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#SmearAlert My writing/vids must be becoming awfully Effective given the #RiseInAttacks lately. Noting, for their Smears, Inventions, Lies, Revisions of History, as of date:

Judging by the convolutions, repetitions, targeted attacks rolled out by the Spoo'k crowd post the #PedoSatanicSpook tweet, it sounds like all await a repeat Public Ed effort on #EllaFree #MidgeMathis #DrKatherineHorton-Thx. Offers an opp. to re-post vital articles, excerpts. 2/
Those like #OrtaineDevian #AndySpoo #DeborahWeber & a few others, in particular, appear variously confused & keen to lash crudely out, always a prob. I'm sure when alligators used to mud-wrestling encounter a truth-telling journalist. 3/
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So, my thread on how to choose databases for your web apps starts in 20 minutes time. Hope y'all are ready ?However, this time i would love it to be an interactive session where we can learn from each other about database preferences for specific web apps and the use case
This is what we want to talk about today. Take a really good look at the image below. Study it well. Also notice the words at the 3 vertexes of the triangle. CONSISTENCY, AVAILABILITY & PARTITION-TOLERANCE (Big English - but fear not, we shall demystify all and it'll all be easy)
If we also look at the image in the previous tweet on this thread we can see some popular databases placed at certain sides of the triangle. It is important to note also the positioning of some of a particular point on each side. We shall discuss this in more detail soon. #thread
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The very 1st time the "public" heard the words Uranium One
Was during the Oregon Standoff
Of Patriots against the corrupt Federal agencies of the BLM, Fish& Wildlife, EPA and FBI.

Court documents were unearthed connecting HRC and Reid

All the documents are still out there.

All the facts remain.

If "I" know what "I" know,
And have seen with my own eyesight...

It's just hidden from view of the public at this time.

Historical Betrayal of Us ALL.

It's coming.
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Reminder: @JoshMeyerDC pulled back the curtain not just on Obama's sabotaging of #ProjectCassandra with is investigative report; he also helped clarify exactly what this Iranian regime really is: a gang of criminal thugs.
Not only has the Iranian regime been exporting terrorism by shipping weapons & manpower to various proxy wars around the region; it's also been funding & supporting itself through a very lucrative world wide trade in illegal narcotics such as cocaine.
Before Obama, this criminal regime was being held in check. Obama spent 8 years implementing a radical policy in which an Iranian backed nuclear hegemony over the Middle East was forgone conclusion; it could only be 'managed' or delayed, not stopped.
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