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India is a veritable #TowerofBabel, with more than two dozen official languages and hundreds of dialects.

This has caused lots of tension because everyone wants to preserve their culture. There's also the feeling that there should be some link language to connect the whole.
For a long time, #English was the link language, but self-styled nationalists, especially from the ruling #BJP, felt this was a betrayal of "Indian" values.

So they kept pushing for the use of #Hindi as the #NationalLanguage.

But Hindi is not even spoken by a majority (>50%) of Indians. It is merely spoken by the most Indians.

So people of other ethnicities worry that under Hindi domination, their languages would disappear.

A three-language formula was suggested as far back as the 1960s.

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1/4 Sanatanis are being called to return to the original version of SANATANA.

Terr0rism & Sanatana— a thread!

There used to be a tradition of offering a #BALI to #Kaali or Durga devi before our soldiers went to WAR.

LOGIC: A soldier should not fear BLOOD
2/4 In Devi Mahatmyam: Durga Devi slains Asur called Shumbha and Kaali Devi slains Asur #RAKTABEEJ, who had a boon
that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a duplicate of him would be born at that spot— pretty much defines WAVES of #terr0rism that INDIA faces today.
3/4 Somewhere in 18th century and late 19th century 2 #Bengalis popularised devotional/Bhakti concept of Kaali.
I’m not sure if this helped us coz Sanatanis were slowly gravitating towards a pacified version of War-Goddesses.

When you lose the vigour to fight, the enemy wins!
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Remembering #ChukNagarMassacre of 1971.
50 years ago this week, about 10,000 #Bengalis, mostly #Hindus, fleeing the #Pakistanis & their #Islamist collaborators, were herded into Chuknagar & 2 surrounding villages of Khulna #Bangladesh by the #PakistanArmy. Then murdered en-masse.
Sundari was a 3 month old infant found between the 10,000 dead bodies in the #Chuknagar killing field, crying and trying to suckle on her dead mother’s breast. She is the only person who survived the #PakistanArmy firing, and was later adopted and raised by a local Hindu couple.
In this 50th year of the #BangladeshGenocide, it is important that we officially honor the victims and prosecute the hundreds of #Pakistani war criminals who never faced justice for 5 decades and travel freely around the world.
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1 - Mr #ImranKhan demands apology from Pakistan to #Bangladesh |… ( March 24, 2011) Fifth Columnist at #LUMS on #FallOfDhaka are being educated by Fe'reeha Idrees #Fereeha & Javed Chaudhry
2 - Mr #ImranKhan demands apology from Pakistan to #Bangladesh |… Fifth Columnist at #LUMS on #FallOfDhaka are being educated by Bob Geldof aka Ali Azmat , Ahmed Quraishi aka Cyrus Vance & Zaid Hamid aka Jean-Jacques Rousseau | on #JangGroup ‘s Fire TV
Mr #ImranKhan demands apology from Pakistan to #Bangladesh |… Fifth Columnist at #LUMS knows Zilch about #FallOfDhaka | They must watch Mr Imran Khan lecture | Indian IJA Press Conference in London : Full Segment |
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1 - Why Raja Sahab Mahmudabad aka Nawab Mohammad Amir Ahmed Khan (surrogate / adopted son of #Jinnah ) left Pakistan ? Explains Renowned Historian Mr Hassan Jafar Zaidi

#TwoNationTheory #Democracy #Pakistan #India via @sujagvideos
2 - Why Raja Sahab Mahmudabad aka Nawab Mohammad Amir Ahmed Khan (surrogate / adopted son of #Jinnah ) left Pakistan ? Explains Renowned Historian Mr Hassan Jafar Zaidi

#TwoNationTheory #Democracy #Pakistan #India via @sujagvideos
To say that #Jinnah & #AIML wanted to make #Secular #Liberal #Pakistan not the Theocratic State is a Half Truth ! How would you explain #Islamic Speeches of Jinnah ? Reference:… ( cc @Dr_IshtiaqAhmad @omarali50 )

#TwoNationTheory #Islam #India #Partition ImageImageImage
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Many of you have watched #Patalok. Many of you have criticised it for it's misrepresentation of #NorthEasternIndia and #Bengalis. I don't want to get into the above controversies. However, I was surprised that people forgot to see the bigger picture.
Here are #topicstobeoutragesabout in #Patalok:
1.#Transgendersinprison- The show clearly showed the condition of #Transgendersinprison. No seperate prisons exist for them. They are kept with men and are regularly violated. No outrage about it. #LGBTQ rights don't matter in India.
2.#PoliceBrutality- #PoliceBrutality is glorified in Indian movies. No one preaches or talks against #PoliceBrutality. With #IndiaLockdown in place we saw many instances of it. However, no one bats an eye because #PoliceBrutality is romanticised and normalised in India.
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@amishra77 @virsanghvi This was the strategy of the outliers for a long time:
1) Moghuls became Indians and Indians became Kafirs
2) Nehru-Khan-Maino became Gandhi and Indians became fools
3)Muslims became Kashmiris and #KashmiriPandits became refugees

@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 4) Bangladeshis became #Bengalis and Bengalis couldn't celebrate #DurgaPuja in soon to be #WestBangladesh
5) Those who are intolerant of #Hindus became #Secular and the real seculars became #Sanghi terrorists
@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 6) The #Maoists and #UrbanNaxals became Intellectuals and the Intellectuals became #Bakhts
7) Terrorists became 'poor-sons-of-headmasters' who killed/beheaded army men and the army became human rights violators who used pellet guns on these peaceful terrorists. @adgpi
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