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Perhaps I may venture my personal opinions on what #ActuallyAutistic self advocacy & the #Neurodiversity movement is about in a thread?

Hopefully parents and carers will be able to see there is not a conflict of interest between the two. I am an #autistic #autismparent too.
Firstly the neurodiversity and autistic advocacy movements are part of the #DisabilityRights movement that uphold basic human rights for all disabled people. It also refers to the rights outlined in the UNRPD as well as national/ European legislation…
We still need to advocate for better law, enforcement of the laws we have and better funding for the resources that disabled people need to have adequate and equal access within society.
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#AutisticWhileBlack to answer @lilririah 's question about black autistic acceptance and priorities : I can't speak for all of us because we are not a monolithic group 1/
What I can say is that the autism conversation is dominated by ableism, the presumption of incompetence, socioeconomic privilege in general and lack of representation marginalized groups in particular. 2/
The concepts of #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance and #DisabilityRights are infused with class and race privilege. Disabled Black activists' champion multiple causes because our survival depends on doing so. It is not a choice. 3/
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The DSM-5 Autism criteria, translated by an autistic.

A thread.

#AllAutistics #AutismAwarenessMonth #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptanceMonth #AutismAcceptance
“Deficits in social-emotional reciprocity, abnormal social approach, failure of normal conversation”

Autistic translation: We succeed at getting to the point and skipping the formalities. We don’t know when it’s our turn, so we either interrupt, keep quiet or meow.
“Reduced sharing of interests, emotions or affect”

Autistic translation: We want to share our special interests, but eventually learn to keep it to ourselves. We may share emotions but can’t describe them. So we keep a straight face.
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Today is World #AutismAcceptanceDay! (Or, to some, #AutismAwarenessDay). This means you’re probably being firehosed by autism information. But how do you know if an #autism organization is a trustworthy one? Fortunately, we have guidelines & examples: 1/
At TPGA, we believe autistic people of all ages & abilities deserve to be treated with respect, have their civil rights & humanity recognized, & have access to the resources & accommodations they need. We will not support #autism orgs that do not abide by these basic precepts. 2/
We know it can be difficult to identify #autism orgs that legitimately work towards the best interest of #autistic ppl & their families, as questionable autism organizations tend to employ the vocabulary of acceptance & support—even when actively undermining those principles. 3/
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The autism spectrum represents differences in cognition, sensory processing, verbal communication, adaptability, repetitive behaviors, social awareness, and so forth.

If each difference has its own color, then we aren’t just ‘on’ the spectrum. We’re all over it.
The autism spectrum also changes for each person over time.

Somebody may be ‘high functioning’ in certain areas under normal circumstances, but lower functioning during shutdown or burnout.
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Looking for a definition of Transhumanism, I found this:--

". . . the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.
We have to examine this carefully.

Firstly, is science and technology life-promoting?

Or is it the very cause of the human limitations it is pretending to overcome?
Also, who controls the technology and what is their agenda?

When you see that the people promoting the AI Transhumanist agenda are the same as those responsible for bio and chemical warfare, vaccination programs, human experimentation, social engineering, you have to question.
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💥 Trump just changed the law on autism research

"evidence-based diagnosis"

#Autism is a biomedical condition caused by a near-fatal reaction to vaccination

Therefore diagnosis now has to be base on biomedical evidence, not behavioral.

We have known since 1980s that autism is caused by a near-fatal reaction to vaccination.

'Autists are vaccine survivors'
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My number one advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Accept us as we are!

Verbal, non-verbal, non-speaking, speaking, stimming, meltdowns, shutdowns, echolalia, dependency, different social interaction...

ALL autisticness is valid.
My number two advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Autistic needs are individual, varying, and fluctuating!

When we communicate our needs, believe us & listen.

Do your best to accommodate our needs.
We do to our best to accommodate yours.
My number three advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Learn about autism from autistic people!

Read our books, blogs, articles, watch our youtube videos, hear us speak at conferences...

If you have a platform - platform autistic people!
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Pro tip: if your autistic child is playing by lining up toys or doing something repetitive, bring your own toys, assume a reasonable distance, and play happily and silently. Use sparkly toys, blocks, cars, spinning toys, pots and pans, kinetic sand, magnets, canned food, (cont).
Stickers, dry pasta, colorful dough, etc. Try something new if it doesn’t work the first time. Make a craft. Spin something that sparkles. Meditate and quiet your mind. Find contentment in not worrying, fixing, controlling. Let it all go and stare into a shiny pinwheel.
Watch the way the light bounces and bends, sending a spattering of dancing lights over your face and chest. Grab a handful of raw pasta and let it fall from your fingers and try to feel and visualize how many have fallen.
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Autistic people "go hard" when they do something. Finding the autistic community and making the cognitive and emotional paradigm shift from "I am always wrong and need to show deference" (how we grow up) to "I am valuable and have been abused by systems and industries" (cont)
is a brutal rearranging of our whole psyche and sense of self. We make the decisive covenant with ourselves that we aren't going to be abused anymore and we will do anything possible to keep others from having the same experiences. It is a radical shift and a brave one (cont)
Sometimes, we over-correct. The lines are so obscure and hard to read between what is toxic abuse and what is ableism. We oscillate between realities: the reality that our voices are needed to help future autistic generations not suffer the way we did, but also (cont)
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I can't remember where or when I saw this idea. I wish it was my own, but I highly doubt it.

Imagine the coverage of two identical speeches given at different places but at the same time by Barrack Obama and @realDonaldTrump

Fireworks are keeping the boys up, so a long thread
It could be any of the big three networks or it could be MSNBC, but just to boost their sagging ratings, lets assign @JimAcosta and @CNN to cover both. I know he can't be two places at once, but his ego is omnipresent so at least he thinks he could do it.
I almost forgot to mention, the address both the current and former president are giving is a simple reading of the classic Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle.

First, @donlemon hands the segment off to his illustrious field reporter..
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The biggest focus area for #autismawareness should be awareness of the principles embodied in the #CRPD.

Do #nothingaboutuswithoutus.

While you exclude both speaking and non-speaking autists from your decisions, you commit human rights abuses whether you realise it or not.
If people in the autism industry stopped violating the #CRPD, we would see:

- the end of harmful practices and substances masquerading as therapy and (ABA, Le Packing, MMS etc.)

- autistic people driving the priorities of autism research

- nonspeakers' access to communication
We have to stop excluding nonspeakers' inputs from these conversations.

Making them the excuse for not listening to autistic people who speak, while you pay ZERO attention to THEIR actual words means you respect neither group.
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(Kindly retweet 🙏 🙏)

A: Although I might behave a little bit different from you but that does not make me a different person; for autism is not a processing error but a different operating system
#AutismAwareness #AutismAwarenessMonth
U: Unless you stop looking at me as being different or my inability, you will never discover my real abilities and strength,for they are hidden within me
T: Tolerance is the key to understanding the mystery behind my behaviour and to why I act the way I do,so be a little
patient with me
I: Ignorance of who I am is the menace... not autism,for autism is just a word and not a disease
S: Stop the stigmatization against autism; for we deserve your love above all odds...for love overcomes all
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So, in an effort to raise a bit more #AutismAwareness, I’d like to discuss “elopement”. I invite other autistics to add in their own experiences - this could be educational! - but as far as what I’m about to say, I’m really just speaking to my own experience and thoughts.
First, I’d like to say that “elopement” is a ridiculous term. Right up there with “differently abled”, IMHO. It’s running away. It’s wandering. Call it what it is!

Secondly - and this is in response to a person who came at me yesterday - no one “dies from elopement”,
just like no one dies from “running away”. Yes, there are all kinds of ways that one can meet their end running away, but those would be the cause of death - drowning, starvation, hypothermia, murder, etc. I don’t know why “died from elopement” rubs me the wrong way, but it does.
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Mini #AutismAwareness rant: One thing I really resent about the warrior mom / pro ABA narrative is how they've weaponized the term "evidence based". Their big thing about ABA is that it's "evidence based" - but the statement is extremely problematic without context.
"Evidence based" in the case, means "evidence that the behaviour has changed". Fair enough - they do change the kids. However, the change is a trauma reaction. If you break a kid down to where they bottle everything up, rather than self regulate? Not a good thing.
If you destroy a child's sense of autonomy, in order to elicit compliance - especially for things the child does NOT want? Leaving that kid with PTSD for life - a reality for most ABA survivors? Not good things.

None of this comes up when saying "evidence based", however.
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Oh for goodness' sake. This ABA in 2019, and it is STILL an abnormal human rights violation perpetrated by adults against disabled children. They don't treat non-disabled children like this!
And now for the syrupy people who say, "My ABA isn't like that, we do X differently and we are gently supporting, not trying to change them, etc. etc." -- if you are one of those "good" therapists, why do you call your method ABA, knowing that the term has ALL these connotations?
Like, who are you actually trying to please? "Oh, the government only pays for it if it is called ABA, but actually it's more like play therapy..."

OK, so why don't the Floortime and Son-Rise and a whole lot of other people call their method ABA?
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April is #AutismAwarenessMonth
Everyday, I would try to post something from our #autismjourney to spread #awareness #AutismAwareness #autismfamilies
How do you know if your child loves you/hates you, needs you/doesn’t care about you, is hungry/hurting etc? In #autism we usually guess the need of the child depending upon the intensity of the #meltdown or tantrum. #AutismAwareness #AutismAwarenessMonth #AutismFamilies @yaps9
Avani (my daughter) hadn’t started talking till 2 years of age. That got us worried and we were soon given the diagnosis that our child is on #autismspectrum Although she has speech, am still waiting for her to say ‘mumma’ minus any demand. #AutismAwareness #AutismAwarenessMonth
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Oh bloody hell, it's nearly April again. That means it's World Autism [Understanding/Acceptance/Awareness] [Day/Week/Month]. #WAUW/#WAAD/#WAAW/#WAAM for short.

I thought I'd share some tips from an #ActuallyAutistic perspective on how to make this less like protracted torture...
* Puzzle pieces suggest incompleteness and mystery. They're dehumanising. Stop using them.
* 80-95% of autistic people prefer identity-first language: hence #ActuallyAutistic, not #ActuallyWithAutism. Google why if you don't know.
* Autism Speaks is an American hate organisation.
* Many autistic people are in fact quite inspiring, on account of being brilliant, but please don't call us (or any disabled person) inspirational. Be aware that this kind of language may be intended as a compliment, but is usually received as an insult.

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I don’t have a disability. I have misunderstood superpowers.

1/ I am intelligent and capable. I just can’t, in pageant terms, be Miss Congeniality, AND win both the talent and swimsuit, AND answer the question at the end.

#ActuallyAutistic #AutismAwareness

2/ I am also an amazing actress, I guess, because I masked so well, no one had the slightest clue. So does my autism make me disabled?

I can write code, hear a wrong violin note in a whole orchestra, speak in front of large groups, graduated summa cum laude.

Am I disabled?
3/ I get a LOT more work done at home when I don’t have extra tasks in my way, draining my energies. Why would my employment be judged on my ability to handle noise and flickering lights? My facility with small talk? My ability to decode manager-speak?
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Let me tell you a story. It's a bit soft and squidgy and maybe too long, but bear with me.
On Saturdays I work at a climbing wall as an instructor. It's mostly inductions, tasters, kids' awards schemes and birthday parties. But of late something a little different has cropped up.
A 7-year old lad was brought along by his parents to try climbing. He's autistic, and climbing had been recommended as an activity for him to try; the logical nature of the goal (climb to the top) and lack of overwhelming interaction with other people make it a good fit.
At this point I need to clarify something. To use the cliché, Autism covers a broad spectrum, but this young boy is what you might regard as classically autistic.
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I just have one thing to say about #AutismAwarenessWeek and that is this;
It’s fucking disgusting.
Look, I get you want to seem like you’re helping the autistic community, but so called ‘awareness’ is not the way to do that.
Most people are already aware of autism anyway.
What autistic people want is acceptance.
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