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Hey there everyone 👋, I've got some golden nuggets to share with you today about harnessing the power of #ai for optimal results. But wait for the end, I've got a real stunner there you won't want to miss. Let's jump right in. 👇
1. First off, let's get clear on what AI really is - it's not a sci-fi movie character, it's just a smart way for our devices to learn and improve over time. It’s the tech that powers your Spotify recommendations, Google searches, and Siri's helpful (or not so helpful) advice.
2. So, how can you make AI work for you? Tip 1: Know your goal. 🎯 Just like in life, you've got to know where you're headed. Are you looking to increase sales, improve customer service, or maybe streamline operations? Clarity is key! #goalsetting
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Hi All,

I've recently completed a free online course on leadership from Coursera. Its course curriculum has been designed by IIM-A!

Though I came to know about various aspects of leadership through this course, I still perceive it as a completely different ballgame altogether.
Instead of what management experts and leadership gurus feel—no I'm not saying they are completely wrong—I've just a different way of seeing things.

My perspective on leadership is slightly different.
If you've read this post so far, please bear with me for a minute or two to clarify my viewpoints on leadership.

For your help, I'll provide my perspective in bullet points so that you can understand it better.
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The Role of #Emotion in #Copywriting: How to Use Emotion to Connect with Your #Audience Image
1. Emotion plays a critical role in copywriting. When you connect with your audience on an emotional level, they're more likely to engage with your message and take action. #copywriting #emotion
2. To use emotion effectively in your copywriting, you need to understand your audience's pain points, desires & aspirations. What motivates them? What keeps them up at night? #copywriting #audience
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1/ 🌟 Thread: Disenfranchised Grief 🌟

Let's dive into the world of #grief that isn't openly acknowledged or socially supported, known as "disenfranchised grief". We'll cover its definition, examples, and ways to support people experiencing it. 🤗 #MentalHealth #Support
2/ 🧠 Origin of the Concept

The concept of disenfranchised #grief was first introduced by Dr. Kenneth J. Doka. He recognized the unique challenges faced by those experiencing grief that wasn't openly acknowledged or validated by society. #DisenfranchisedGrief #GriefEducation
3/ 📚 Definition

Disenfranchised #grief is a type of grief that society tends to overlook or minimize. It often results from losses that don't fit socially acceptable narrative, making it harder to find validation and support. #InvisibleGrief #Loss
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Coming up at #ASMIRT2023: @CroakeyNews team will be tweeting from the Advancing Planar Radiography and Patient Centred Care streams, incl work from @MYradres & @AmandaBoldersto - follow @AlisonSBarrett @WePublicHealth & many others via our Twitter List…
If you wanted to read more about @benbravery and his efforts to bridge the gap between patients and clinicians in health care, check our #ASMIRT2023 preview:…
#ASMIRT2023 is hearing from @AmandaBoldersto, presenting on the work of @QueeringCancer which she co-founded for LGBTQ2S+ cancer patients, and on: Coming out or staying in? Navigating diverse sexual and gender identities at work – here’s our story:…
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Emotional Intelligence: The secret weapon for top-notch leaders.

How does EQ empower effective communication and why does it matter?

Let's explore 5 focus areas that will help you level up your leadership game. 🧵

#EmotionalIntelligence #Leadership Image
Emotional intelligence (EQ) includes self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and social skills. EQ is crucial for leaders as it helps them navigate complex situations, make better decisions, and build stronger relationships. 💪
Developing emotional intelligence takes time, but it's worth it. Focus on:
• Practicing self-awareness 🧘
• Self-regulation 🌊
• Empathy 👥
• Social skills 📣
• Motivation 🤝
Let's dive deeper 👇🏻
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1/ Ever wondered how the 4th industrial revolution (#AI, robotics, and big data) is reshaping healthcare? 🏥 🚀
Let's dive into some fascinating facts and insights I found in the #book "Deep Medicine" by @EricTopol
2/ 💻👨‍⚕️ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are mostly designed for billing, not for physicians' ease of use, contributing to doctor burnout 😩
How can we leverage #AI to improve the EMR and serve both purposes effectively? #HealthIT
3/⏱️ Did you know? If physicians make a #diagnosis within 5 minutes, they have a 95% chance of getting it right (System 1 thinking). This rate can drop to 25% afterward!
How can we harness #AI to assist in faster, more accurate diagnosis?
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Aditi Vaze became a counselor through her gift for listening and empathizing 🎧💖

#counselor #empathy.
Therapy was once dismissed as a "pseudo-science," but Aditi persisted and now values evidence-based techniques 🧐📚

#therapy #evidencebased
Aditi faced many challenges and skeptics, but she persisted, knowing her work could help heal people. Today, she is proud to be part of a growing profession that values evidence-based techniques and rigorous training 👩‍⚕️💪🌟

#proud #mentalhealthprofessional
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📢🧐 How can we improve the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others? This article explores expert advice on relationship management.👥💕…

#relationships #selfimprovement
1/15 Our relationships with others reflect the quality of our relationship with ourselves. Can we change our behavior and chemistry to cultivate more positive relationships?🤔💭

#selfreflection #positivity
2/15 Building and nurturing a relationship requires being available for the other person, clear communication, and meeting your partner where they are.👫💬🤝

#relationshipadvice #communication
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Was treibt die Regierung an
biosafety grade 3
zoonotische Biohazards
zu verharmlosen & hoch präzise Präventiv-Tests zu verunglimpfen


kapiert niemand
den Zusammenhang #SARSCoV2 #monkeypox
mit PACS & MISC & LC
Wer hat was von diesem Irrsinn?!

Gerade eben 20.03.2023
Scheuch & aerzteblatt im Schwurbler Modus 🤬
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What if I told you that everything you thought you knew about leadership was wrong? 🤯 I stumbled upon a video from @simonsinek that completely shattered my beliefs and opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.
Sinek's video on leadership taught me that great leaders don't just inspire action, they inspire belief. 💡 It's not about what you do, it's about why you do it. "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it." #leadership #inspiration
As Sinek says, "great leaders are those who trust their gut." 👍🏼 It's about having the confidence to follow your instincts and stay true to your values, even when it's not the popular choice. #integrity #trust #leadership
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Greetings, $QUACK! We are honored to share with you some insights from "The Art of Happiness," By Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler. This book is a handbook for living a fulfilling and joyful life. #RichQUACK #Happiness

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1/15 #Happiness comes from within. It is a state of mind that is not dependent on external circumstances. $QUACK
2/15 Practice #compassion and kindness towards all beings. By showing #empathy and concern for others, you will find that you are happier too. $QUACK
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Many clients of mine ask me:

'What's the best way to give constructive feedback?'

Let me give you an easy yet so effective guidance in 2 minutes!

- Thread -

#constructive #feedback
Giving feedback is an important skill in both personal and professional settings. Whether you are giving feedback to a coworker, a friend, or a family member, it is essential to do so in a constructive and effective manner. Here are some tips on how to give constructive feedback!
1. Start with the positive:

Begin by acknowledging the person's strengths or positive attributes. This will help them feel more open to receiving feedback and show that you value their efforts.

#positive #acknowledge
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Simulation in ICU - #Empathy👇

A doctor volunteer trying to understand what it’s like to be tied down & sedated.

More & more we must dive down into what we do to others to understand their experiences

To improve our care…#A2Fbundle

“What is causing their agitation? How can you respond to it? Do they have contraindications to mobility? How do you start?”
She @DaytonICU gives complex scenarios & walks us through the process of asking, “What is their RASS? Why are we concerned about delirium? What are their risk factors for ICUAW? Why are we concerned about ICUAW? Do they have an indication for sedation?”

“Now what do you do⁉️”
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Brilliant/provocative review proposing unifying view of medically unexplained illness w implications 4 #LongCovid #MECFS and beyond-why this syndrome is NOT MIND OR BODY @VirusesImmunity @fitterhappierAJ @EricTopol @MichaelPelusoMD @CCalabreseDO…
Many medically unexplained diseases #LongCovid #MECFS #Fibromyalgia @SjogrensOrg #Lupus share a common clinical endotype w prominent fatigue/pain/brain fog- as well as increased rates of psychosocial disruption
Brain and immune system are one organ and communication between brain & immune system is a 2 way street where psychologic stress can influence immune response & immune act can influence brain & behavior
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🇬🇧I Want For Christmas Is No Health Emergencie…
Face masks may return amid holiday ‘tripledemic’ of covid, flu and RSV
Health experts say a quality medical mask remains a highly effective line of defense against respiratory viruses… #health #publichealth #patientcare #meded #news #WomenInMedicine
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Sometimes, I feel like I should tweet 'relearn how to care' every day, but I don't want to be 'preachy' or boring. But that is the biggest thing we all need to do right now.
Relearn how to care = focus on #empathy
We need empathy to tackle the crises we're in, incl climate.
Capitalism drives empathy out of us from childhood. We are taught NOT to care for ourselves or others around us. We are disconnected from our humanity. Why? In order to be 'good little workers' or 'good soldiers' when we grow up. And vote against our best interests.
Reverse that.
We are the only species that creates destructive environments. Look where it's got us.

Relearn how to care. #empathy
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Want to know a secret that far-right politicians & right-wing newspaper editors have ruthlessly exploited for at least a century? Traditional ideologies, usually embodied by mainstream parties, are anchored in emotionality as much as ideology or what we call 'populism'.
Conservative thinking is often a response to a need to reduce #fear & #uncertainty (Jost, Kruglanski, Glaser & Sulloway 2003). Experimental evidence shows that priming 'mortality threats' results in post-manipulation conservative identification (Thorisdottir & Jost 2010). 🇬🇧
Liberals, on the other hand, are less concerned with fear, & rather characterized by a higher propensity for #empathy (Hsu, Anen, & Quartz 2008; Taber & Young 2013). This emotion emerges as a distinctive trait of liberal ideology in a number of studies, highlighting (Smith 2006).
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🔥Thread on having too much empathy 🧵: why can having too much empathy be bad for society, cause health professionals or autistic people to get into trouble? Some examples from my career: Having too much empathy can blind you to common sense & reason. For example, one person
May Feel entitled to doxx others for their activist ‘empathy’, when not deserved. an autistic teenager starts bringing home stray cats and eventually a homeless male stranger placing herself in danger, a therapist allows her teen client to stay at her place overnight and faces
investigation disciplinary action & supervision, serial killers have fans who believe in the rehabilitation/rescuing and fall in love with them, the abused stay in abuse cycles because they fell sorry for their abusers traumatic childhood. Highly empathise people when
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To get the best from your employees who relate with customers, you must train them on managing customers.
#people #hotel #restaurant #empathy #people Image
Training and retraining is important for staff interfacing with customers. I have seen employees who are attending to customers shouting on them because of a little disagreement. When this happens consistently, it is a sign that there is little or no training for these employees.
Every front desk staff must be patient with customers. They must learn the art of listening and empathy. Whether it is new customers who want to make enquiries or existing customers who will like to be attended to, you must treat them with dignity.

#sales #experience #training
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Today is #NationalChickenWingDay, one of many US holidays celebrating animal-based products.

We honor this day by exploring the health, environmental, and ethical impacts of #poultry farming and celebrating plant-based chicken for providing an animal-free alternative. 1/12 Image
Despite their proven ability to experience suffering, #chickens account for 95% of land animals farmed for food globally.

@JenMishler explores research demonstrating chickens' emotional & cognitive abilities—ranging from feeling #empathy to dreaming. 2/12…
Chicken breeds that grow rapidly often suffer from cardiovascular problems, muscle deformities, #lameness, and external sores.

Linda Tyler reports on a @uofg study showing that genetic manipulation comes at a great physical cost to #chickens. 3/12…
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Therapist Thread on #Narcissistic Injury & Narcissistic Rage 🧵: the reactions are disproportionate the the perceived 'slight', which is the injury. They are 'over the top'. For e.g. they want you to lose your entire career because you disagree with them on something.
Narcissistic injury is caused by: 1.challenged confidence. When there excessive needs for admiration your attention, time, energy are not met, they will #rage to protect their ego. 2. Injury to the narcissists #selfesteem often occurs because they don't have a stable sense of
Self. When this happens & the smallest failure is pointed out, they will #RAGE This may look like swearing, snorting, spitting, violence, screaming & melting down or covert and is always directed back at the person or projected back on the 'perceived' accuser.
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