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I dont know if every single country has this shape of human, like Finland? #Denmark looks like a gnome who lost his shoe, and a bat. Image
#UK and #Ireland, like a little owl and mongoose working in burger place Image
#Finland as we have pictured the shape here Image
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Eight weeks ago at exactly this time, #Russia launched its first bombs on peaceful #Ukraine

The bombardment never lets up. Even as I type missiles are fired and some get through air defences.
But the ground war is where this war will be won

Day 56 - welcome to the daily thread:
Last night I reported on sounds from #Kharkiv, while now #Mykolaiv is receiving a pounding from the skies too, but anti-aircraft fire heard too.

No further details yet, guess we will have to wait until the morning, til light and the end of the curfew to survey the damage.
Speaking of curfews... what happens when officers catch someone?
Well this was captured on film in #Kyiv late in the evening.

If you're not deemed a saboteur or a threat, it's possible they'll make you do some exercises, push-ups or like here - squats!

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BREAKING: we @citizenlab found signs of a #Pegasus spyware infection at the 🇬🇧Prime Minister's office, 10 Downing St.

We notified 🇬🇧.

We'd found other infections within the Gov.. THREAD 1/

Must-read by @RonanFarrow:…
2/ Meanwhile, we also found signs that multiple 🇬🇧 officials at the @FCDOGovUK had been infected with #Pegasus spyware.
3/ Many assumed that 🇬🇧's vaunted security apparatus could protect the government from the scourge of mercenary spyware like #Pegasus.


🇬🇧 got spectacularly burned.

So, which foreign governments might have hacked @10DowningStreet & @FCDOGovUK?
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#Cyprus, long known as “Moscow on the Med” for its popularity with Russians, has had some of the closest political ties to Russia of any EU member state but is trying to preserve EU unity towards Moscow.…
Since Cyprus became independent in the 1960s, “Russia has penetrated the entire spectrum of political life, economic activity, the country’s media and its church”, said Makarios Drousiotis, a writer and investigative journalist on the island.
Politically, Cyprus has long viewed Russia as a potentially useful ally over its longstanding dispute with Turkey, which invaded the north of Cyprus in 1974.

However, following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Cyprus toed the EU line in sanctions against Moscow.
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🇬🇮 - Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned; 233 Main St, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar…

🧵 1/ ImageImageImageImage
Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned in #Gibraltar, #Gibraltar (🇬🇮) is around 2201 miles from our previous church Παρεκκλήσι Αγίου Μάμα in #Protaras, #Cyprus (🇨🇾) -
2/ A map showing the geodesic ...
#Gibraltar, (🇬🇮):
Gibraltar ( jih-BRAWL-tər, Spanish: [xiβɾalˈtaɾ]) is a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It has an area of 6... (
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🇨🇾 - Παρεκκλήσι Αγίου Μάμα; Evagorou, Paralimni, Cyprus…

🧵 1/ ImageImageImageImage
Παρεκκλήσι Αγίου Μάμα in #Protaras, #Cyprus (🇨🇾) is around 2073 miles from our previous church St Aubin On The Hill in #SaintHelier, #Jersey (🇯🇪) -
2/ A map showing the geodesic ...
#Protaras, (🇨🇾):
Protaras (Greek: Πρωταράς) is a predominantly tourist resort which comes under the administrative jurisdiction of Paralimni Municipality in Cyprus. In ancient... (
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Today was a historic day as I registered my child to a Greek speaking public school for next year. There was a question in the form about what kind of Cypriot she is: GC, TC, etc. I asked my closest person if I could not choose all. He reminded me that I had to pick one by law...
The problem in #Cyprus actually starts from the minute we are born. We need to be classified by law as some kind of a Cypriot. And then we need to declare it officially once we reach mandatory schooling age. Can't we just be Cypriots?...
I really wanted to tick more than one box on that registration form. I am making an effort to raise my child as a true Cypriot, both Turkish and Greek speaking amazing little Cypriot! ❤️Because I know that that's the only way out for the future of this island...🕊️
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For 40 days and 40 nights we've witnessed the horrors of #Russia's total war on #Ukraine (not forgetting the first invasion took place on 2014)

Overnight missiles landed in #Kharkiv #Odesa #Mykolaiv #Luhansk + #Ternopil' regions.

Below is the daily thread⬇️
President @ZelenskyyUa has invited Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy to Bucha to see war crimes for themselves.

The two leaders blocked Ukraine's bid to join NATO in 2008 to appease Russia…
Overnight @ZelenskyyUa also gave an emotional speech to the Grammys.
"Don't be silent" was his message to musicians. You can see a clip here:

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Για να κατανοήσει κανείς την πρωσοπολατρία στον #Putin σε χώρες όπως την #Cyprus & την #Greece πρέπει να ξεκινήσει από το βασικό πεδίο, ιστορικά, δράσης της ρωσικής επιρροής: Την εκκλησία.

Ακολουθεί🧶για το ιστορικό πλαίσιο της εργαλειοποίησης της ρωσικής Εκκλησίας ως "όπλου"
Μπορεί η εμπειρία της ΕΣΣΔ να ήταν επί της αρχής, ιδεολογικά, βασισμένη στην μη ύπαρξη Θεού, ωστόσο η ηγεσία της χώρας, μετά το 1943, είχε διαφορετική άποψη και δη η περιβόητη ΝΚVD -υπό τις οδηγίες, προσωπικά, του Ι. Στάλιν
Το Πατριαρχείο Μόσχας ιδρύεται το 1943 ως οργάνωση που θα συνδεθεί, διαχρονικά, με την NKVD και μεταπολεμικά με την KGB -δουλεύοντας ουσιαστικά ως μια παράλληλη δομή του σοβιετικού apparatus ασφάλειας
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#Book Chapter:

Foreign Policy Maturity and Grand #Strategy: The Way Forward for the Republic of #Cyprus.

Issues covered

What's Foreign Policy (Maturity)?
What's grand strategy?
How r they related?
Grand strategy for small states?
How's Cyprus special?>…
This chapter concludes the book. It takes the rest of the chapters into account to assess the maturity of the Republic of #Cyprus’ foreign policy, and examines whether the RoC has—or is able to develop—grand strategic capacities.

I argue that the #Cyprus Problem has been inevitably and negatively affecting grand strategic formulation in the RoC even as it complicates and hinders the country’s day-to-day foreign policy and diplomatic practice.

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A 🧵 on aspects of the #EU's #StrategicCompass, including #EastMed

1. The release of this document is important in itself. Putting it together was a long and complex process. It was a difficult but valuable effort to bridge MS national interests/concerns & present a cohesive >>
"plan of action for strengthening the EU's #security and #defence policy by 2030."

2. The objective of making the EU "a stronger and more capable security provider" is rather ambitious. Especially since the doc admits that EU security & defense will be complementary to #NATO >>
"which remains the foundation of collective defence for its members".

3. However it should be noted that the objectives under the 1st of the 4 pillars (i.e. Act) can enhance the EU's military and security role. These include:

- a Rapid Deployment Capacity of up to 5000 troops>
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Ένα σύντομo🧶για τα βασικά αφηγήματα παραπληροφόρησης -ρωσικής προέλευσης- στον #UkraineWar -όπως διαμορφώνονται μετά από 20η #RussianInvasionOfUkraine & ποιούς επηρεάζουν σε #Greece & #Cyprus

#fakenews #hybridwar #DisinformationWar #factchecking
1. Παρουσίαση του Ζελένσκι & της #Ukraine ως ναζί/νεοναζί/φασιστών

👉στοχεύει σε όλο το φάσμα της ιδεολογικής κατανομής των πολιτών στοχεύοντας στην ιδεοληψία και την πολιτική αντιπαράθεση που μια τέτοια συζήτηση εγείρει στη Δύση

Επηρεάζει: οριζοντίως
2. Προσλήψεις του Ζελένσκι και του ουκρανικού στρατού ως "αδύναμων"

👉στοχεύει στην αποδόμηση του Προέδρου της #Ukraine ως "καραγκιόζη", "κωμικού", "έφυγε στη Πολωνία" & της υποβάθμισης της αντίστασης των Ουκρανών έναντι του > ρωσικού στρατού ως "καταστροφικής επιλογής"
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Ένα 🧵για το πως #Russia και #Ukraine θα μπορούσαν (ή και όχι) να δώσουν τέλος στον #UkraineWar και γιατί μια εκεχειρία εμπεριέχει αμοιβαίες υποχωρήσεις αλλά και τεράστιο ρίσκο -αποτελώντας μια πρώτη, ενδιάμεση, φάση στην διπλωματία της #UkraineCrisis (η οποία έχει ποοοολύ δρόμο)
για να αντιληφθούμε πως θα δούλευε μια εκεχειρία πρέπει να ανατρέξουμε στο ιστορικό κατανόησης των συμφωνιών του Μινσκ (2014, Πρωτόκολλο και 2015, Μινσκ ΙΙ). Η μετάβαση από το πρώτο στο δεύτερο μας εξηγεί "πως θα ήταν μια συμφωνία ΚΠ στην #Ukraine"
τo Μινσκ Ι δεν δούλεψε ποτέ ενώ η διπλωματία του Μινσκ ΙΙ (και η εφαρμογή του) την περίοδο 2015-2022 δεν προσέφερε τπτ στον διάλογο #Kiyv-#Moscow με την 2η ουσιαστικά να το σκίζει με την εισβολή της 24ης Φεβρουαρίου
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"Кто с мечом к нам придёт, от меча и погибнет!"

Ίσως το διασημότερο προπαγανδιστικό poster της ΕΣΣΔ για την μάχη του Στάλινγκραντ (του Victor Ivanov, 1909-1968).

Τι μας λέει για τον #UkraineWar από σκοπιά επικοινωνίας; Ένα 🧵για την ιδεολογία & τα αφηγήματα σε καιρό πολέμου Image
η φράση αποδίδεται στον Αλέξανδρο Νιέφσκι (άγιο της Ρωσικής Εκκλησίας) και σημαίνει πως "όποιος εισβάλλει με το σπαθί, θα εξαφανιστεί από αυτό".

Μια προφανής προσπάθεια τόνωσης του ηθικού, το 1942, 700χρ μετά την επέτειο συντριβής, στη μάχη του Πέιπους των Τευτόνων της Λιβονίας Image
Το πιο ενδιαφέρον όμως για την Σοβιετική Ένωση, στα μέσα της ναζιστικής εισβολής στη Ρωσία μετά το 1941, είναι η γρήγορη αναβίωση της "ιστορίας της θρησκείας" και του προ-σοβιετικού ιδεολογικού της συγκείμενου. Μια ιστορική εμπειρία που κληρονομήθηκε και στον "Ψυχρό Πόλεμο" >>
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🧵On #Turkey-#Israel and talk of a #gas pipeline

After a tour in #Greece and #Cyprus, that aimed at appeasing their concerns, Israeli president was today visiting Turkey in the context of improving bilateral relations. Its the first visit by an Israeli president since 2008. >
Though allies since 1996, relations started to deteriorate as early as 2004 & took a huge blow in 2010 w the #MaviMarmara incident. Not going to get into that or the steps that followed towards normalization.
See this on #Turkey's strategy in the #EastMed in Foreign Policy:…

and this book:…
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Ep 5 of ‘Breaking Hezbollah’s Golden Rule’ dropped today. We start by discussing #Hezbollah’s shadow war with the West, foiled attacks in #Cyprus, a bus bombing in #Bulgaria, and LH’s shifting modus operandi
A thread ...…
2. On Feb 12, 2008, Imad #Mughniyeh was killed in a joint @CIA -Mossad op near Damascus. A bomb was placed in his car’s spare tire. Fearing he would be next, #Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan #Nasrallah warned Israel to expect an “open war” Image
3. #Hezbollah was desperate to avenge Mughniyeh’s death. The problem was, they weren’t very successful. Operations in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and West Africa were all foiled… Image
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The Russian invasion of #Ukraine - Every attempt to redraw maps and country boundaries is criminal! We, however, ought to ask ourselves what caused this blatant by #Russia violation of international law?
Will this 👇 eventually become the new map of Ukraine? [Thread] 1/4
Annexation and territorial conquest is a flagrant violation of international law! Then why,
- the redrawing of the map of the Balkans (#Kosovo) has been ratified by the #West?
- the Russian annexation of #Crimea has silently been accepted by the international community? 2/4
The attempt of #Turkey to annex the occupied by Turkey northern part of #Cyprus is another example of a blatant violation of international law that the world's mighty are deliberately ignoring. And so is for another #Artsakh. 3/4…
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Thoughts on how we got here in #Ukraine, what is happening, & what we in the #EU & #NATO need 2 do now

#thread 🧵1/n

Bon courage 2 all #Ukrainian friends & citizens

Admiration 4 journalists on the ground - stay safe

Understanding for #Russian citizens who did not want war
First we need to hang our head in shame. The US was explicit in intelligence readouts saying what has happened would happen. So it's not like we were not warned.

From early December onwards the playbook #Russia has followed was clearly laid out and this was brushed off lightly!
The unified stance of #EU member states, #NATO and the #US looked good, but only because we had been pathetic.

#Russia has been very successful in infiltrating western democracies.

Russian footprints all over, especially on the far right, right, and the @GOP especially #Trump
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Now confirmed. State of Emergency declared in #Ukraine.
More details later...
Govt pledging most citizens won't be unduly affected
Secretary of the Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov says "it can be restricting traffic, additional transport checks, documents checks. These issues are preventive, so that the country remains calm."…
#Ukraine's parliament has ratified the State of Emergency.

It is effective for 30 days from tonight.

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#Singapore, #Japan, and #Taiwan joining the Western effort to sanction #Russia for the assault on #Ukraine…
Details on the #NATO (re)deployments to cope with the fallout from #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Details on #Ukraine's reservist mobilisation: far from complete (since that would require martial law), but still of a scale that it will take weeks to complete ... and the assault on the capital is days away at most
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Tuesday's #Covid19 thread starts here. The arguments still raging in the #UK about "Living with Covid" following the announcement from the govt. that infected people no need to isolate from Thursday.

All the important data and news updated in this thread throughout the day
However I am commentating on tennis again today; 3 matches, long day.

I do try to reply all your queries but @SimonCalder here answers many that I'm repeatedly asked, using his judgement on the regular Q "when will xxxxland drop testing requirements?"…
#UK's figures today show another slowdown in the falling numbers with only 6.6% fewer new #Covid19 cases than at this time last week.

And big differences in the different countries:
#England 30,080 (-17.5%)
#NIreland 2,951 (-1.2%)
#Scotland 6,427 (+10.7%)
#Wales 1,672 (+81%)
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Made a mess of these threads. Integrating them here
#Ukraine's President Zelensky said a few hours ago he is still going to Germany tomorrow for the Munich Security Conference. Whether this is supposed to promote calm or what is unclear; it's a hell of a time for him to leave his capital.
President #Biden just said in his White House address that the US believes the #Russians will invade #Ukraine in the next few days and "they will target Ukraine's capital, Kiev". Image
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If #NATO is the cornerstone of the #West's "foreign" policy? How about its members and informal allies? Do they behave as true allies? Are Western interests and values being protected?

👉 It is hard anymore to distinguish allies from foes!

A thread - 1/10

| @vtchakarova #EU
#Sweden fears an attack by #Russia, and so does #Ukraine. #Taiwan fears an attack by #China. #Armenia fears an attack by both #Azerbaijan and #Turkey. The latter threatens its #NATO ally #Greece but also the #EU-member #Cyprus part of which is under its illegal control. 2/10
#Russia again via #Belarus reminds #Europe (as #Turkey does day in day out) that energy is not the only mean in its arsenal to destablize it - mass inflow of illegal immigrants is as effective - so #Poland like #Greece is fortifying its borders. 3/10
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#Energy cooperation can be part of improved #Israel-#Turkey ties, but it should take a more climate-friendly & regioanlly-inclusive shape compared to past attempts to export Israeli natural gas to Turkey. @GabiAMitchell & I spoke with @MenekseTK @arabnews…
2. When #Israel & #Turkey reconciled in 2016, natural gas export from Israel to Turkey was presented as a major benefit for Israel. However, negotiations didn't yield results due to differences on prices, geopolitical hardships related to pipleline route & lack of mutual trust..
3. Since, #Israel consolidated its strategic ties with #Greece & #Cyprus, warmed ties with #Egypt and is cooperating with these & others via the #EMGF, in which #Turkey isn't a member. Israel isn't likely now to shift direction & seek export via Turkey at the expense of others...
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