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1. Updated comparison of provincial COVID-19 death rates (per 100,000).

Orange bar ~Delta wave (Sept. 1 - Dec. 31, 2021)
Blue bar ~Omicron wave (Jan. 1 - Apr. 30, 2022)

SK had the highest death rate during the Delta wave & second highest rate during ~Omicron wave.

#covid19sk Image
2. Why are COVID death rates higher in SK than, say, AB and MB?

I don't know the answer but I think it would be prudent for the province to conduct an independent, limited scope review to identify factors and lessons learned in preparation for the fall of 2022. #covid19sk
3. Part of the data set. Please DM if you would like a copy of the complete file. Image
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Invited to a destination wedding earlier in Apr. Awesome place that holds a special place in my ❤️(Vail). Lots of people I miss. All #vaxxed. Many boosted. No masks required. No rapid tests. Declined. One positive couple next AM. Groom & all but 4 guests got #COVID19. #pandemic
In care you’re wondering who did NOT get infected, the common elements were 4 doses of #COVID19 vaccine OR known/suspected past infection + 3 doses of vaccine, with last dose being recent.
That includes the bride. But if you want to know how to put that “in sickness and in health” thing in action, having discordant #COVID19 test results when you should be honeymooning is one way. 🤒👎

I now know where Paxlovid is & isn’t available is about a third of US states.
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WANING—After 3 doses, effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine against Omicron (BA1) hospital admission was 📌85% at <3 months but fell to 📌55% at 3-5 months. For ER admission, VE of 3 doses was 📌77% at <3 months but fell to 📌53% at 3-5 months. 2 doses worse. 🧵… Image
2) Trends in waning against SARS-CoV-2 outcomes due to the delta variant were generally similar, but with higher effectiveness estimates at each timepoint than those seen for the (BA1) #omicron variant.
3) Analyses were done for 11,123 hospital or ED admissions at Kaiser… ➡️effectiveness of two doses against the omicron variant was 41% against hospital admission and 31% against emergency department admission at 9 months or longer after the second dose. 👀
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Juxtaposing these without further comment, because 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Alt txt: Two screen captures of headlines.
On L, piece about rise in school covid cases; on R: piece about transit mask mandate being lifted by a judge.
Okay—yes further comment.

First article: 👇🏾 2/4
Second article 👇🏾… 3/4
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I now have something in common with Speaker Pelosi, AG Garland, Sec Raimondo, Senators Collins, Warnock, & Reps Craig, Schiff, Castro—

Now caught the ‘Rona too. Having some cough, chills & small fever tonight, but doing okay. Luckily boosted. Please #GetBoosted folks.
2) Never went to any parties/social events. Haven’t met with anyone outside family. My son was positive yesterday—he’s been video gaming since. I was negative & no symptoms all yesterday & this morning. This new virus comes on fast. Take it seriously folks. Stay safe.
3) I do wish I had all of my right lung 🫁 though - lost part of it when I was 17 years old. A thymus gland would give me more peace of mind too. But such is life. Many people have unseen immunocompromised/ risk factors. Let’s all try to protect each other. 🙏
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⚠️BA2 DOUBLES IN ONE WEEK—New @CDCgov data shows that #BA2 has now ~doubled to 23.1% from just 11.6% last week (revised 13%). This is a horrendous acceleration from just 7% prior. England surge started when BA2 hit ~half. April increase likely. #GetBoosted…
2) BA2 is surging at an exponential rate. Look at the same surge in #BA2 on a log scale — the green line clearly shows the log-linear steep climb. This is definitely an ominous trend.

Figure by @DrWilliamKu using CDC data.
3) Last week, for March 5th, CDC estimated 11.6%. But for the same week, CDC now admits they grossly underestimated the same week — CDC now revised that up to 13.7%… hence CDC has been underestimating BA2 by a bit. The current 23% could be too low too.
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📣 UPDATED: COVID case/death rates by vaccination rate & partisan lean:…
Once again, these two graphs side by side pretty much say it all. Both measure COVID death rates since May 1, 2021 (when all U.S. adults could get vaccinated). One breaks this out by vaccination rate; the other, by 2020 Trump vote.

Yes, they're basically mirror images.
Left: County-level case rates by vaccination rates since 5/1/21.
Right: County-level *death* rates by vaccination rates since 5/1/21.
#GetVaxxed #GetBoosted
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A new #COVID19 class war of HAVES versus HAVE NOTS—

📍Schools for rich kids—HEPA filters, Upper Room UV disinfection, UV in HVAC, unlimited free testing, and N95 masks.

📍Poorer public schools—Often nothing, zero, zilch.

📌Bonus—Richer parents have HEPA filters at home too.
2) Another factor — more wealthier school districts often have more mask mandates / longer duration of mask rules, which rural schools districts are more often dominated by anti mask school board members. And hence, more COVID risk ask well. The difference is stark too 👇
3) meanwhile, cases are soon to surge for sure. We probably have just one month or less before we see increases in a lot of places nationwide. I’d use this time to prepare our schools and community. Are you boosted yet? #GetBoosted School have HEPA filter or UV or Corsi boxes?
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👀Watching—A suddenly 3-straight days of wastewater #SARSCoV2 ⬆️ increase found in Palo Alto & Mountain View (home to Stanford & Google)—similar to late Jan levels. Such signals usually foretells rising #COVID19 cases 1-2 weeks later. #CovidIsNotOver…
Wastewater is one of the best ways to track early warning signs of coronavirus rise. Here is the best national dashboard from @BiobotAnalytics. Their data is not comprehensive like a census because not all counties & cities participate. (But they should).
Good time to remind folks that masks work — and reduce transmission by 72% in schools that require them. Huge study 👇
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I am going to try to get this point across again with the hope that it will make an impact but with the expectation that it won’t gain traction the way dumb troll lines against Trump get engagements.

But here is a data-based policy thread:
2/ If you look in the Media column of my Twitter account, you will see data from states’ websites that large portions of COVID deaths the last 6-7 weeks are among the vaccinated. It ranges from 23.9% in Michigan, to 50.2% in Massachusetts and 53.6% in Vermont.
3/ When shown these government-sourced numbers, vaccine fanatics say “well, most of the population is vaccinated so these numbers are still better than among the unvaccinated.”

Cool point; one which I do not dispute but this misses a big problem that is going on NOW:
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📍Why is @CDCgov still dragging its feet & not yet redefining “fully vaccinated” as ‘with booster’? It’s obvious original 2-shots (or 1 J&J) isn’t enough anymore—3x hospitalizations vs boosted among elderly. C’mon @CDCDirector. #GetBoosted

HT @DrWilliamKu…
2) Flipping the chart and converting to vaccine effectiveness— the vaccine effectiveness in the elderly age 65+ without booster has now steeply dropped to sub-75%—pay attention people! 👀 #GetBoosted. @CDCDirector needs to act fast!

Figure by @DrWilliamKu from @CDCgov data.
3) Vaccine effectiveness among that not boosted has also collapsed among those age 50-64 to now just ~80% against hospitalization. That’s not good enough. We need boosters.

Figure by @DrWilliamKu
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That’s how many COVID-related deaths the US had from the start of Jan through data released yesterday Feb 18.

2,244 deaths a day.

1,405 was Trump’s average.

You don’t know/feel this from media coverage or from Dem Governor policies because a Democrat is in the WH.
1,321 is the average daily COVID deaths under Biden.

1,405 is Trump’s average.

Biden’s number is a drop of only 6% from Trump which included panicked months of the virus being new while most of Biden’s months had vaccinations.

When will Fauci be fired?
In January of this year, NYC had 32.1% more COVID deaths than last year January without vaccine passes back then, while FL was 33.5% lower this Jan compared to last year January.

Odd. ImageImage
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⚠️Worrisome—New lab experiments from Japan show that #BA2 may have features that make it as capable of causing serious illness as older variants–including Delta! And yet as evasive as old #Omicron cousin BA1. #BA2 🌍 surging—needs upgrade to VOC asap @WHO!…
2) BA2 is seriously bad news. It’s both faster transmission than BA2 and if it’s truly more severe and as evasive against prior immunity including BA1 old #Omicron immunity— then it’d be the worse of 4 worlds. 👀
3) Faster is bad. Very bad. Hard to imagine faster than old Omicron — yet here we are!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
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📍 Who is old enough to remember when many mocked “scariants”? Well, over 100,000 Americans died of #COVID19 in the 50 days (from Dec 15th 2021 to Feb 3 2022) ➡️this sits as the 3rd fastest “100k death interval” behind 34 days & 36 days last winter.

#CovidIsNotOver #GetBoosted
2) It’s not over—COVID deaths with the so-called “mild” #Omicron wave has now exceeded both the spring 2020 wave and the 2021 Delta wave, and still hot on the tail chasing last winter’s #COVID19 peak. Are you boosted yet? #GetBoosted
3) I distinctly remember one person (out of many) who mocked and downplayed variants as scariants— widely cited supposed “expert” Monica Gandhi of UCSF… but now 900k Americans are dead and millions more worldwide. Listen 👇
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It's been 2 weeks since my last evening and overnight call and WOW, what a difference that short time makes in this fast moving Omicron wave.

Here are my observations.


@HRHospital #Omicron #COVID19
First, let's talk numbers.

Far fewer patients were coming in with COVID related complaints and only 23 patients in my 8hrs sample got chest X-rays.

That's down from 40 patients/8hrs 2 weeks ago, and 50 patients/8hrs the week prior.

The crowd is thinning out.

Of those patients that did get chest X-rays, 20 showed no evidence of a COVID pneumonia, and only 3 showed mild pneumonias which were not even definitively COVID pneumonias.

There were no moderate or severe pneumonias.

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📊Amazing BOOSTER results—CDC reports that adults in LA County who were unvaccinated were 📌23x more likely to be #COVID19 hospitalized than those fully vaccinated with a booster! That’s ~95.7% effectiveness during the ~Nov-Jan #Omicron wave. #GetBoosted…
2) Hospitalizations 5x higher in unvaxxed vs those with ~2 jabs (no booster).

For cases, #COVID19 incidence rates unvaccinated persons were 3.6 those of fully vaccinated persons with a booster, and 2.0 among fully vaccinated persons without a booster.
3) Prior to #Omicron predominance, the ratio of hospitalizations between unvaccinated and booster was over 70x! That’s over 98.5% effectiveness with boosters for preventing (mostly #Delta variant) hospitalizations prior to Omicron.
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🧵 I’m not sure what I’m about to say has been made clear to ppl w/o a science or #MedTwitter background. It may be a genuine source of confusion (ie good faith questions), so here goes. Many are saying “If #Omicron makes a given person less sick (which appears to be true)…” /1
“Shouldn’t we just go ahead & get it over with? You know, masks off & almost everyone gets infected & then we’ll be done with it?” I get why someone might think or ask that. It makes sense. But it’s not the right thing to do, & here’s why. /2
There are the things you have prob heard before: even a tiny % of infected ppl dying is a lot of dead if most of the 🇺🇸 (or the 🌍 ) gets #Omicron. And there are overwhelmed hospitals, which cause deaths for other reasons. But this 🧵 isn’t about any of that. /3
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Case load Unvaxed v vax.👇🏽
We have 88 positive Inpatients and 32 are vaccinated, 56 are unvaccinated. There are 21 positive Inpatients in ICU, 4 vaccinated and 17 are unvaccinated. There are 9
positive Inpatients on ventilators, 2 are vaccinated and 7 are unvaccinated.
And the emergency room is packed again today so these numbers will definitely change by the end of the day.
I have a staff meeting at 2pm and therapy after work so please consider getting vaccinated and boosted if you haven't done so yet.
#GetVaccinated it might save your life.
#GetVaccinatedPlease and
#GetBoosted 🙋🏽‍♀️
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I am an Intensive Care Consultant and Clinical Director of one of the largest Critical Care Directorates in the UK

I, my family, and almost every consultant in my Trust are all fully vaccinated and if eligible, boosted…

#MandateVaccines 👍🏻
The science clearly shows that vaccination is very safe and reduces infection, transmission, hospitalisation, severe illnesses, and saves lives.

#MandateVaccines 👍🏻
You hear a lot of crap about “Natural infection”… this isn’t superior to vaccination, partly because the virus is good at suppressing elements of the immune response and partly because immunity wanes…
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Sunday, January 9th, 2021
News you can use.

Try not to laugh...
If your friends whipped up a mob that set up a gallows to hang me outside of my work, I'd turn you in too. At the very least.

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🧵If you follow me on other social channels, this isn't news, but I wanted to discuss here as well.

On 12/31, I tested positive for COVID.

I thought I would share some thoughts with you in a thread that only suits itself to Twitter...using @SchittsCreek gifs only.
On 12/29 I woke up with a VERY mild scratchy throat. Nothing that a sip of water wouldn't take away.

I had no known exposures, but I HAD been at a moderate sized family gathering on Christmas so I tested that evening with a rapid antigen nasal swab test.

It was negative.
The following day my daughter and I picked up our new puppy (wearing masks whenever not in the car) and drove 8 hours home.

That day my throat was still scratchy and I coughed MAYBE 5 times.
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This is horrifying. I expected this to happen at some point in Jan or Feb with #Omicron. I didn't expect it happen on January 1. 💔

🙏 to all of of the volunteer #firefighters & #EMS. Friends, please go donate to your local depts to honor their service. #MedTwitter #Maryland
Listen, important. Most adults in #Maryland are #vaccinated. Fewer kids are. MANY haven't yet gotten a #boostershot (only 70M in entire US pop of 331M #boosted). A booster will ⬇️ risk of hospitalization by 88% & starts protecting you in 7d with major protection in 14d. GO DO IT!
If you're #boosted, THANK YOU. Your job is to call 3 people age 16+ NOW who are #vaccinated but not yet #boosted & tell them to #GetBoosted ASAP. This is time-critical, esp w/ #schools to reopen in 36 hrs. #Baltimore #Maryland, appts here as soon as 1/4:…
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Important to return to policy decisions & their #publichealth impact. @mayorbowser lifted the #maskmandate for DC on 11/22/21, despite many incl me (see below) begging her not to. It was restored 4w later on 12/21/21. Too late. Cases of #COVID19 in DC 🚀 3300% since Thanksgiving.
I truly hate being right about this. We are all tired of masks, but aren’t we are all MORE tired of this #pandemic? Whether or not anyone is “willing to let” #COVID19 control their life, if they were ticketed on one of the >3K US flights canceled over Xmas wknd due to #Omicron
If their kid is being taught by different substitute teachers every few wks in mult classes because teachers are out sick or home with their own sick or quarantined kids, if their small business goes under because #Omicron interrupts supply chains & they can’t fulfill orders…
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Being blunt: No one is coming to save you. To save any of us. Timely tests are all but impossible to get.I’m personally driving home rapid tests I bought online wks ago to people. The effective therapeutics we now have are in VERY short supply. #Omicron
What we do have, abundantly, thank God, is #COVID19 #vaccines, #boosters, & #masks. That is the major difference between now & March 2020 for most of you at risk of #Omicron. If you do not go #GetVaccinated & #GetBoosted the minute you’re eligible, & #WearAMask
You’re are gambling with your life WHEN (not if) #Omicron finds you, or you have any other need to access medical care. In the absence of #leadership, we are it. You are it. Do the right things. #StayHome if you can. This is like a 🚀. Many people are going to get sick QUICKLY.
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