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Earlier spoke to @BBCR4Sunday
about the barbaric #murder of French teacher Samuel #Paty.An anti-#terrorist enquiry is in full swing with the authorities making information available as quickly as possible.Meanwhile marches will be held today in commemoration of Paty.#CharlieHebdo
The #Elysee Palace said a “national #hommage” would be paid to Samuel #Paty, on a day to be fixed & it will be coordinated with his family. #Macron said the killer had sought to “attack the republic and its values” & the “#terrorists will not succeed… They will not divide us.”
Told @BBCR4Sunday the difficulty of discussing the issues #Paty's murder throw up is that our starting point is pure #barbarity–an utterly evil act that will be condemned by all decent people, including millions of Muslims who live in France & indeed in other parts of the world.
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Let me clarify why is it next to impossible for #Hindus to win this ongoing Ideological/ civilizational war with us #Muslims:

If the #Hindu cause is +1, #Islamic cause is -1, and 0 is neutral, then we #Muslims are fighting hard for -1 while U Hindus R aiming for just 0!..(1/12)
..Let me explain:

V #Muslims attack #Hinduism.
U #Hindus attack only Traitors & Pakistan!

V fight for #Islamic cause.
U fight for #Nationalist cause!

We #Muslims want #Sharia state.
You #Hindus want #Secular state! ...(2/12)
... V R fighting #Religious war.
U just fighting political war!

V vote on Islamic grounds.
U vote on #SabkaSathSabkaVikas

V #Muslims never raise voice for #KashmiriPandits but burn cities for #Rohingyas!
U #Hindus speak for not only KP but also for Sufis & Balochis! ..(3/12)
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Let me clarify why is it next to impossible for #Hindus to win this ongoing Ideological/ civilizational war with us #Muslims:

We #Muslims attack #Hinduism.
You #Hindus attack only Traitors & Pakistan!

We fight for #Islamic cause.
You fight for #Nationalist cause! ...(1/12)
We #Muslims want #Sharia state.
You #Hindus want #Secular state!

We fight #Religious war.
You just fight political war!

We vote on religious grounds.
You vote on #SabkaSathSabkaVikas ...(2/12)
So, If the #Hindu cause is +1, the #Islamic cause is -1, and 0 is neutral, then we #Muslims are fighting for (-1) while you Hindus are aiming for 0!

Meaning: V Muslims R fighting for purely selfish motives and U Hindus R fighting for mutually beneficial/neutral outcomes!..(3/12)
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#IslamophobiaInIndia is a MYTH.

#India was ruled by #Hindus in the Ancient and Early Medieval period.

It was in the 7th Cent. CE, that #IslamicInvasions began in the Indian sub-continent.

These invaders came with one objective: to proselytise non-believers (#Kaafirs).

#Islamic invaders from the Middle East/Central Asia invaded India.

🔸They tortured & killed #Hindus.

🔸They raped #Hindu women.

🔸They forcibly coverted #Hindus.

🔸They destroyed hundreds of thousands of our temples.

🔸They looted #India.

Despite all the horrors of the #IslamicRule in India, independent #India, unlike #Pakistan/#Turkey, chose to be a #Secular country.


Because #SanatanDharma doesn’t preaches hate for other religions.

#Hindus know how to respect other religions and they always have.

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#India's obsession with Hindu #victimhood is not confined to Hindutva politicians who, one can assume, spread the canard of "Hindus under attack" for their own political agenda of power, control and coercion. This @Youtube video was posted on a family #WhatsApp group.

It shows a certain 'holy man', by his own description, a #Sanyasi telling his cheering audience a story to illustrate a) the harm caused by #secularism and b) how minority religions are favoured by the state.
It's a cock and bull tale, of course, but worth recounting to show the duplicity, the lies, the latent misogyny, the vacuous logic, the sheer vile propaganda of it all. Apparently, he is visited by a Maulvi and a Padre (!) who start arguing with him and then start beating him up!
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#Islam divides the world in 3 types and advises #Muslims to behave differently according to the type of land they are in (1)Dar-al-Harb (i.e. Land for War) (2)Dar-al-Sulh / Dar-al-Ahd (i.e. Land for Treaty) (3)Dar-al-Islam (i.e. Land of Islam). Lemme explain the details ..(1/11)
1st type is Daar-al-Harb (i.e. land for war): Those areas/countries where #NonMuslims R majority or where #NonMuslims R ruling. Here #Muslims are advised to silently increase our numbers by all means: over-populating (#PopulationJihad), Converting NonMuslims (#LoveJihad),..(2/11)
, reducing NonMuslim population by rioting and massacre (#DelhiAntiHinduRiots, #BengaluruRiots, #SwedenRiots), Inviting Refugees from Dar-al-Islam (#Rohingya). So now you know why No Muslim country accepts Muslim refugees as it will have no benefit. ..(3/11)
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RT @sayzaidi Single National Curriculum across #Pakistan . Is it possible to implement the new curriculum at once? What will be possible outcome? with @mughalbha

#SNC #Education #Literacy #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب #Sectarianism

Full :
پاکستان میں مجوزہ یکساں نصاب تعلیم کے نفاز پر کیا خدشات و تحفظات ہیں ۔ میری ناقص رائے ملاحظہ فرمائیں ۔ شکریہ عمار یاسر صاحب @sayzaidi

مکمل :

#ایک_نصاب #AikNisab #SNC #فرقہ_واریت #مسلک_بازی #مذہبی_انتہاپسندی #شدت_پسندی #اقلیتیں

اردو زبان کے زریعے پاکستان میں پھیلی ہوئ واہی تباہی لسانی نفرتیں ، مغالطے و مفروضوں کی خلیج کو پاٹا جاسکتا ہے تاکہ لوگوں کو علم ہو کہ پاکستان کا ثقافتی و تہذیبی ورثہ کیا ہے ؟

مکمل :

#EthnicSlurs #HateSpeech #Folkore #Sufis #Urdu
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Be in no doubt. No true full-blooded #Hindutva supporter believes in #Secularism; they wanted a Hindu Rashtra and now they have it, and #BharatiyaModi is pleased to have given it to them. But #InternationalModi still needs the fig-leaf of secularism that @ShekharGupta provides.
This is a more honest account of the week's big development in #India, than @ShekharGupta's weak-kneed attempt to gloss over the real significance of the annihilation of the #secular ideal in India.…
But the most searing commentary comes, as ever, from the acerbic and sharp pen of Arundhati Roy in The Wire:…
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True #secularism-defined as the separation of State and its agencies from any, and every, religion-never really took hold in India. When #PrimeMinisterModi places a silver brick in the ground as part of a #Bhoomipujan for #RamMandir, he might as well be burying the Secular Ideal.
The tragedy, of course, is that more than any other group, it was the majority Hindus who would really have benefited from a truly #secular Government. #Secularism in India was maliciously painted as #AntiHindu and as #MuslimAppeasement; it is neither.
The philosophical opposite of #Secularism is #Hindutva. It is a creed that sees every policy, every law, every administrative decision through the lens of Hindu-Muslim division. It negates the freedoms and liberties that common citizens need to thrive and prosper.
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1. Bl. Everald was born Northamptonshire, educated at Cambridge, and his brother William, who had become a priest in 1579 tried to convert him, but in vain until a sharp attack of illness made him enter into himself.
Bl. #EveraldHanse Image
2. He then went over to Reims (1580-1581),was ordained, and returned but his ministry was very short.

In July he was visiting in disguise some Catholic prisoners in the Marshalsea, when the keeper noticed that his shoes were of a foreign make.
#CatholicChurch #CatholicTwitter
3. He was then closely examined and discovered as a priest.

As yet there was no law against priests, and to satisfy the hypocritical professions of the government's persecutors, it was necessary to find some treason of which he was guilty.

#history #secular #government
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وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب جب #پرویز_مشرف کی کابینہ سے فارغ ہوئے تھے تو انہوں نے یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۶ نومبر ۲۰۰۱ کو دی نیوز میں ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں

#AikNisab ImageImageImageImage
وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب نے محترم عمران خان صاحب کی سیاسی اہلیت پر یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۵ مئ ۲۰۰۹ کو دی نیوز میں “عمران خان کی عجیب سیاست ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں #AikNisab کی بات کرنیوالے کا اپنے لیڈر کے بارے میں عدم اعتماد👇… Image
Aurangzeb was asked to expel the #Hindus & #Shias from his administration, he said that religion & politics were two separate things & they should not be mixed with each other. (Historian & Teacher Dr Mubarak Ali )
@KumbharHafeez ! URL :
—— #AikNisab
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@OmarAbdullah #kashmiris know all this and if you do not go with what our people want and that is #KashmirDemandsSelfDetermination
#KashmirRight2SelfDetermination you and your ilk will not be accepted and continue to be recognised as a #Collabarator of the occupying force .
I recall when I was young and met sheikh sahib after my and only visit to #Pakistan in 1980 to attend a cousin marriage he accepted the mistake of choosing #India and completely proved by what #India did on 5th August 2019 and his justification was 1971 debacle which led him to
1975 debacle after the 1947 . Your father in 1996 did the same when we were loosing youth everyday and again opted for #IndianDemocracy which is proved once again as you people where looking for autonomy and he did not get that as that was treated as tissue paper in #DelhiDarbar
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Mr @SKS5706 Boasting of 'Secular-माहौल" is root of d issue. Constitution never had #Secular in it. IG added it fraudulently in #Preamble in #Emergency. This is where societal-divide began. Some misuse secular as elitist/fashionable. Others don't. U must respect that!
@vinodkapri Image
Boss, communal-passions much intense during Partition &yet Constitution-authors kept Secular/Socialist words out of it. In 1970s, no communal thing, yet Indira-Gandhi modified constitution(when entire opposition was in jail). Future planning by @INCIndia😎
That is exactly the problem. You don't have anything to explain cause of elitist-mindset on secularism by people like you who're aligned with Congis/communists etc. This is why WA family-groups are broken as u folks take exception on any opposite thoughts!
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तरीही महाराज secular???

जय शिवराय, आजचे #शिव_दिनविशेष उपलब्ध नाही आणि खालील माहिती देण्याचेही काही खास कारणही नाही पण गुरुवर्य मेहंदळे सरांनी केलेलं संभाषण ऐकून त्यातील काही निवडक गोष्टी सांगण्याचा प्रयत्न करत आहे.

शिवकाळाआधी आणि नंतरही हिंदूंना त्रास देणे आणि हिंदूंना संपवणे हाच हेतू घेऊन हे इस्लामी राज्यकर्ते हिंदुस्तानात आले होते, ह्यात काहीच शंका कुणालाही नसावी.
जिझिया कर ऐकला असेल तर त्यातील फक्त २ कलम सांगतो, बाकी त्याबद्दल स्पेशल धागा नंतर लिहिन.

त्यावेळी फक्त हिंदूंना दोनच पर्याय होते.
१. इस्लाम धर्म स्वीकारा किंवा
२. मृत्यू

त्यामुळे हिंदू संपतील असा विश्वास त्यावेळी येणाऱ्या इस्लाम राज्यकर्त्यांना होता.
जिझिया कर मधले २ कलम खाली सांगून आजून एक मूळ उद्देश सांगणार आहे.

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A few months ago, I (@JuhemNR) had a conversation at the @ucsbmcc with Prof. @joeblankholm. My focus was the rise of nonreligion and as part of my presentation (1/n) #GoodWithoutAGod #HumanistsCare #SevenDayswithSevenHumanists #BlackLivesMatter
This chart called my co-presenter's (and the audience's) attention
#GoodWithoutAGod #HumanistsCare #SevenDayswithSevenHumanists #BlackLivesMatter 2/n
The Black community has grown faster as a share of the #nonreligious since 2007. How we address racism in our communities is paramount to have a healthy #secular movement #GoodWithoutAGod #HumanistsCare #SevenDayswithSevenHumanists #BlackLivesMatter
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The Evil #Brahmin.

Why the Evil #Brahmin is #Abused in Indian #society ?

The Evil #Brahmin used to give #education for #free!

The #Evil Brahmin used2provide

#medicine & #medical
care4 #free,
only what
the #patient
AFTER being #Healed
was accepted as payment!
The Evil #Hindu #Brahmin used2not
differentiate in
upper or lower class
eg #SriKrisna & poor #Sudhama
#studying in the same #Gurukulam (#school)
or being good #friends!

The #EvilBrahmin did not use #sword 2convert ppl !

The Evil #Brahmin advocates #vegetarian lifestyle!
The Evil #Brahmin is projected as being Godly or spiritual but he is only the holder of scriptural #knowledge for #Hindus & thus him,
being #ungodly
is only a #scam 2justify attacking him
2justify a #Brahmin #Genocide even today by #commies!

The "Evil Brahmin" #genocide is
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The #kadavallur sree #rama kshetra. The most ancient Rama temple of Thrissur with rich inscriptions that dates to pallava period & beyond. Holds many info about ancient times.The sole witness of Kerala's rig veda chanting competition #anvonyam. Long #thread. Will post 1 daily.
.#kadavallur was a sanskrit and vedic university as children from prominent vedic schools from the #panniyur faction (Thrissur Brahmaswom madom) and #Thirunavaya representing #Sukapuram used to compete by chanting 10,472 rigvedic mantras in 7 stages as part of #anyonyam (2/n)
A scholar shared with us that there are records that indicate from BC 238 - 1778AD #anyonyam was managed by Vanneri-perumpadappu and later came under Kochi kingdom. The temple is under @ASIGoI. Notice the golden word #secular in the pic?
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I have heard many heartbreaking stories from #Kashmir and the plight of #KashmiriPandits. But here is one that really got to me. Today I would like to share the story of Sarvanand Kaul Premi in this thread. @AdityaRajKaul @sunandavashisht @AartiTikoo @DrAmbardar
Sarvanand Kaul Premi was born on 1st November 1924 in #Anantnag, #Kashmir. He studied in Punjab University and graduated with the highest merit. Not only was he extremely well educated - he also took part in the Quit India movement as a social activist. #QuitIndia
For 8 years, his blood, sweat and tears went into the fight for an independent India. He also wrote for newspapers, such as the Daily Khidmat. He ended up authoring ~24 books and many more articles & poems. They are mostly in #Hindi, #Urdu and of course, #Kashmiri.
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Wishing every single one of us a very Happy 70th #RepublicDay2020 Let us carve the #Preamble of #Indianconstitution on our hearts and minds:
#justice #democracy #secular #sovereign #socialist #india #fraternity #equality #loveall #pride🌈 #access #inclusion #soundsofnature
WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this 26thdayofNovember,1949, do HEREBY ADOPT, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS #Constitution
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Majeed Ullah Khan (@MBTparty President) Statement on #SupremeCourt Refusing Interim Stay on #CAA; Challenges @AmitShah to Visit Ongoing #ShaheenBaghProtests to Face Public Instead of TV Debates. #CAA_NRC_Protests Read Full: /1
He contended that #ConstitutionofIndia is “Common Sense” codified. It's clear that #CitizenshipAmendmentAct goes against numerous Articles. It's appalling that Court deferred hearings in refusal to put interim stay on draconian #CAA and modified #NationalPopulationRegister /2
People’s trust in a truly secular, non-partisan #SupremeCourt is wavering. Moreover, refusal on interim #CAA stay has common public concerned regarding growing, free reign of a bigoted, right-wing #RSS-#BJP specter looming over nation that we continue to battle on all fronts. /3
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Looks like UCP is coming after #abortionrights #transhealth #MAiD #dyingwithdignity by supporting patient abandonment

Today. #Bill207 sponsored by #gynotician MLA Dan Williams
of Peace River.

#ableg #abpoli…
Here is the position paper on conscience rights aka patient abandonment via @AbortionRights…

#ableg #abpoli
Dan Williams, UCP MLA Peace River attended the annual anti-choice March for Lies to publicly oppose bodily autonomy for women, gender divers people and the terminally ill.

#Secular #healthcare…
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For those supporting this utterly shameful call- #मुस्लिमो_का_संपूर्ण_बहिष्कार,we advise you to read about the warm friendship & amity btw #Madurai's multi-religious dressmakers, who have stitched costumes for the city's #temple #festivals for Image
"We are like relatives & that is how we call each other. We stand for each other, protect each #Madurai you can find us only in each other’s arms, not at each other’s throats.” says G. Muthu Pandi, a #dressmaker in #Madurai, about his many Muslim colleagues. ImageImage
“We too understand the historical importance of Pudhu Mandapam and want to preserve it," fellow dressmaker Abu Siddique echoes this #secular sentiment & even says some customers on learning he is Muslim, pay him extra & tell him they are lucky to buy stuff there. @kavithamurali ImageImage
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I am #resident of #JammuAndKashmir .
I myself, my family, my ancestors & other citizens of #JammuAndKashmir had to #Tolerate the #Article370 & #Article35A !

Since constitutional bench of Supreme Court will take up #Article370 tomorrow , here is #VideoThread on
#HorrorsOf370 !
Video 2
How could we TOLERATE strange provision like #Article370 for about 70 long years ?
How #bizarre was the decision to introduce provision like #Article370 in the Indian Constitution that compromised the SUPREMACY of #IndianParliament & #IndianConstitution !
Video 3
I explained to @dograjournalist how #Article370 and #Article35A DISCRIMINATED against #FEMALE PERMANENT RESIDENTS of #JammuAndKashmir for 70 long years that was done away on August 5, 2019 by their abrogation.
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They attack Hinduism. You attack Pakistan.

They fight for Islamic cause. You fight for nationalist cause.

They want Sharia state. You want truly secular state.

They fight religious wars. You fight political wars.

(Copied from @__R_a_j_ )
In simpler terms if Hindu cause is +X and Muslim cause is -X then they fight for -X and you fight for 0.

(Copied from @__R_a_j_ )
Some Hindu nationalists say that they hate Muslims because they aren't loyal to the country. Well even if they were loyal, what good would that do for us ? The country is certainly highly biased towards them so it's their advantage only.

(Copied from @__R_a_j_ )
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