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Anti-#ZeroCovid protests are spreading in #China in different parts of the country, following deaths in a fire blamed on lockdown policies.…
This anti-#ZeroCovid protest is said to have happened today at Tsinghua University in #Beijing. For young people in #China, a large chunk of this crucial part of their lives has been dominated by the #Covid crisis and all its restrictions.
You’ll notice anti-#ZeroCovid protestors holding blank sheets of paper in #China. This is not only a statement about dissent being silenced here, it’s also an up yours to the authorities, as if to say ‘Are you going to arrest me for holding a sign saying nothing?”.
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Control is the very purpose of Intelligence Agencies and all the Intelligence Agencies join into International Operations for the One World Government aka the Empire.

The Intel (Intelligence) has always been run by the Vatican and Jesuits have definitively taken over the Vatican. Jesuits know how to educate Gentiles (in charge of the "Education", Lyon in France has always been a Central Jesuit Educative Hub and goes on with the WHO Academy)
The information was collected on papers so far (archives and the well-known "files"). Now they use the power of quantum computers, facilitating International Op. They strike coins for each new Op, hiding the Agency and a way to unite & federate their teams in a new dark project..
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#Taha_Abderrahmane doctorat de 3e cycle from #Sorbonne on logical and semantic analyses of #being #contemporaryArabThought 1/ ImageImageImageImage
The ToC #Taha_Abderrahmane 2/ ImageImageImageImage
The appendix includes a translation of the famous debate between #alSirafi and #MattaIbnYunus also he did an article much later in #Arabica on that #Taha_Abderrahmane 3/ Image
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#Surrender doesn’t depend on the object, it is a quality that you bring into your #being. To whom you surrender is irrelevant.

Any object will do. You can surrender to a tree, you can surrender to a river, you can surrender to anything, your wife, your husband, your guru.
Even through stones, people have attained because it is not a question at all to what you #surrender.

You surrender, and that brings the whole thing, that opens the door. Surrendering, the effort to surrender brings an opening to you.
If you are open to stone, you become open to the whole existence, because it is only a question of opening. How can you be open to a stone, and not open to a tree?
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#OSHO #hypnosis

The #unconscious #mind is nine times bigger than the #conscious; it has tremendous treasures, all the memories of your past.

Below the unconscious, there is the collective unconscious. One can descend into the collective unconscious also with somebody’s help.
The master of Mystery School will take you slowly towards the unconscious and the collective #unconscious.

In your collective unconscious, you have memories of your #PastLives as animals, as birds.
Below the collective unconscious is the #cosmic #unconscious.

Slowly, slowly one can go deeper and deeper, and the cosmic unconscious has #memories of your being trees, rosebushes, stones.
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