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#LIVE: President of #Cyprus at #UNGA Nicos Anastasiades: "#Turkey has acted unilaterally in the Mediterranean", says his country remains the only divided nation in Europe Image
#LIVE: President of #Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades at #UNGA - #Turkey is failing to carry out dialogue due to its policy of intransigence, does not pay Turkish Cypriots any proceeds from the exploitation of their lands Image
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Some ideas on how to get out of the highly damaging fight between EU26-EC-EP and #Cyprus over the #Belarus and #Turkey sanctions. Thread. 1/
First some background on each side’s public and, in the EU’s case not so public, positions. Health warning: many will be offended but it is important that each side gets where the other is coming from. 2/
The (Greek Cypriot) Republic of Cyprus position: Turkey invaded us in 1974. OK it was after a Greek coup. But Turkey’s right of intervention only extended to restoring the constitutional set-up. 3/
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#BREAKING: #Bahrain's foreign minister arrives in #Washington to sign peace agreement with #Israel - Al-Arabiya TV
#BREAKING: #Cyprus says normalization between #Bahrain and #Israel is a positive step – Al-Arabiya TV
#BREAKING: Bahrain’s local minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the minister of Regional Cooperation of #Israel hold a phone call #Bahrain’s news agency @bna_ar reports
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1⃣ Operation Abstention, #Καστελοριζο 25-28 FEB 1941

A thread about the history of #Kastellorizo
2⃣ Operation Abstention was a code name given to a #British🇬🇧 invasion at the #Hellenic 🇬🇷 island of #Kastellorizo (Castellorizo) off the #Turkish🇹🇷 Aegean coast, during the Second World War, in late February 1941.

At the time #Kastellorizo was occupied by the Fascist #Italy 🇮🇹
3⃣ The goal was to establish a torpedo-boat base to challenge Italian naval and air supremacy on the Hellenic Dodecanese islands.

The British landings were challenged by Italian land, air and naval forces
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1⃣ Prostitution in #Turkey and occupied northern #Cyprus

a thread
2⃣ "What is the best way to write about the sex industry in Turkey?
I posed this question to a well-known Ottoman historian. He smiled at me on a warm Istanbul evening and said, “Did you ever visit Zurafa [Street]?” "
3⃣ Zurafa Street is in one of Istanbul's oldest and most notorious brothel areas, dating back to Ottoman times

Οver the years, the number of brothels has dwindled
The brothels and the official tallies of the women working in them reveal only a small part of Turkey's sex industry
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#LIVE: #Cyprus' President Anastasiades: #Turkey must stop its aggressive actions Image
#LIVE: @SecPompeo: @realDonaldTrump spoke to Erdogan and stressed the need to resolve the crisis through dialogue Image
#LIVE: @SecPompeo: We are concerned about #Turkey drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean Image
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#BREAKING: European MPs propose ban on selling European weapons to #Turkey: Al-Arabiya

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#BREAKING: #Turkey must respect European sovereignty and international law, says French President @EmmanuelMacron

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#BREAKING: What we have presented to #Turkey is not subject to discussion, says French President @EmmanuelMacron

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A well-preserved Belgium made (by FN) M1910 pistol, chambered in .380 ACP (9mm Browining) that was used during the National Struggle of EOKA (1955-1959) in #Cyprus
M1910 was an original design by J. M. Browing that was mostly produced in #Belgium for the European market. Perfect for concealed carry
This pistol was, literally, the reason for the #GreatWar. Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb nationalist, used it to assasinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Serajevo, on the August of 1914
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When I studied in the U.K., I enjoyed hearing people refrain from calling b.s. on specious arguments and analyses and using the epithet “rubbish” instead.

This analysis by @FT qualifies as “rubbish”. Let’s count the reasons why:
1. Let’s start with the overly simplistic premise of the whole analysis, the alleged “Dash for Gas”. @FT should have just asked @ntsafos to turn this tweet thread👇 into an opinion, because what its team produced falls into the “neat, simple, and mostly wrong” category
2. The description of the situation in the #Aegean is thoroughly disingenuous. “The Turkish coastline is dotted with Greek islands”? How about the Aegean is dotted with Greek islands? And is not simply a matter of Greece believing that these islands have territorial rights,
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Today we welcome Greek Prime Minister @kmitsotakis to our Group meeting. We will not accept that #Turkey is pursuing an expansionist policy, destabilising the entire region. We firmly stand with #Greece and #Cyprus in defending their borders and territorial waters. #EastMed
Our reaction must be given on two levels:
1⃣#EUCO to define the conditions under which we could trigger new economic sanctions. If the provocations continue, #Erdogan must be hit where it hurts most - in his wallet. #EastMed
2⃣It is time to fundamentally rethink our ties with #Turkey. We must end the membership process and rethink a new relationship based on the idea of ​​partnership, in which we are not held hostage. #EastMed
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Ενδιαφέρουσα τα όσα είπε ο Λαβρόφ για Κυπριακό κατά την επίσκεψή του, από την Συρία, στη #Cyprus. Προτεραιότητα ωστόσο της #Russia παραμένει το Συριακό λόγω της οικονομικών στη χώρα που δεν μπορεί να αντέξει η Μόσχα. Εξού και οι πιέσεις προς #Assad για εφαρμογή του 2254
Η ρωσική εξωτ. πολιτική για την #EastMed έχει ως βάση (στρατιωτικά, λογιστικά & γεωπολιτικά) την #Syria όπου πλέον η Μόσχα επιδιώκει περιορισμό & σταδιακή παραγκώνιση του Άσαντ καθώς & διαβούλευση με την #Turkey λόγω Ίντλιμπ. Η Μόσχα δεν θα πληρώνει έναν "rigorous" Άσαντ
Επιπλέον ο χρόνος μετά τον Νοέμβριο & η αλλαγή (ή μη) παραδείγματος στις ΗΠΑ κάνει την Μόσχα να τηρεί στάση "wait & see". Η σύγκλιση συμφερόντων Ισραήλ-ΗΑΕ-Σ. Αραβίας δεν επηρεάζει ιδιαίτερα τις στρατηγικές της επιδιώξεις. Η Τουρκία ωστόσο παραμένει κλειδί για την Μόσχα
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Ενδιαφέρον πως η #Turkey με την επιμονή της στις ανανεώσεις Navtex & την παρουσία του #Oruc_Reis στην περιοχή θα το πάει, χρονικά, ως τις 24.09 και την Σύνοδο για να θέσει, στρατηγικά, μέλλον των ευρωτουρκικών. Μετά αναμένεται αποκλιμάκωση & πιθανόν διάλογος με την #Greece
Στη παρούσα συγκυρία σημασία έχει να γίνει κατανοητό πως, παρά τις επιμέρους προβληματικές πτυχές της διεθνούς διπλωματικής διαμεσολάβησης (ΕΕ, ΝΑΤΟ, ΗΠΑ), το ζητούμενο παραμένει η αποφυγή μιας σειράς γεγονότων που θα οδηγούσαν σε πεταιτέρω ένταση
Ως εκ τούτου, πρώτη η #Turkey αντιλαμβάνεται πως δεν μπορεί να υπάρξει διάλογος αν δεν γίνει σεβαστή η κόκκινη γραμμή της #Greece για αποχώρηση του #Oruc_Reis. Mην το παραβλέπουμε αυτό
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Prophetic & very astute.

On 16 August 1953 the #Israel/i Amb to #Turkey Maurice Fisher wrote, inter alia, the following to Jerusalem:

"Our relations with #Turkey have been extremely good of late...[but] these good relations could deteriorate overnight ... >>>
[2/4] ... and we should learn from the bitter experience of others.
The Turks have yet to achieve a standard by which, in the event of disagreement with another state, they can weigh up the positions of both sides ... >>>
[3/4 ] ... For them, there exists one sole principle: in any conflict with a foreigner, whether a private individual, a company or a state, the Turk is always right.»

(Pls go to [4/4] for the source. Thx)
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So I have been going through the @AJIunit #CyprusPapers list here to see who is under sanctions and who has been sentenced to/been in jail. 1/…
There are no individuals under EU sanctions. There is 1 executive of a company that is under EU (and US) sanctions. 2/
Sanctions on individuals are as follows:
-2 sanctioned by US (one Chinese, one Venezuelan)
-2 Russians sanctioned by Ukraine
-1 Ukrainian sanctioned by Russia
Total individual sanctions: 5. 3/
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Στα #CyprusPapers είδα 19 Κινέζους πολιτογραφηθέντες πολίτες (είμαι σίγουρος ότι υπάρχουν παραπάνω). Στο άρθρο 3 του Chinese Nationality Law απαγορεύεται η διπλή υπηκοότητα. Αντιλαμβάνονται κάποιοι στη #Cyprus ότι μια χώρα του P5 την χρειάζεσαι για το εθνικό σου θέμα;
Το ίδιο ισχύει για τον Ιρανό πολίτη με notice από την Interpol. Γιατί χτίζουμε σχέσεις με το κράτος του Ισραήλ αν πολιτογραφούμε, διεθνώς καταζητούμενους, εν δυνάμει αρνητές του Ολοκαυτώματος;
Στη λίστα υπάρχει μέλος του συριακού branch της Μουσουλμανικής Αδελφότητας. Κριτικάρουμε το al Jazeera αλλά πως μπορούμε να πουλάμε την πολιτότητά μας σε χρηματοδότες ισλαμιστικών militants που επιδόθηκαν σε εγκλήματα στη Συρία και πολεμούν για λογαριασμό της Τουρκίας στη Λιβύη;
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A piece by @MadaMasr on the #EastMed tensions with my two cents.

#Thread with some of my comments.

[Do read the whole thing, it's extensive and very balanced]

#Turkey #Egypt #Cyprus #Greece #Israel #UAE #Libya @prioMidEast @PRIOUpdates @PRIOCyprus…
1. "The Egyptian-Greek Exclusive Economic Zone (#EEZ) deal is important because it settles, at least partly, an issue that has been open for decades in the area and completes another small [piece of the] puzzle in the maritime zone disputes of the #EasternMediterranean"
2. #Turkey's actions aim to“to deconstruct the existing regional status quo & security architecture & bring about a new one that will be more beneficial to itself, in terms of the geopolitical space, the natural resources and the maritime routes that it will be able to control.”
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If the Republic of Cyprus constitution were implemented in full, there’d be more checks + balances in various levers of power. eg we are missing vice-presidents of various institutions. So #Cyprob ends up having an impact on the quality of governance as well. 1/ #CyprusPapers
Would a federal solution of #Cyprob eliminate crony capitalism in #Cyprus? Certainly not automatically given that it is alive + kicking north of the Green Line too. But would it create conditions that make it harder for mates to cover for each other? I like to think it would. 2/
If we ever reach a #Cyprob solution, one job for the EU, which hates these 💰 passports so much, is to demand rigorous checks on power: Supreme Court appointed by a representative independent body, competition authority with teeth, protection for whistleblowers, etc. 3/
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Ενδιαφέρον thread για τον Ibn
Taymiyya και την σχέση του με την #Cyprus
O Taymiyya αποτελεί ίσως τον πιο επιδραστικό λόγιο του Ισλάμ του Μεσαίωνα στον οποίο αναφέρονται οι contemporary θεωρητικοί του σαλαφιστικού τζιχαντισμού. Ενέπνευσε και εμπνέει οργανώσεις όπως την αλ Κάιντα ή μαχητές του ISIS
O Taymiyya βίωσε τους επεκτατικούς πολέμους των Μογγόλων της Αυτοκρατορίας των Ιλκανιδών στο Λεβάντε και δη την αντιπαράθεσή τους με τους Μαμλούκους στις τρεις εισβολές του 1299, του 1301 και του 1303 ενώ πολέμησε και σε αυτές
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1. I posted a chain of tweets yesterday about Eastern Mediterranean maritime delimitation. Many positive feedbacks suggested me to connect these tweets. It will be a repeat, but I will be posting the thread once again in order.
2. I see many people commenting on the maritime dispute in the Eastern Mediterranean. I wanted to take an adventurous step and draw my own map. Just to clarify, drawing a map is a dangerous move, takes a lot of considerations (courts generally take 3 years to reach a map :)
3- I have devoted my academic career on maritime delimitation. If I know one thing good in life, that is this field. I know the details of all given judgments by heart, have 2 LLM degrees, a PHD candidate, written book and many articles on peer-reviewed journals and given courses
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Erdogan says Turkey has started drilling again in waters internationally recognized as Greek, and rejects Greece & Egypt's new EEZ. Turkey also threatens Egypt in Libya. Conflict cannot be ruled out. Russia will exploit it. Erdogan will try to leverage it.…
When asked on Friday about the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) between Greece and Egypt in the eastern Mediterranean which nullifies Turkey's maritime deal with the Libya GNA, Erdogan said "We have started drilling work again. We don't feel obliged to talk."…
"The risk, then, is that Turkey will take military action to prevent Greece from interceding against its unlawful survey efforts. What would happen next is hard to say..."

-@TomRtweets @dcexaminer
#greece #cyprus #egypt #libya #turkey #russia #nato
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#SaudiArabia FM Prince Faisal bin Farhan has been quite busy these days! Today in #Italy, right after #Cyprus and, before, a North Africa tour. On geopolitics, Riyadh and Rome have two major things to talk about: #Libya and #EastMed. Both have to do with #Turkey.
#Italy and #SaudiArabia do not traditionally have an in-depth, serious geopolitical engagement. This is for many reasons, many of which are common to other continental #Europe-an countries, excluding #France. I have analysed those in my @ECFRMena paper:…
This same paper is part of a wider effort, done within @ECFRMena, to provide ideas to the #EU and #Europe-an countries on how to engage geopolitically w/#GCC monarchies, who are now impactful players in the entire #MENA, including the #Mediterranean.…
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#Lebanon— The #Beirut Port explosion was felt as far away as #Cyprus—some 230+ km away—and caused damage even at the presidential palace in Baabda, some 9 km away.

Thousands reportedly injured. The number of those killed is still unknown. #BeirutBlast
#Lebanon— Until now, 50 people were reportedly killed, though, given the extreme intensity of the #BeirutExplosion, the actual number is likely in the hundreds.

#Beirut streets are covered w/ broken glass.

#BeirutBlast #Hezbollah #Iran ImageImageImageImage
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Smoke can be seen billowing from the port area of #Lebanon’s #Beirut from a possible explosion, according to multiple reports.…
Breaking: Multiple explosions have been reported in #Beirut with pictures showing smoke billowing from near the port area of the Lebanese capital. Residents are reporting glass broken kilometers away from the blast site.

Update: Footage from on the ground shows the damage caused by an explosion in #Beirut.…
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