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MYTH: It’s an ugly misconception that Jews and Arabs lived in peace before 1948.

REALITY: Jews have faced racism and discrimination for centuries in Arab countries.

This poster I made, 1 of 9, tells the story of Jewish persecution in #Yemen in the 20th century.
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Can't believe my eyes seeing de Tocqueville quoted re: prospects of democratic transition in #Algeria. The guy literally wrote memos in support of French brutal torture system in #Algeria. It's already a violence that he became the democracy theorist in the US but this is a farce
On #epistemic violences and theorizing from the #GlobalSouth, think about how Alexis de Tocqueville, before becoming the father figure of democracy in the U.S. was a war-strategist for colonial #France in #Algeria. I'll throw in a few bonus quotes from his "Essay on #Algeria":
#Tocqueville wrote in 1841 "The most effective means we can use to subjugate the tribes is the interdiction of commerce” - speaking here about #Algerians around the Ottoman Empire's fall and the invasion of #France.
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Evening all. This will be a thread of tweets on the ACE Flagship Seminar (convened by @benjcartlidge and @preshitorian) featuring Prof Bonnie Effros of @LivUniHistory #aceflagship
Fred Hirt (@LivAncWorlds) introduces the seminar. We are discussing the history of our disciplines (esp #Archaeology tonight) and how it interacts with #colonialism in #Algeria.
The main theme: Monuments and the "mission civilisatrice" : French encounters with Roman Lambaesis. #ACEflagship
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#Algeria ruling party turns its back on #Bouteflika: he is 'history now'
Largest protests in #Algeria's history sweep the country against 5th term for #Bouteflika: "We don't want to see anyone belonging to the present regime."
#Bouteflika has become the 5th Arab leader to have been desposed by popular uprisings, as the spirit of the Arab Spring reawakens in #Algeria.…
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Men. Men. Men. Men. Men. Woman.
Men. Men. Men. Men. Men. Woman.
Men. Men. Men. Men. Men. Woman.
Men. Men. Men. Men. Men. Woman.
Men. Men. Men. Men. Men. Woman.

Commentary. Analysis. Opinion.
I was about to share a TV segment about the #Algeria protests but it was all Men. Men. Men. Woman.
And the only reason a woman was on screen was because she was the anchor. Do better @dw_arabic
But the 👆🏽obvs applies to others. Still. Today.
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"Indignity and solidarity are being televised in Algeria" - reporting from the ground, my love @souamesfarah :…
Follow my love @souamesfarah - for all things #Algeria #Algérie #الجزائر #Djazair

1, 2, 3, Viva Algérie and تحيا الجزائر 🇩🇿!

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Every time I catch myself thinking "This is the most Algeria thing to ever happen," something... even more Algeria manages to happen and prove me wrong.

Like this dude.
Okay, so this clip definitely needs some translation and historical context for non-Algeria people (including other Arabs and non-Arabs, too).
He's basically saying:

“We are Algerian, not Syrian. We're not going to do anything destructive like burn down the whole country. We're not Syrians. Our youth are better than yours. Come back here in a year. You'll see; we'll never be Syria. We're Algeria. Long live Algeria!"
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ALGERIA: Protesters take to the streets in Algiers, calling on President Abdelaziz Bouteflika not to seek a fifth term (via @tictoc) #Algeria
ALGERIA: Protests continue in Algiers over ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's candidacy.

Bouteflika, who was incapacitated by a stroke in 2013, is running for a fifth term in April (via @tictoc)
ALGERIA: Djamila Bouhired, famed resistance activist in the Algerian War of Independence, joins the protests in the streets of Algiers. (Via @tictoc)
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Mass protests have erupted all over #Algeria 🇩🇿 this Friday as the Algerian people reject the intentions of President #Bouteflika to seek a 5th term in office.
#Algeria 🇩🇿: mass protests across the country.
#Algeria 🇩🇿: protesters are handing out flowers to riot police.
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oh i for sure definitely believe the burka ban and also especially the burkini ban yes both were totally about 'security concerns' not flagrant islamophobia etc VIVA LAÏCITÉ…
"Agnès Buzyn, the health minister in Macron’s government, said of the garment: 'It’s a vision of women that I don’t share.'"

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Nel giardino di casa abbiamo un'altra #Libia pronta ad esplodere: si chiama #Algeria 🇩🇿ma nessun media mainstream ne parla.
Nel mio piccolo ho provato a farlo io qui:
Quoting @agenzia_nova
UPDATE #Algeria : oggi tocca agli studenti. Nella descrizione dell'evento si parla di manifestazioni "contro le gang della cocaina". E' un riferimento ironico ad alcuni parlamentari coinvolti nel narcotraffico. Una metafora della corruzione in generale del sistema politico.
Facoltà di medicina, Algeri. Polizia schierata di fronte ai manifestanti.
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These Moroccan coins feature the so-called Seal of Solomon, often depicted as a hexagram, similar to the Star of David. The coins are dated respectively 1271 A.H. (1855) and 1290 A.H. (1873/4), minted by king 'Abd al-Raḥmān and his successor, Muḥammad IV of #Morocco.
The Seal of Solomon is the signet ring attributed to the Abrahamic king/prophet Solomon. It is said that Solomon used this ring to control the spirits and animals. The design as a hexagram is often depicted on medieval #Islamic banners, coins, drinking-cups or in mosques.
According to the Catalan Atlas (1375), the two Anatolian beyliks of respectively Karaman and Candar featured a Seal of Solomon on their flags. The symbol was popular among the Turkish beyliks, and was later used by the #Ottomans in their mosque decorations.
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#Algeria reveals procurement of CH-4 & CH-3 armed #UAV from #China
#Algeria has revealed further #UAV procurement, this time two types from #UAE
#Algeria Air Force #UAE Adcom Systems Yabhon United 40 armed UAV
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Today's @UN meeting will totally reject this @nikkihaley text: "Condemns Hamas for repeatedly firing rockets into Israel & for inciting violence along the boundary fence, thereby putting civilians at risk, demands that Hamas cease all violent activity and provocative actions..."
"...further condemns the diversion of resources in Gaza to construct military infrastructure, including tunnels to infiltrate Israel and equipment to launch rockets into civilian areas, when such resources could have addressed the critical needs of the civilian population..."
"...and expresses grave concern about the destruction of the Kerem Shalom crossing by actors in Gaza, which has severely hindered deliveries of food and fuel for the people of Gaza."
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