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Porter has totally misappropriated the words “Blind Trust”. What he is claiming has nothing to do with blind trusts. He is totally stupid or totally devious or totally arrogant. Probably all three! #auspol. 1/7
For tweeps unfamiliar with blind trusts (BTs). Pollie owns shares. Sets up BT. Manager of BT (the trustee) sells/buys shares but pollie has no involvement or knowledge of this. Trust laws apply. Periodically trustee sends income from shares to pollie who declares it #auspol 2/7
The BT share tradings are blind to the OWNER of the shares. The pollie OWNER of the shares in the BT ie the beneficiary, knows exactly where the periodic income he RECEIVES from the trust comes from. He declares it on the members register “income from my BT”. #auspol. 3/7
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#auspol #covid19aus the weaponisation of Delta. A long thread on how political strategists have used Delta to re-energise the 'live with the virus' strategy, in Australia. Most political strategy happens where the public never sees it, but it happens every single day. /1
It's important to first note that from Day 1 of the pandemic, there have been 2 competing political approaches towards it. One the traditional Australian way, of allowing our public health institutions to manage the outbreak. The other the 'live with the virus' idea. /2
As soon as the pandemic began, the PM established a National Cabinet, almost certainly to deal the federal government into the pandemic conversation, where it has very little constitutional role. States manage most public health activity. /3
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Up to 75% of the businesses some plan to save by ‘opening up’ would have failed anyway, inside 5 years, even without the pandemic. The ‘Economy’ isn’t a thing, we need to stop talking about it as if we’re living ‘in’ an economy. /1 #auspol #covid19aus
The Economy began only as a measure of national income. Talking about it as ‘the Economy’ makes as much sense as describing your family as ‘our weekly income’. Somebody who talks about ‘the Economy’ is really only describing the income going to successful people. /2
This is all quite deliberate. By inventing this statistical homunculus as a substitute for society, conservatives can bypass all of the usual social and political problems, in favour of a handful of statistical indicators. Indicators that are themselves…/3
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A short thread on why, as a Victorian, I care so much about #COVID19nsw.

Firstly, Victorians did so much to protect, not just Victoria but, the whole nation in 2020.
We locked down, we worked from home, we zoomed, we did PPE, we sat in a cold dark winter so the rest of Australia didn’t get COVID.
It was hard, no one “enjoyed it”, but we did it because it protected ourselves, our families, Victoria and the nation.
Secondly, We snapped into and out of lockdown whenever needed. Short notice? Fine. 5 days? No problem. Indefinite? Not ideal, but whatever’s needed.
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A sensible leader would:

✅reattempt local elimination now vaccination rates are high. (the reduction in transmission afforded by vaccination should assist contact tracing).


✅community medical mask/respirator use
✅emphasize ventilation at the daily presser.

✅implement community home rapid antigen testing.

✅ use mass pooled testing

✅ use HEPA filters in apartment outbreaks and advise people to use HEPA when isolating.
✅ commence work on sourcing the equipment required to ensure schools have maximum airborne disease mitigation aiming for a solid start in 2022.

✅ procure vaccines for children and ensure all sections of the community have high vaccination rates.
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Public pressure alone can free Australian Journalist Julian #Assange who did a huge service to humanity.

PLEASE write/call your MPs/Senators/Congresspersons in UK, US & AU

The persecution & torture of Julian #Assange must be stopped NOW

#FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges #Auspol
UK Citizens Contact & request your MPs & Member of the Lords to uphold the decision not to Extradite Julian #Assange


US Citizens Contact & request your Senators+CongressPersons to pressure the President & DOJ to drop all charges against Julian Assange & drop appeals against UK decision not to extradite #Assange


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Welcome and acknowledgement to country by @didarmody
I acknowledge I am tweeting from Kaurna country and pay my respects to Elders past and present #21OPCC
.@didarmody reminds us to have a look at the art submitted for the art competition #21OPCC
International panel coming up! Incl #palliativecare experts @rachelcogs, Christian Ntizimira @ntizimira, Dr Katherine Pettus @kpettus, Dr Malama Tafuna’l from University of Otago, A/Prof Ghauri Aggarwal, and A/Prof @OdetteSpruyt #21OPCC
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Late last night, news broke in London that @ScottMorrisonMP’s government has been pressuring the UK to drop commitments to the Paris climate goal from the UK-Aust trade deal.
Shameful and part of a pattern, because there's a history of active sabotage.
Here's a thread: #auspol
Australia’s obstruction in global climate diplomacy goes back a long, long way to the mid-90s:…
But let’s stick to the more recent history. In 2018 @ScottMorrisonMP newly installed as PM, set an unconstructive tone, dumping on the importance of international climate efforts in an interview with Alan Jones:…
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Great to speak about climate impacts in the Pacific just now for @SEI_Sydney.
The climate crisis is the greatest threat to the Pacific, and there's a myriad of incredible people working to shine a light on what's needed to turn things around. Follow those threaded in for more:
Pacific voices to follow on climate justice, humanitarian aid and displacement due to climate change (1/2):
Pacific voices to follow on climate justice, humanitarian aid and displacement due to climate change (2/2):
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POLL: Multiple questions on ending lockdowns in Australia

Cast your vote…

#auspol #covid #lockdown #DefendDemocracy
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I just heard @Barnaby_Joyce at the National Press Club now saying that in 2005 he predicted that a global pandemic occur within 15 years (as well as having made other prophetic predictions) as he literally reads out a rambling speech that somebody else wrote for him. #auspol
He's struggling to just articulate the words on the paper in front of him and doesn't realise that his speech rambles from one unrelated theme to another.
And there it is. He's just announced the closure of another Canberra based government office to relocate jobs to what I presume is a marginal electorate in Queensland. It's the Murray Darling Basin Authority debacle all over again.

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In a 2013 court case Pathology vs Myriad Genetics, Inc, in the US,
the Supreme Court ruled that human #DNA could not be patented because it was "a product of nature".


THREAD: #news
2/ at the end of the decision, the Supreme Court ruled that if a human genome is modified by #mRNA vaxcines (which are currently in use), then the genome CAN BE PATENTED.

This means that everyone who has received the vaxcine is now technically "patented" & something that...
3/ is patented is "proprietary" & will be included in the definition of "transhumans".

People who are legally identified as 'transhuman' do not have access to human rights or rights granted by the state.

This is because they are not classified as 100% biological or human.
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Today new details were revealed of the sleazy, cynical lobbying effort by the @ScottMorrisonMP government to stop our Great Barrier Reef from being listed as ‘in danger’ by UNESCO. How did it come to this? Here’s a thread: #auspol #ActOnClimate
What we found out today is that the Morrison government actually pressured the Australian Institute of Marine Science on a key scientific report, and selectively leaked it to the Murdoch media. Read all about it:…
Today’s revelations are shocking - but consistent with the cynical behaviour of Morrison and his predecessors over a long period of time. Let’s go through the tawdry history.
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A cowardly and disgusting opinion piece from @TheAge that reminds us again how the media has made COVID so much more difficult to handle.

A THREAD ⬇️⬇️⬇️
#auspol #springst #ThisIsNotJournalism #CovidVic…
The Age never praised the outcome. It's disingenuous and plain rude to write this paragraph now and admit that the lockdown last year paid off when The Age was critical of Daniel Andrews the entire time and made last year all that more difficult for all of us.
This was always the path to freedom. Not mentioning the botched vaccine rollout in this article proves @theage's bias. For The Age, the reason that we are still fighting COVID (botched vaccine rollout) doesn't matter because it gives them a chance to attack Dan Andrews.
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1/ The LNP have hijacked the conversation regarding The National Plan to Transition Australia’s COVID19 Response. I wanted to keep track of the propaganda & myths surrounding it.

#covid19aus Image
2/ MYTH: “The plan says that we must lift all lockdowns at 70% (phase b)”.

TRUTH: The plan includes the possibility of lockdowns at both 70% & 80% (phases b & c).
3/ MYTH: “The plan states that all border closures must cease at 70% (phase b).”
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Many timely reflections in this recent article re the capacity of health systems and workforce now and into the future… #AusPol #COVID
On the importance of timely lockdowns & continuing other sensible public health measures, Prof @JBraithwaite1 says: "I would argue for prudence and holding the course. We risk unprecedented cases, deaths, and economic mayhem otherwise...
"I’d go for 90 percent, not 70 percent, vaccination rates, and counsel continuing public health measures, as stringently as possible," says @JBraithwaite1
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This is false @SenSHenderson.

The Coate Report does not make this finding.

If you're actually interested in educating yourself on this particular aspect of the Coate Report Senator Henderson, you can read section 9.5 Causation at law.
#auspol #CoateReport
The Coate Report was primarily focused on Hotel Quarantine and didn't particularly go into matters of Aged Care.

The term 'Aged Care' is only mentioned 9 times in the report.
The Aged Care Royal Commission revealed that the Federal Government did not have a plan for Aged Care.

The Aged Care Deaths were all in federally regulated and funded private aged care facilities NOT in state-run facilities, I think that makes the blame obvious @SenSHenderson.
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Lock down smarter, not harder. Excellent article by @engagedpractx… Thanks @insidestorymag for permission to cross post #publichealth #AusPol
"Instead of putting police and the military on the streets of LGAs with significant migrant populations from war-torn countries, [a smart lockdown] would further invest in building the capacity of affected communities to respond to the outbreak...
"The same interpersonal networks that can transmit a pathogen or misinformation can be harnessed to pass on resources & skills for protecting yourself, your loved ones and your community from the crisis...
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What is needed to deliver on the investment in the Medical Research Future Fund? Part 2 of an investigation by @LRussellWolpe… #AusPol
"As previously noted, the $20 billion that makes up the capital of the MRFF is savings from the Health and Indigenous Affairs portfolios.... #MRFFtransparency
Says @LRussellWolpe : "I argue this increases the onus on the MRFF to show that it is privileging research and translation efforts to improve the health of all Australians and especially the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people...
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Twenty years ago this very week, my family and I were on a small wooden fishing boat in the Indian Ocean, having fled the barbarism of the #Taliban. We were rescued by the Norwegian containership, the MV Tampa, and denied entry to Australia at the point of a gun.
This also set into motion the torturous policy of offshore detention, where thousands of asylum seekers have been sentenced to indefinite imprisonment, for the simple act of wanting dignity and security.
Luckily for my family, good ole NZ came to our rescue and the rest is history. These photos show our dramatic rescue and the events thereafter. I detail our journey in my memoir #AfterTheTampa, out now at all major bookstores across Australia and New Zealand.
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INSIDIOUS: Peta Credlin has used her Sky News After Dark program to promote 2021 suicide statistics, leading her audience to believe they're high due to lockdowns. Credlin failed to mention that the suicide figures are the lowest they've been in years. #auspol
Credlin also claimed that lockdowns are responsible for 340 children per week presenting for care in April-May 2021. Credlin failed to mention that Victoria was not locked down during this period.
Credlin calls it the 'Shadow Pandemic'. There is a shadow pandemic; it's insidious lies, using our most vulnerable and our children, wrapping them in lies and weaponising them for retail politics.
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How do people not see 👀
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
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Remember me and my Year 8 maths? Well I am back. And this time I am going to need something stiffer than coffee. #NDIS #Auspol
The Minister for the #NDIS put out a press release today. Apparently she is going release “key monthly data” from now on to “ensure everyone is informed”. You can check it out here -…
I like a good chart and a footnote as much as the next girly swat so consider me ready and willing to be informed Minister.
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Morrison: "...whether it was the hesitancy around the AstraZeneca
vaccine, that many shared ... but this government didn't share, I can assure you"

FACT CHECK: between 8 April and 28 June adults aged 18-40 WERE NOT ELIGIBLE for vaccines, including AZ. #auspol #qt
If the government wasn't hesitant about AstraZeneca- why didn't it use the ample wiggle room in the ATAGI advice to allow people to take it with informed consent?…
Why was there a late-night press conference passing on the ATAGI advice as if it were a fait accompli? Why did the vaccine horizons in June assume it wouldn't be used by October?…
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