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Now Intel is stepping up their game to compete w/ TSMC & Samsung on cutting edge semiconductor manufacturing!

Imagine: huge companies COMPETING & building chip plants all in Western countries w/ friendly Democracies! ❤

Intel made Pat Gelsinger CEO in Feb. 2021 to chart a new course in semiconductors to make Intel competitive again

"I think I have more concrete trucks working for me today than any other human on the planet"…
Intel CEO Gelsinger:
"We have construction in Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Ireland and Israel. And we expect to plant our next major fabs in the U.S. and Europe before the end of this year."
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[1/15] #China’s military technology is rapidly advancing, and American companies are fueling the fire.

Last month, @Intel and @Sequoia were linked to a company contracted to provide China’s military with #AI.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

[2/15] It’s no secret that China uses U.S. tech to create their weapons.

More than 90% of Chinese #semiconductors rely on U.S. and allied technologies and it is believed that U.S. tech contributed to China’s test of a nuclear-capable #hypersonic weapon.…
[3/15] To that end, the National Counterintelligence & Security Center (@NCSCgov) warned that China was engaged in “comprehensive” efforts to buy, copy, and steal critical and emerging tech from the United States, including semiconductors and #AIML tools.…
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TSMC 3Q net income NT$156.3b, [Est. Nt$149.59b Prev.137.31b]
TSMC 3Q Gross margin 51.3%, [Est. 50.6%]
#TSMC #semiconductor #chips
#TSMC 3Q revenue NT$414.67b, [Est. Nt$413.56b Prev.356.42b]
TSMC posted a 13.8% rise in quarterly net profit, boosted by a surge in global demand for #semiconductors for smartphones and laptops amid a supply shortage.
The shipment of 5nm chips accounted for 18% of the company's total silicon wafer sales in the 3Q2021, while 7nm chips accounted for 34%.
$TSM #semiconductor #chips
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Tech Industry Analysis:

Legendary investor Stan Druckenmiller tells a story of turning in his first report as a young analyst, very proud of his fundamental research, charts and analysis.

“This is useless,” said his boss. “What makes the stock go up and down?”

Thread 1/14
2/14 Benton Rules

That simple question made him change his entire approach:

“Thereafter, I focused my analysis on seeking to identify the factors that were strongly correlated to the stock’s price movement as opposed to looking at all the fundamentals.”
3/14 Benton Rules

In that spirit, here are the Rules for Technology Stocks set down by Dan Benton, when he was a top ranked PC analyst at Goldman Sachs (1988 – 1993). Much of it remains valid today.
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Notes from IDC #semiconductor market briefing by VP Mario Morales, head of semiconductors (30-year veteran) 9/2/2021 on Zoom.

Great presentation.

#IDC 1/16
#IDC 2/16

IDC forecasts the 2021 #semiconductor market will grow 17.3% to US$545.0 billion led by phones, laptops, servers, automotive, smarthome, gaming, wearables and Wi-Fi, with increased memory prices.

The market will grow 4% in 2022 and 0.3% in 2023 to $568.4 bln.
#IDC 3/16

Without shortages, #semiconductor market growth would have been over 20% this year, with the bullish case close to 25%.
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1 | $NVDA is breaking out in a major way this morning after strong earnings and forward guidance last week. . .

Let's take a closer look at the Q2 results


$NVDA EPS blasted higher, up 280% Y/Y

Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income and Free Cash Flow (FCF) all continued higher as well - although the acceleration of the push higher in revenue began to slow (-18%) after lapping the easiest Y/Y comparisons to the 2020 COVID lows
3 | PROFITABILITY - for $NVDA also improved and outperformed industry peers:

Gross Profit Margin: 0.64 vs industry 0.50
EBITDA Margin: 0.39 vs industry 0.20
Net Income Margin: 0.32 vs industry 0.08
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Thread 1/8 With #China so topical, I often say people dont see the wood for the trees...or more appropriately, they fail to read the 'tea leaves'. I have written about China quite a bit on my blog and in this thread, I will highlight the articles as well as more recent content
Thread 2/8 This piece from last year highlighted not only #China's role in the world but also some interesting learnings from an investor trip I took there a few years back.…
Thread 3/8 It highlighted some of the key cultural nuances necessary when considering #China as an investment destination. The #Chinese approach to regulation was a key theme.
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FTSE China A50 Index futures open 2.6% higher on Thursday morning following the 3% gain overnight.
Sources said China's authority had a hastily call with major intl banks in a bid to restore the market calm after the recent rout.

#China #StockMarket
Hang Seng Tech Index up 6%, #Meituan jumps 10%, #Tencent rises 7% and #Alibaba gains 5%.
$BABA #Hang #China #HongKong #StockMarket
SSE Composite Index +1.26%
Shenzhen Component Index +2.16%
SZSE ChiNext Price Index +2.75%
#China #StockMarket $ASHR
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TSMC thread 1/? - several non-financial notes of interest from TSMC's earnings call yesterday: $TSM #semiconductor
#2 TSMC in Japan $TSM
TSMC is doing due diligence now for a specialty technology wafer fab in Japan. No final decision yet.
Over 20 companies have joined the advanced chip packaging technology R&D initiative led by TSMC. The project is aimed at HPC (high performance computing).
#3 TSMC Arizona $TSM
TSMC expects 5nm production at the #Arizona fab to begin in the 1st quarter of 2024, but TSMC hopes it will start earlier. AND
“We do not rule out the possibility of a 2nd phase of expansion to meet our customers’ strong demand,” Chairman Mark Liu.
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Good news everybody!

To enrich your summer break John (@J_B_C16) and I wrote about #semiconductors and #China!

We analyzed the global semi value chain across three strategic dimensions: industry competitiveness, #NationalSecurity and #resilience

cc @snv_berlin @merics_eu /1 Image
First, we looked at the generic production steps - consisting of 3 process steps and 5 inputs.

For each we analyzed barriers to entry, market concentration, competitiveness of Chinese industry, Chinese policies, etc. Image
Based on that we then assessed each production step across 3 'strategic dimensions'.

Idea: What motivates a government to invest in/support its semi ecosystem or cooperate with allies?

Can we systematize that / come up with a framework for 'national interest'? Yes, we can! Image
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#Charts Fans, lets do this!
Thread time!

$SPY $QQQ $DIA $TRAN $IWM $SOX $IGV $XLF $XLI $JETS $GLD $XLE #Yield #McClellan #Insiders #PanicEuphoria

$DIA #DJIA has been absolutely buzzing this year, Value vs Growth continues to sky rocket as Value was beaten down pretty hard during pandemic and growth rose exponentially, so far the story of 2021 has been Value! This is very very bulish still, lets see how far this extends!

Spy continues to ride this channel and holding the bottom channel, very range bound so far, lets see if it takes off and breaks the upper channel, target 420 in 6-8 weeks
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Great piece in @barronsonline yesterday regarding the outlook for $MU ... stock trading at $60 as of writing, and could easily soar above $100 in the next year.

Read this thread for the investment thesis ⬇️⬇️⬇️
As the 4th largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world (DRAM and NAND), $MU biz is very cyclical and should be near the trough of their cycle. This past year, the company lost 10% of it’s business when they lost their largest customer, #Huawei as a result of the US crackdown
Despite a tough year, the stock is still up about 10% YTD. Additionally, the company continued to invest $2.6B in R&D and over $8B in capital equipment —> enabling significant advantages over competitors in the memory chip space. $MU
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The USCC takes a look at "trends in #US multinational enterprise activity in #China 2000-2017" & brings some interesting insights up:…
#GlobalTrade #FDI #Geopolitics #Macro Some takeaways...1/3
2/3 Overview of #US corporate's investments & operations in #China, the rising income derived from selling to the Chinese market via local operations...#GlobalTrade #Macro ImageImageImageImage
3/3 #US corp's expanding operations in #China are partly due to the emergence of China's consumer class. "China's disposable income per capita surged nearly 6-fold between 2000 & 2017." R&D expenditure has also risen. Capital expenditure in #Semiconductors rising...#GlobalTrade ImageImageImage
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@BCG takes a deep dive into "How restrictions to #trade with #China could end #US leadership in #Semiconductors" It raises some good questions...… #GlobalTrends #TechCompetition Some takeaways...(1/8) Image
2/8 The impacts of the #US #China #technology conflict on the US #Semiconductor industry...#GlobalTrends #Trade ImageImage
3/8 An overview of the #Innovation tree stemming from the #Semiconductor & its role in "Safeguarding national security"...#GlobalTrends #InnovationBattle #tech ImageImage
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🇨🇳 #China (1) | The question is no longer if, but how hard, the #coronavirus will damage Chinese economy (and its trading partners) in 1Q20.
🇨🇳 #China (2) | A blockage of 16 cities (~50 million people) coupled with the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday and prohibition for Cos to return to work soon implies that 1Q will fall below 6% for the first time since QoQ figures are recorded.
🇨🇳 #China (3) | The impact will probably broaden from retail sales, tourism/transportation...

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@kelly2277 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
Among dead there are 20 passangers who worked for 📡Electronic Warfare company ☄️Freescale Semiconductor…
@kelly2277 ‼️About those Navy ships Electronic Warfare and Freescale Semiconductor.. Apparently their research was strategic enough to murder everyone

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🇨🇳 #CHINA Q3 GDP Y/Y: 6.5% V 6.6%E (slowest growth since Q1 2009)
*NBS spokesman Mao Shengyong said that the international situation was bringing “downward pressure” on China.
🇫🇷 🇪🇺 🇨🇳 French tire maker Michelin warned of declining sales in Europe and #China in the second half of the year, dragging down shares of its competitors in the U.S. and Europe - Bloomberg
🇺🇸🇨🇳🇪🇺 In a volley of filings, the EU, #China and the U.S. this week escalated disputes over new U.S. metals tariffs, the European response to those levies, and Chinese intellectual property practices - Bloomberg…
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