In the run up to the #USPresidentialElections2020 when the characters & stories seem more mind-boggling than ever, it can be difficult to discern...
'How the fuck did the world end up here'?

Some great answers/insight here #Kleptopia 👏📕
Uncivil & Outright Criminal Behaviour seems to have been normalised throughout societies everywhere;

- Politics
- Crony Capitalism
- Social Media
- Reality TV
... Even Sport 🧐

I've tried to get my head around it with the help of some good books & following smart journo's Image

To understand the rise of;
-Strongman leaders
-Shady financiers

& other maniacal actors worldwide, there's some good reading in the pics below & above👀

#politicains #bankers #crooks #spooks #crime #money #power Image

Politicians & leaders everywhere have embraced #disinformation & reframe history to distort the present while they attempt power grabs 🌎

They use opaque #offshore financial networks to extract wealth and move it around the world #FinCENFiles

Then there's #SocialMedia 🤪📵 ImageImageImageImage

#SocialMedia is an Attention & Engagement economy

It's business model is aimed at #hype & #clicks
#algorithms favour salacious, surprising, blood boiling & often untrue info

It now spreads further, faster & deeper than any previous form of news media

We have a Problem🤯

It created competing realities for different groups which can result in the crazy partisan type conversations we all see around us regularly 📺📵


Before 2005, if you weren't interested in #politics & #currentaffairs you could blissfully ignore

Now🙈🙉❌ Image

You're drawn into #politics & #currentaffairs via every screen you see

It can be overwhelming & seem bat-shit crazy

So if you're not a discerning consumer of this type of news (& you get your info from #facebook )
Can send people a bit🤯

Trusting the #news we get gives us all an anchor point & common understanding - It's comforting and is hopefully based on #facts

The main emotional response #socialmedia seems to engender is #Fear & #Anger

#WarOfTheWorlds #OrsonWells #FakeNews

aeon.co/essays/a-radio… Image

#RealityTV has a lot to answer for too!

In a push for more & more content, around 2000 Reality TV became the de rigueur for broadcasters

Churn out Inexpensive, engaging & less filtered📺

It also re-launched a bankrupt #DonaldTrump via #TheApprentice FFS!

On that note.. ImageImageImageImage

It offered a platform to some very questionable characters who would have previously been marginalised in society (criminal / outrageously brash / extreme)!

Dodgy characters filtered into #sport too

Reality, decency & cultural norms often seem passé today

How to fix it?🤔 ImageImageImageImage
#Moneylaundering in & unregulated #gambling in #football 💸🎲🌏

#Drugs and #criminalcartels in #boxing 🥊💊🔫

Checks & Balances seem to be eroding...⚖️

Globalisation has opened sport up to Transnational Organised Crime

Social Media & TV Legitimises questionable characters! ImageImageImageImage
Money needs laundering (Proceeds of Crime/Capital Flights etc) 💸
➡️Football Club financial difficulty
➡️Front company/shells/bagmen
➡️Dodgy Lawyers/Solicitors
➡️Dodgy Auditors/Administrators
➡️Poor scrutiny/Regulation
Rinse&Repeat ImageImage
For casual football fans who are confused by these continuous #fraud (s) and scratching their heads thinking...

"It must be OK because big companies who are highly regulated are involved in the processes"

Think again!🤪

#Auditors #Banks #Football

@FD @tomburgis @JamesPiotr ImageImage
There seems to be a proliferation of these types of frauds involving sport ⚽️🥊

@JackPittBrooke @david_conn @nicolatallantsw @MiloPete

- Money Laundering (Source of 💰 Drugs, Financial Scams/Investment schemes/Trafficking/Capital Flight)
- Layered through property developers.. ImageImageImageImage
If you needed reminding that wherever there are large money flows & weak regulations, there will be organised crime ... READ THIS! 💸👀

#Gangsters hold 🔫 to #QPR Directors head at Half Time @EFL

@mr_gillard (link below) is BRILLIANT!

thebristolcable.org/series/cornerm… Image

@mr_gillard book #forqueenandcurrency explains the type of fraud that goes on too (Rufus #charlton / #ponzi)

His book #Legacy also gives an interesting insight into #Organisedcrime links to #Westham

Brilliant journalist!👏📕 Buy his books. They are 👌
Before #Paldini was held at gunpoint in the Directors Box at Half Time at #QPR he'd instigated his own "hostile takeover" which reads like a scene from @Succession_HBO

Andrew Barclay of Barclay Bro's lineage when he tried to purchase #CAFC;

"Joke of a situation.
Rename Charlatan Athletic until situation resolved with stable leaders/owners ?
EFL farting around whilst clubs go under & stripped to the bone by conmen. V Sad."

#Southall #Bassini

Incredible interview & insight into lobbying, how deals are done within Trumps world and the cast of characters that get behind the curtain 👀

#LevParnas #Trump #Giuliani #PresidentialDebate2020 #Ukraine #Turkey #USA
This is a great overview from @MoisesNaim from his talk with @Columbia_Biz

Gives more understanding around the stories in @tomburgis #Kleptopia and elaborates on my point in this thread.

A good watch - Eye opener 👀

Dark & Tragic BUT topical none-the-less

This is horrible, however it's in-line with exactly what is talked about in this thread...

Reality TV/ Social Media has created a weak grey zone for nefarious actors to semi-legitimise
#Norcross #TOWIE #RealityTV


The topics in this 'thread' seem to be slowly getting more widespread attention - Much needed!

This should be an interesting watch 👀📺
#Crime #Mob #Mafia #Cartels #SocialMedia #RealityTV #Podcasts #Politics #Sport #Governments
#AttentionEconomy #MTK
I feel like a #Cassandra sometimes - Mind you, this stuff wasn't hard to predict post Brexit 🤔📺⬇️

Fox News and giving primetime to extreme views is coming to the UK... 'Yay'! 🤦

This #Thread gets more relevant by the day.


Again, on the note of #RealityTV and the glamorisation of Crime...

In Israel, one of the major Mafia Dons there (#YaakovAlperon) family had their own show 📺🤯


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More from @Livooo

2 Feb
@BBCPanorama #boxingandthemob #kinahan #MTK

Here's an interesting parallel tale from 1980's boxing! 🥊


1.Dark Money (Fraud/Stole from banks)
2.Associated with big name boxer (Ali)
3.Paid Boxers/Trainers over the odds
4.Laundered stolen💸

If you control the big name (e.g. Fury) & there is a lack of scrutiny in professional boxing - Bingo!

-Big name📸📺
-Grow brand📈
-Attract more fighters🥊💰
-Appear mainstream
-More shows/opportunities 2 launder💸
-Side deals (podcasts/clothing/vodka/property)🤝💱
-Big following ImageImageImage
In some ways - Hats off - Good business!

Entertainment product - Fans - Leverage brand✅

Key issues though;

According to Irish, Spanish, UK police the source of those funds R allegedly from criminal enterprises!

(Drugs, Logistics/Trafficking, Weapons, 💰Laundering services).
Read 4 tweets
25 Jan
Bigger than #ElChapo bigger than #PabloEscobar 💉💊☠️💰

Big news then, I guess 👀


Huge numbers! $400 billion+ pa 🌎🌍🌏
National security type influence.

Social - Political - Economic

Where does all that money go? 🤔🔁💸
When illegal drug operations get this big, they cross borders, networks become huge & they need protection/assistance

According to well documented incidents, intelligence agencies sometimes oversee 👀

Political expedience
#VangPao #Laos #KhunSa #Golden🔺
There are loads of other well-documented episodes

The untraceable huge sums of 💰 from drugs come in very handy for clandestine funding of "off the books" type operations


When you're fighting for national interests, can it be justified? #ColdWar ImageImageImageImage
Read 7 tweets
22 Jan
@martynziegler @TheAthleticUK

The 'buzz word' in business - Footy is soon to get it's dose

What's this about though?

#Control #Money #power

These 'Elite' club owners will point to #UEFA & #FIFA chequered pasts & say "We'll do it better"

Despite massive numbers in revenues💰💱 Football clubs are so bloated, the top guys feel they need more!

For long term planning, they need control of the rules of competition too.

The huge swathes of capital hoarded by the investment banks/rich are willing to fund this new comp
The #PremierLeague will end up a place for the 'Elite' teams in the new #EuropeanSuperLeague to play their so called reserve squads - Because the rewards on offer merit that.

That said, with the huge revenues they will dominate, those reserve squads will still be the best ⚽️🤯💁
Read 7 tweets
3 Jan
"Life imitating art" 📽️

Saw a headline last week about the #VaticanBank being involved in some mysterious money flows, so decided to watch the newly edited #Godfather 3 #Coda


For those that don't know the connections, read on... Gives the📽️an added dimension 👀🕵️‍♀️ ImageImage
In the film, Michael #Corleone is effectively trying to break from the #Mafia life & channel his family wealth into something 'legit'

To do that, he tries to exploit an opportunity with the #VaticanBank who are attempting to plug holes in their balance sheet

#Immobiliare 💸 Image
In the film, #Immobiliare is a real estate vehicle owned by the Vatican & #DonCorleone wants to buy-in with his ill gotten gains & create a European conglomerate that will elevate the family for generations to come

Now for the obvious (& not so obvious) parallels with reality Image
Read 17 tweets
11 Nov 20
I noticed the #Derby #takeover is looking on shaky legs from the reporting today - Quelle surprise!

In addition to the thread & background Offshore/Samuelson/Obolensky, thought it might be worth posing more questions

How do these people/structures work?
I've read quite a lot about ⚽️ finances & the machinations of 💸 in the offshore world.

So, I'll try and give some crude speculation below (with a couple of factual references) & see if we get anywhere near the mark 🧐

Money Men - Fronts - Frauds bbc.co.uk/sport/football…
Trust/Offshore Companies are involved in Fiduciary Duties

They take sources of funds (often from discreet, cautious & sometimes nefarious characters)

It is then their job then to create structures to protect, move, make accessible (& sometimes invest💸)

Read 16 tweets
7 Nov 20
*Football, Finance, Front Companies & Exotic Benefactors*


I saw a story this week about @DerbyCounty_TT & their looming takeover - Sounds exciting!

Something really piqued my interest though

A couple of names in the report that I've seen before

#Offshore 🕵️‍♂️⚽️💸🌴 Image

The two 'Shadow Brokers' who get fleeting mentions over the last 15 years as the cast of foreign ownership in English football has become increasingly... 'cosmopolitan' are;

*Chris Samuelson* & *Andrew Obolensky*

Who are they?

What do they do??

Why should we care??? Image

Well, they've appeared in a few books I've read over the years, so I did some searches to try and understand more & connect the dots.

In a nutshell, they seem to be;


#ShellCompanies #Offshore ImageImageImageImage
Read 23 tweets

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