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Já falamos de anjos, mas agora vamos falar de demônios. Da Tasmânia. Perfeitamente equilibrado como deve ser. Segue o fio + 😈

#biothread #taz #diabo #animal #australia #ablublebluble #biologia
Os diabos-da-Tasmânia são os maiores marsupiais carnívoros vivos. Como seu nome diz, eles habitam a Tasmânia, uma ilha ao Sul da Austrália

#australia #ilha #biolododetwitter #tocadodiabo
Eles são predadores vorazes e generalistas ocupando um nicho similar às hienas. Seu ataque às fazendas fizeram os colonos o perseguirem. Entretanto seu nome diabólico vem do som que eles produzem, assustador demais para o ânimo australiano

#som #diabo #predador #karaokediabolico
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This isn’t political. Just wanted to share a video of this cat that’s adopted my dog and I. Look at its eyes! ❤️
This is actually the third cat in this apartment complex that has adopted us, 2 of which definitely had owners.
At one point, 2 cats were following my dog and I every time we went on a walk. It drew a number of random passerby comments 😂
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no playoffs but I’m ballin 🤑// had a good day I scored 40 \\ and I ain’t talking points ;;;
🚨 Content-less emails contain very little or no content except for the URL ... 🔴✖️❌✖️⬛️ CST Centro Studi Toffler // #Patriots ::: Twitter @stefanoshow Facebook stefanotmg 🇮🇹🔻🇺🇸🌐🏴‍☠️🛡⚔️ ❎
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Morsiuskväärinä parhaan ystävän häissä eilen. Oli ihania, liikuttavia ja kauniita hetkiä runsaasti. Mutta #trans-/muunsukupuolisena cishet-häissä oli myös haastavaa. Ketju cw #transfobia, seksuaalinen häirintä
Kun ilolientä oli kulunut tarpeeksi myöhäisillasta, eräs sukulaissetämies lähestyi minua. ”Mitä sä niinku edustat?”. Nauran kiusaantuneena. Itteäni? Morsiusseuruetta? Vastaan, että oletan, että kyseessä #sukupuoli-kysymys. Kuulemma on.
Kerron olevani muunsp. Setä lässyttää kaikenlaista ja sitten alkaa kiinnittämään huomiota pieneen partaani - ja siihen, että hänen mielestään se ei ole linjassa kauniin meikatun naamani kanssa. Hän haluaa suudella minua, haluaa kuulemma ”tuntea sängen”.
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1/ Yeah so anyway, Milo Yiannopoulos &/or his ghostwriter has denounced his former #BFF & fellow dropkick Caolan Roberston. So far, so typical. The essay dissing CR contains a few refs to #auspol which are interesting, inc the 2018 tours by Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southern >
2/ > & the aborted tour by MY/Gavin McInnes & Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson). Thus, acc to MY, CR reckoned SY-L's tour was destined to fail ('No visa for you!') & designed to rip-off his gormless Aussie fanboys & AUS tour organiser, Damien Costas/Penthouse Australia.
3/ Whether true or not, Costas/Penthouse AUS/Global Media & Entertainment Pty Ltd/et al (Costas has reportedly been in five 'failed' corporations over a 15-year period) was declared bankrupt in MAR, owing $ to a bunch of other rats (you can still buy tickets to the tour but!).
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Nag-eexist ang isang Yerim Cruz na kung saan ay magaling sa lahat, academics o extra-curricular man yan. Nasanay na laging pinupuri at pinapalakpakan... not until a student from the lowest section was moved to the highest section where Yeri belongs.
Lam niyo naman yung rules debaa??

•Just quote. Don’t reply.
• Kung jungri hater ka... basahin mo paren para lalo kang mainis. Charot hahaha.
• Please be patient sa update hahaha (hindi ko nga alam kung matatapos ko to eh)
Our main characters

•Yerim Cruz
•Jungkook Dela Rosa
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@davidfickling - I presume you wont mind if I (or ppl that align with me) hack into all of your devices so that we may peek into your life & watch every move?
We are no threat, David - in fact, we will strengthen your security.
... is that how this works?
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Friendship IS romance. Queer folks know this. Polyamorous folks know this. You can have friend crushes. You can friend woo someone. Friendship IS romance.
If your friendships lack romance you have shitty friends. My friends take care of me when I am sick. We take each other on friend dates. We buy each other gifts. We LOVE each other deeply. Just because there isn’t sexual involved doesn’t mean it’s not romance or real love.
I need more of us to reject the heteropartiarchal narrative even if you choose to be straight or monogamous. Practice queer poly love in your friendships. Have deep relationships of all sorts that you value!
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