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Back in 2017 Long Island Ice Tea - known for its undistinguished, barely drinkable sugar-water - changed its name to "Long Blockchain Corp." Its shares surged to a peak of 400% over their pre-announcement price. 1/ A graph depicting the Gartner hype cycle. A pair of HAL 9000
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The company announced no specific integrations with any kind of blockchain, nor has it made any such integrations since. 3/
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We are stewards of God’s Earth!

As a multi-faith movement, GreenFaith is committed to stopping fossil fuel financing through organizing grassroots people of faith to take action publicly. We are in full solidarity with @risestjames in their movement to #DefundFormosa Plastics. Activists outside the Bank of America headquarters in Charlo
This week, the Charlotte (North Carolina) GreenFaith Circle and friends met with @BankOfAmerica’s VP for Communications, Kelly Sapp, to deliver a petition with more than 100k signatures demanding #BankOfAmerica declare publicly it will not fund Formosa Plastics' new plant.
Formosa Plastics is trying to build a massive 14-facility petrochemicals complex in St. James Parish, Louisiana, the heart of what is known as “Cancer Alley.” If it succeeds, it would double toxic emissions there.
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"Lavigne credits her faith for getting her to this point.

'I know he has me here for a reason, so I want to do his will,' Lavigne said. 'I want to do the work that he wants me to do. He put a fight in me that I can’t even explain."

Read this great piece on @risestjames and how her faith compelled her to take action for climate justice in her community, St. James Parish, Louisiana.…
As we speak, Formosa Plastics is trying to build a massive petrochemicals complex in St. James Parish. It would double toxic emissions there. The residents of St. James Parish — who are predominantly Black — already suffer from cancer rates 50 x higher than the national average.
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@ExcessMidnight @DeKition @DufelayS @GardienDuVivant On l'appelait :

< La Bande à Barclay >

Ce qui donne un ordre, disons "hiérarchique"


Et là encore, comment mieux comprendre le privilegisme

Avoir de bonnes fiches = Éléments Comprometteur

-> Agent Comprometteur

c'est un job en #Kakistocratie ! ImageImageImageImage
@ExcessMidnight @DeKition @DufelayS @GardienDuVivant Où se mixent Pouvoir Politiques et "Pink Champagne"

#JeremieLacharriere aussi

Point commun encore sur les clubs (connus) fréquentés

Polo Club

Le Siècle

-> Par contre

Cercle interalliée
(connecté direct à l'Elysée)

& Jockey Club

Top Level

@ExcessMidnight @DeKition @DufelayS @GardienDuVivant Accointances troublantes

#GhislaineMaxwell et toute sa fratrie sont nés à Maisons-Laffitte

La mère y a sa soeur gynéco en clinique

La maire était le président de #FranceGalop*

Forêt #StGermain
Haut lieu de prostitution

Base militaire GSBdD
+ Gde Rep

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🌐Arz-Talep Ticareti: "Kurumsalların ayak izleri"

Kullanılan bu yöntem ile hiç bir finansal enstrümanın temel analizine bakmadan, fiyat hareketi içerisinde gizli "kurumsallar-bankalar-akıllı para yöneticilerinin" alıcılı ve satıcılı tarafta izleyebilirsiniz. Image
▫️ Finansal piyasalarda arz ve talep dengesini sağlayan ve fiyatları hareket ettirebilen kişi-kurumlar;

Hedge fon yöneticileri ve,
Akıllı para yöneticileri. Image
▫️ Hisse senedi veya coin satın almak, işlem yapmak için kapsamlı bir temel analizi yapmamıza bana göre gerek yoktur. Temel analiz, bir enstrümanın içsel değerini değerlendirmek ve gelecekte fiyatını etkileyebilecek faktörleri analiz etmek için kullanılan bir yöntemdir.
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1# THIS IS BS!!! Please LISTEN REAL clear. Who cares if #Citidel $BAC #bankofamerica $MS #morganstanley $UBS #UBS $WFC #wellsfargo R the largest owners of $SLV. It DOES NOT matter AT ALL! The VERY little they own in #Silver can NOT save them! All banks do business with each other Image
#2 Buying #Silver is a for sure way to take down ALL of the corrupt banks!! $JPM & $GS & many others R #short #Silver. The #FederalReserve is short #Silver. If we all buy Silver the corrupt banks will #FAIL! Buy ALL THE $SLV $PSLV & #Physical U can. Please be CLEAR #silversqueeze
#3 it DOES NOT matter that some of the banks, market makers or brokers own $SLV!! They don’t own enough to save them from their own demise. So what if they are long $SLV , they are short in the futures markets , options & the biggest is loaning out Silver IOU paper contracts that
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my man is listening with me to the music @BankofAmerica has playing while I’m on hold and we’re jamming out during this bullshit 💀
I’m tired of this piano 👿
“Your call is important to us!” -@BankofAmerica as I go into 2 hrs 30 minutes of being on hold with this annoying ass music
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#WEF & Prince of Wales: The Green Horizon Summit: Nov. 9-11 2020. Attended by 2500. Led by 100+ corporate & climate "leaders" including "Prince" Charles, UN's Guterres, Lagarde, Carney, BlackRock, etc.


Let's start w/ the ruling class imperative to rebrand #capitalism (Oct, 23, 2020) - in order to save it.

Schwab: "At the forefront [we need] to create a new model,
a new concept, a new definition of capitalism...

Schwab, continued: "the old definition comprises only financial capital. But actually human & social capital, [] & of course natural capital - is as important as financial capital."


#CorporateCoup of the #Commons


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Are you kidding me @BankofAmerica with this requirement of having a credit card to apply for the PPP? What type of scam is this. I have been a loyal customer for years with my business accounts. #bankofamerica #PPPloan Image
Apparently you are not here to support my small business @BankofAmerica, you liars. Image
Also I have a Line of Credit with BOA for the security deposit on our office we cannot use. So that is a lending relationship and they STILL won't let me apply for this.
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The mother of all QEs is here - @federalreserve has announced:
a. Interest rate cut by 100bps to 0% - 0.25%
b. Emergency lending rate cut by 125 basis points to 0.25%,
c. Increased the emergency lending term of loans to 90 days.

#USD #FEDrate

d. Buying of $500 BN of Treasurys and $200 BN of agency-backed mortgage securities.
e. Pushed major banks to use the equity + liquid buffers ($1.3 TN + $2.9 TN) for lending and manage credit expansion.
Instantly, eight largest U.S. banks (Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, State Street, and Wells Fargo) have suspended share buybacks program to support the Fed's idea of credit expansion.

#bankofamerica #CITIBANK
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Analysis: #NYSE $BAC

Case 65 #BankofAmerica Corporation

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#BAC 1/4
After spending a decade in the doldrums Bank of America is showing healthy signs, it however remains far from it's all time high of 55.08 set in Nov. 2006.

BAC 2/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Rising steadily the current objective is 43.55. The #resistance zone 47.00-50.75 is very strong but should yield by the end of 2021. Strong #support is found 23.75-20.00

BAC 3/4
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#Deutsche and other banks given “waivers” from @realDonaldTrump
Yes, #Obama did temporary waivers, making them pay for the 2008 crisis, w/#SallyYates working towards them paying penalties to the victims, working w/the U.K.‘s charges etc...NO, IT IS NOT THE SAME THING!
11/24/2015 Deutsche Bank Suisse will pay a penalty of more than $31 million.…

The Trump administration has waived part of the punishment for five megabanks whose affiliates were convicted and fined for manipulating global interest rates... announcement
published in the Federal Register during the #Christmas holiday week.

Trump administration waivers was granted to #Deutsche Bank — which is owed at least $130 million by Donald Trump and his business empire, and has also been fined for its role in a #Russian #moneylaundering
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