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Hey, parlons un peu d'agilité 🙌
je vous propose une série de #Thread sur l'#Agilité et la "méthode" agile #Scrum.
Je vais essayer de partager l'essentiel de la philosophie derrière ces concepts et comment ça se propage dans l'entreprise.
Here we GO 😎
[THREAD n°1] Historique, Génèse
Avant d'aller trés loin dans les méthodes et autres, parlons d'abord de la génèse.
L'agilité est entrain de se généraliser de plus en plus dans les entreprises. Elle a d'abord démarré dans les services informatiques. Plus particulièrement dans
la gestion de projets logiciels. En effet, les projets informatiques étaient gérés suivant un cycle de développement logique séquentielle appelé cycle en cascade ou #waterfall. ces modes de gestion sont hérités des industries manufacturières
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Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Je ne veux voir aucune larme glisser sur cette gueule héroïque
Et ce #Scrum tout sculpté pour atteindre des sommets fantastiques
Que seul une rêverie pourrait surpasser
... 😇
Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Je ne veux voir aucune once #prédictive
Ni des airs, ni des gestes qui veulent dire
Et dieu sait, si ce sont tout de même les pires à venir
Te castrer pour quelques #analyses
... (ça passe 😋)
Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Loin de toi ces finesses tactiques
Tous ces plans d'origine qui rigidifient vos guises
Sous prétexte d'être le messie fidèle de ce cher modèle anarchique
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تابعت النقاش حول منهجية ال #Agile اللي بدأها الدكتور مازن @mznmel وخلوني ألخص وجهة نظري.
١- الضعف التقني (الشديد أحيانًا) لدى الكثير من فرق البرمجة في السعودية والقفز السريع للادارة هربًا من البرمجة مشكلة كبيرة. شخصيا غير مقتنع بمدير منتج برمجي ما اشتغل برمجة ٥-١٠ سنوات.
ما أعرف صراحة كيف شخص يبي يصير مدير منتج برمجي او يصير scrum master وهو لم يعمل قبل كمبرمج. أحد متطلبات التوظيف ك product manager في قوقل مثلا هي ان تكون software engineer بخبرة طويلة.
٢- هذا الضعف يؤدي الى عدم فهم عمل المبرمجين وسوء (او المبالغة ب) استخدام منهجية ال #Agile (كيف ومتى تستخدم🤔). ما يهمني لو تقرا الف كتاب عن الموضوع. اذا ما اشتغلت بيدك برمجة ضمن فريق لسنوات وحسيت بمشاكل ال delivery وعشتها راح اعتبرك غير فاهم لل #agile بغض النظر عن شهاداتك.
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I have stopped providing Wireframes to my clients. This has a shift in the focus and expectations of clients from a #UX Principal Consultant. Now they take a keen interest in Ecosystem Diagrams, Lumascapes, Unmoderated Observational Study, User Journey, improving Operations
before suggesting products to achieve an objective, Macro Economy Behaviour, Individual's Personality, Socio-Political and Demographic Constraints. I learned this by following mature ecosystems like the transaction between Doctor Consultants and Testing Labs.
Similarly, the transaction between Lawyer Consultants and Para Legal Team. So, now I pass all the documentation to the UI designer and achieve the design iteratively, progressing over Kanban or Scrum Agile Framework. Anyway, these days Design Systems have made it easy to follow
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One Day Design Sprint. Morning 8 am Start. Just one USP User Flow. Virtual Projection everything on Apple Watch size screen. Limited Space, limited IA, limited ID & linear task flow. 2 PM Usability Testing. 4 PM improvisation on data collected. 6 PM wrapup. @AJSmartDesign
I was following Design Sprint of @AJSmartDesign that is 4 days long. Then it strike me that does Screen Size (apple watch, phone, tablet, Desktop, TV, Projector) proportional to the Design Sprint's duration (week)?
A 4 day sprint will have multiple objective. A 1 day sprint will have USP objective cutting out all the noise. A 1 day sprint means failing at the end of the day if the USP can't be discovered or usability testing don't get the expected output. Much better than failing on the
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What if #agile has nothing to do w/product, design, projects, & value?

Rather it is a a set of muscles, a set of enabling constraints...a philosophy

it was meant to be both 1) in service to those with an understanding of value and 2) safe/healthy for makers (1/n)
this is not to diminish that set of muscles/capabilities. Instead, I think it elevates it/lifts it from the murkiness. It perhaps clarifies...when ppl say "Agile sucks!" they are either saying 1) we don't have the muscle, and/or 2) we suck at understanding value. (2/n)
this gets tough for designers...because they are both 1) makers, and 2) understanders/explorers of value. Which probably explains the tenuous relationship #agile has with design over the years (3/n)
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I love when people can't tell the difference between a quick architecture discussion and Big Design Up Front (BDUF). Weeks of coding can save you hours of planning. A little prep for a development effort goes a long way!
I think that, largely, folks like to hate on architecture because the BDUF they normally have seen is very anti-agile in that it doesn't actually increase agility.
What I'm suggesting is that incremental architecture discussions coming before development can be a huge help. Just keep having them before you iterate and do JUST ENOUGH to get you across the goal line sensibly.
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This is a pull system...we start something when we finish something else.
This is not a pull system. The team agrees upfront to a batch of work for the month. This is often rationalized because 1) “people will be lazy with the time constraint” and 2) it gives the team “something to shoot for”
#scrum, in theory, focuses on a sprint goal. The team is empowered to adjust scope to achieve the goal (vs. finish a predetermined set of stories).
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I often hear that the Scrum Master is "responsible for the process". Is that your understanding too?

On an Agile team, using Scrum or whatever other framework or approach, shouldn't it be the Team that owns the process?

#Agile #Scrum #Team
If so, why would the SM be the only person responsible? And if they're not, and the whole Team is involved, what is it that makes the role so special?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

#Agile #Scrum #Team
My personal view on this - a Scrum Master is supposed to be a change agent. I am there to help everyone change the system of work so that it helps meet their needs.

This goes far beyond the "process" as such, and leads to better overall results.
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Heard (again) that #design and #ux is somehow incompatible with #agile (which to most, means #scrum).

..that ppl can’t always jam their work into little increments

..that MVPs suck because they’re never improved

..that work can’t always be boiled down into a “ticket” 1/n
...that #design is more than screens...a more holistic view is needed

...that an output fixation is killing products

...that quality shouldn’t be sacrificed just to get stuff out the door

...that craft should be respected

...that #ux debt sucks 2/n
...and you know what? Those exact same things are muttered by engineers/QA all the time.

They have nothing to do with #agile, but everything to do with paint-by-numbers approaches to “delivery”, org silos, and overly simplistic “#design then build” models. 3/n
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For questions about practices in #Scrum, there are only ever TWO answers. If the context of the question is about the framework itself, and thus the Scrum Guide explicitly answers it, then there's your answer. For all other questions, the answer is "it depends on the context".
For example, I just saw a question in a #Scrum Master group: "What is the role of the PO in daily standup?" A long thread of opinionated answers ensued. NO! If you're a Scrum Master, & you are using Scrum, the answer is simple - it's the "daily scrum", & it is for the developers.
"But sometimes it is very valuable to have the PO at the standup!", freshly minted CSM's cry. "They can share new bugs with the team, sign off stories and understand progress / get the team back on track". Sigh. NO! IT IS FOR THE DEVELOPERS. READ THE GUIDE!
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Trying a new angle for teaching story slicing, one of the biggest struggles for teams attempting #agile ways of working and arguably the most important practice to understand, given we are trying to deliver value to customers in very short cycles. Read on if you are interested.
The way I see it, there are 3 levels of story slicing, each of which is beneficial and necessary to be able to deliver shippable increments consistently in 2 wks or less. I am currently calling them Capability Slicing, Functional Slicing and Implementation Slicing. What are they?
Capability Slicing is the narrowing of a broader capability* into more precise ones, each independently valuable and implementable and, by necessity, smaller in potential scope.

*The story of enabling a human being to achieve something they cannot currently achieve
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