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Quels pays sont les plus démocratiques ? 🌎

Dans ce #thread avec @TF1Info, on vous dévoile l’état de la #démocratie dans la monde grâce au dernier classement de @TheEIU, entreprise britannique appartenant à @TheEconomist.
Chaque année, @TheEconomist publie un classement des pays selon l’état de leur #démocratie. Mais comment les pays sont-ils classés ? 🤔
@TheEconomist attribue à chaque pays un #index #démocratique (une note sur 10), calculé grâce à la moyenne de plusieurs indicateurs : processus #électoral et #pluralisme, fonctionnement du #gouvernement, participation #politique, culture politique et #libertés #civiles.
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Aquí está la iniciativa sobre reforma política y electoral que se presentó ayer en el Congreso y que propone las siguientes modificaciones:…
1. Reducir de 40 a 33 el porcentaje mínimo para que el resultado de un proceso de revocación de mandato sea vinculante; curioso que no se haya propuesto lo mismo para las consultas populares y más sabiendo que estas podrían solicitarse cada año...
2. Eliminar totalmente el financiamiento ordinario (el de año con año) a los partidos políticos. Mantiene el financiamiento público para campañas electorales sin mayores modificaciones al esquema de distribución del 70-30%; una fórmula perversa que no fue tocada en lo absoluto.
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Saleem Safi & Imran Khan give brief history of #MaulanaFazalurRehman & #JamaateIslami Secret Connection with Mr #PervezMusharraf on #WarOnTerror & #NoConfidenceMotion

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو
1 - Mr Hamid Mir & Mr Imran Khan give brief history of #NoConfidenceMotion & Pre-Poll & Post-Poll #Electoral #Rigging in #Pakistan

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو #SindhHouse #SindHouse
2 - Mr Hamid Mir & Mr Imran Khan give brief history of #NoConfidenceMotion & Pre-Poll & Post-Poll #Electoral #Rigging in #Pakistan

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو #SindhHouse #SindHouse
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#Primer on #Ethiopian Politics

#Unitarist Vs #Federlaist

- Has little to do with level of #decentralisation of power ordinarily associated with these notions

A critical mass of Ethiopians support #federalism-incl most, if not all, forces within ruling party - incl Abiy - 1
For #ethnonationalists, I believe, any politics based on individual #equality (citizenship or republican politics) is #Unitarist - so #Nigeria, #Kenya (which ban ethnic parties), #Germany and #UnitedStates are Unitary, regardless of their robust federal/devolved structures - 2
What ethnonatioanlists consider #federalist is actually politics based on #ethnicity - (which goes beyond ethnic federalism) - much like Arend Lijphart's prototypical #consociational system - so soemthing like #Belgium and #BosniaHerzegovina, but for 80+ ethnic groups – 3
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THREAD on Friday's parliamentary crisis in #Mogadishu and broadly #Somalia's existing #electoral turmoil. I discuss what happened, and towards the end, I offer a possible electoral solution for a way forward. 1/17
At stake are two issues: did #Speaker #Mursal and opposition MPs follow the parliamentarian procedures, and does the speaker have the authority, under the parliament's rules & regulations, to suspend the 15 opposition MPs for 5 seating? Second, where do we go from here? 2/17
The speaker cited Art. 16 (1,2); Art. 18 (a, b); Art. 19 - 1 (b, c, d, e, f, g) & Art. 28-5 (n). Most of the above articles deal with the speaker's powers, the deputies, and governs' behaviors/conduct of legislators when parliament is in session. 3/17
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¿Por qué se ha disparado el #dólar en estos días? El #InvestigadorCIUP @CParodiT lo explica en tres puntos (Hilo)
Primero, la incertidumbre #electoral. Es usual que en las semanas previas a cualquier proceso electoral aumente la demanda por #dólares y con ella su precio.
Segundo, la incertidumbre sanitaria. El lento proceso de #vacunación y el aumento de los #contagios generan una mayor cautela en las decisiones de #inversión.
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So let's unpack this.

We hear a lot about "#dashboards"; we were even promised sight of one, back in March* - though we've not seen it yet.

But what are they, in reality?

*… ImageImage
Well, for starters, we know quite a bit about @NHSEngland's 'dashboard(s)': back in March, @MattHancock gave it powers to DEMAND confidential patient information from care providers*, for (broadly defined) "#COVID19 purposes"...

Under the #COPInotices:…
...and we know @NHSEngland's hoovering up *at least* 70 different datasets into its #DataStore (the list at is no longer comprehensive due to the controversial contents of some of the datasets).

As its "#PrivacyNotice" points out,… Image
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1] As citizens wait patiently for the #HighCourt ruling on the matter regarding #MDC_T's parenthood of the #MDC_A, i fail to see how the judgement changes anything really.

This is because the #MDC_A is now a political party.
Something which a court can neither confirm nor deny.
2] The crux of this matter is more #political than it is #legal.

Though #Mwonzora & team were arguing today that the #MDC_A was an #electoral pact which merely now exists as some faction of the #MDC, only a week ago, he had people recalled for joining a party called "#MDC_A".
3] Although #Mwonzora was argues the MDC-A is a 2018 coalition, which ceased to exist post elections, nothing suggest the "individual parties" continued existing as such.

For post 2018 bi-elections,what strategy was used to choose candidates if the parties remained autonomous?
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📢🔔Some good news amidst the pandemic:

Our article, "Protesting Parties: a comparative analysis", co-authored with Swen Hutter @swenhutter, is now published open-access in Party Politics:…

These are some of the key contributions we make (thread 🧵1/8)
Bridging the literature on party competition and protest politics, we examine the extent to which parties mobilize in the #protest arena, the types of protest events they sponsor, and the profile of the typical #ProtestingParty [2/8]
The analysis is based on protest events (@PoldemData) in 30 European countries between 2000 and 2015.
We show that party involvement depends on the dynamics in the protest arena and on context differences, such as the age of #democracy and the strength of #CivilSociety [3/8]
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Our Winter 2019/20 issue is now online!

Read articles by @SheenaGreitens, @ImMyungheeLee, and @emir__yazici, Brendan Rittenhouse Green & Austin Long, @j_r_mcallister, Galen Jackson, and @Andy_J_Payne.

#AcademicTwitter #PolicyTwitter
Articles for Vol. 44, No. 3 include:

"#Counterterrorism and Preventive Repression: #China's Changing Strategy in #Xinjiang" by @SheenaGreitens, @ImMyungheeLee, and @emir__yazici.…

This article is indefinitely *ungated* (free!) thanks to @mitpress!
"Conceal or Reveal? Managing Clandestine #MilitaryCapabilities in Peacetime Competition" by Brendan Rittenhouse Green & Austin Long.…
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A Thread on #ElectoralBonds Investigations. Please stay with me.

There is something useful towards the end of this tweet-trail.

1. Happenings in Maharashtra show why #ElectoralBonds, a to flush secretly funnel unaccounted money into politics, is dangerous for our democracy.
2. The #Electoral Bond Investigation series, hosted by @HuffPostIndia, was based on #CommodorePapers. Transparency activist, Commodore Lokesh Batra (retd) retrieved the docs under the RTI Act.
3. Commodore Batra required nearly 2 years to pull the files out with repeated RTIs and a lot of effort.

Every one of us who values these revelations on the scandalous #ElectoralBonds must thank him.

Modi govt has now diluted the RTI law.
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2019 presidential #elections in #Afghanistan
IEC Launches Voter Registration Process…

“The voter registration sites will remain open from 7 am until 4 pm and the process will end on June 28th,” said Hawa Alam Nuristani, the chairwoman of IEC.
Presidential Candidates Reject Negotiating in ARG…

Presidential candidates are not ready to negotiate with President Ghani on the circumstances of his tenure extension in the Presidential Palace (ARG).
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