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In this new Commentary, @SaadOmer3 and I discuss the birth & evolution of vaccine science, how vaccinations have changed our world, the current state of vaccines, remaining challenges & future outlook. #VaccinesSaveLives (1/n)…
Live attenuated vaccines worked well by themselves. But, immunization using toxoid alone induced poor immunity. #GastonRamon found that toxoid injected with ‘stuff’ incl. tapioca, lecithin, agar, starch oil, saponin or breadcrumbs improved immunity. (2/n)…
While Alum became the adjuvant used in vaccines for past 100 years, there is a recent expansion in new adjuvants with potent capacity to boost immunity to vaccines. Discovery of pattern recognition receptors and their ligands laid foundation for this👇🏽 @YaleIBIO (3/n)
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1/4 Getting a #COVID19 vaccine produced in record time is no easy feat, as we must ensure any vaccine demonstrates the highest standard of safety and effectiveness. #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives
2/4 There are many steps and partners, across research, government and industry, required to produce and deliver a safe and effective vaccine; all steps and partners are crucial – nothing gets cut. #VaccinesSaveLives
3/4 Instead, fast-tracking means all hands are on deck to increase collaboration, tighten partnerships, and to prepare, plan and run as many steps in parallel as is feasible and appropriate. #COVID19 #Science #Innovation
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Vaccination is one of the top #publichealth achievements of all time, providing safe and effective prevention of serious illness, disability and death due to infectious diseases. #VaccinesSaveLives…
2/4 Until now, the world has never before worked as quickly and with such global solidarity on the technology and #science required to produce a safe and effective vaccine to save lives and reduce the overall impact of the #COVID19 pandemic.
3/4 #Canada has engaged domestically & internationally, involving scientists, researchers, health professionals, regulators, manufacturers and many others to expedite the careful processes of vaccine development, evaluation and production.
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 : Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Monday statement you can read in full here:…
2/5 As we learn to live with #COVID19, we’re hoping for the development of a successful vaccine to reduce the burden of illness and contribute to long-term disease control. #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives
3/5 This is no small feat with many steps and partners needed to rapidly produce and deliver a safe and effective vaccine. We are still a way off from having a safe and effective vaccine for widespread control of #COVID19.
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How do vaccines work?
What is 'herd immunity'?
How effective is vaccination?

Find out more here 👉

#CelebrateVaccines #VaccinesSaveLives #COVID19

@britsocimm @CommonsSTC @LordsSTCom @CMO_England @vaughangething ImageImageImageImage
Your regular reminder that anti-vaxxers constantly undermine our efforts to improve global health, save lives and eradicate preventable diseases.

There's hope that with the right vaccine even #COVID19 may become a preventable disease.

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The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” -…

The Rockefeller foundation, Gates foundation and Clinton foundation and all other Zewish foundations are involved in #CoronavirusPandemic.

#CoronaVirusUpdates #Corona #CoronaVirus
There's a sinister agenda to make forced vaccinations across the world. Big Pharma is in merry.

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On this final #VaxFactsFebruary of 2020, let’s recap:
✅No US #vaccines given to kids are made in China
✅Vaccines do not cause ppl to change gender
✅Vaccines are not toxic
✅>9/10 parents choose to vaccinate
✅US #vaccines are made in Canada, Belgium, Australia, France and the US
✅Vaccines prevent diseases that can be deadly to babies and children
✅BEST was to protect children is to vaccinate according to the CDC schedule— others are not evidence-based
#VaccinesWork! MMR, for example, is 97% effective in preventing #measles
#FluShot prevents ~50% of #flu and reduces hospitalization and death from flu by 65%
#HIB vaccine effectively ended HIB meningitis within just a few years
✅2 of 3 polio strains are GONE! Amazing!
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A thread on why I am not panicking about #Coronavirus #COVID-19.
In 2003, the world experienced an outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). I was in med school. Initially, the illness seemed to be linked with travel to China, but the Chinese government was not saying anything about it.
The cause of SARS was completely unknown, and it was five months between the illness first appearing and the World Health Organization (WHO) becoming significantly involved, alerting public health authorities around the world.
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1/? Just today a young woman posted a guy-wrenching account of her battle with meningococcemia. She advocated for the vaccine that quite literally saves lives every day. The antivaxxine cultists swarmed and spewed their hate and lies and bullied her until she deleted the post.
2/? What they do it disgusting and unacceptable. This survivor was posting her own story about her experience and was hoping to educate others so that they would not suffer as she did, and she did no ON HER OWN PAGE.
3/? Those of you who want to preach your propaganda, lies, and disinformation please keep it to your own pages and echo chambers and stop it with your mob mentality while Cyberbullying innocent people on their personal pages. It’s gross. And immature.
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@hannah_disch I’ve just been through and had a look at which might have been (at least in part) vaccine preventable...
Happy for input from more expert individuals!

Abortive and stillborn: got to be a quite few German measles in there, and due to diseases like flu.
@hannah_disch Ague: no vaccine (yet!) for malaria, but other candidates for the causative agent could be things like flu; which we do vaccinate against.
Bit with a mad dog: definite win for #vaccines here!
@hannah_disch Bloody flux, scowring and flux: rotavirus very much a contender and also cholera!
Again, a win for #vaccines
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The #HPVvaccine does not cause serious neurological harms (specifically #POTS and #CRPS ). My children will most certainly get the #vaccine , I encourage everyone with children to ensure they’re protected.
Peter Gøtzsche has made outrageous claims about the #HPV vaccine.
Gøtzsche claimed the data he relied upon was in a PhD he supervised.
The PhD made no such claim; even when the protocol was modified to include a “post hoc exploratory harms analysis”; with help from Louise Brinth.
Even then it didn’t show serious neurological harms.
This paper looked at the VAERS data (Dec 2014 -Dec 2017):
“We identified 1 report of a possible case of CRPS..”
~28 million doses given.:…
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I’m excited to offer a line of children's health supplements designed to provide targeted boosts to your child’s immune system, optimize their health, and help them reach their wellness goals. These supplements should be integrated into every holistic wellness routine. (1/v)
Developed by leading scientists and backed by research, each of these products works with your child’s natural immune system to support the function of every organ. Best of all, they are typically available at no cost to you at physicians' offices around the world. (2/v)
Available in specific formulations for children of different ages, these two supplements eliminate toxins from your child’s body. They support your child’s respiratory system, maximize brain function, and ensure optimal performance at the neuromuscular junction. (DTaP/Tdap) (3/v)
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Friendly reminder: Herd immunity is LOVE!! 🐃♥️

I created some merch that will hopefully encourage people who can receive vaccinations to get them.…

All proceeds will support @DisVisibility

#FluSeason #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives #flu #fightflu 3 items in diagonal left to right: white ceramic mug, white hoodie sweatshirt, canvas tote, each with a graphic featuring two rows of red hearts and buffalo with text in the center that reads
Herd immunity protects entire communities by reducing the chances of being infected, especially for people who are immunocompromised and others who cannot take them.

"Every vaccinated person adds to the effectiveness of this community-level protection"… A graphic featuring two rows of red hearts and buffalo with text in the center that reads
I got my flu shot a few weeks ago because I get sick, I get SICK. For weeks, not to mention the time to regain strength & recover. As a disabled person, when a flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia can be deadly for me as well as millions of other chronically ill & older people.
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(1/5) For this #SundaySpotlight, join me in commending our state and local health departments who helped stem what @CDCgov's MMRW identified as the most 🇺🇸 cases reported in a single year since 1992. #SundayThoughts
@CDCgov (2/5) Make no mistake— #measles is a serious illness: It’s often mild, about 1/3 of the cases develop serious complications and ~ 1 in 1,000 die from those complications. More via @WSJ:
@CDCgov @WSJ (3/5) #DYK that we almost lost our #measles elimination status? Such a loss would have been a huge blow to the U.S., costing our economy millions of dollars and years of work and tainting our image as a global health leader.
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So, I made a little animation trying to explain how herd immunity works.

When enough of the population has been vaccinated, a disease is no longer able to spread effectively, protecting even the unvaccinated. The percentage needed varies with the disease.

Also available on YouTube:
If you like vaccine-based content, I also made a data-driven animation showing the change in the prevalence of vaccine preventable diseases in the USA over the last 100 years:
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This week, we launched our Vaccines Save Lives project. As part of this project, we had the privilege of talking to a ton of people for whom this isn't a theoretical concept—it's deeply personal. Here are some of their stories.
Janie Oyakawa is a self-described “crunchy” mom of 6. A few years back, she was an active member of an anti-vaccine community. But then she started to question her beliefs… and ended up changing her mind entirely. Here’s what that process was like.…
Several years ago, registered nurse Ariel Loop took her 4-month-old to Disneyland, where she believes her child contracted measles. "If more children were vaccinated it’s unlikely that we would have had to deal with measles in the first place," she says.…
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Typically, vaccine-related stock photography is pretty awful: It’s often inaccurate (think oversized syringes and vaccines being administered incorrectly), fear-mongering (hello, screaming babies!), or some mix of both. So we decided to create our own.…
SELF partnered with @AmerAcadPeds to create a series of medically accurate vaccine photos that convey the life-saving importance of vaccines. They're available to download by anyone to use for free, with proper attribution. Check them out here.…
We worked with @AmerAcadPeds on these images. They advised on the shot list; an AAP physician consulted on set; and they checked every photo for medical accuracy. Given how much misinformation there is about vaccines, accuracy was crucially important.…
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Let’s talk #VaccineLiability. There’s a vaccine court that has a lower evidentiary bar than any civil court in the US. If a plaintiff fails there, he can STILL sue in civil court afterward. Our system does protect families. #VaccinesSaveLives
Let’s talk #VAERS. It’s an important database in which anyone can voluntarily report any effect of a vaccine: injection site soreness,fever,fussiness,redness. I’ve reported. So when #ProPlague #Antivaxxers quote numbers, just ask for the breakdown of VAERs reports.#VaccinesWork
The #VAERS system helps monitor concerning symptoms that could start to appear (eg, ⬆️’d soreness or fever with a specific batch of vaccines). It helped identify concerns w/rotavirus so it could undergo rigorous safety testing. It’s a great 1st step in safety.#VaccineMonitoring
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Under-reported in the coverage of vaccine legislation at #mnleg: Sen @drscottjensen’s harmful & wasteful amendment to the Senate’s HHS omnibus bill -…

Cc: @mnaap @MNFamilyDocs @mnmed @MNACOG @md4healthequity
For a party who talks A LOT about government waste it is beyond peculiar to spend money on a workgroup to study giving vaccines unbundled or to adjust the schedule, “based on patient circumstances & conditions” – when the science on these questions is solid & definitive
As there seems to be some confusion of the facts - I would refer my medical colleague to the approved @CDCgov schedule -… which is developed by ACIP & approved by the @AmerAcadPeds , @aafp & @acog
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1) “Measles Epidemic” SCAM

Adam Schiff $
Patty Murray $
Lamar Alexander $


The government is using this issue to experiment with suspending the First Amendment !!!

Watch it while you can 🚨
2) Quick look at today’s “Measles Epidemic” SCAM News
3) Patty Murray & Adam Schiff have been pushing Vaccines for a long time 2015
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Low vaccination rates are a #publichealth crisis, leading to outbreaks of deadly diseases like #measles. My new research in Vaccine/@ElsevierNews provides insight into the characteristics of people who post #antivax content on #Facebook:…
First, I want to credit my fantastic co-authors: @MTH_Pitt @emfelter @DrToddWo @ChadTRM @PittPubHealth. This research stemmed from thousands of #antivax comments on a video on the @kidspluspgh Facebook page:…
We used social network, quantitative, and qualitative analyses to examine 25% of people who left these comments. Our goal was to answer questions about who these people are, the information they post, and how they are connected.
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When I’m elected to #seattle city council I will work to bar parents who chose to opt out vaccinating their children for “personal reasons.” My and your Seattle public school children deserve to be safe — and that includes from preventable disease! #VaccinesSaveLives
“Washington State Law allows exemptions to the immunization requirements for religious, medical, or personal reasons. These are recorded on a Certificate of Exemption (COE).”…
* bar the children of parents (but honestly I’d like to bar their parents as well).
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I’m about to chair the Senate health committee’s hearing on vaccines, ongoing outbreaks of preventable diseases, and the importance of immunizations. Watch live here:… #VaccinesSaveLives
It was not that long ago that, as a boy, I remember the terror in the hearts of parents that their children might contract polio and put my classmates in iron lungs. @senatemajldr contracted polio when he was young.
His mother took him to Warm Springs, because that is where President Roosevelt received treatment for polio. Fortunately, because of her dedication, Leader McConnell is able to walk today, but thousands of others were not as lucky.
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So. Because I haven't done this in a while, here's what happened to me when I got chicken pox: A story of why you should vaccinate your kids against it. And yourself if you haven't caught it already.
Chicken pox is a pretty common illness that is usually deeply unpleasant but not super dangerous. Well apparently my immune system didn't get the message. Little history about me: I was born 10 weeks preemie, and as a result I have had shitty lungs my whole life (aka, asthma).
So because of that, I am at high risk for any infectious illness. I get bronchitis with every cold, nearly die with every flu (get yer flu shot!), and just generally have a miserable time whenever I get sick. Kid!me was no exception.
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