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Public hearings expose corruption to the public and make investigations more effective. They are not show trials.

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NSW ICAC has exposed more corruption to the public than the Victorian IBAC, with 42 public hearings and 39 public reports compared to 8 hearings and 14 reports from 2012/13-2019/20;

Only a fraction of initial complaints are investigated in full. From 2012/13-2019/20, NSW ICAC received 22,297 matters, conducted 297 preliminary
investigations and only 95 full investigations

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Long 🧵 on poverty and what I find the most disappointing, almost painfully disappointing, thing about the Federal Government’s refusal to raise the rate, or do pretty much anything to help people in poverty or doing it tough.

The hypocrisy.
The Prime Minister used his history of similar situations, of a single mother on a disability pension, to get sympathy votes.

During his victory speech, which I grow more and more embarrassed every day to say I actually got emotional during, because of hope, he said this.
But that’s not true.

If somebody is on JobSeeker, or pretty much any pension, the doors of opportunity aren’t open.

They don’t even exist.

The current Labor government isn’t opening those door even wider for them, it’s repeating the same neoliberal bullshit the Coalition did.
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Public hearings fulfil important functions in corruption investigations. They are not show trials.

A thread on the important role they play:

#auspol #auslaw

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Public hearings expose corruption. Exposing corruption to the public is a core objective of integrity commissions, as corruption flourishes in the dark.

Without public hearings, the public would only know that an investigation took place once an investigation report was tabled in Parliament, or a successful prosecution occurred, sometimes years after the fact;

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“This is like good healthcare,” @helenhainesindi says. “You want to prevent it before it happens … It would be far better to make sure that all public officials are educated in a way that they are alert to the possibilities of corrupt conduct.”

"Archer emphasises it’s not just about criminality but embedding integrity in public life. She notes that as a local councillor, she had ethics training, but she did not receive it at the federal level."

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Re #OptusHack: as a software engineer, it frustrates me the media is reporting it as a sophisticated attack. It was not. It was equivalent to leaving your front door unlocked with a sign that says valuables inside. They failed at really basic stuff. I'll explain it simply. 1/6
Servers typically use an "API" to load data and add functionality to the user interface. When you login, tap on a like button, try to load your profile page etc. the app or web browser sends a request to an API to complete that action or retrieve that data. 2/6
Any API that exposes personal information should be protected behind authentication (like a username & password). In the case of the #optushack, it has been reported that one of their APIs that could retrieve personal information DID NOT REQUIRE any authentication whatsoever. 3/6
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Here are some technical observations related to the Optus breach. This gets into the technical weeds, but it’s important for understanding how this breach may have happened. I’ll try to make it as comprehensible as possible. #optushack #auspol #infosec
Some information is based on public data. The analysis comes from information security experts, whom I appreciate reaching out to me. 😉
We know that the breach occurred because the Optus hacker abused an application programming interface (API) which was api[dot] As we know, that API was left open on the internet.
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Liberal State Director Sam McQuestin gets it.

Electing a “teal” independent in a “Liberal” heartland seat screws the Liberals… HARD!

It’s FAR more damaging to the Liberals than electing a Labor member.

#springst #auspol…
Notice how McQuestin isn’t saying “Voting Labor” damages the Liberals…

Rather he’s saying “Voting Teal” does?

They’re terrified of “teals”.

Us indies are FAR more dangerous to the Liberal Party’s ambitions.
1. As McQuestin points out, independents have the potential to deny Matthew Guy and his incompetent, African-gang-race-baiting, LGBT-conversion-therapy-wanting, abortion-targeting colleagues a path to government for a DECADE.

That’s a decade “in the naughty corner”…
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📌#SENATE CDC Repeal Bill 2022 continued
And we're up, with Jane Hume ignoring the senate submissions of Aboriginal health peaks, RANZP and the ARHC. Now we are on 'the money' - as Jane gaslights loss of income through fees, DD breaches and rents.
Again, ppl in the NT are under the IM stream not the regular CDC stream in the 4 original trial sites.

Communities were targeted because they were LNP safe seats.

Again Hume is doing the 'percentage deception' here are the actual AOD data from Adelaide Uni:
The 'Jane Hunt' equation when applied to the Adelaide uni evaluation, showed there had been 85.4% NO POSITIVE IMPACT IN SIX YEARS. a liar.
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Senator Mehreen Faruqui is moving a motion to censure Senator Pauline Hanson after she told her to "p*** off to Pakistan" on Twitter: "I will not be silenced, especially on the topic of the British monarchy." #auspol @SBSNews
Faruqui: "I have the right to talk about this issue without being racially vilified." #auspol @SBSNews
@SBSNews Faruqui says no other workplace would tolerate racist comments by its members. #auspol @SBSNews
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📌Before we start the next bill debate session I wanted to repost the groups, orgs and people who support the end of the #cashlessdebitcard. #auspol #AusPol2022 👇🏽
📌And the record of people who support its continuance and nation wide roll out: 👇🏽
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📌#Senate 2nd reading debate/vote.
Straight up LNP's Henderson lies - CDC is NOT being extended, it is being ABOLISHED if Repeal bill is passed.
Straight out lie. The sunset is being removed as part 3B is being removed. If this bill passes CDC legislation is GONE in 6mths.
Correcting Henderson as well, Pitt sent flyers out to HIS Voters, that had a vote capacity, everyone else got flyers. Both Hinkler mayors said no and local papers regularly showed 81-89% of people said NO. The reach tell only polled 2K ppl..NOT majority. QCOSS survey 94% NO.
All meetings run by LNP were closed door, business only and LNP allies only...Tudge literally called the TAC squad on LOCAL PEOPLE who wanted to participate in the discussions. #Hinkler
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LNP have been busy overnight. This amendment showed up:…
This is ridiculous grandstanding and if passed will mean tens of thousands are forced to remain on CDC 'until whenever'. If they cared about peoples lives on they'd not be toying with them.
Clear they are trying to get Greens @Janet_Rice offside, trying to bribe @DavidPocock its a dirty time wasting politiking stuny. If AG or DP fall for that I don't know what to say. Sleeping rough, with hope, is survivable - without it, its not...that's all I am going to say.
Price threw LNP under a bus today, confirming what we have been saying for the last 7 yrs - If LNP are permitted to stall the process underway they will NOT absolutely NOT be putting in any 'alternative' in place. If they get back into will forced CDC for all 100%.
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Bad news. The Optus hacker has released 10,000 customer records and says a 10K batch will be released every day over the next four days if Optus doesn't give into the extortion demand. #OptusDataBreach #optushack #auspol #infosec
Quick observation on this new data. It appears Medicare numbers may be exposed for some people. Redacted screenshot below. #Optus #OptusDataBreach
The word "Medicare" appears 55 times across these records.
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Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Repeal of Cashless Debit Card and Other Measures) Bill 2022
Bit of an oops there. The no doc opt for people in the 4 original sites who have been forced CDC program out begins October 4th now.
Perin who? Again quoting Noel Pearson, who does not speak for ANYONE on the CDC, literally, anywhere. Noel is linked to the FRC region, and as ALP's amendments show, their concerns raised in Senate Inquiry have ALL been address. Perin is way behind the current reality.
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📌#Update: Explanatory memorandums on ALP's Amendments to CDC repeal bill are up now and can be found here:

#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #auspol2022
Sheet TK324: FRC issues:…
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📌Sen. Malarndirri McCarthy ALP CDC Repeal Debate 26th Sept 2022:

#cashlessdebitcard #auspol #auspol2022 #induecard
A reminder for those who do not know how Income Management came to be in Australia - the LNP fraud of the intervention:…
Just as they are now, LNP lied to the entire country and got away with it. #NeverAgain, anyone - anywhere.
There can be no 'back ward step' in repealing a policy that should NEVER have begun in the first place.
Just as it was then, the ABC took a pivotal role in spreading the misinformation and lies to the general public, despite knowing the outcome of the ACC investigations.
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#BREAKING: Kurt Fearnley has been appointed chair of the National Disability Insurance Agency. #auspol @SBSNews
Full details of the appointments under Minister Bill Shorten below #auspol @SBSNews
Fearnley: “I think that it's important that the participants of the NDIA get to see themselves in this organization and trust with the organization itself is so it's a visceral thing. The scheme cannot be as successful without trust and that is built over a period of fine.”
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Despite some peoples fears, there is a choice being offered, if you want to stay controlled by gov you can, on a voluntary basis. What you can't do is force everyone else to be income managed for your sake.… #cashlessdebitcard #auspol
On a personal note it is heartbreaking to see the impact of 15 years of income management up close- the dependency on Gov to manage life and income, the unwillingness to let go dependency and the fear of doing so...reminiscent of long term domestic violence survivors.
I actually agree with Truss that DV and all of these other social problems must be addressed seriously. The fact that they haven't in the last 9 yrs speaks volumes about the LNP intentions for income management which didn't include the welfare of actual people forced on it.
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UPDATE: I reached the person who claims to have hacked Optus. I've also been contacted by a second, separate source who says the hacker's version of events is approximately correct. Here's what they said. #OptusHack #infosec #auspol
The Optus hacker says they accessed an unauthenticated API endpoint. This means they didn't have to login. The person says: "No authenticate needed. That is bad access control. All open to internet for any one to use." #infosec #auspol Image
The API endpoint was api[dot] Yes, that looks weird, but the hacker says it worked otherwise a DNS error occurred. That API is now offline, so there is no more risk for Optus. It was used in part to let Optus customers access their own data. Image
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Someone is claiming to have the stolen Optus account data for 11.2 million users. They want $1 million in the Monero cryptocurrency from Optus to not sell the data to other people. Otherwise, they say they will sell it in parcels. #optus #auspol #infosec #OptusHack
The person who runs this data market where the Optus data was posted says the data is real (I have not verified the data yet). The person writes that "optusdata" showed the script used to scrape the data and passed along info about the vulnerable endpoint. #infosec #OptusHack
I've run 10 email addresses from the second sample of the Optus data through @haveibeenpwned. Nine have been in multiple data breaches before, but one is unique to this sample. That's a strong sign this leak is the real deal.
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SILENCE: On Wednesday, a Victorian Liberal MP stood in Parliament and bravely sounded the alarm on the “extreme cult” taking over her party and corrupting democracy. The Age did not cover the explosive speech — it is not covering the Vic Libs branch stacking crisis. Why? #auspol
The Age did cover outgoing speeches by Labor MPs. It did not miss this story, so why won't it touch it?
Victorians don't benefit when powerful media organisations screen out explosive news. The only beneficiaries in this case are the Pentecostal power brokers who are taking over the Victorian Liberal Party in a bid to undermine and distort democracy under the cover of darkness.
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For Australians who don’t think we have a Putin problem here, too: the Aussie Cossack is a regular on Russian state TV. He’s an icon for the MAGA movement down under. This is fascism, funded by dark money raised by Trump henchmen Steve Bannon, Mike Flynn and Roger Stone. #auspol
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We are LIVE for today’s webinar: Regional Climate Diplomacy Forum 2022 w/ @PacificElders @ERCAus
and @RichieMerzian @RDNS_TAI @ebony_bennett #auspol

There’s still time to join us – register here:…
@PacificElders @ERCAus @RichieMerzian @RDNS_TAI @ebony_bennett Their Excellencies Anote Tong, former President of Kiribati and Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. former President of Palau join us for the 2022 Regional Climate Diplomacy Forum
We are a family, we include Australia in that family as a big brother, and we need to come together to address the shared problem of climate change says former President Remengesau @PacificElders
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We’re @TheAusInstitute, one of Australia’s most influential public policy think tanks. We're proudly independent and we barrack for ideas, not political parties.
Here’s a thread of our recent work across some of the biggest issues facing Australia and the world today
It's perfectly legal to lie in a political ad. It shouldn't be. Our research consistently finds 4 in 5 Australians want truth in political advertising laws.
“Don’t let Australia wreck Glasgow COP26” - calling out the Federal Government’s fixation on fossil fuels
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