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Why #CAA_NRC_NPR is much needed?

India is a sovereign country. Every country maintains a right to control its borders & the government decides who comes enters, who stays for how long & which documents are necessary for the alien visitors to provide.
Our country has had a long history of continuous invasion & barbaric subjugation of the natives through forced conversions, beheadings, rapes, kidnapping, destruction of our places of worship, etc. #CAA_NRC_NPR
To a great extent such behaviour has been reduced, but it unfortunately rears it ugly head whenever Muslim population rises above 25% of the total population. For example, Lebanon. #CAA_NRC_NPR
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Article 14 & CAA
In a recent TV debate on Puthiya Thalaimurai, BJP KT Ragavan & VCK Thirumavalavan locked horns on the Article 14- “Equality of Law”. Ragavan argued when everyone is equal in the law, why not bring Common Civil Code? For which Thirumavalavan gave a fitting reply.
Devious Ragavan had other ideas; I’ll come to it later. First let’s see abt Art14 & some of the observations made by Supreme Court on it.

Article 14
The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or equal protection of laws within the territory of India.
The principle of equality of law means not the same law should apply to everyone, but that a law should deal alike all in one class; that there should be an equality of treatment under equal circumstances 👇
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#Thread on Hindu temples in Afghanistan

Name Afghanistan comes from "Upa-Gana-Stan" which means "Place inhabited by allied tribes" in sanskrit

During the rule of Jaya Pal, Lord Shiva worship was dominant in Afghanistan
@LostTemple7 @Aabhas24 @vivekagnihotri #IndiaSupportCAA
The place where Kabul’s main mosque stands today was the place of an ancient Hindu temple

And the story of its capture is kept alive Afghan legend which describe I$lamic hero Sabuktagin who killed Hindus and destroy their temple to put a mosque in its place
Pakthoons are descendants of the Paktha tribe mentioned in vedic literature

Jaipal Dev could not withstand the attack of Ghazni and lost the war

Ghazni named the mountains in Afghan as Hindu Kush which means ‘Killer of Hindus’ to describe the Hindus who died on their way
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Thread of @arifmohammadk (@KeralaGovernor)'s views (Full video --> ) regarding #CAA_NRC_support :


Condition of Scheduled Castes in #Pakistan
@arifmohammadk @KeralaGovernor 2/n
@arifmohammadk @KeralaGovernor 3/n

Misuse of Draconian Blasphemy law to subjugate minorities...

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Why people are opposing CAA ?
Why are they calling it unconstitutional.
Why are they protesting against it.
You must be having these questions in your mind.
I studied the very fact related to the issue and here I reached to the conclusion 1/n #ISupportCAA #CAASupport
I'm sharing it with you being a SANE citizen
Woke Indians are protesting alongside Muslims against CAA that's actually a good sign for a secular progressive democracy. I appreciate their efforts to support their brothers but definitely they are misguided or having half knowledge
They are supporting muslims in a fight that is absurd, not the support but the PROTEST, THE FIGHT.
CAA is an act that will award Indian Citizenship to immigrants who are living in Indian territories before or on 31st december 2014. The controversy about the act is,
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@erbmjha 2.

Must listen to this.
@erbmjha 3.
90 Hindus killed in Amarnath Yatra in 2001 but no stone pelting in our country.Many Hindus killed in Kashmir ,force to leave their home, no stone pelting in our country. But today when CAA are passed for minorities of afghan,pak and Bangld,...
@erbmjha 4. Jehadis can blindly trust NDTV for coming to their rescue. Amazing consistency
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এনাদের হিন্দু উদ্বাস্তুর প্রতি বিদ্বেষ আর ঘৃণা অকল্পনীয়।বুদ্ধিজীবীরা যদি অসহিষ্ণু হয়, আমাদের কথা, হিন্দু উদ্বাস্তুর কথা, কে বলবে?
আমরা সাহায্য চাই না। আমরা বাঁচতে চাই।
এ লড়াই বাঁচার লড়াই। এ লড়াই জিততে হবে।
#CAA আইন হিন্দু উদ্বাস্তুর স্বার্থে। এ আইন আমার, আপনার স্বার্থে।
All these years you have tried to exterminate, and when that fails, intern, dehumanise Hindus fleeing persecution and worse by Muslim majority populations. You want to render them, us, me, faceless, voiceless, formless. You are uncompassionate. You are India's #Left-#Liberals.
I thought I, a Hindu refugee legatee, was privileged to be in India, to be an Indian. For decades I felt gratitude demanded that I meekly accept successive Govts toeing the line of least resistance, of capitulating in fear of the Left-Liberal-Muslim veto. I would swallow my rage.
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What is the difference between a ‘refugee’ and an ‘illegal immigrant’?

Refugees are ‘legal’ asylum seekers who who fled persecution from other countries. Eg: Sikh Refugee

Illegal immigrants enter or stay in India without a valid visa & can be arrested & deported. Eg: Rohingyas
These refugees INFORM & seek refuge from the govt & enter Indian borders.

Illegal immigrants are those who like shown in the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ enter the country without permission & pose a threat to national security!

#CAA_NRC #CAASupport
Those refugees who are legally under India’s asylum have been provided an eased up process to gain citizenship in India - instead of 11 years, they can now get citizenship in 6 years!

They can get jobs, pay taxes & join the formal economy. Most importantly, lead a dignified life
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1. Only BJP ruled states or those states going to elections soon facing Violence by unruly, projected &planted Mob

2. No such agitations in Cong or allies ruled state

3. Cong &allies calling them innocent who open fire, burn buses, attack ambulance

4. Leaders of cong and their friends found standing with the the Rioters mobs encouraging them for more violence

5. When exposed blame govt and police for everything

6. All these things cong is doing only to get citizenship for Pakistani & Bangladeshi Muslims


7. After all this too congis and their allies want ppl shd not call them AntiNationals.

8. They think ppl are fool and wont understand this plot of carrying out riots and burn the whole nation by cong and their friends.

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सरल भाषा में समझें नागरिकता कानून का सच
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One of the best videos i have seen.

मेरे अंदर का SECULARISM मर गया आज !

अगर अाप का Secularism भी मर गया हो तो SHARE जरूर करें ।

डर लगता है।
एक Aflaq पे अमिरका तक देश बदनाम हो गया मेरा और
मै Chandan Sharma का नाम तक भूल गया!
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#Jamia matters to be heard by the Chief Justice's Bench of Delhi High Court soon. Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves mentions the matter concerning the release of detained students which was transferred from the Single Judge Bench.
CJ DN Patel says it would be taken up.
Counsel says the police entered into the campus. One student has suffered gunshot injury which the police has denied, One student has lost his eye.
#JamiaMilliaIslamia #CAA_NRC #CAASupport #Section144
Counsel refers to reports and photographic evidence to show that the police entered the campus. Police fired tear gas shells. @DelhiPolice
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