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The 4 biggest discoveries about high performing teams (thread) #productmanagement #agile #management #teams #coachingsystems
1: Team performance has almost nothing to do with its leader. 60% of team success can be attributed to the design and constraints, none of which the team typically has access to. Based on Richard Hackman's work.
2: Behaviors are a function of the personality and the environment b=f(p+e). How much the personality actually matters differs who you talk to ranging from 5% to about 30%. Based on Kurt Lewin's work. And still, companies try to maximize the value they get from that 5-30 %.
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President Mwai Kibaki was in his office at State House. It was early 2008 and he had a lot to mull over in his in-tray, not the least of which was the PEV that was raging in the Rift Valley and threatening to consume his presidency and destroy the country.
Suddenly, the Comptroller of State House, Mr Hyslop Ipu, came barging in with a mobile phone in hand. Waiting to talk to him urgently on the other end of the line — 7,500 kilometres away in the UAE — was his Information minister, Mr Mutahi Kagwe.
All the way from Abu Dhabi, Mr Kagwe could hear the President tell Ipu to hand over the phone in his famous baritone, “Leta hiyo kitu.”
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On defining #creativity @rexjung :

Distinct from #intelligence – a superhighway; #creativity as a slow meandering process down dirt road / side road

Must be both #novel and @useful – beyond simple #utility – something #new within a social context. Unexpected links ✨🤓✨
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ok let's do a mini #semiotics lesson on Avenatti's Twitter profile (I'm blocked by him 🤣) aka how he wants to be seen by the public.
I want to focus on his header photo and his avi photo.
Let's do his avi first:
The photo is staged to make Avenatti look like a tough fighter.
The American flag in the background is there to show how "patriotic" Avenatti is. The ropes for the boxing ring are there to show that Avenatii may be a fighter, but he's not a dirty no-rules street fighter, he's a nimble boxer who stays within the lines. The "Spalding" and
"GLEASON'S" logos reaffirm his athleticism & "fitness." The watermarks on the image show he's a cheap bastard who wouldn't pay for rights to the photo w/o watermarks. His watch is fully outside of his shirt cuffs, because it shows he's wealthy enough to own a prestigious watch.
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Limiting Beliefs...

1) to upskill we need to hire externally vs. train internally
2) we’ll fail at X because we failed at X once before
3) we can’t innovate internally
4) [some group] can’t handle transparency
5) we can’t afford “good” developers/designers

(1/5) #teams
6) the team needs to start with training wheels
7) the best people have already left
8) we can’t prioritize w/o a solution in mind
9) they’re not management/leadership “material”
10) I need to do it myself for it to be done right

(2/5) #teams #limitingbeliefs
11) there’s no way we can all work together on that
12) this is too rough to show a user/customer
13) w/o supervision, they’ll just slack off
14) w/o a strict process, chaos will ensue
15) this decision is too high stakes to involve the team

(3/5) #teams #limitingbeliefs
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Next up: Katie Malone @multiarmbandit From Presidential campaign trail to Enterprise - Building a #DataScience team @CivisAnalytics
Effective #data-driven teams: different in existing organizations than start-ups. Need to find the best places to build in data value without overturning everything else. Challenges: personal-level analytics, resource allocation, security, privacy. #ODSCWest
Business & data teams will see problems differently. Data teams need to be comfortable with trade-offs in business. Metrics can be ill-defined. Speed can be better than perfection. Important to understand adequate accuracy of models. #ODSCWest Oh yeah, and security.
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I’ve worked with lots of agile #teams, and some of the symptoms of a well functioning high-perfoming teams that I see are:

They start their daily standups on time.
They tend to laugh a lot and have fun.
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Like most IT people I love tools. And tools are absolutely vital to #Agile, esp. #automation of #development & #delivery. But when it comes to managing teams & processes, do #tools and #Agile always mix? Maybe not…
1. Software developers like #tools. No, they adore tools. They seem the most natural way to solve a problem, and they are familiar territory that any #delivery team is more than happy to enter. #Agile
2. But #tools provide little support for the *content* of most #Agile delivery tasks, from defining Product Vision to conducting Daily Stand-Up Meetings. They do support day-to-day workflow, reporting and recording, but at that level are often easily replaced by manual #methods.
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@johncutlefish Because many teams, especially in larger orgs, struggle with #focus

And many #productowners struggle with mandate. So they struggle to create focus in the #backlog by driving on business goals (outcomes).

@johncutlefish And #teams are more like #stakeholder wishlist deliverers than of actual business value

So the top if the backlog is a jumble of non related jobs that staleholders ‘need’. And as a result, the Sprint backlog as well. Making it very hard to set a sprint goal.

@johncutlefish This often stems from defining #scrumteams too narrow in the org (only within IT or even just ops) AND not having clear outcome based goals as an organization.

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