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Myocarditis en pericarditis zijn bekende ernstige bijwerkingen vd corona mRNA-vaccins van @PfizerNL en #Moderna. Dit is een algemeen erkend feit. De bijwerking is sinds de zomer van 2021 geregistreerd bij zowel de Amerikaanse @CDCgov als het Europees medicijnagentschap @EMA_News.
@PfizerNL @CDCgov @EMA_News Het wordt vaak beweerd dat myocarditis en pericarditis vaker voorkomen door een coronainfectie dan door vaccinatie. Daarom zou mRNA-vaccinatie voor jongens en jonge mannen per saldo toch een goed idee zijn...

@PfizerNL @CDCgov @EMA_News Een recent peer-reviewed onderzoek onder 23,1 miljoen inwoners van de Scandinavische landen, gepubliceerd in @JAMACardiology , spreekt dit echter tegen.

Het hele artikel lees je hier:…
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Thread Warning - Therapeutic Concerns with the Conversion Therapy Ban

1. The term conversion ‘therapy’ is a misnomer. Even @DrAdamJowett acknowledged it’s “highly misleading”. The vast majority of practices occur in religious/family settings. Yet, they continue to use this term.
2. We cannot even agree on basic definitions of ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘sex’ or ‘gender’. Poorly worded legislation is a major risk. To include “suppress gender identity” risks outlawing ethical therapeutic practices including pausing for reflection and considering contributing factors.
3. The government consultation is being rushed through in 6 weeks, even though 12 weeks is the normal expectation and status quo. Why is this happening with such a complex and sensitive subject? We must not forget that @stonewalluk called for no consultation whatsoever.
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Why would the #JCVI make such a narrow & limited assessment?

And why would their remit be confined to serious illness & hospitalisations in children from #COVID19 when there are so many other issues to consider?


@MHRAgovuk @RCPCHtweets @CMO_England @uksciencechief
Not to consider #LongCovidKids when so many children are affected is utterly bizarre?

Who advised them not to include #LongCovid?
Does this omission not make their conclusion null & void?

@dgurdasani1 @chrischirp @Zubhaque @Dr2NisreenAlwan @IndependentSage @LongCovidKids
Why not “look at” deaths #JCVI?

The number of children dying of #COVID is thankfully v small, but it is not zero.

We should be aiming for NO CHILD deaths from a disease that we have a safe vaccine against & know how to ⬇️ transmission of.
Why aren’t we?
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L'AMQG est 1 des 23 signataires de 13 pays d'une lettre ouverte à @EuropeanPATH.
@EuropeanPATH Avec @genspect (int'l) @Transgendertrd (UK) @OurDutyGrp (UK, D, AUS, USA) @GD_Alliance (CA) @GDSNsupport (EU) @post_trans (BE, DE) @CanalCorpoCerto (BR) @IKirjo (FIN) @BayswaterSG @anna_TTSB_GER (DE) GENID (Norway, Sweden)
Parents of ROGD kids (DE, UK, USA), La petite sirène (FR), Canadian Gender Report, Thoughtful Therapists (UK)
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12-17 vaccineren?
- kans op ziekenhuisopname C19: <1 op 50.000
- kans op myocarditis agv vaccinatie: 1 op 15.000

Kans agv vaccinatie is 3x groter voor gezonde kinderen. #firstdonoharm

Bron & ⤵️
Andere studies geven 1 op 3000 tot 1 op 6000 aan. Ga hier niet aan voorbij! Gezonde kinderen dienen niet ingezet te worden als schild voor ouderen.…
In feite zou je als ouder kunnen overwegen met dit “kansenspel” actief een C19 besmetting op te zoeken. Immers, een doorgemaakte C19 infectie levert ook immuniteit.
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A thread. @wellcometrust kindly funded me for 13 yrs on MH projects. It’s also funded decades of research on social & economic determinants of health, long-term impacts of poverty, unemployment, stress, loneliness & isolation. I’m aghast re the lack of focus on these things 1/
What about the health impact of millions of job losses; debt of over £2 trillion & all the other physical and mental health impacts of lockdown? As professionals, clinicians, academics and philanthropic funders, are we really having a full and fair debate? 2/
Those of us working in the community are baffled by the lack of academic, scientific & governmental focus on the physical & mental health impacts of bankruptcy, poverty, despair, withdrawal of MH & disability services, domestic violence & safeguarding 3/
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@PeterHotez 1. Only #DrFauci from the #FormerGuy's Covid team tried to tell the truth from the beginning. Now #BrettGiroir #StephenHahn #RobertKadlec #DeborahBirx & #RobertRedfield are speaking out on @CNN on 3/28. They are a yr & 500+K lives #TooLate!.....
@PeterHotez @CNN 2. Had they cared they would have resigned in protest as soon as they knew what the #FormerGuy & his #BandOfIncompetents were up to! It was their #Duty to inform #Americans; not #Cover for the #Inept! They didn't honor their oath to the #Constiution nor this one: #FirstDoNoHarm!
@PeterHotez @CNN 3. I'll #Boycott any #TellAllBooks written by the #FormerGuysEnablers! Maybe if ALL had spoken up & honored #FirstDoNoHarm we wouldn't have #545273DeadAmericans today! I'm not interested in their excuses!…
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"#ChronicPain on the #Brain - 4 #Psychological Effects of Living With #pain"
Researcg covering the different ways the brain processes pain show us that the brain reacts differently to short-term pain than it does to long-lasting pain.…
When the body experiences the latter, it can change the #centralnervoussystem (CNS),& influence sensory, emotional,& modular circuits that would otherwise inhibit pain.
#chronicpain is now looked at as a #neurological #disease of it's own- comorbid with symptoms of #anxiety and #depression

#mesh injured are suffering on many levels....
Pleaee do NOT underestimate the psychological impact of living with daily chronic #pelvicpain
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A study in AUS will track children and adolescents with #genderdysphoria being treated with hormones and surgery. The study unfortunately suffers from similar ethical and overall design flaws as the @NIH study being done in the US:…
Because there is no comparison group of “counseled only” children and adolescents, the study is both scientifically and ethically objectionable, and 6 psychiatrists have written the @BMJ expressing their concern about this:…
Excerpt: The Trans20 study aims to "document the natural history of gender diversity presenting in children." It isn't clear how the study design could allow observation of 'natural' history of #TGD youth when it intervenes in developmental trajectories of ALL 600 participants!
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