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I just finished re-reading the #Iliad

Or rather, I read @stephenfry’s highly enjoyable version “Troy”

Here are a couple of points with some relevance to today’s war in #Ukraine

A short 🧵(with some classical art)

/1 Image
Who is to blame for the war, and at what point did it become inevitable?

Was it the Trojan abduction of Helen, the judgement of Paris, the lottery Odysseus organised, Paris’ and Antimachus' undermining of the Greek ultimatum?...

/2 Image
Or was it the challenge Troy presented to Agamemnon’s hegemony as “king of men”....
... or the Greek pursuit of Troy’s spoils?

In the case of Russia vs Ukraine, we also see multiple reasons being debated, some more realistic than others.

(Did someone say 'Mearsheimer'?)

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La manera més ràpida de matar la independència, és matar la nació. Sense nació, no hi ha independència, perquè no hi ha independències no nacionalistes. No oblideu que estan fent això, amb el suport d’Esquerra, Junts i la CUP, en un acord de govern del 52%.
Heu de saber que dret d'autodeterminació no aplica a “empadronats a Comunitats autònomes” sinó NOMÈS a “Nacions” per què si apliquès a tot col·lectiu humà sense autogovern, podrien inddependitzar-se els clubs de petanca de futbol o bé la Región de Múrcia.
La Declaració Universal dels Drets Humans diu que tinc dret a una nacionalitat. El nacionalisme no implica menysprear altres nacionalitats, ni supremacisme, ni imperialisme, sinó reconeixement d'una identitat, permanència, una cultura, una llengua i una tradició. Soc català. Si
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(Justice Gorsuch sits next to Justice Sotomayor on the bench):
Justice Thomas and Justice Alito also reportedly took off their masks after they entered the courtroom on Friday, as we discussed on the @StrictScrutiny_ episode about arguments in the test/vax cases.…
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#Radix is at #CES, perfect time for an informational MEGATHREAD about @radixdlt! Radix is a sharded and #decentralized distributed ledger that is specifically built to serve DeFi. Rather than fixing #scalability by breaking #composability, Radix delivers both without compromises!
Consensus layer: Cerberus.

After seven years of intense R&D and testing, the academic whitepaper of Radix’ Cerberus consensus protocol was published in 2020. Cerberus allows the Radix network to scale linearly with no upper limits!
On top of that, Cerberus also allows for atomic composability across shards! These are two features that are critical for DeFi. It's achieved through the unique 'braided' synchronization of consensus across shards and the ability for all transactions to be processed in parallel.
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#Radix $eXRD Research project
Still unknown to many, Cassandra is one of the most significant ongoing research projects in the crypto-space today. The findings from Cassandra will have a huge impact on the future of digital currencies and DeFi.
R&D has always been a significant part of the development of Radix. Other large projects in the crypto-space such as #cardano and #Dfinity have also realised the importance of R&D and have been rightfully praised for taking a scientific approach to development.
Building prototypes and testing them is a major part of a proper R&D cycle. The benefits of building a prototype can be seen in the case of #polkadot's #kusama network.
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You know you're into far flung edge cases when the #cassandra tests look as follows: $exrd

1. Spin up 32 validator network
2. Spam at 50 tps
3. At block head 20 shut down 28 validators
4. Continue operating 4 remaining until liveness issue @ head ~65
5. Remaining validators should make probabilistic progress.
6. Bring 28 validators back online @ head ~90
6. Returning validators will disrupt network topology
7. Returned validators sync to current head
8. Liveness should immediately return @ head ~100

Real nasty!

Step 8 should say Deterministic safety & liveness should immediately return @ head ~100

We have probabilistic liveness / safety between steps 3 - 8
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Throughout the day a few folks have correctly noted that there are indeed hybrid consensus platforms such as $dot #symbol #eth2 & others.

However there's a subtle but important difference in #cassandra that perhaps warrants "hybrid" as the incorrect term.

Clarification then...
As far as I understand, these solutions are essentially two separate consensus mechanisms.

Probabilistic to perform state transitions, with deterministic to finalise the best version of the former.

It works & does the job required, so why is #cassandra different?

Think of a hybrid car. There is a petrol engine & electric motor working together to move the car.

They are 2 separate systems & are open loop, one way. The engine if needed can generate electricity for the motor, but the motor doesn't produce anything useful for the engine...
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One key area of research I'm doing with #cassandra is testing hybridization of deterministic & probabilistic consensus models.

Successfully doing so would provide an almost "best of both worlds" type model.

Probabilistic (#nakamoto) has strong liveness guarantees but is never really safe.

Deterministic (classical) guarantees safety but is difficult to resolve both liveness and safety issues. Usually requiring some #godmode
The #cassandra approach has 2-phases.

The 1st phase is probabilistic promoting liveness to a strong guarantee.

The 2nd phase receives the output of the 1st phase and produces a classical 2f+1 safety threshold.
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#Cassandra: #SARS1 bound "Spikes" to Human #ACE2 receptors ONLY. Those are rare in healthy people.

In #SARS2 & #MUTANTS (#COVID19) they now bind ALSO to #Furin receptors, as in #HIV/#AIDS & #Ebola, which makes it 1000 x as #Infectuous:

— RT World News…
#Cassandra: January 2020 article:

Uncanny similarity of 4 unique #Inserts in the 2019-nCoV (SARS-CoV-2) spike protein to #HIV1 (AIDS) #Gp120 and #Gag:

#Cassandra: Article March 2020.

#SARS_CoV_2 (COVID19) is NOT Natural !

#Czech molecular biologist, Dr. Soňa Peková explains in layman terms that #COVID19 virus originates from a lab, and the Americans try to refute it (Updated):… via @dimsum Daily
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In the run up to the #USPresidentialElections2020 when the characters & stories seem more mind-boggling than ever, it can be difficult to discern...
'How the fuck did the world end up here'?

Some great answers/insight here #Kleptopia 👏📕
Uncivil & Outright Criminal Behaviour seems to have been normalised throughout societies everywhere;

- Politics
- Crony Capitalism
- Social Media
- Reality TV
... Even Sport 🧐

I've tried to get my head around it with the help of some good books & following smart journo's Image

To understand the rise of;
-Strongman leaders
-Shady financiers

& other maniacal actors worldwide, there's some good reading in the pics below & above👀

#politicains #bankers #crooks #spooks #crime #money #power Image
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So, my thread on how to choose databases for your web apps starts in 20 minutes time. Hope y'all are ready ?However, this time i would love it to be an interactive session where we can learn from each other about database preferences for specific web apps and the use case
This is what we want to talk about today. Take a really good look at the image below. Study it well. Also notice the words at the 3 vertexes of the triangle. CONSISTENCY, AVAILABILITY & PARTITION-TOLERANCE (Big English - but fear not, we shall demystify all and it'll all be easy)
If we also look at the image in the previous tweet on this thread we can see some popular databases placed at certain sides of the triangle. It is important to note also the positioning of some of a particular point on each side. We shall discuss this in more detail soon. #thread
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@georgberky 14/ New trends in Databases

not necessarily for #groovylang, but something everyone needs to know like #jooq #hibernate #postgres #neo4j #tinkerpop #cassandra #redis #mongodb
15/ #groovypuzzlers or a similar interactive session to get people talking about #groovylang
16/ Dynamic vs static programming in #groovylang

- performance differences
- tooling improvements
- etc
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