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The rise of the teal female independents in #AusVotes2022 provides a striking case study into the power of "disruptive innovation"
(a concept defined by the esteemed Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen)
Disruptive innovation is sparked when a small but growing segment of the market is ignored and neglected by existing businesses, deemed “not important" or "not lucrative" enough to bother catering to or investing in.
In response to this void in the market, a new business can enter the market focused on addressing the needs, values and concerns of this "overlooked" segment.

They bring new ways of doing things and fresh approaches that resonate with those who feel unheard.
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After watching roundups by political journos saying things like "polls have consistently shown a comfortable Labor lead but this could go with way and no one can predict" I am like do you listen to yourselves 🤯 #AusVotes2022
It's like in 2019 if the BBC said "polls overwhelmingly point strongly to a Tory majority but sources close to Mr Corbyn indicate private polling shows Transition to Socialism begins on Monday".
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A thread 🧵(not exhaustive by any means) about the appalling conduct of media during this entire election & those who have called it out. Starting with @timdunlop & a scorching analysis of both the LNP & media bastardry. #auspol #AusVotes2022
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Mr Morrison is lying.

His Ministers can grant permanent visas for any reason they want.

But they won't even give QLD-born 4 year old Tharni the same temporary visa they gave her mum, dad & sister.

That's how they're stopping her family coming safely #HometoBilo

"Successive immigration ministers have been able to use their intervention powers to grant the Biloela family visas ever since the very first refusal decision was made many years ago."

- Abul Rizvi (@RizviAbul)
Former Dep. Secretary
Dept of Immigration…

“Today, the Prime Minister was asked by journalists when Immigration Minister Alex Hawke would make a decision on whether the Nasdesalingam family could go home to Biloela.

“The Prime Minister responded with a lie."

🧵 “Today, the Prime Minister was asked by journalists when t
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‘COVID-positive Australians are outraged because the eligibility criteria for telephone voting in Saturday’s federal election is restricted to people who tested positive after 6pm on Tuesday.’…

#AusVotes2022 #ausvotes
‘A spokesperson for the @AusElectoralCom said that people who had the virus and not applied for a postal vote may not be able to vote.’

#AusVotes2022 #ausvotes
“For people who did not apply for a postal vote before the application cut off, haven’t voted yet, tested positive before Tuesday and are in isolation through to after election day they may not be able to vote.”
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‘Much like Liberal Party member Roshena Campbell’s perplexing op-ed in The Age yesterday, Young’s AFR piece makes no reference whatsoever to the allegations of rampant sexism and vile abuse that shook parliament last year.’

#ausvotes2022 #auspol…
‘Reading Young’s piece, it’s as if 2021 never happened, and women are simply turning on the PM because fashion now tells them that “beta males” are in.’

‘It’s not that we can’t seem to go a week without learning that one of Morrison’s ministers is a bully or a “rape scepticist”. It’s not even that the PM has repeatedly sided with alleged abusers, or made comments that reveal his revoltingly patriarchal world views.’
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99 hours of voting to go,
99 hours of votes!
So call up your Mum and say
‘Vote out the scum!’
There are 99 hours of voting to go.
98 hours of voting to go,
98 hours of votes!
This Saturday at six
Polls will close on these pricks!
There are 98 hours of voting to go.
97 hours of voting to go,
97 hours of votes!
Oh how Shane Bazzi fought!
And Dutton got screwed in court!
With just 97 hours of voting to go.
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Yet another example of @NSWHealth's psychological siege warfare of the past 10+ months, aka nudging. There was no reason for this contact after a month of radio silence, managers have zero agency in this topic, it is all HR.
Despite John Larter (NSW Senate candidate with @JohnRuddick2) still having outstanding @NSWSupCt and @NCATNSW cases in progress
Meaning that directions by former NSW Health Secretary @ElizabethKoff are currently being challenged in court.
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Leaders debate now turning to questions of character, Morrison again calls Albanese "a loose unit when it comes to the economy" while Albanese says Morrison does not turn up or take responsibility, citing the bushfires, floods and vaccines. @SBSNews #AusVotes2022
On boat turnbacks Mr Albanese says "the key to keeping our borders strong are the elements of the plan that would turn back boats, which we support, offshore processing which we support, and settlement in third countries, which we support." @SBSNews #AusVotes2022
Mr Morrison says Alan Tudge will return as Education Minister if the government is re-elected - "he still has a warrant as a minister, he has not resigned as a minister, nor has he been dismissed." @SBSNews #AusVotes2022
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Why would Australia's prime minister express concern about youth gender medicine? #AusPol #AusVotes2022 #Health #GenderClinics
Schools, social media & the wider culture increasingly send impressionable kids the message they can "choose" to be a boy or a girl, or something in between. This adult theory -- with its post-modern denial of biological reality -- used to be confined to the fringes of higher ed.
Gender non-conforming kids, who might otherwise grow up to be gay/bisexual, are now exposed to the idea that unease in their bodies, not fitting in with peers, may mean they are the opposite sex. Autistic kids may be especially vulnerable to this "black & white" thinking.
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Morrison announced a $220 million upgrade to Epping Rd today, split 50/50 w/ NSW

Bit of history to this

It's a NSW Govt project that was announced by Minister Anthony Roberts 17 July 2018

Cost in 2018: $50 million

Cost in 2022: $220 million
#auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes2022
So, the re-announcement Morrison made today is EXACT same commitment the NSW took to their 2019 state election & never delivered

Now, it's getting a re-run at quadruple+ the price!

Described as "One of Sydney's worst bottlenecks" then & now
#auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes2022
Morrison used almost identical words in today's presser as Min Roberts' 2018 media release

Minister Fletcher denies it's pork-barreling of Bennelong

$110 million for 1 electorate?

For a failed NSW Lib Govt pledge?

That's pork-barreling
#auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes2022
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A to Z of scandals, failures & fuck-ups during Morrison's Prime Ministership

It not an exhaustive list, more of a living document
#auspol #ausvotes #insiders #AusVotes2022

Aged care neglect
Archer bullied
Ancestry trip G7
ACC Conference GC - 'appointed by God'
ABC cuts, 250 jobs lost
Angus, fuel storage/fake electricity prices fail
ANAO & OAIC funding cut after SportsRorts Reports

#auspol #ausvotes #insiders

Brereton Report
Blind Trust

#auspol #ausvotes #insiders
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Didn't recite Labor's comprehensive 6-pt plan👇word-for-word on cue👉media goes ballistic

Didn't call Sogavare, dropped ball, China moved in, threatened nat sec; also called a 'buffoon' by an SC👉 media goes meh
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #insiders
If you would like to read Labor's NDIS policy....

You can find it here
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #AusVotes22 #AlboForPM #insiders #QandA…
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This slide into world war can still be stopped. Politicians and other decision-makers are just people. They are influenced by ideas, many of which are pushed upon them. #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #auspol #RussiaUkraineConflict 1/3
Often they are convinced by lies and dangerous ideologies, but there is nothing more powerful than the truth in a time of crisis. Clear solutions with historical precedent, presented by citizens without any vested interest other than their future, can be adopted in an instant.2/3
In this battle of ideas @CitizensPartyAU role combatting the lies of establishment think tanks & agencies is crucial.Educating every citizen politician adviser, academic community leader—1-by-1 if necessary—is how we will win.The trenches of this fight are the minds of all Oz ppl
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Here's an interesting story

Regional publishers struggling with paper prices, it's revealed

"Norwegian-owned Norske Skog is the only manufacturer of newsprint and magazine-grade paper in Australia."
#auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes2022… via @ABCaustralia
Why is a Norwegian-owned company the ONLY supplier of newsprint-grade paper in Australia?

We have trees

Btwn May 2018 - Nov 2020 the federal govt gave Norske Skog $1.5 million - basically for commercial Cyrene Production for the EXPORT market

#auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes2022
So, the federal Govt gave a Norwegian company $1.5 million for the EXPORT market

Even though Norske Skog are the ONLY suppliers of print-grade paper in Australia the Coalition Govt did not focus on that but rather promoting the export market
#auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes2022
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What's so special about Torquay Surf Life Saving Club?

All surf clubs are deserving but this one seems to think it is especially so

2020 they got $550K

They've lobbied Matthew Guy, he's promised $3.5 million

Y'day Morrison promised another $6.5 million
#auspol #ausvotes
Torquay SLSC's $550K 'Closed, non-competitive' grant hasn't yet expired & they want $10 million more!

They want to do an $11 million reno - they've raised $1 million - they expect taxpayers to stump up the rest

Money would be better shared among all SLSCs
#auspol #ausvotes
So, why does Torquay SLSC have so much sway w/ Libs?

They've had several visits from PM, State Opp leaders, local Lib candidate & Lib Senator Henderson

Are the Torquay committee Liberal members?

Probs know each other from their posh schools
#auspol #ausvotes
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We’ve had a lot of questions about accessibility for flood-affected voters in Lismore and the Northern Rivers. These are fair questions and we take accessibility for all voters seriously. 🧵 below for our answers.

#auspol #ausvotes2022
First, we’re on the ground. AEC staff, including our senior managers, have visited the area and divisional teams are working locally to provide voting services to the community.
For enrolment (which has now closed) we contacted flood-affected voters directly to discuss their options. These options included updating enrolment details to add a temporary or permanent address for those who needed to relocate.
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THREAD. Patricia Karvelas @PatsKarvelas interviewed Josh Frydenberg on 29 Apr 2022.

Notes on his dubious statements and some outright lies follow.

#KooyongVotes #AusVotes2022 Kooyong content 1:10:15
JF: "I am facing .. somebody who is no more than a slogan, or a board or a banner."

• derogatory, dismissive, disrespectful
• Dr Monique Ryan ran the neurology department at the Royal Children’s Hospital until recently.

#KooyongVotes #AusVotes2022
PK: "Why undermine her and use this kind of language?"

JF: "just because you may have had a professional occupation doesn't mean you will bring to the table detailed policies that will enhance the parliament or the local seat"

• Non answer

#KooyongVotes #AusVotes2022
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Lark Distilling got over $330K in #JobKeeper even though the business suffered no 'significant impact'

@ScottMorrisonMP is trying to give them another $4.5 million of taxpayer money

Lark is part-owned by billionaire Bruce Mathieson Snr
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
Here's a link Lark's Annual Report

See page 30 & 33
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Dear Media. PLEASE HELP. Could you PLEASE stop following the PM around and do these things 10 things instead because IT IS IN THE PUBLIC’S INTEREST to know how to use the most powerful tool they have in their hands in a democracy?
1.Ask scientists working on the Reef to recount their observations of bleaching. 2. Talk to someone unable to seek vital med treatment cos it’s been cut from Medicare 3. Talk to a relative of someone who has just passed from COVID. 4. Talk to a bushfire survivor to ask if
they’ve received govt assistance 5. Talk to ppl counting Koala populations and ask what is killing them 6. Talk to someone who is working 4 jobs without sick leave, parental leave or any job security. 7. Talk to a woman in her 50s living in her car. 8. Talk to the head of a
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As a member of @ScienceAU, Victoria's Science Society supports the #research sector's ten pledges, seeking commitments from candidates for the Australian Federal #Election2022. Let's run through them all, shall we? #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
Let's punch *at* our weight in #research funding, at least. It's a matter of investing in our brainpower as a resource for other sectors to draw on, & sustain tertiary #education as one of major exports. #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
We argue #research #translation is about "bench to #community" - #industry is a big part of that. Public funding established a world class research sector, but the private sector is where we need to build capacity to benefit from that resource. #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
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Morrison: "I designed OSB & the turnback policy of our govt"

"I'm just looking for accuracy & the truth"

PM didn't design 'turnbacks', he copied from Howard

Morrison became an MP in 2007

Howard turned back 5 boats btwn 01-03
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 Image
Is it illegal to seek asylum by boat?

Is Australia a signatory to the Refugee Convention & Protocol?

Yes, Australia voluntarily acceded to the Refugee Convention & Protocol
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
Since 2015, Labor has supported 'turnbacks'

So, Morrison asking Albo if Labor supports 'turnbacks' illustrates the PM is woefully uninformed about Labor's policies for the last 7 yrs

It's always wise to know your adversary's policies well
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 Image
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#AusVotes2022 🧵

It's clear that Morrison has, by supporting Deves and having his allies in the party defend her in the media, now given up on the seats held by Liberal "moderates" that are under threat from the teal independents, including that of his own Treasurer. 1/8
Instead he's aiming for disengaged voters in marginal outer suburban seats who will pick up on the key words he's spruiking regarding trans athletes ("sport" "fairness", "common sense") and not delve into the motivation and culture wars underpinning them. 2/8
While this might look like mere tactics, it's something far deeper and more sinister. As with Morrison & Hawke's preselection manipulations in the NSW division, this is a fight for the heart of the Liberal Party. 3/8
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