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Ich weiß,
#trans und #LGBTQIA nerven als Thema mittlerweile jeden User, der noch über einen Hauch von Resthirn verfügt.
Aber lasst mal kurz über den Gründungsvater der Genderstudies reden.
Dr. John Money:
Dass Männer letztlich in allem besser sind, sogar darin, eine Frau zu sein
wer könnte es euch schließlich besser erklären, als ein alter weißer Mann?
1965 wurden die Reimer Zwillinge geboren.
Zwei kerngesunde Jungs - Bruce und Brian.
Bruce hatte allerdings mit 7 Monaten konstant mit Harnwegsinfektionen zu kämpfen, weswegen eine Beschneidung der Vorhaut durchgeführt wurde.
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Portrait 7 in my series of 100 detransitioned women (a 🧵)
Aidan “After struggling to accept my homosexuality as a teenager, I became convinced that I was a transgender man after hyperfixating on trans social media, and misguidance from (1/5)
my therapist and doctors. After years of transition, I finally put the pieces together that my brain works differently from other people; I am autistic. After this realization, I put together a lot of pieces of my life and slowly realized that nothing about me made me a man,
and that I have always been an androgynous lesbian. It was terrifying, but in other ways it felt peaceful and freeing. It is an incredibly vulnerable experience to have my decision to medically transition as a teenager be a permanent part of myself in the fact that my voice is -
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We are a grassroots global network of gay men concerned about the excesses of "gender identity" theory and its impact on today's society

It is our position that: /1
#SexNotGender #GayNotQueer
'Sex' must remain a protected category in the law and must not be replaced by 'gender' or 'gender identity'.

'Gender' is understood as masculinity/femininity and as the cultural constraints placed upon individuals born a certain sex in complex social dynamics. /2
Any definition of woman/man beyond a mere biological framework (sex [female; male]) reproduces sexist patterns. Therefore, we support gender non-conformity among men and women, but certainly not the conflation of sex and gender/gender identity. /3
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L'AMQG est 1 des 23 signataires de 13 pays d'une lettre ouverte à @EuropeanPATH.
@EuropeanPATH Avec @genspect (int'l) @Transgendertrd (UK) @OurDutyGrp (UK, D, AUS, USA) @GD_Alliance (CA) @GDSNsupport (EU) @post_trans (BE, DE) @CanalCorpoCerto (BR) @IKirjo (FIN) @BayswaterSG @anna_TTSB_GER (DE) GENID (Norway, Sweden)
Parents of ROGD kids (DE, UK, USA), La petite sirène (FR), Canadian Gender Report, Thoughtful Therapists (UK)
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#TSGabschaffen und #SelbstbestimmungJetzt fordere ich als #detrans Frau schon immer und heute mehr denn je. Denn:
1. Mir hat der demütigende Hürdenlauf der "Begutachtung" nicht geholfen. Im Gegenteil, je größer der Druck, diese "Prüfung" bestehen zu müssen, desto weniger Raum für
die Entfaltung der eigenen (Geschlechts-)Identität. 2. Noch besser wurde es bei meiner #detransition: ein weiteres Mal TSG, zwei weitere Gutachten. 3. Personenstandsänderung aus einer Laune heraus existiert im echten Leben nicht. Es besteht immer ein Leidensdruck, der durch eine
Gesetzesänderung zumindest reduziert werden kann. Deshalb #AlleGutenDingejetzt für einen selbstbestimmten Geschlechtseintrag für alle trans*, inter und nicht-binären Menschen!
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Terfler ne diyor? #thread
Terf diye yaftalanan feministlerin mesele edindikleri konulardan 3’ünü kendi bakış açımdan özetleyeceğim. Öncelikle, terf kelimesi bir kısaltma ama tehdit ve hakaretlerle bir arada kullandıldığı için artık küfür sayılıyor. Kadınlara küfretmeyin. /1
Terflerle translar arasındaymış gibi çerçevelenen kavganın geniş çerçevesinin toplumda herkesi ilgilendirdiğini örneklendirmek için bu silsileyi yazıyorum. Aslında feministlerin bir kısmıyla trans aktivistler arasında olduğu varsayılan çatışma, toplumsal cinsiyet kimliği /2
(gender identity) savunucuları ile bu ideolojiye, farklı açılardan karşı çıkanlar arasında. Bu ideolojiye birazdan değineceğim ama önemli olan şu: translar arasında bu ideolojiyi benimsemeyip karşı çıkanlar da var. Ben TR’deki ve yurtdışındaki feministlerin dikkat çekmeye /3
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"A live experiment on adolescents and children."

'We have left established evidence-based clinical practice and are using powerful life-altering medication for a vulnerable group of adolescents and children based upon a belief."

Extracts from evidence submitted in support of Transgender Trend's intervention.
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This is the 30th #detransition story that we've received! Thank you to all the inspiring detransitioners and desisters who contributed since the beginning of our project😊

"I am a bisexual woman in her 30s, who used to consider herself as genderfluid trans for about 8 years. 1/9
As far as I can remember, I've always been attracted to women more than to men... but I didn't feel allowed to be attracted to other females. 2/9
Probably because back then, the only examples of lesbian relationships I ever saw were porn imagery - so I internalized that idea of lesbians and bi women existing only as a male fantasy... 3/9
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Went into wokiest of wokesville AKA Shoreditch. To attend this. In a pub. With only a hand-sized half-filled bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel for protection, no food or drink were ordered.

Talk was re: results from a ‘large online study of men and women in 4 proposed ETII groups: autogynephilia, autoandrophilia, autonepiophilia (age play or ABDL*), and autoanthropomorphozoophilia (pet play or fursuiting)’.
*adult baby diaper lover 🤢
Talk was given by Ashley Brown a research student from the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College.
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"I didn’t want to be seen as a woman–as a lesbian–and I didn’t want to ask why."
Great essay by detransitioned Max Robson, 22 y/o. Her story, queer culture, and the political implications.
#detransition #ftm #transideology…
"I didn’t know anything. It was just so comforting to think that I was born wrong. If my body was the problem, it could be solved. Transition had clearly defined steps. Everybody chose from a set list, and when it was over, they were properly assembled."
"It took years of testosterone for me to finally realize it was okay to live in my own body without it, that making this peace with myself was possible, and that I deserved that chance.
I didn’t know it was okay to be a dysphoric lesbian, that I could survive this way."
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