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Decentralisation of real estate registry in centralised democracies is a pipe dream I am afraid.

If the way we make decisions and deal with conflicts between us, as a society, are not decentralised, I don’t think we ll see a completely decentralised real estate registry. 1/
Decentralisation of hard assets like real estate are dependent on the legal system of the country that the physical asset is in. This is due to fundamental laws about property and individual rights that don’t equate possession as ownership. 2/
For example holding/possessing the keys to the house doesn’t mean you have the “legal”/actual ownership of the house.

Aka owning the “private key” that unlocks the rights to a token doesn’t mean you are the legitimate owner of the token.

Think of lost/stolen keys 3/
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I came across a new project called @vestafinance and decided to dive deeper into it because it drew my attention. Why?

Let’s make a 🧵👇🏽 about it!
First things first, what is @vestafinance? It is a #collateralized #debt protocol which means that the protocol allows for borrowing with a slight over-collateralization of just 110% instead of the usual 150 - 180% rates in $DeFi.
At the launch of the project you can deposit #ETH/#gOHM/#renBTC to mint $VST. (This is the stablecoin which can be minted through the protocol). If wanted, the $VST can always be converted back to redeem the underlying collateral.
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1/ Yesterday's thread was all about getting started with #DAO. Down the rabbit hole, some of these tools are the defacto standard for most DAOs!

I've curated a list of 14 tools of the trade to get you a head-start on your DAO journey 💝

🧵 Image
2/ Gnosis Safe (@gnosisSafe) - A smart contract based multi-signature #wallet used to manage community treasury.

⏩In simple words - It requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur
3/ Snapshot (@SnapshotLabs) - A popular off-chain DAO voting platform for easy #token based governance.

⏩In simple words - Snapshot contains multiple spaces such as @AaveAave, @SushiSwap among others, that you can join & vote on proposals
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#environmental #Social #Governance
#Investment #Policy
A thread on Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) compliance ....
Chapter 1 Introduction:-
* Overview
* ESG criteria
* Strong & Weak ESG Propositions
* Why ESG ?
*Overview -
History :- The concept arose in 2001, following the launch of the "FTSE4Good Index Series," with the goal of encouraging UK pension funds to consider social, ethical, or environmental (SSE) issues.
In 2002, they implemented environmental management criteria, followed by human rights criteria in 2003 and supply chain labor standards in 2005. As a founding signatory, the FTSE4Good then introduced the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2006.
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1/11 🟡 It is important to know your community. That’s why we ran our incentivized survey and thoroughly analysed the answers.

These are some of the insights we gained. 🧵
2/11 🟡 Running a node is a big part of the HOPR protocol. Therefore, we are pleased that many long time community members who took the survey have experience in running a HOPR node. 👩‍💻
3/11 🟡 But we want HOPR to be accessible to everyone, regardless of expertise.

So we also asked the 10.5 % who tried, but couldn’t run a node, where the problem was. This should allow us to improve the experience in the future. 🔧 A questionaire asking people why they couldn't run a HOPR no
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/05/2021…
A Nitrogen Shortage is Brewing, So What Will it Take to Cure The World's Fertilizer Deficiency?…

#NitrogenFertilizer #NaturalGas #prices #shortages #CropYield #projections
Scientists Concerned About New COVID-19 Variant Detected in South Africa With High Number of Mutations…

#COVID19 #evolution #variants #detection #transmissibility #virulence #PublicHealth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/01/2021…
Drinking tea and coffee could lower your risk of stroke and dementia, study suggests…

#caffeine #consumption #coffee #tea #dementia #stroke #ResearchStudy
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2/Thorsten Klose-Zuber , head of #climatepolicy, economy and society at ZUG, on behalf of International Climate Initiative @iki_bmu, live from the German Delegation at #COP26, highlighting that we face multiple crises, and we cannot tackle them without #nature and #ecosystems
3/ Thorsten Klose-Zuber points out the need to upscale activities in #agriculture and #landuse, and the increasing importance of #NatureBasedSolutions. Within the @iki_bmu #Ecosystem-based #Adaptation is a priority. learn more in their new factsheets…
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A couple of weeks ago we launched the #Govtech Leaders Alliance with 13 national and city governments from all over the world

Here are the principles that will guide our work:

1. Support high level political commitments at the int'l level for govtech initiatives
2. Implement #govtech strategies and policies through a whole-of-government approach

3. Foster an adequate environment for the creation and maturity of #startup ecosystems

4. Promote the participation of venture and impact investment funds
5. Work for the implementation of new approaches for #publicprocurement of #digital products and services

6. Promote #agile, #flexible and #innovative approaches for the testing of #regulation and piloting of #newtechnologies
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1/ $RMRK provides next-generation NFT LEGO technology bringing NFTs to life!

$KSM native NFTs powered by the most advanced NFT protocol in the world, providing unique futuristic features to NFTs

🔥 Rating: 84% 🔥

@RmrkApp @bitfalls @kusamanetwork Image
2/ Thread Menu

✅ Project Data
✅ What Is $RMRK
✅ What Is RMRK Solving
✅ Value Prop
✅ Under The Hood
✅ RMRK & Statemine
✅ Singular
✅ Kanaria
✅ Fundraiser
✅ Nested NFTs
✅ Forward Compatibility
✅ On-Chain Emotions

#singular #nftart #NFTcollection #Kanaria
3/ Thread Menu

✅ Multi-Resource NFTs
✅ Conditional Rendering
✅ NFTs as DAOs
✅ Metaverse
✅ Token Utility / Rewards
✅ Tokenomics
✅ Roadmap
✅ Partnerships
✅ Investors
✅ Verdict
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"The KHAKI Files: Women in Police - India"

#India #Police #Governance Image
The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence, it is to act with yesterday’s logic" - Peter Drucker

Women in India entered the Police force as early as 1933, yet the progress in integrating them further has been awfully slow.

#Police #Governance
The State of Travancore experimented with appointment of women as Special #Police Constables in year 1933, where 1 women head constable & 12 women constables were appointed.

In British India, the need for women police was 1st felt in the year 1938 during the Kanpur labour strike ImageImage
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1/9 🏛️ "The type of #Governance needed to assure proper oversight, transparency & accountability by those using data is still being understood..." @sheila_warren @wef4ir #4IR

🌐… @wef #GlobalGoals

⬇️🧵 Learn how to adopt a #HumanCentric
approach 💗 $TRUST
2/9 🔗 Five interrelated features of good human-centric #DataGovernance:

- human as logical integration point
- empowerment with data
- ecosystems approach
- pluralism
- proportionality & equity

🦋 Everything affects everything else!!!… #MultiConnectivity
3/9 🙂 human as logical point of integration

"... digital ID management, breaking down silos within & between data-holding organizations, quality & richness enabled by combinations, accountability to individuals for use of data they're involved in generating..." #HumanCentricity
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"#Data: a new direction" - a public consultation by @DCMS on "reforms to the UK’s #DataProtection regime":…

The consultation ends on 19 Nov 2021, and you can respond by e-mail to or online here:… Image
A quick sample of initial reactions...

We're clearly going to be hearing a lot about #LegitimateInterests, as well as #commercial and #public ones. The real question being, how do this Government's interests actually align with YOURS?

140+ pages on a Friday is a lot to digest, but @lilianedwards' "penumbra of often futile determinedly populist ideas largely not evidence-based" seems entirely consistent with @DCMS's Drunkard's Walk through #data and #ID this past year...

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Es ist soweit! Heute erscheint mein Sammelband "Der Wert der Digitalisierung - Gemeinwohl in der Digitalisierung". Ich hoffe das Buch ist euch eine anregende Lektüre. Infos (auch Open Access)👉…
Infos zu den Beiträgen 👇 Thread Buchcover "Der Wert der Digitalisierung - Gemeinwohl in
Im einführenden Beitrag von mir @CPiallat werden die Wechselwirkungen zwischen den digitalen Realitäten und den Entwicklungen (digitaler) Werte skizziert und zur Orientierung der Kompass des #Gemeinwohls angeboten.
Petra Grimm @hdm_stgt erläutert im zweiten Teil die Grundlagen und diskutiert entlang vieler Beispiele, wie unterschiedliche Konzepte von #Werten (teleologisch, deontologisch und tugendhaft) für die Gestaltung der Digitalisierung gedacht und genutzt werden können.
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1/ 14 🧵

We’re thrilled to share our Governance Technical Architecture Overview!

Element’s governance system introduces new ways to manage the delegation of voting power and the execution of proposals while keeping it simple!

Read more below!…
2/ If you’re not familiar with our governance system, we encourage you to go over our previous thread 🙌

3/ Element takes a different approach to how voting power is allocated by introducing different options to execute transactions at various security levels. More granularity opens a world of possibilities 🚀🚀🚀!
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Derivative work is the future of the NFT space - I don’t get what @dan_OpenSea doesn’t get about that.

He likely wasn’t raised by entrepreneurs.

“We don’t invent new things, we improve upon what we have - incremental change is the only change people accept”

/Threaded ⬇️⬇️
More, the right person hasn’t told him yet... DMCA has in it, provisional protections for service providers - specific exemptions that makes it where @opensea doesn’t fall under the protections afforded to DMCA rights holders.
A DMCA takedown request, is just a request.

I can send @PapaJohns a DMCA takedown request, because the pizza on their website looks too similar to the pizza I made last night in my microwave.

That doesn’t mean the request was valid or would have any standing in a court.
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1/A thread on @ashrafghani #ashrafghani, the former President of #Afghanistan who recently fled the country. I worked with him very closely for 5 years (2007-2012) before he was President- writing speeches, researching Afghanistan etc. At that point I knew him very well.
2/Most of what is out there on #Twitter so far tends to fall into 2 camps: the “he ran off with bags of cash narrative and is a traitor” or “he tried to do the right things but was a product of circumstances.” #Afghanistan #Taliban
3/ It is the Russians that are pushing this idea that he ran off with bags of cash- which the Western press is now amplifying. No evidence for this yet except unknown “witnesses”- and the Russians have a clear motive to discredit the American-backed regime.
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