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Want to apply #deeplearning in your #regulatory #genomics analyses but overwhelmed by suite of interpretation tools? Check out ExplaiNN: interpretable and transparent neural networks for genomics with @NovakovskyG @ofornes @sara_mostafavi @WyWyWa 🧵👇…
ExplaiNN is an adaptation of NAMs from @agarwl_ & team for genomic sequences - predictions are a linear combination of independent CNNs- each consisting of 1 conv. layer with a single filter and two FC layers. This seemingly simple approach performs similar to multi-layer CNNs1/6
It provides importance of discovered motifs by mere visualisation of weights of the output layer. No need for filter nullification or clustering of importance scores from attribution methods! ExplaiNN on ATAC-seq of mouse immune system recapitulates results of AITAC model 2/6
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Latest UPDATE on the #TFR (Travel Rule) trilogue:

EU institutions are working to finalise the #TFR text to implement the #travelrule in Europe. Please find below the latest details. The aimed-for deadline for conclusion is still the first week of June.

Key issues on table:

The provisions introduced by the @Europarl_EN requiring #verification of information for each transfer of assets, the additional requirements applied to transfers to #unhosted wallets and the #blacklist of non-compliant entities.

In the past weeks, the @EUCouncil has taken onboard the concerns from the blockchain & crypto #industry, as well as those of regulators and competent #authorities (!), that flagged the impracticality and unintended consequences these provisions would have.

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“interconnection queues” and obtaining the necessary #ImpactStudies and #permits from #each grid operator has risen from around 2.1 years for projects built in 2000-2010 to around 3.7 years for those built in 2011-2021.

#decentralizedgrid issues are key.…
"researchers found that only 23% of the projects seeking grid connection between 2000 and 2016 have actually been built."

“The grid operators have limited staff to conduct these studies,”
“Maybe they haven't ramped up their workforce quickly enough.”

The inability of #renewables to deliver #LargeScale solutions may NOT be due to #financing constraints. #Regulatory ones matter too.

As prices fall, the gap btw #LevelisedCostOfEnergy for #Rooftop and #SolarUtility shows, scale matters.

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Who else attended today's @OECD Development Co-operation Report 2021 launch event on shaping a just #DigitalTransformation?✋

Panelists expanded upon some of the report's key themes, including:

📅 Acting now!
⬆️ More #coordination
🖼️ Strong #frameworks
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 #InclusiveDevelopment
But we also heard a lot about #DigitalPublicGoods (#DPGs). Like... A LOT a lot.

So, what's the connection between #DPGs and a just, #inclusive #DigitalTransformation? Why have so many #donors, national #governments, and #tech experts alike expressed interest in #DPG solutions?
Well, they all agree that #DigitalTransformation is at a tipping point globally, with the divisions between wealthy and developing nations especially stark: 96% of the world's unconnected people live in developing countries.
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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Follow along as we report live from #Links22 London. If you haven’t already, sign up for the livestream 🎥

Thanks for your patience! We're getting started in 10 minutes. #Links22
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A lot of wisdom in this post about the effects of #dataRegulation and #regulatory #compliance throughout not just an organization or #enterprise but through the greater society as a whole.

The first thing I noticed were the popups asking me about my cookies and acceptance...
the exact reason they were there I didnt understand at the time, but now I see its related to #gdpr. The effects of acceptance or denial, I dont know. I dont have the time to read the fine-print, but deep down I hope its doing something good for my #dataPrivacy.

And just as...
Mahima and Nalini write to regarding the #regulatory rules, #dataPrivacy legislation and the #compliance therein for the enterprises of India and for #accessibility and #open banking-- its my hope that all the new #dataPrivacy #regulations like #GDPR, #CPRA, #ColoPA, #VCDPA...
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Settled into an evening of exploring the companies around @fivetran's #ETL world and found an interesting mix. Firstly, compared to the other categories in my #DataOps list I found some interesting differences...
The list of #dataCatalogs, #dataObservability, #reverseETL and now #ETL companies is available here…

Added: @AirbyteHQ, @dbt_labs, @fivetran, @matillion, @qlik, @RiveryData, @segment, @stitch_data, @Integrateio to the list.

I left out quite a few ...
big players. Some that could fit here are talend, alteryx, pentaho, trifacta, amazon glue, azure data factory and more according to matt turck's 2021 MAD (Machine learning, Ai and Data) landscape
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Want to be in the top 1%?

Find the blockchain projects 99% aren't looking at.

I've done 1000s of hours of research on some of the best projects and compiled them into educational threads for other citizens to research

Here are some of my deep dives🌊

--Thread of Threads-- Image
My focus is on long-term utility blockchain/ DLT projects⛓

Not short-term meme coins

These threads will cover:

• CBDC's
• IoT + IoV
• Innovation
• Supply chain
• Data protection
• Paperless trade finance
• Cheap payment infrastructure
• Interoperability of DLT ledgers Image
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Shout out to participants in #clinicaltrials. I’m enrolled in an NIH RADx-supported trial that requires me to do #COVID19 rapid tests & PCR every other day within a time window, & then drive a pkg to a FedEx every other day by 3p. This is the 4th study I’ve joined in my life…
The studies I’ve been in have ranged from pregnancy outcomes yrs ago to #COVID19 diagnostics. I keep joining them because I believe #ScienceWillWin, but also because it’s important to be reminded what a genuine hassle it is to be in a study. /2
In the very best of circumstances, it’s an inconvenience. It ALWAYS costs participants something, whether it’s missed work, lost wages, childcare, gas for a 🚗, discomfort, or more. And it’s always one more thing in a day that may already have way too many things already (🙋🏻‍♀️). /3
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⚖️ LEGAL LOOKOUT 1: We’ve read with interest the amicus brief below filed by 24 health policy experts in the @texmed v. @HHSGov lawsuit, as we filed one, too.

Without any further digging, though, we can see off the bat that a majority of the so-called experts who signed

(1/8) ImageImageImage
onto this brief are funded by the #insurance industry.

We respect and cherish the fact that everyone party to a significant #policy debate like this one over #regulatory implementation of the #NoSurprisesAct has a voice.

But, a question to @RonaldKlain, @SecBecerra, and

@BrooksLaSureCMS: How can you reconcile the fact that the administration’s #regulations rely on these bankrolled academics and experts while also claiming that these regulations help #patients and our #healthcare system? This is an alternative reality.

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What is better in a banking career, risk management or internal audit?
Difficult question.

Depends on where you are and what you have studied in the past?
Risk, is an emerging area, within the first world. Just visit the financial careers website to check out the jobs in Citi and elsewhere.
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India's #crypto arc in a global perspective: India lags the world by an average of 2-3 years in terms of #crypto #regulatory framework development. We are now on the 3rd Inter-Ministerial Committee on crypto. Some pts from my session at #HODLConference2021 @IAMAIForum
India's adoption of #cryptocurrency is ramping up exponentially, signalling a clear demand for these tokens in the country. India recently ranked a whopping second on Chainalysis's Global #Crypto Adoption Index @chainalysis @SEBI_India @nsitharaman @RBI @NPCI_NPCI
However, the market cap of #India #crypto projects are approx. $12 billion USD which is a small fraction of the global market cap which stands at approx. $2 trillion USD @0xPolygon @WazirXIndia @PersistenceOne @QuickswapDEX @FrontierDotXYZ @UniLend_Finance @TheMahaDAO
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#Wonk warning: a #thread on social cost of #carbon (SCC). We at @CVEPLLC expected @JoeBiden not just to reinstate higher SCC in his #dayone #climate order but also to look at incorporating #environmental #justice into it.

He did, and it matters. #OOTT /1
Background: when #federal #agencies write rules, they try to maximize net benefits or minimize net costs.

The goal is that adding up all benefits for (and costs to) society + all costs to (and benefits for) regulated parties should be > 0. /2
In this context, SCC offers a way for agencies to “monetize” societal benefits of #climate rules. Oversimplification version: Benefit = (tons of GHG avoided) * (SCC, in $/ton). There are couple of quirks, tho. /3
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For over 65 years Liv.52 has been useful to many with #liver problems. Each herbal ingredient is thoroughly tested, and heavy metal levels of Liv.52 are within permissible limits and in compliance with WHO, #AYUSH, and major regulatory agency guidelines. #HimalayaLiv52
We ensure every product is of the highest quality, for the safety and benefit of the user. Each herbal ingredient in Liv.52 is used after careful #examination as per Pharmacopoeial standards. #HimalayaLiv52
Numerous clinical studies conducted on Liv.52 over the last 65 years have proven and reinforced the efficacy and safety of the product in treating hepatic conditions. #HimalayaLiv52
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From me @CharlesTam ("the wishor") to you ("hereinafter referred to as the wishee"),

Please accept without any obligation, legal or social, implied or implicit, a #HolidayGreeting ("greeting") intended to communicate my well wishes for an environmentally-conscious, [1/11]
...socially-distanced, politically-correct, #Regulatory-compliant, #mask-protected, non-denominational celebration of the winter solstice holiday period, as practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion or secular practices of your choice [2/11]
...(with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all) and a financially-successful, personally-fulfilling, and medically-uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the [3/11]
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Hmm. Now this is an... interesting move!

@ukhomeoffice is (unilaterally?) collapsing two Commissioner roles into one:…

While HO's excuse may seem superficially plausible, one shouldn't forget both @surcamcom and the #BiometricsCommissioner have been...
...critical of @ukhomeoffice's approach and lack of adequate #safeguards and #oversight of its use of #biometric tech.

Here's the #BiometricsCommissioner admonishing @metpoliceuk for misrepresenting him on #AFR:…

And @surcamcom has been a consistent...
...advocate for strong #independent #regulatory #oversight and against #SurveillanceCreep.

And as he - in fact both Commissioners - point out:

There are also significant practical issues, e.g. will @pritipatel resource this as one or two offices? And...
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#Demystifying #EIANotification Part III (Cont)

Today we deal with #Post EC #Monitoring.

All #Prior #Environment #Clearance (EC) letters to projects carry #Conditions that a #Project #Proponent (PP) is required to fulfill during
a) Construction phase
b) Operation phase
c) Post operation phase (especially in cases of mining projects)

It is extremely important that these conditions are not only available in public domain but that public is actively involved in the #Monitoring thereof.

#EIA2006 and #DraftEIA2020 provide that
In respect of Category ‘A’ project, it shall be mandatory for the #PP to make public the #EC granted for their project along with d conditions and safeguards at their cost by prominently advertising it at least in two local newspapers of d district or State where d project+
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This report is a useful and important read. #infosec #Compliance…
(Thread follows)...
Glad to see the two numbers bear out the problem I have called out over time
I wish the survey had asked how much of a decrease we would see in the 40% and 58% numbers if we got rid of compliance overheads that are not truly #regulatory #compliance obligations
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Wow! So, having been co-opted by Government during the pandemic - waving through the processing of tens of millions of people's #SpecialCategory #PersonalData without adequate #transparency - @ICOnews now openly proposes favouring businesses & authorities over citizens' rights... Image
We're to be told simply to "bear with" it, while our #rights are trampled & abused.

Look VERY closely at item 5, page 3:…

What deal has @ICOnews cut for supporting @10DowningStreet's #trade ambitions? And what new Codes will it expedite, having taken...
...over TWO YEARS (and counting!) to update its primary statutory Code, following #GDPR?

You could certainly call this is "an approach".

Whether it's "#regulatory", or the worst sort of enabling, is becoming clearer by the day.
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Reliance Jio and Zoom legal dispute is opportunity in disguise for Government of India to upgrade it's legal & regulatory system to bring it on par with new age philosophies. @reliancejio & @zoom_us have a friendly tag team match for the country. @PMOIndia 😇
These two titan's clash will take our country light years ahead in legal and regulatory practices. We will have our in-genuine scenarios & resolutions. #Patent #Design #UX #Legal #Regulatory #JioMeetApp #Jiomeet
Clear legalities will provide confidence to the Startup, Investors, UX, Design, App and Technology ecosystem. This will enhance participation, funding and returns. Thus, it will add to overall growth of the nation. #India #Bharat #Startup #investing
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Reliance Jio is in "Technology Commodity Market". Design ripoff by JioMeet & JioChat affirms this underlying message in the market. Technology as a commodity is different from (1)(#JioMeet #JioChat #commodity #Commodities #RelianceJio #Jio #UX #Design #Market) ImageImage
Software as a commodity. White-label apps, framework & platform were in the market since a long time that are the example of Software as a commodity. Commodity trading is one of the oldest practice. Traditional companies environment are well equipped with (2)(#trading)
commodity legalities, so as India Trade & Legal Ecosystem. Reliance Jio have turn the table in their favor from bureaucracy, regulatory & legal perspective. It could also be possible that (3)(#trade #legal #bureaucracy #regulatory)
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Well, this is an astonishingly poor effort from @royalsociety; a #DataGovernance "explainer" that tips its hand by its examples (i.e. health data) but not once in 28 pages mentions significant bodies like @HRA_Latest, for #ResearchEthics approval, or #CAG!… Image
While there are a whole bunch of players in what is an increasingly crowded/confused/confusing landscape, to miss out two of the key *statutory* #governance bodies seems more than a little remiss 🤦🏻‍♂️
If you are interested, and want to dig a bit deeper into the (#regulatory, not just #governance) #landscape around #health #data in particular, I recommend @EleHrwch & @claumartinezv's map:…
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