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Today we will study Telaria acquisition and compare it for drawing valuations. #brightcom #bcg
we will compare other acquisitions also as we go forward.
stay tuned. #valuepick
Telaria is now part of magnite. (rubicon acquired telaria in 2019 for ~350 million USD. Telaria back then had ~68 million usd in revenue. Telaria was SSP when it got acquired. (Sell Side Platform)
so Telaria got 5x multiple of revenue for just being a SSP. now see below images
In above images u will find that Telaria is just 2 notches above #brightcom's SSP.
so we can fairly compare two companies.
remember telaria valued at 350 million 2 years back. now they will be valued higher.
even with old valuation multiple brightcom can easily get 5x revenue.
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Fundamentally i will cover factors like

geographical reach
strategic position
3rd party validation
etc etc
#brightcom #bcg
lets start with the industry.
#bcg earns its 80% revenue from Ad Tech business.
20% is mostly software business, that it acquired while listing in India (lgs).
and its venturing big time into AI/ML through its subsidiary
it also has a bulk email posting SAAS platform #VoloMP
wevsites for company and some of the subs are below
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Why was this trial discontinued ?!… ImageImage
Several studies on utilizing the #BCG vaccine (tuberculosis) as prevention. Initial findings from the ACTIVATE study noted a 53% decreased incidences of new COVID-19 infections with BCG vaccination.… ImageImage
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#brightcom (high risk high return)
CMP: 10.45

Target: 10-25-50% / 2x / 4x / higher
SL: 7
Timeframe: 2-5 yrs

Best Buy range: 7-9

Allocate 1-2% of #Portfolio

Analysis in Comments

Please do your due diligence

#brightcomgroup #StockMarket #NSE #BSE #StocksToWatch #bcg

👉Recently became debt free (biggest positive)
👉PE 1.18
👉BV 55
👉Fortune 500 #India Company
👉FII up stake in last qtr
👉Paid Div after 4 yrs
👉400+cr in last 4 yrs
👉Bigger than #Affle
👉22 Office Location

Business Segments:
👉New age Technologies
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BCG shots can give relief to breathless Covid patients

Gora saheb is saying it, so it’s a news and great discovery..

Nobody cared when Our duo ⁦@dasgobardhan⁩ ⁦@ARanganathan72⁩ said the sand 6 months back, thousands of lives cud hv been saved…
As always, it’s the UP CM @myogiadityanath ahead of everyone in taking initiative

#BCGVaccine to be given to all Ambulance workers in UP after study found it effective in preventing #COVID19

Doctors, Nurses & elderly could be next, Kids anyways get it…
Prof. Gobardhan Das (@dasgobardhan) and Prof. Anand Ranganathan (@ARanganathan72) have also conducted research to further enhance #BCG vaccine efficacy..

Will Govt of India again wait for western endorsement for this too? Or be serious @drharshvardhan ?…
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[1] Double-blind, randomized controlled trial in elderly patients (n=198).

[2] BCG vaccination is safe and can protect the elderly against infections.

Link: Cell, 31 Aug 2020…
[3] BCG vaccination significantly increased the time to first infection (test 16 weeks: placebo 11 weeks).

[4] Incidence of new infections was less after BCG vaccination (Test 25%: Placebo 42.3%)

Link: Cell, 31 Aug 2020…
[5] Most protection was against respiratory tract infections of probable viral origin.

[6] Epigenetic reprogramming and increased cytokine production was found in monocytes

Link: Cell, 31 Aug 2020…
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#FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on #BCG (#Bacille #Calmette-#Guerin) #Vaccine Trial
Question : Will BCG vaccine really benefit to control COVID in elderly ?
My Answer : Yet, It will. But, “control”, (like Prevent or Save) is a wrong word to be used. The Right word is “Reduce”
BCG Vaccine won’t benefit to control COVID in elderly
BCG Vaccine won’t benefit to prevent COVID in elderly
BCG Vaccine won’t save elderly from COVID
BCG Vaccine will reduce Mortality and Morbidity in Elderly

To Substantiate this, they are planning to start a trial
பிசிஜி தடுப்பூசி போட்டால் கொரோனாவை தடுக்க முடியாது
பிசிஜி தடுப்பூசி போட்டால் கொரோனாவை ஒழிக்க முடியாது
பிசிஜி தடுப்பூசி போட்டால் கொரோனாவில் இருந்து பாதுகாக்க முடியாது

பிசிஜி தடுப்பூசி போட்டால் கொரோனாவினால் ஏற்படும் நோய் பாதிப்புகள் குறையும்
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1-#COVID19 pandemisinde sonuçları beklenen aşı çalışmalarının bir grubu da #BCG (verem) aşısı çalışmaları. Henüz koruyuculuğu ve rutin uygulanması konusunda öneri bulunmayan BCG aşısı ile ilgili çalışmalar, her geçen gün artıyor. Devam eden çalışmaların kısa bir özetini yazdım.
2-Çalışmalardan ilki ABD’de devam eden BADAS çalışması. Bu çalışmada 18-75 yaş arasında 1800 sağlık çalışanın çalışmaya dahil edilmesi, 900 gönüllüye BCG aşısı, 900 gönüllüye ise plasebo uygulanması planlanıyor. Çalışmanın ilk bölümünün Mayıs 2021’de tamamlanması hedefleniyor.
3-BADAS çalışmasında primer sonlanım noktası (çalışmanın temel hedefi), aşının #COVID19 enfeksiyonu gelişimini engellemesi. Sekonder sonlanım noktası COVID19 enfeksiyonu şiddeti üzerine etki. Çalışmanın baş araştırmacısı @ArditiMd hocamız.
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1/30 In two forthcoming pieces, I examine #Japan's response to the #COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic. I'll summarize the main non-theoretical points here (long thread alert!).
2/30 #Japan’s figures have always looked good compared to many other countries, which initially led to suspicion that the ‘real’ numbers of #COVID19 #coronavirus infections & death were being played down.
3/30 #Tokyo Metropolitan Government at least has now released full #COVID19 figures, including general death rates, seeming to put this argument to rest (but these figures are also now being challenged).…
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. @CovidIndiaSeva I beg your kind attention here ! If we look at proportion of #Covid_19india patients on #ventilator support, it is 0.4% to 0.5%, which reflects ARDS due to Pneumonia due to #COVID19 as cause of death (COD) ( @WHO code: U07.1/2)... 1/n
So, around 150 deaths in 3000 projected deaths are actually due to #Covid_19india Epiphenomenon: People with diabetic complications, advanced cancer etc where the main COD is underlying health conditions, but #COVID19 can only be a contributing cause .. 2/n
Vast majority of #COVID19 deaths in India could be an epiphenomenal death only, considering #BCG vaccine induced trained #Immunity (Nature paper link at the end of this thread) that offers protection from severity of #Covid_19india . Why I am saying this is more important.. 3/n
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There is no evidence that the Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) #vaccine protects people against #infection with #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus causing #COVID19. But, 2 #clinicaltrials addressing this question are underway. WHO does not recommend BCG vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19.
There is EXPERIMENTAL evidence from animal & human studies that #BCG #vaccine has non-specific effects on the immune system. These effects have not been well characterized; clinical relevance is unknown. WHO updated its evidence review of major scientific databases on this topic
The review yielded 3 pre-prints (before peer-review), where authors compared incidence of #COVID19 cases in countries where the #BCGvaccine is used vs. countries where it is not used & observed countries that routinely used BCG in neonates had less #COVID19 cases to date.
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#Thread on brief history of BCG vaccination in India and why researchers are touting it as an intervention that could possibly prevent a huge death toll in India and other countries with universal BCG vaccination program.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis which causes TB been with us for over 70,000 years and adds approx 10 million cases/yr. It finds its mention in biblical books and has bn verified in Egyptian mummies. 1st documents describing TB, date back to 3300 and 2300 yrs in India and in China. ImageImage
The disease has been known by various names through history like "Pthisis","King's Evil","Robber of youth", "Consumption","White Plague" ,"Captain of all these men of Death" and has killed millions. Johann Lukas Schönlein coined the term "tuberculosis" ImageImageImageImage
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A lot of people are wondering why #Japan has so few cases of #COVID19. In this commentary, @NathanGrubaugh and I speculate on some possible reasons. (1/n)…
An important observation made by @NathanGrubaugh is the recent introduction of #SARSCoV2. Note the earlier infections came from China, while ones in March are predominantly from Europe (plus Egypt, USA). Japan has now tightened travel bans. (2/n)…
An intriguing link is the correlation between the #BCG vaccination and #COVID19. In countries that mandate childhood BCG vaccines, cases of #COVID19 and deaths appear to be low. For more discussions see 👇🏽
(3/n)…… (by Prof. Miyasaka)
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1/ My recent book TEMP was largely a history of how management consultants, especially ##McKinsey, destroyed the American Dream of job security.

#McKinsey helped teach corporations how to use outsourced labor.
2/ But McKinsey also learned how to do that in Silicon Valley, and then school the world.

This #thread is long, but so is #history.

From top to bottom, the post-1970s job insecurity, legitimated by #McKinsey ideas, intertwined with the industrial undocumented workforce that made #Silicon Valley possible.
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