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Canada🇨🇦 is the Best Place to Move to.
How to Move to Canada Permanently with your family
📌Without a Job offer in Canada and
📌How much it will take you to achieve this.

if you are interested, Bookmark, Research, Retweet and Tag your friends.
You can move to Canada Permanently through the Federal skilled Workers route.
Or the
Provincial Nominee program or other pathways.
But let's focus on the FSW.
Few days ago, Canada made it official to create a category based express entry which will
prioritize some skills in Healthcare sector, STEM sector, Trade Sector and Agricultural sector. or people with strong skills.
How can you get started:
First you need to read more about the Canada express entry and the eligibility criteria, then how to create a profile
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Conosci la differenza tra #TAG e #TAEG?

No, non parlo dell'orologio, ma degli interessi che paghi su un finanziamento o quanto usi la tua carta di credito per pagare a rate.

Con mio grosso stupore, ho scoperto che a parecchi ancora sfugge... ecco il perché del mio 🧵👇

Conoscere e capire la differenza tra #TAN e #TAEG è importante per prendere una decisione informata ogni qual volta si sceglie di ricorrere a un prestito, a un finanziamento o di usare il credito disponibile sulla tua carta.

#TAN e #TAEG sono due sigle esprimere il tasso di interesse applicato a un prestito o a un credito.

- TAN sta per "tasso di interesse annuo nominale"

- TAEG sta per "tasso annuo effettivo globale".

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Happy German reunification day - get your health policy in order, even before climate, or you’ll be divided easily enough. 😎
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Here is the list of the top fully funded and paid opportunities young people can apply for.

1.        USADF Accelerate Africa Entrepreneurship Challenge
2.        22 Free United Nations Online Courses with Certificates | UN Courses on Several Topics
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The MCap of top 8 gaming companies was worth ~$200 billion in May 2022.
6 of them are establishing their #web3 teams. The opportunities are real. And we're very early.

So, in the coming days, how should you evaluate a #gamefi project?

Learn this concept: GameFi Trilemma 🧵👇 Image
The #GameFi trilemma is composed of ● playability
● profitability
● accessibility.

The problem arises when games only can optimize two components at any given time. Image

Web 2.0 games give up profitability for players.

Most Web 3.0 games have given up accessibility by charging a hefty price for NFTs.

And for each component in the trilemma, there are existing problems and we'd like to highlight some potential solutions. 💡
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I am endlessly fascinated with content tagging systems. They're ubiquitous in software and have so many nuances, but I can't find anything on how to design and implement anymore more than the barebones basics of a system.

Some thoughts in a thread.
A tag is a metadata label associated with content, primarily used for querying and grouping. The tag name is also the id: two tags with the same name are the same tag.

Tags appear everywhere: #hashtags, wikipedia categories, blog post labels, AWS infra tags...
Now, are `horse` and `horses` the same tag? They're different strings, but I'd be pretty miffed if I queried for `horse` and got only half the data.

So for serious querying we need some kind of relationship between tags
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1) ¡Abran la mente y multipliquen el uso del verbo DUDAR! Desde la antigüedad, en toda guerra se libran dos batallas: la del plomo y la sangre... y la divulgación de "notiZyAZ" —muchos recordarán a Goebbels​​, pero hay miles de casos—. En tal sentido, por favor, NO crean en
2) cualquier foto o vídeo fuera de contexto o demasiado trabajados o, simplemente, que no concuerdan con la realidad del momento. Piensen... con la tecnología actual, cualquiera puede estar en un sótano o estación de metro y fingir un "mensaje" emotivo, pero su rostro no cuadra.
3) En el caso del presidente que se exhibe como un luchador, y aparece en muchas fotos —todas con poses y encuentros dignos de estudio— vestido de uniforme... pareciera que fueron tomadas antes del conflicto, nunca lleva armas (Absurdo) y casi siempre sonríe y está tranquilo.
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🆘Simply put Calgary is in crisis🆘

Over night, we had more referrals in for food hampers than EVER before😔

Between our outreach collaboration and our food hamper program…we’re finding it hard to keep up

We need help @Crackmacs @PamirCanadian @mikeonshine #yycroads #YYC #YEG
We need help with 16 families:


A-2 grandparents raising 5 grandkids

B-single dad, 3kids

C-single mom, 3kids

D-3adults, 6kids

E-2 adults, 3kids

F-senior couple

G-2 adults, 2kids

H-2 adults, 6kids

I-single dad, 2kids

J-single dad, 1kid

K-single dad 3kids

L-single mom, 1kid

M-2 adults

N-1 couple with 2 roommates

O-1 grandma, 3 grandchildren

P-4adults, 8kids

@ccmfalberta @Discovery_House @jannarden @ArleneDickinson @DarrenDreger @ABdoc4patients @FisheriesCA @Comfort_Lawyer @albertacomfort @allhailthechief @bifnaked @LtdPrl
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Während der Pandemie haben wir uns an die Vorstellung gewöhnt, dass die meisten #COVID-Fälle „#milde #Verläufe sind.
Zb die #CDC sagt, dass 80 % der symptomatischen #SARSCov2 Infektionen einen "milden Verlauf" haben.
Manche denken: dann #kein Grund zur Sorge. Zurecht?
Im #allgemeinen #Sprachgebrauch beschreibt das Wort #mild idR etwas von #untergeordneter #Bedeutung.
Zum Beispiel wird #Erkältung oft als "#milde #Viruserkrankung" bezeichnet.
#Mild bedeutet also "durchaus evtl  unangenehm aber nicht weiter
von Bedeutung, keine große Sache"
Betrachten wir das Attribut "#mild" im Zusammenhang mit #Covid zeigt sich : #Allgemeiner #Sprachgebrauch und die #medizinische #Definition unterscheiden sich hier #signifikant, werden aber @vermischt, was zu #Verwirrung in der Kommunikation über den wahren Sachverhalt führt.
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Earlier today we were in downtown #yyc handing out water & gatorade and fruit, when we decided to stop & have a break by the Cat Cafe...when we came upon a senior lady rummaging through the city's garbage bins.

#Yyccc #Calgary #Alberta #Canada #SeniorLiving #seniorcare #Seniors
We thought she was looking for bottles to turn in for money but we were wrong. She was looking for both bottles & she was also taking food out of the bins & putting it in her cart.

As soon as we saw that we went over to offer her our help.

#Help #Community #Compassion #BeKind
We went over, asked if we could get her a cold drink & a snack & asked her if she'd like to join us on our break.

She accepted. We went into the coffee shop across from the Cat Cafe (Forgot Name), grabbed some drinks & snacks and sat down in the shade across the street. #Hope
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This morning we saw something we will NEVER forget.

We were at the #Walmart in Southeast #Calgary. We were shopping for some groceries when my stepson saw someone take a package of meat and put it under their shirt and then slowly walk over to their cart. #Food #Hungry #Alberta
This person had very few things in their cart. My stepson knows what I do here at @HarvestHillsYYC & he asked if we could help them.

I said yes we could but that this person would feel ganged up on if we all walked over to them, so I told him to stay here and that I’d walk over.
I walked over to where they had their cart and said “I know what it is like to struggle. I would love it if you’d let me help you and I’d like to pay for your groceries.”

This person looked up at me and said “did you see me take the meat?” I said “yes I did. I’d like to help”.
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Sometime in the past, read 15 years ago and re-calling on my senior role experience, I was hired to be an interim manager (temporary crisis control manager). In a semi-governmental organisation that needed to deal with austerity measures, policy changes, and non-conforming staff.
They gave me six months to analyse risks, write a proposal, consult on, and implement said proposals. The first few months, because I managed to play 'the being an outsider card', everybody was my friend. The following months, when in the process of writing the proposal different
concerning parties tried to influence me into adding their opinions and trying to secure to their jobs. Which did not always go down well, to an extent that I was berated, bullied and sometimes hated. Even sitting management and board members made their sometimes strong argument.
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*Emergency Request*Help Needed*

Two urgent requests came in over night

We need #Calgarys Help!

No amount is too small. If you can help by donating please see our donation information in our Twitter profile bio

Etransfer: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary@Gmail.Com

Family info below:
First request:

The single father is looking for help with finding a few things for his new basement suite

He got emergency custody of his 2 girls and is starting literally from scratch

He needs a hamper (Medium to Large) that roughly will cost between $250.00 to $400.00
Second request:

A family of five is looking for assistance with furnishing their apartment as well as clothing and a Large to Extra Large food hamper.

This family escaped from domestic violence and are from Northern Saskatchewan.

Both families are grateful for #YYC’s help.
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The Eloquent tool is available to install! Capture ideas in-context with:
• On-page highlighting
• Nested bullets
• /snippets
• [[braces]] and #tag syntax
Quick capture is a hotkey away. Bonus hotkey sends your highlights/links to @RoamResearch
Calling this public beta - lots to polish & more ideas to build for in-context tooling (+suggestions from early testers ❤) but this was a decent shipping point to get some feedback. Give it a spin at
Will continue to expand its capabilities, so welcoming all learners who like experimenting with new knowledge tools to join in and send over feedback/ideas!
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I am from #Aurangabad. Check the Thread and do RT 🔃 if you feel Same.
My Condolences for #MigrantLabourers & Every suffering individual in this Unplanned Lockdown.
#RespectforPoliceandHealthWorker Image
Did u hear today's news of Aurangabad?
Plz 🙏 don't visualise the scene, it hurts & even can give you Sickness feeling. 😰
So Heart disturbing incident took place on the track that don't knew how to Condemn this😔. Literally my fingers are shaking will writing .(1/n)... Image
Migrant Workers lost their Life bcoz of Central Govt. didn't Planned Properly for the LockDown & this incident is Harsh & Real.
Why always Poor People should Suffer from Pandemic like this (Covid-19). Govt. would have done Better for them (2/n)... Image
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The rise of this #tag is so interesting.

Because surely, if you're going to use it, the first thing you should ask is, will we be independent?

Im afraid the answer is more 👇 which you won't like, but #fbpe will feel guilty if we don't try to tell you.
Laws. Will we have more control?

No. Categorically not

We will have no more or less ability to set British law after "independence"

Nothing will change. We'll just have more work and a less efficient state and we'll struggle to influence international stuff like air pollution.
Looking like less control. At one time we were throwing them wide open with no controls. We still are in NI.

We wont put visas in for EU because we don't want them for our citizens. So borders. Nothing changes with #BritishIndependence
Wasn't immigration the big thing?
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