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#Pluralistic 1/ A kraken strangling a coin-operated judge automata whose rob
I'm kickstarting the #audiobook for my next novel, an anti-finance finance thriller about #SiliconValley scams called *Red Team Blues*. #Amazon's #Audible refuses to carry my audiobooks because they're #DRM free, but crowdfunding makes them possible:… 2/
The Golden Rule (them what has the gold makes the rules): Dobbs, SVB, the Internet Archive, antitrust and the law's foundation in norms, not consistency.

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⚠️Oh my god, this is.. not at all surprising. Some of my fave highlights in this Thread 🧵 $TSLAQ $TWTR…
Exactly the kind of painting I'd expect from an Elon Musk stan though.

Maximum Cringe. #grift #cult Image
"Midas Touch is a cautionary tale."

I want to make this very clear: If I ever find out who that Product Manager was, or their venmo/kofi/whatever, I will personally buy them a drink. Or cheese.

You are my kind of person, and I appreciate you. #Twitter #LoveWhereYouWorked Image
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Latest UPDATE on the #TFR (Travel Rule) trilogue:

EU institutions are working to finalise the #TFR text to implement the #travelrule in Europe. Please find below the latest details. The aimed-for deadline for conclusion is still the first week of June.

Key issues on table:

The provisions introduced by the @Europarl_EN requiring #verification of information for each transfer of assets, the additional requirements applied to transfers to #unhosted wallets and the #blacklist of non-compliant entities.

In the past weeks, the @EUCouncil has taken onboard the concerns from the blockchain & crypto #industry, as well as those of regulators and competent #authorities (!), that flagged the impracticality and unintended consequences these provisions would have.

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Han comenzado a difundirse imágenes de una "lista" que ha provocado curiosidad pero también ha detonado que los opinadores pseudo expertos deduzcan y argumenten sobre algo que evidentemente desconocen.
¿Quieren conocer el verdadero origen de estos registros...?
Estos registros se agrupan en un documento de texto plano"Consolidated_accounts_Servicios_consultoria_0222.txt", mismo que cargaré en un repositorio cloud abierto que será visible al final de este hilo.
Bien, vamos al grano para que cada quien forme su propio jucio...
El mes pasado, supuestos "consultores independientes" en representación de ENEC SA de CV contactaron a profesionales de seguridad Informática (Black & Ethical Hackers), including me; qué para solicitar servicios de inteligencia y ciberseguridad, con prioridad urgente claro...
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10 years ago today, I was in court against #Carillion & they admitted that:
1. they blacklisted me
2. their managers provided the information on my files
3. the reason was for my union activities
4. the reason was for my H&S activities
5. that the #blacklist caused me a detriment
My legal team were David Renton @dkrenton & @owens_declan. Later joined by @JohnHendyQC.
My #blacklisting test case against #Carillion & UK gov went to the European Court of Human Rights.
Lawyers who get politics, as well as the law, are hide to find. I can’t thank them enough ✊
Over the years, #blacklisted workers secured new legislation, a High Court trial, new European regs, new public procurement protocols, a select committee investigation into #blacklisting & exposing the role of #spycops. Proud to have stood alongside these working class heroes.
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#OTD 1947 – The House Un-American Activities Committee began its investigation into 'Communist' infiltration of Hollywood, resulting in a 'blacklist', that killed some (#JohnGarfield), and prevented many socialists from working in the industry for years.… ImageImageImageImage
#Blacklist Edward Dmytryk * Dalton Trumbo * Dorothy Parker * Lillian Hellman * Canada Lee * Paul Robeson * Larry Adler * Leonard Bernstein * Joseph E Bromberg * Vera Caspary * Lee J Cobb * Howard Da Silva * Howard Duff * José Ferrer * John Garfield * Will Geer * Dashiell Hammett ImageImageImage
Carl Foreman * Garson Kanin * Ruth Gordon * EY Yip Harburg * Judy Holliday * Lena Horne * Marsha Hunt * Burl Ives * Joseph Losey * Burgess Meredith * Zero Mostel * Anne Revere * Gale Sondergaard * Sam Wanamaker * Fredi Washington * Orson Welles * Harry Belafonte * Charlie Chaplin ImageImageImage
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Ant Group and Alibaba are partial owners and customers of Megvii Technology (旷视), a Chinese artificial intelligence company based in Beijing. Megvii was blacklisted by the US Commerce department in October, 2019 for its uses by the Chinese government genocide in Xinjiang.
Ant's draft prospectus does discuss the "possibility that its business may be affected by enhanced restrictions against China and other Chinese technology companies, including us and Alibaba in 'dual use' commercial technologies and applications that are deployed for...
surveillance or military purposes..." China's military-civil fusion program is exactly what US authorities have been focused on when sanctioning malevolent Chinese companies.
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Foreign xtian missionary Creates a maximum impact in 🇮🇳, So that they could influence people at its possible best by preaching of Gospel, carry out such PROGRAMS & PROJECTS that have tremendous evangelical effect, proselytizing xtianity to many in INDIA.
Proof👇 ImageImageImage
@MEAIndia @HMOIndia
which has been performing religious conversions in the name of social activities by sending Christian preachers to India.
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BEFORE READING THIS THREAD, do you think this statement is TRUE or FALSE?

Despite being a documented #epidemic for decades, @HHSGov's #CenterForDiseaseControl(@CDCgov) intentionally obstructs its collecting #statistics on what causes at least 10% of deaths NEEDLESSLY every year.

HINT: You already know of these systemic #DataScams due to #PublicCorruption & #RegulatoryCapture:

🤥#UScensus is maliciously biased

Thread coming soon about #CauseOfDeath #DataFraud

#AmericanSwamp #MedicalControlFraud

ANOTHER HINT: My inability to escape intrahospital, interhospital & health/disability insurers’ #ConspiracyAgainstRights using #MedicalControlFrauds exposes motive of the right answer.

Watch this video later to understand #PublicCorruption by example📽️
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😱"Perversion Files"😱
Boy Scouts of America

Decades of sexual abuse.

1944-2016 - 48 States
7,819 identified suspects
12,254 VICTIMS👈

#'s grossly understate
how many molesters
infiltrated Scouts’ ranks over yrs

234 not named in #Blacklist…
📌If you or someone you know
has been abused by
troop leaders
or others affiliated w
Boy Scouts of America,
reach out + speak.

U no longer have 2 live in silence.💻

Step out of shadows.
Be strong.
Get pissed!
😱"Perversion Files"😱
Boy Scouts of America

Oregon’s framers sought
2 require courts 2
conduct business of administering justice in public👈
RE: In a manner that permits
scrutiny of court’s work.

Oregon Supreme Court
unanimous 31-page ruling.…
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Spend a little time reading about Trump's first fixer Roy Cohn and why he pines for him. A closeted homosexual who went after closeted homosexuals. A man who worked to frame the Rosenbergs and bragged about his mob connections. #Blacklist #LavendeScare…
"McCarthyism" or false accusations of subversion or collusion with Russians without actual evidence.. against innocent people ...was championed by Cohn. He was legally disbarred and described as "unethical", "unprofessional" and, "reprehensible".
If you wanted to build in Manhattan you needed to talk to "Big Paul"Castellano and Fat Tony Salerno usually via their lawyer. Roy Cohn. Cohn became Trump's lawyer who intro'd him to Manafort and Stone. #ThisAintRocketScience…
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