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Perhaps all the #Backlog #Prioritization talk about "effort versus value" is nonsense?

Rather, we ask ourselves: what is the next thing we shall do and how can we do that in small, reversible steps?
#Backlog #Prioritization example:

1) The balance owing on your credit card is due tomorrow.

2) You don't defer that work because "it's a lot of effort". Rather, you think, "How can I make payment with the least amount of effort?"
#Backlog #Prioritization example:

1) The best feature to release next is ___. It will increase revenue / improve UX / etc.

2) You don't defer that work because "it's a lot of effort". Rather, you think, "How can we build ___ in increments and get feedback along the way?"
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A crise global na produção e fornecimento de #semicondutores não tem data para acabar, tal a dimensão do #backlog. E o setor #automotivo é um dos que mais sofrem com a falta de insumos. Image
Os carros novos estão sendo fabricados "capados" em recursos de tecnologia embarcada ou com "gambiarras", como centrais multimídia de quinta categoria, como nos modelos da Toyota do Brasil, entre outros.
Quem paga mais de R$150.000 em um automóvel está levando gato por lebre, com equipamentos genéricos instalados no lugar dos sistemas integrados que fazem parte dos projetos originais.
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2/28 Texas C19 Weekly Update


* Weekly check-in to make sure Covid is trending in the right direction & to raise the flag if its not
* Let's take a look!

2/28 -Test reporting is by date of specimen collection, you have to wait ~10 days for a date to be ~90-95% in.

As of 2/18:

* Positivity rate @ 7.24% down 5 points from LW
* Testing now at pre-Omicron levels ~80K/day
* More cases than positive tests for a while now

2/28 - Cases are simply reported as they are received by the counties.

Case 7DMA
* 3K per day, down from 5.5K LW
* has been down 1/3rd to 1/2 from the previous week for 30 straight days
* Down 94.2% from peak 6 weeks ago
* How long will it go? Likely a ways

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I have 1 yr of immigration status left in the US. I have lived here since I was 7 yrs old and I'm 21 now. I have no feasible pathway to stay in this country permanently, let alone citizenship. Last year my father, who is the principal #visa holder, suffered a heart attack (1)
My family was terrified of losing him, our visa status, and being deported. Visa immigrants are the fastest growing population of folks becoming undocumented- why is no one talking about this? The US #Immigration system is broken on the undocumented AND documented side. (2)
Undocumented folks are blamed for entering without status when most are overstaying their visas. GC #backlog folks are blamed for “taking away” jobs even though there is a massive labor shortage in the US. Politicians pit our communities against each other and we let them (3)
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Bon les amis, je compte me remettre un peu sur le développement de
Si vous deviez ne choisir qu'une nouvelle fonctionnalité... Attention plusieurs tweets. 😉
N'hésitez pas ajouter vos remarques/proposition...
#roadmap #backlog #dev
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Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Je ne veux voir aucune larme glisser sur cette gueule héroïque
Et ce #Scrum tout sculpté pour atteindre des sommets fantastiques
Que seul une rêverie pourrait surpasser
... 😇
Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Je ne veux voir aucune once #prédictive
Ni des airs, ni des gestes qui veulent dire
Et dieu sait, si ce sont tout de même les pires à venir
Te castrer pour quelques #analyses
... (ça passe 😋)
Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Loin de toi ces finesses tactiques
Tous ces plans d'origine qui rigidifient vos guises
Sous prétexte d'être le messie fidèle de ce cher modèle anarchique
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The 2 most important skills expected from a #UX is being a #Facilitator & #Catalyst. They can polish these consistent skills. #Idea generation is a skill that depends on the knowledge of a UX about the subject he/she is working with, and it vary.
But if a UX is seasoned he/she will ask the right question being a catalyst to trigger reactions & make everyone start talking.
UX also doesn't mean being witty, street smart & outsmart people that could adversely lead people to contract and withdraw participation.
It is the virtue of Empathy that UX is based on. #Empathy to acknowledge the fundamentals of #Agile that #Stories are build in #Dreams every night that are jog down in #Product #Backlog the next morning. Incremental Stories are more valued.
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@johncutlefish Because many teams, especially in larger orgs, struggle with #focus

And many #productowners struggle with mandate. So they struggle to create focus in the #backlog by driving on business goals (outcomes).

@johncutlefish And #teams are more like #stakeholder wishlist deliverers than of actual business value

So the top if the backlog is a jumble of non related jobs that staleholders ‘need’. And as a result, the Sprint backlog as well. Making it very hard to set a sprint goal.

@johncutlefish This often stems from defining #scrumteams too narrow in the org (only within IT or even just ops) AND not having clear outcome based goals as an organization.

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