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The rise of the teal female independents in #AusVotes2022 provides a striking case study into the power of "disruptive innovation"
(a concept defined by the esteemed Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen)
Disruptive innovation is sparked when a small but growing segment of the market is ignored and neglected by existing businesses, deemed “not important" or "not lucrative" enough to bother catering to or investing in.
In response to this void in the market, a new business can enter the market focused on addressing the needs, values and concerns of this "overlooked" segment.

They bring new ways of doing things and fresh approaches that resonate with those who feel unheard.
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Some thoughts on the climate-energy pathway in Australia following the 2022 Federal Election #AusVotes22 1/7
Support for nuclear in Australia is lukewarm. I believe this is not because the anti-nuclear claims still have a lot of traction, but rather due to the strong (perhaps overwhelming) sentiment that nuclear is simply not needed here, because renewables are ready to do the job. 2/7
Labor, Greens and Teals all ardently believe this, and have the numbers to implement their vision. This election has clearly shown a major momentum shift towards action on climate change, which is a really great thing, and deep emissions-cut targets are now (at last) in play. 3/7
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The real victor of Australia's election has been popular will on the environment. Living up to that mandate will be harder. #AusVotes22…
A few important points on this election, relative to history:

It's almost certain that Labor's majority will be the smallest for an incoming Australian government since 1931 or 1913.
(shown here as a proportion of all House of Representatives seats -- the House now has twice as many MPs as it did until the 1940s)
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🇦🇺🇮🇳 For those in India watching #AusVotes22 results & wondering about new govt & India, China, Quad etc, worth seeing remarks by Sen. Penny Wong, then shadow foreign minister, at @raisinadialogue this year 1/
2/ Also, particularly to see where Australia's China discussion is, watch the foreign policy debate a week ago between Sens. Payne & Wong
(tldr: this is not the 2007-08 Aus Labor Party)
3/ Australian PM-elect Albanese will be headed to the Quad summit & it'll be a good opportunity hopefully for not just that platform but bilats as well...
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Australia’s Labor Party is set to take power for the first time since 2013, a shift that will likely to bring greater action on climate change 🇦🇺 👋

Environmental issues helped, with climate-focused independents/Green party getting once-safe seat…
Why this matters?

🚢 Australia is a major exporter of LNG and coal

🙅A more environmentally conscious government may delay expansion of export projects with regulations and reviews
Albanese, who is poised to become Australia’s next leader, promised to do more to fight climate change in a nation that exports more fossil fuels than any country apart from Russia and Saudi Arabia 🌲
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Tell me what your kids’ election commentary is if you’re watching with them #AusVotesKids

Could be more incisive than what some commentators have to say.
‘I love her hair and her glasses.’

Terribly deep analysis of @annabelcrabb’s commentary.

I do love it when the candidate’s kids play in the background. #ausvoteskids
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99 hours of voting to go,
99 hours of votes!
So call up your Mum and say
‘Vote out the scum!’
There are 99 hours of voting to go.
98 hours of voting to go,
98 hours of votes!
This Saturday at six
Polls will close on these pricks!
There are 98 hours of voting to go.
97 hours of voting to go,
97 hours of votes!
Oh how Shane Bazzi fought!
And Dutton got screwed in court!
With just 97 hours of voting to go.
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#AusVotes22 🧵
Been thinking about the new right-wing talking point (straight out of the PMO?) that Labor voters should vote against their instincts & for the Liberal candidate in Liberal seats threatened by climate independents endorsed by @climate200 .

I call horseshit.

The argument goes that if the alleged "moderates" lose their seats, and especially if Frydenberg does, their absence in the parliamentary Liberal Party will skew to the right. Possibly to the extent that Peter Dutton (ugh) will become Leader of the Opposition.

And that's true. Dutton could well become leader if the L-NP loses and Morrison resigns & if Frydenberg's out.

But somehow, that's supposed to be Labor's problem and progressive voters are now meant to panic and do what the Libs can't & won't do.

Save the "moderates".

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Leaders debate now turning to questions of character, Morrison again calls Albanese "a loose unit when it comes to the economy" while Albanese says Morrison does not turn up or take responsibility, citing the bushfires, floods and vaccines. @SBSNews #AusVotes2022
On boat turnbacks Mr Albanese says "the key to keeping our borders strong are the elements of the plan that would turn back boats, which we support, offshore processing which we support, and settlement in third countries, which we support." @SBSNews #AusVotes2022
Mr Morrison says Alan Tudge will return as Education Minister if the government is re-elected - "he still has a warrant as a minister, he has not resigned as a minister, nor has he been dismissed." @SBSNews #AusVotes2022
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Didn't recite Labor's comprehensive 6-pt plan👇word-for-word on cue👉media goes ballistic

Didn't call Sogavare, dropped ball, China moved in, threatened nat sec; also called a 'buffoon' by an SC👉 media goes meh
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #insiders
If you would like to read Labor's NDIS policy....

You can find it here
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #AusVotes22 #AlboForPM #insiders #QandA…
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With a Labor win now looking more likely in #AusVotes22 one niggling question is why News Corp is still running daily & increasingly hysterical interference when we know the wily Murdoch rarely backs a loser. A couple of theories: 1/5
One is that Lachlan, not the nonagenarian Rupert, is now running the show. Unlike the pragmatic business savant father, Lachlan sincerely believes the neo-fascist culture wars schtick promoted daily by his Fox stable of far right opinionators & their Sky News tribute bands. 2/5
A second theory, and related to the first, is that the News Corp mastheads are in far worse shape financially than the official story suggests. All they have left is their ‘influence’. This election is their final chance to prove themselves, and the Murdoch heir, kingmakers. 3/5
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Our little team joins today's #MayDay2022 rally in Brisbane, fighting for the basic rights of all Australians including workers, the majority of whom are still unaware that the #cashlessdebitcard program applies to them too. Workers are already on the card.
#auspol #AusVotes22 Image
💯 Image
👇🤦‍♀️ Image
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Only Anthony Albanese and Labor have a plan for a better future for all Australians.

Follow along here for speech highlights from @AlboMP as he speaks at Labor's campaign launch in Perth.

👇 #auspol #AusVotes22
I want to work with all premiers, regardless of which party they are from

Because I want to bring all the states together and get things done for the whole country

- @AlboMP #auspol #AusVotes22
In the past 3 years, through the devastation of bushfires & floods and the once-in-a-century shock of a global pandemic, Australians have been simply magnificent

In the toughest of times people have stepped up, but their govt has let them down

- @AlboMP #auspol #AusVotes22
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📢 @climate200 update!

just after 4pm on wed 13/4 we welcomed our 10,000th donor.

just after 8am on thurs 14/4 our donation tally passed through $10m.

we've chosen to support 22 community backed independents at the coming federal election. #ausvotes
when i launched @Climate200's #AusVotes22 campaign a little under 8 months ago, my audacious goal was to raise $2–3m from a few hundred people and support maybe 7 candidates.

thanks to the overwhelming support from 10,000 donors, we’ve been able to select 22 great candidates to support for #AusVotes22.

every campaign started from within the local community (independent of C200) and is backed with hundreds and in some cases over 1000 volunteers.
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@theage @SkyNewsAust @theheraldsun @abcnews @MarisePayne @dfat this is a thread on how @dfat passport office have ruined our family's vacation plan and have costed us thousands of $$. I hope someone takes note of the pathetic state of affairs and the sheer insensitivity. 1/n
We lodged my 6 year old child's Australian passport for renewal in the local post office in the middle of Dec 2021. The application was submitted and the department quoted 6 weeks as processing time. I had booked my Easter travel trip to India with a hope to meet our lovedone 2/n
We were supposed to fly out today on 15th April with Singapore airline flight. We paid $4800 for this non transferable and non refundable ticket. In our mind we submitted application in Dec so there ws no Q of not having passport ready as dept quotes 6 weeks as processingtime 3/n
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