing the value of existing transfers, expanding coverage, or by setting-up interventions based on existing structure. See image from @ValentinaBarca_ et al.
2/11 Tayssir, a #CCT managed by the @MarocEducation covering 2 million students in both rural & urban areas, is the only large-scale social #CashTransfer programme in #Morocco. However, the emergency benefit for #InformalWorkers didn’t rely on Tayssir to respond to #COVID19. Why?
3/11 In part because Tayssir doesn't have its own targeting mechanism. It also uses RAMED'S proxy means test to determine eligibility in urban areas. See So, was the main reason to use RAMED cards because of its good targeting performance? Not really…
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#thread Communist-led Vietnamese victory over the third(usa) imperialist occupation in as many decades happened today 45yrs ago, the socialist north and the Vietnamese ppl finally liberated and reunified the entire country.
#HoChiMinh, Vietnamese Communist leader passes away several years before reunification, he passes away in Sept 1969. His life story is an amazing one.
#HoChiMinh is a leading figure in the founding of the Chinese, French and Vietnamese communist parties founding.
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On this #WorldHeritageDay we are celebrating the World Heritage Sites. 🏛️

I've been lucky enough to visit 133 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 31 countries!
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I am done with voting for one dumpster fire over another? FUCK IT. A vote for no one is a vote for everyone.STOP LOOKING TO SO-CALLED LEADERS to do anything REAL or LASTING to improve society. IGNORE THE POPULARITY CONTEST and #SHUTITDOWNNOW. #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #NoOne2020
#FuckIt Time to start to use their tactic of #ShockDoctrine to catalyze Revolution AKA How to use this crisis to everyone's advantage.
I know shit is bad. It's going to get worse, before it gets better. We know that. MUCH WORSE. We are going to have to accept that many of our friends and relatives won't make it through this shit show. We need to bite the bullet and make sure we #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #GeneralStrike2020
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There is a global pandemic that has always been there and which #COVID19 is forcing you to see: domestic abuse
- #Tunisia: in the first 5 days after people were ordered to stay in, calls to a hotline for women suffering abuse increased fivefold.…
- #Greenland; the capital banned sale of alcohol following a surge in reports of violence in homes.
- #France: the government set up centers in grocery stores with secret passwords where victims can seek help in one of the few places they still are allowed to visit.
- #Brazil: the federal government hasn’t issued stay-in orders, a state-run drop-in center has seen a 40 to 50 percent rise in demand.

“Victims of domestic violence, most often women, face a double threat: a deadly virus outside and an abuser at home.”
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The Tunisian government insists that wearing a mask is unnecessary for normal citizens, I was wrong to think like that and everyone should be, based on this.
#Masks4All #StayHome #Tunisie #Tunisia #covid19tn #تونس #الحظر_الكلي
قرابة 30 دراسة تتفق على أهمية لبسان الماسك الشيئ الي خلى جمهورية التشيك تعمل اكتفاء ذاتي متع 10 ملاين ماسك و عدد الوفيات حبس ف 2 و عدد الحالات معادش ازيد، و الأهم أنو قطعة قماش من تريكو تكفي بش تحميك و تحمي غيرك في تعاملاتك اليومية.
دراسة من جامعة كامبريدج تبين نسبة نجاعة المواد المنزلية ضد الجسيمات الصغيرة(20 نانومتر) و مع العلم انو فيروس الكورونا يوزن قرابة 120 نانومتر
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14 countries have so far used some form of #castransfer and #basicincome program as #coronavirus response.

Here is what we know:

1. #Australia: one-time cash payment $750 to seniors, veterans and low-income people
2. #China: expanding Dibao program’s value and coverage for affected families

3. #Hong-Kong: one-off cash injection to all 7M adult residents

4. #Indonesia: expansions of e-food vouchers by 33% for 6 months
5. #Ireland: sick pay, illness benefit and supplementary benefits for workers affected by virus-related measures

6. #Italy: €600 childcare voucher for workers with children below age of 12

7. #Japan: ¥5,000 vouchers to those loading ¥20,000 for smartphone payments
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Tunisia has embraced consensus politics and been hailed as a rare bright spot. But is there such a thing as *too much* consensus?

In this new @BrookingsFP report, @sh_grewal & I argue that consensus can be evidence of the opposite—of democratic failures:…
This finding has implications for other democratic transitions in ideologically polarized countries, where the international community is quick to privilege consensus and unity over competition. This can be fine in the beginning, but consensus late into a transition is a warning
Our findings on #Tunisia also have implications for old democracies, including our own. Consensus isn't, or shouldn't be, it's own end. In certain contexts, consensus, unity, and civility can *undermine* democratic participation, responsiveness, and accountability
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Excited to announce the release of the new Brookings report I co-wrote with @sh_grewal:

"The Dark Side of Consensus in Tunisia"

Tunisia's embrace of consensus has been hailed as a bright spot. But we argue that consensus reflects a deeper weakness…
A secular-Islamist unity government sounds like a good thing. This consensus was meant to resolve or supersede religious divides. But it merely postponed them. Papering over very real divides contributed to the rise of new, more dogmatically secular and Islamist parties
The decision of Ennahda, #Tunisia's main Islamist party, to join a unity government rather than lead the opposition stemmed from a fear it would be repressed. If parties don't feel comfortable being in opposition out of fear, then this by itself means democracy is on shaky ground
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I just heard this awful news: Lina was a vital and powerful feminist. I met her years ago and interviewed her in Tunis for a documentary I made with @gemmanewby for the BBC on women and the revolutions in our region. Rest in power, Lina. We will miss you.
Rest in power: Lina Ben Mhenni, activist who chronicled #Tunisia uprising, dies at 36… via @FRANCE24
For the BBC documentary I made with Gemma, Lina told us this, which I also quote in Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution:

"freedom means all freedoms, including women's freedom, sexual freedom, individual freedom," @benmhennilina #Tunisia
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When #Oman’s Sultan Qaboos had died,I posted obit,mentioned he was longest-serving ruler in Arab world & one of world’s longest-ruling autocrats,that Oman was 1 of 2 Gulf countries that didn’t ban my 1st book, &told my family WhatsApp group that it was open secret that he was gay
Then I saw this obit h/t @thesailorsgirl and pondered what we should do about people in power who are known to be gay & never come out, whose power & wealth protect them from the horrendous homophobia & violence that so many in the region are subjected to…
Sultan Qaboos was longest-serving ruler in Arab world and one of the world’s longest-ruling autocrats. Imagine if someone that powerful and rich had come out? He did not use his power or wealth to decriminalize same-sex relations.
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Last night, troops were called to emergency duty. Later that night Sultan #Qaboos passed away.

Just after 4:00 am today, the official statement by Royal Diwan was announced.
The Defence Council convened directly, and called upon the Family (the al-Said's) Council to conven

Sometime between 7-8 am the Family Council decided to follow the late Sultan's will in naming the successor. And Haitham bin Tariq was sworn in.
(While the official announcement came approximately an hour later)
While the body of the late Sultan was arriving at the grand mosque, the second official statement by the Defence Council was broadcasted announcing the new Sultan's name.
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The list of truly fundamental needs for human life is a short one.

Food is on that list.

▶️This is how climate change impacted crops in 2019◀️

This is terrifying.

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food #2019InReview
*North America*

The midwest was plagued with heavy rain, leading to flooding & causing major challenges with corn, soybeans & other crops

This was widely documented by farmers themselves: #noplant19

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food
This caused investors to revisit their investments:

Impacts spanned the Midwest and beyond, including Wisconsin, Indiana, ...

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food #2019InReview
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A lot of the questions that came up during @LibyaDesk consultations in #Tunis had to do with the return of former #Gaddafi officials and supporters to the scene.
It came as no surprise that a lot of the available information was false.
This thread will attempt to clarify things.
Since 2011, tribes and figures that supported the former strongman were sidelined and persecuted, forcing many to flee #Libya.
The first return of ‘green’ Libyans (Gaddafi supporters) was in 2014 #Benghazi when #Haftar called on them to assist in the war against #terrorism.
This created a safe zone in east of #Libya which resulted in many families in exile that could no longer afford living in #Egypt or #Tunisia to move to towns in the east.
Politically, the first return of former #Gaddafi officials to political life was due to #Sarraj..
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Remembering the Jewish refugees from #Syria and the immense suffering which Syria has never made amends for.

I made these images several years ago. Still, years later, not one country has made amends. Today on Memorial Day, we remember. #JewishRefugees
Remembering the Jewish refugees from #Tunisia and the suffering which Tunisia has never made amends for.

Today on Memorial Day for the Jewish refugees from Arab countries, we remember. #JewishRefugees
Remembering the Jewish refugees from #Yemen and the suffering which Yemen has never made amends for. Arab states ethnically cleansed their Jews - yet the world is silent.

Today on Memorial Day for the Jewish refugees from Arab countries, we remember. #JewishRefugees
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