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After a pause during the pandemic, evictions in the U.S. are returning with a vengeance. Millions of low-income people have been kicked out of their apartments or face removal now that COVID-era moratoriums are being lifted and rents are skyrocketing.
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Princeton University's Eviction Lab says eviction rates are more than 50% higher than pre-pandemic levels in many cities. Nationwide, rent prices are 30% higher than they were in 2019, according to the real estate website Zillow.
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Landlords and renters held rival protests in Oakland, California, recently as the City Council debated lifting moratoriums on evictions and rent increases. Council members voted to end both measures in July but added some protections for people in need.
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1/18 🇪🇹 The Ethiopian government, led by the Prosperity Party and primarily representing the Oromo ethnic group, has been accused of using starvation as a weapon against the Amhara region. In this thread, we'll explore the reasons behind this troubling issue. #Ethiopia #Amhara
2/18 🌍 Ethiopia's diverse ethnic makeup has given rise to ethnic tensions and political rivalries. The Amhara region, home to the Amhara ethnic the group has been particularly affected by these dynamics. #EthnicTension #AmharaRegion
3/18 🏛️ The Prosperity Party, which emerged from the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), has been in power since 2019. The party has strong representation from the Oromo ethnic group, the largest in Ethiopia. #ProsperityParty #Oromo
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We waited all damn day! #HappyValentines #copolitics we are here to say VOTE YES on HB23-1120 🔥

This bill will ensure that TANF, SSI, and SSDI tenants are protected with mediation and support to remedy #eviction

We know ppl w/ disabilities get evicted more often
First we get to hear from the apartment association, which we intend on meeting with a lot on the off season ✨

They are very upset about extending a eviction 20 more days for tenants. It is verrrrry inconvenient they say.

@RepSnyder85 has great questions #copolitics
@WoodrowForCO asks the Apartment Association to share data on when evictions are settled or what the additional 20 day extension would really impact.

AA says "I don't think I've put my experience in a spreadsheet"

We are floored with the entitlement. 🔥#copolitics
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Huge success for our #EndNoFaultEvictions campaign 🎉

We asked @WelshGovernment to extend #eviction notice periods to 6 months for people with pre-existing tenancies – and they are listening. 🧵
Today Welsh Government began a consultation on extending the minimum notice period required by the Renting Homes (Wales) Act from 2 months to 6 months.…
We have seen from our casework how traumatic the existing notice period can be for tenants – the realities of just how hard it can be to find an alternative home over just a short period of time and the impact this can have on their mental health and finances.
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Thread: Millions of renters at risk of eviction are grappling with the news that they are no longer protected by the @CDCgov #EvictionMoratorium. The @USSupremeCourt decision last night makes clear that Congress must act before another nation-wide eviction ban can be issued.
Congress should act now, and states & localities can also take steps to prevent & delay #evictions.

Federal lawmakers can make sure this preventable crisis never happens again by sharply expanding #housing vouchers in upcoming recovery legislation.…
Here is a link to a tool for finding rental assistance in your community. And below are some steps state and local officials should take.…
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Tough choice: @GavinNewsom and @JoeBiden speaking at the same time...
Going w/@GavinNewsom budget talk:

"There's no better investment than #teacher preparation."

You have my attention...

Adding funds for Special Ed, Early Childhood and Preschool- "Historic investments".

Of the $13B in deferrals $9.2B will be paid off- if #CaLeg adopts proposal

$2B to support reopening schools for in-person teaching

Go on... #Budget2021
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/13/2020…
The Real Reason Americans Aren’t Quarantining…

#COVID19 #usa #PandemicResponse
Biden Thinks He’s Tough on China. He’s Just Complacent.…

#china #usa #politics #power
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Small shops, businesses, farmers etc were never really supported by successive govts in this country who have let big corp, multi-nationals, industrial farming etc rule & take-over, especially ruining rural towns, so in a crisis situation zero difference.…
Fascists are of course are exploiting this very issue re Covid now.
& homeless/housing issue to gain traction/support etc...

They're also claiming gardaí's reaction to them yesterday means ppl can no longer "peacefully protest" in Ireland.

We have to make sure that
moving forward we don't allow the gardaí/media to use the far-right as a reason to clamp down on protests in general - there will be times ppl must protest as responsibly as possible following guidelines. eg. #Debenhams #evictions etc etc...

#Right2Protest #AltShite
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With threats of #homelessness and #bankruptcy in the air as the #eviction moratoriums subside, both renters & small #landlords are getting pinched by predatory #tech #capitalism as the #gigeconomy hits the #RealEstate market.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
A “tsunami” of #evictions is about to sweep across the US when the 120-day #moratorium ends today, threatening millions of Americans with #homelessness or worse – a new set of #landlords called #Facebook, #Google and #Apple.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
Powerful #tech players like #IBM, #Microsoft and #Facebook are teaming up with hospital networks with links to the #Vatican and tech lobbying groups to shape the conversation about the future role of tech in the public sphere.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
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Since some have asked, here’s a THREAD highlighting the #housing/#homelessness coverage that earned @PressNH’s Dennis Joos Memorial Award.

I’ve pubbed 200+ stories since 2017, so this will be a sampling, including ones from the contest period.

@FostersDailyDem @seacoastonline Image
This 15-part, multimedia-heavy series from @smgphoto and I kickstarted our coverage and many things.

(Note: It received 6 local, state, regional and national awards, inc. a @NENPA Publick Occurrences and a 1st place investigative award from @nnaonline.)…
A few weeks later, as dialogue was building, a historic 14-day cold snap hit, endangering countless folks. The Seacoast’s 1st-ever emergency walk-in shelter was opened. @smgphoto and I reported there nearly every day. Here’s the Jan. 2018 day it ended.…
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This morning I introduced my amendment protecting renters from evictions, and landlords from foreclosures when a city or village enacts a moratorium due to COVID. #Evictions #Foreclosures #COVID19
A few of my colleagues have given me the courtesy of a heads up (I appreciate it) that they will be challenging the germaness of my amendment to LB 866 to try to kill it procedurally. I'll make my arguments against that on the floor but this is too important of an issue.
Nebraska and the U.S. will be facing an avalanche of evictions in the fall without action by policymakers. As many as 18% of Nebraska renters will be at risk of eviction by the end of September.
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Forced evictions & demolitions during #Covid_19 in Pakistan.
As “Eviction” contradicts the “stay at home” policy, the United Nations has called on member states & governments at all levels to stop all migrations & evictions at this time of pendamic covid-19.
The recent effects of the #COVIDー19 are causing a lot of problems around the world, especially for people who have suffered significant loss of #income. In such a difficult and critical time, ‘#home’ has become a ‘#defense’ against the #coronavirusPandemic.
States around the world are ordering people to stay “at home” to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But at the same time, many states are at risk of being evicted, while at least 150 million people worldwide are homeless and living on temporary shelters or sidewalks.
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Most of you know that wages in the United States have remained stagnant since 1980, when adjusted for inflation. Do you realize, however, that the US is a global #empire and that we are likely witnessing the fall of that empire?

That's right, the US has political or... 1/16
#military control of much of the world. That comes from military support of dictatorships and right wing leaders throughout Central and South America, throughout #Africa and in parts of #Asia, such as India and the Philippines. But that also includes economic control, and... 2/16
economically, we also have a huge amount of control (although not total) over most of #Europe and some of the countries in Asia where we don't have political/military control.

Our "capitalist" system has been corrupted and subverted by the forces of greed. Our once... 3/16
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.@GovHolcomb's weekly #coronavirus briefing is underway.
While younger Hoosiers remain a tiny sliver of IN death toll, Holcomb says they're a growing % of positive cases; 21% of all cases are under 30, vs. 12% at start of the #pandemic. He says it could be gap in underlying conditions, or that younger Hoosiers are taking more risks.
Box: 16% of all cases have been hospitalized, a slight drop from last week. She calls declines in hospitalization encouraging.
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1] Some ppl have been accused of using the "tired song" of ZanuPF's underhand or marriage of convenience with #Mwonzora et al.

It would seem like #ZanuPF has used the "kombayi tirove" tactic in the "kombai titore" hijacking of the MDC Headquarters.

#Mwonzora should be ashamed.
2] Things just don't add up, regardless of how open minded one chooses to be.

The courts surprisingly opened during the lockdown for the judgement.
#Komichi spectacularly came with a prepared acceptance speech.

Guessing a judgement & bringing a related speech are 2 diff things
3] Then came Parliament..

#AdvMudenda inexplicably chose #Mwonzora over #Hwende even before any ruling on the identity of the #MDC-A.

#MaKhupe has been allowed to cross the political floor, with her MPs, with #Nyikadzino being ignored by #Mudenda.

There is a logic to it all.
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#NEW: Los Angeles @MayorOfLA Eric Garcetti is issuing a moratorium on #evictions if you can't pay your rent during this time.

He is also shutting down all bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, gyms, arcades and restaurants (take out only).

Effective at midnight to March 31st@ABC7
@MayorOfLA #BREAKING: Mayor Eric Garcetti is shutting down all bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, gyms, arcades and restaurants can be take out only.

He is also asking places of worship to close their doors.

Effective at MIDNIGHT to March 31st @ABC7
Mayor Eric Garcetti says there will be a loan assistance program for small businesses in Los Angeles to stay afloat as all non-essential establishments are being forced to close until the end of the month.
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