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Correct me if I am wrong. Rather than first address excessive nurse departures in this hospital crisis with an immediate wage boost, the Ontario government's #1 priority is to ship frail seniors far away from their loved ones. #onhealth #onpoli
Somehow it always seems that seniors are at the bottom of this government's priorities, despite the fact that they have endured the burden of most of the covid hospitalizations and deaths. Just once I wish the government would treat them #1.
They were:
- shipped out of hospitals at the start of the pandemic and many died in LTCs
- left to endure cruel LTC living conditions
- delayed from vax while younger got shots and they died
- shut out of the vax task force
- left to stand in long lines for rapid tests
... etc
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We're back from the @UNECE Ministerial Conference on #Ageing 2022!

✅ Follow this thread for key highlights throughout the day

✅ Or join the conversation online on the conference livestream:

#AddingLifeToYears #MIPAA20Rome
Don't forget to join us at a #MIPAA20Rome side event TODAY if you want to learn more about the @UNDecadeAgeing:

🗓 16 June
⏰ 15:50 - 16:10 CEST

#AddingLifeToYears Invitation flyer for the UNECE Ministerial Conference on Age
Zsuzsanna Jakab (Deputy Director-General, @WHO) is now on screen, introducing the @UNDecadeAgeing and how it supports the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (#MIPAA) in the @UNECE region.

#MIPAA20Rome #AddingLifeToYears Zsuzsanna Jakab, Deputy Director-General of the World Health
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Did you miss the opportunity to make a nomination for the #HealthyAgeing50?

Good news – our call for nominations has been EXTENDED to 30 June! 🚨

Help us honor the heroes who are transforming the world to be a better place to grow older:

Learn more 🧵👇 Banner for the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing initiative "
The #HealthyAgeing50 aims to celebrate the unsung leaders working to make the @UNDecadeAgeing's goals a reality.

Make a nomination in:

👉 English:
👉 French:
👉 Spanish:
👉 Russian: Banner for the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing's "Healthy A
Q: Who can be nominated for the #HealthyAgeing50?

A: You can nominate yourself or someone else working in any sector, from any @UN Member State.

Nominations can be made under:

🔶 Combatting #Ageism
🔶 #AgeFriendly Environments
🔶 #IntegratedCare
🔶 #LongTermCare Banner for the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing initiative "
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The abuse of older people is a serious problem.

1️⃣ in 6️⃣ older people are abused every year, harming their physical & mental health.

But we can reduce abuse of older people by working together across 5 priorities ⬇


#WEAAD2022 #ElderAbuse UN Decade of Healthy Ageing infographic on 'Abuse of older p
Priority 1️⃣: Combat #Ageism

Age-based stereotypes, prejudice & discrimination against older people prevent the abuse of older people from being taken seriously as a problem.


#WEAAD2022 #ElderAbuse #AWorld4AllAges 5 priorities to tackle abuse of older people. Priority 1: Co
Priority 2️⃣: Generate better & more data

Abuse of older people can be addressed more effectively by doing research about what causes it, how widespread it is, and what works to reduce and prevent it.


#WEAAD2022 #ElderAbuse 5 priorities to tackle abuse of older people. Priority 2: Ge
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The @UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing is now on! #MIPAA20Rome #AddingLifeToYears

✅ Follow this thread for key highlights from the conference

✅ Or watch the livestream at:
@UNECE 📺 LIVE NOW: Commemoration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (#WEAAD)

Susan Somers from @INPEANetwork explains the history of #WEAAD and the continued need to bring attention to the abuse of older people as a serious problem.

#WEAAD2022 #MIPAA20Rome
@UNECE @INPEANetwork Amal Abou Rafeh (@UNDESASocial / @UN4Ageing) is now speaking on #WEAAD.

The international day became a UN day 11 years ago, yet the abuse of older people remains a hidden problem.

This is an issue about equality - and States play a key role in protecting everyone's rights.
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Today is #WorldElderAbuseAwarenessDay!

1⃣ in 6⃣ older people are abused every year. This is unacceptable. Abuse results in harm to physical & mental health.

What is abuse of older people❓

Abuse of older people (60 years and older) can take various forms: physical, sexual, psychological, or financial. Abandonment and neglect, indignity and disrespect are all forms of abuse.

👉 #WorldElderAbuseAwarenessDay
Abuse of older people can happen anywhere. It occurs in homes, in long-term care facilities, even online. Many internet scams are targeted towards scamming older people. People who commit it are often in a position of trust.

👉 #WorldElderAbuseAwarenessDay
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The way people currently talk about ageing and older age is largely negative. To change this conversation we need to stop reinforcing these beliefs – and tell a new story.

Small changes to the ways that we speak and write about ageing and older age could have a big impact..🧵
Shift associations with frailty, vulnerability and dependency.

Give older people a voice in your work. Personal stories and experiences can highlight the diversity of people in later life.
Use preferred terminology in your communications.
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🧵To mark the anniversary of the launch of my book "Neglected No More: The Urgent Need To Improve the Lives of Canada's Elders," I'm going to share some reflections on #eldercare #ageism, and lessons of #COVID19.… @PenguinRandomCA @WCA_LitAgency /1
Elders in long-term care were victims of a "massacre of neglect" during #COVID19. Of the roughly 36,500 #COVID19 deaths in Canada to date, more than 20,000 have been in institutional care. @NoLore has collected the data, no government.… via @NeglectedNo /2
A horror of this magnitude -- 20,000+ elders dead from neglect -- should prompt a dramatic response. But governments have mostly shrugged it off, promising more of the same, not substantive change, and bickering about jurisdiction.… via @NeglectedNo /3
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#Ageism affects people of all ages. It’s affecting

⚠️ our health
⚠️ our wellbeing
⚠️ our social systems
⚠️ our economy.

It's time to create #AWorld4AllAges.
Have you ever heard of ageism before❓ #AWorld4AllAges

Find out more about ageism 👉
#Ageism refers to

⚠️ the stereotypes (how we think)
⚠️ prejudice (how we feel)
⚠️ discrimination (how we act)

towards others or ourselves based on age.

Find out more about ageism 👉 #AWorld4AllAges!
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Starting my annual ritual of live-tweeting my reading of the @CondeNast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue Predictions: even MORE Carefully Calibrated Diversity; ageist fetishization of youth; huge amount of adspend wasted looking like everyone else; the theme #newbeginnings won't be
Separate to the fact the cover is extraordinarily visually non-compelling, why models YET AGAIN, @condenast @voguemagazine? I want to see real world women on your cover, with real world bodies, real world age, real world achievements. Especially Black women #SeptemberIssue
The big @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue inside cover gatefold spot is taken by @RalphLauren. No, Ralph, featuring Black models doesn't make you anti-racist. Changing the fact you don't have any Black talent on your leadership team does:
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Ageism. It's widespread across the globe, and can have significant and serious consequences for our health and wellbeing. Here's a short thread on a piece in @TIME, from 2020, which featured research from Prof Becca Levy @YaleSPH #ageism #health #wellbeing 1/
Prof Becca Levy, Yale School of Public Health, and colleagues 'analyzed 422 studies involving ageism in 45 countries from 1970 to 2017... including data from seven million older people' with a focus on 'age discrimination and health outcomes'... 2/
They found evidence that ageism adversely affects health in 96% of the studies
And that ageism was related to worse health outcomes for 11 measures... 3/
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Ageism - a thread 1/14

Did Generation X, who birthed the web & associated technologies, sow the seeds of their own demise?

#Ageism #Inclusion

US to UK, India to Italy, the findings were broadly the same: 45-60 year olds are the most overlooked employee bracket shows @YouEmployed report

“Once you reach a certain age, it just becomes much harder to access a job opportunity” @Mona_Mourshed…

Ageism is the last acceptable prejudice argues @thischairrocks in this 12 minute TED talk

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Doing this is (as a very wise hospice doctor advised me not quite 6 years ago) like piloting the Memphis Belle. The plane gets shot up, your crew takes on unpredictable injuries, resources are consumed, difficulties mount. But you've got to pilot it to the best landing you can.
When I learn of someone who is giving care to a person living with #dementia (#Alzheimers is but 1 of a 100+ causes) I tell them it's 1/3 caregiving skills, 1/3 the unique progression of the person living with dementia's illness & 1/3 luck. 2/3rds are not in a caregiver's control
What gets you through years or even decades of this? Curiosity, a willingness to learn, formulating theories or hypotheses, trial & error, flexibility, patience, resilience, some comfort with not being in control, a good sense of humor & sheer tenacity. And adjusting on the fly.
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Let’s talk about the recent misrepresentation of the deconstruction movement as solely a “millennial” issue and how this ageism allows the church to escape criticism. 👉🏼 from an ageism researcher and person who is deconstructing religious beliefs 🙂 #deconstruction #ageism
You might be seeing more talk about deconstruction of belief systems, from Christian church leaders or from ppl who are deconstructing themselves. I’ve seen church leaders recently attribute the mvmt to millennials, centering it as a gen. issue from the ‘social justice warriors’
I cannot speak for everyone who is deconstructing and give it a single definition, but I can tell you what it is NOT. It is not millennials getting angry at the church just because we are the “social justice gen” and we believe everything we see on social media
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1/ This thread reflects on a recurring problem in discussing the history of #animalstudies, critical animal studies, & human-animal studies. It’s #misogyny. Here’s the jist: feminists & feminist ideas are devalued or ignored only to see our ideas appropriated while we disappear.
2/ This reflects on a recurring problem in animal studies. I will try later to add another thread w/ many citations of impt writings. So this is the first of more to come
3/ In Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth, @last1000chimps & I described how reflections on the development of the animal protection movement usually tell the story of its beginning w/ the publication of @PeterSinger’s Animal Liberation in 1975
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OK folks, here we go. Today, off and on (because work and chores) I'll be conducting my annual ritual of live-tweeting my reading of the @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue. And I'll be bringing to it the same lens I have in previous years + a 2020 one. Follow this thread:
Anyone following this thread might also like to watch my @BoF conversation with @imranamed from June featuring my four must-dos for the fashion industry to have a future post-pandemic: I'll be echoing those themes @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue
The first thing to note about this year's @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue, beyond its theme #VogueHope, is that for the first year in a VERY LONG TIME, it is not a gigantic doorstopper of an issue. Pandemic = less advertising and editorial.
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Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day #WEAAD2020 #WEAAD. We can all help in raising awareness of this violation of human rights. I have devoted the past few years of PhD to researching #ElderAbuse and I can tell you some things I have learnt: 1/14 Image that says
Elder abuse is the abuse of older people by those in a position of trust, frequently family members, but also friends, carers, etc. It can be financial, physical, psychological, sexual, or neglect, and frequently older adults experience several of these types. #WEAAD2020 2/14
Elder abuse is not a minor problem. A systematic review and meta-analysis published in 2017 estimated a pooled prevalence rate of 15.7% for adults aged 60 or older living in the community. #WEAAD2020 3/14
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The #GeorgeFloydMurder is the latest in a long history of #racist atrocities visited on Black people & minorities in the US & elsewhere.

If u are in some position of authority, power, privilege & have a public platform you need to speak up and be counted. A v personal #thread
I am brown of Indian origin, but when asked, I always say I don't really know what #racism looks like, I have almost never experienced it, and I am in a position of power and privilege so I don't think its appropriate for me to speak about it. But today, I write about it here ...
I grew up in India, when to the @LSEnews & took a investment banking job at #Lehman. When I flew back to #India, I went to the UK embassy in Delhi to get my work visa. That was my first #racist encounter. He barked at me, said he could turn me down coz "too many of us in the UK"
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1) B.C. made this critical, life-saving change to staffing in #LongTermCare on Mar. 31.

@AndrewRankinCB@nsgov took 2 weeks to enact another PHAC guideline to limit nursing home workers from working at multiple LTC facilities. That #COVID19NS…
2) policy came into effect in Nova Scotia on April 23.

(In early April, many Nova Scotians were asking why NS wasn’t adopting the BC model, which included ensuring our #HealthcareHeroes were giving FT hrs at 1 facility. #nspoli
3) As early as March 13, Nova Scotia healthcare unions were united in their call to @nshealth for PPE’s - #N95masks specifically - for all frontline workers.

Those calls were ignored.

@cupenovascotia @NS_nurses @NSGEU @UniforTheUnion @NSNDP #nshealth…
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#Covid_19 and older patients: a thread.
A group of my friends asked me for advice on preparing for #coronavirus. I emailed them:
- You do not need to be scared for your kids.
- You DO need to be scared for the old people in your lives.
Everything we have learned so far is that the disease is far more dangerous to older adults than any other group.
Many illnesses present differently in older adults than in younger adults. While at this point, we don’t know specifics about COVID, common features of other respiratory illnesses are:
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Again last night there was #BoomerBashing on Twitter. So here is some #BoomerLife reality for the bashers.

1. Many of us, especially woman including me, do not own homes (see 11).

2. We don't get cheaper rent than you do.

3. MANY of us are unemployed due to #ageism
4. Many of us may not speak to or touch another human for days on end. Reality.

5. Many of us have no or very little superannuation - that wasn't the system when we started out.

6. We get up, as I have this morning, put on the lipstick, pop in the earrings - for WHAT? Hope?
7. The mental strength required to battle on against seemingly insurmountable barriers is huge. Many don't have that sort of strength.

8. #BoomerBashers need to consider how many suicides their hatred may be contributing to. Studies are needed on this.
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IBM is accused of firing older workers. This is really about money - and doesn't just apply to IBM. Many companies sneakily create practices, communications & policies (like not subsidizing family health coverage)to discourage hiring older workers.

Age discrimination is especially common in #tech, where appearing "cool" carries a premium for recruiting top grads & younger talent.

In most careers, there comes an inflection point where junior employees can do the same job (or ~80% of it) for way less.

Sadly, to companies we're no more than "human resources," so employees must make themselves indispensable, esp. as their salaries creep up.


1) Develop a unique expertise: be known for it. Could be anything from a coding language to ideas generation to great #design.

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#Medical rant 1: I went to the #doctor today for neck pain. My former primary care physician left the practice and they assigned me to this new guy. He is not great.
#Medical 2: This #doctor was running an hour behind, despite having a number of appointment times available when I scheduled last night. After meeting him, I'm not surprised he had a ton of openings; I suspect he doesn't have many patients.
#Medical 3: I told him my symptoms (stiff neck & limited range of motion for 3 days), and said that I couldn't think of anything I had done in the past few weeks that would have brought this on.
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