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This is how long I’ve been protesting war:

My first antiwar protest was 1991, a time when my fellow #GenX college comrades were being shipped off to fight in #Iraq.

President #Bush called it “a momentous year for this generation.”

We did not agree!

12 years later, on another cold February day, I once again went to the streets, voicing my opposition to his son’s war in Iraq:

I protested the war in #Afghanistan at a time when very few did.

Most Americans thought that one was “the good war.”

We kept the protests going, anyway… for 20 years!

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Ch 26 “Setting the Record Straight on Boomers:

“The Boomer—Generation X Culture War & the “Truth Dividend” of Having Been There”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

Fr *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(pub 10/2022)…

CW22Q 26/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website, as well as a free pdf file, & on Amazon in print & ebook, as of Oct 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE...

CW22Q 26/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “I can say I feel fortunate to have lived many years in an America quite different from what most people in America being younger than me have been growing up with.”[]

READ/DWL BOOK...… #BlueTsunami #Boomers #Midterms #60s

CW22Q 26/3
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of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

“Cultural Rebirth, Aborted”

beginning with

Chapter 10

“The King Won’t Die:

“Attack of the Body-Snatchers…an Aborted Changing of the Guard”


CW22 10/1
[*Chapter 10 text begins:*] What do these events have in common? The popularity of Democrats since the 90s, with Obama’s favorability ratings high despite US entanglement in several wars; the astounding progress in race relations…”


CW22 10/2
“…exemplified by ever increasing numbers of African-Americans elected & appointed to the highest posts in US government since the 90s, highlighted by the election of the 1st ever black president in the most lopsided victory in decades;”


CW22 10/3
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⚠ Thread ⚠
7 years on & nothing's changed.

The link is to an article most of the Internet won't like. Hopefully it'll help women & decent men realise that what began as a great idea was exploited at inception.

Voluntary objectification ≠ empowerment…
Ok so we're now at the point where feminists everywhere will lose their collective sh*t over what they just read.
I'll be the 'typical male' who doesn't get it etc etc.

And they couldn't be more wrong so I'm hoping they and indeed all will hear me out on this.
1st some context:
Far from typical, I am in fact pro-equality & very anti discrimination. I'm as anti-feminism as I am anti-bloke.

I've covered this before but in a 🥜🐚 there are:

2 types of female

We males form 3 types *pro-equality men
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“Ch 12,” titled “Cultural Rebirth, Aborted:

“It’s a Not so Wonderful Life for the WWII Generation...yet the King Refuses to Die”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

Fr *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(pub 10/2022)…

CW22Q 12/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & being published Oct 2022)

READ &/or dwnl entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Midterms #psychology #history

CW22Q 12/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “*It’s a Wonderful Life* is beloved & timeless, no doubt, because it reassures an entire generation & all those who have had to give up their dreams for whatever reason that their sacrifices were for a higher good…”…

CW22Q 12/3
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“Chapter 9,” titled “To Save the World:

“Millennials...Psychedelics & Activism”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(publishing 9/2022)

THREAD… #90s #Ecstasy #psychology #history

CW22Q 9/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwl entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Millennials #90s #psychedelics

CW22Q 9/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “Not coincidentally, Millennial Generation parents were predominantly of the Vietnam Gen/ Boomers & Millennials echoed their parent’s more liberal & mind-expanding drug use.” []

THREAD…… #psychology #history #generations

CW22Q 9/3
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“Chapter 8,” titled “Castles in the Sky…Cocaine and Booze:

“Gen X/ 13th Generation is a Concocted Generation, born 1961 through 1980”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by M Adzema

(pub 9/2022)…

CW22Q 8/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE... #GenX #history #Yuppies #80s #Republicans

CW22Q 8/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “…this swinging back & forth of attitudes is mirrored also in the drug usage of these generations: We go from repressive drugs such as alcohol & tobacco with the WWII Generation;” []

THREAD… #GenX #history #Yuppies #80s

CW22Q 8/3
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Boomers' heads buried in the sand, if not participating.
Millennials still surprised.
Gen Z actually shocked.

Gen X? We Knew this was coming. We learned everything from 80s hair metal. Nothing shocks us. Maybe disappoints. Almost half a decade.
@queensryche #GenXFTW #GenX
Jan 6?
For a price I'd do about anything
Except pull the trigger
For that I'd need a pretty good cause
Then I heard of Dr. X
The man with the cure
Just watch the television
Yeah, you'll see there's something going on
Got no love for politicians
Or that crazy scene in D.C.
It's just a power mad town
But the time is ripe for changes
There's a growing feeling
That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due
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*Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

(available on website now & 2b published Sept 2022)

Quotes/Highlights THREAD from Chapter 25, titled,

“An Attack on Facts & Reality Itself:"

THREAD…… #FBR #resist #Republicans #CultureWar

CW22Q 25/1
Chapter 25:

“An Attack on Facts & Reality Itself:

“Confused People Take Comfort in Stupidity, & Burdened People Become Confused People—That’s Their Plan”

READ &/or dwnl entire BOOK free AT SITE... #FBR #resist #Republicans #CultureWar #Trump

CW22Q 25/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “It’s just natural that if you don’t hear anything to counter something, you’re going to believe that the only thing being said is the truth. & that certainly has increased over time … through the years.” []


CW22Q 25/3
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The CBS 50th TV anniversary special.

Your childhood shows were an event.

And it gets better…
#genx #boomers
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New Health Advisories for 4 #PFAS announced today and they are VERY low
#PFOA: 4 parts per *quadrillion*
#PFOS: 20 parts per *quadrillion*
#GenX: 10 ppt
#PFBS: 2000 ppt

This is a huge deal

#ForeverChemicals | @ewg |…
That means #PFAS are toxic in minuscule amounts. Ppq is a tiny, tiny unit of measurement. WA state explained in 2018, "Lay a penny on the ground and compare it — by area — to the entire state of Washington. That is equal to one part per quadrillion."…
Wikipedia describes it another way:
One part per quadrillion (ppq) denotes one part per 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1015) parts, and a value of 10−15. This is equivalent to about two and a half minutes out of the age of the Earth (4.5 billion years)…
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Live from #GartnerSEC | The Multigenerational Workforce in Security with Lisa Pierce, Gartner VP, Advisory.

About this session: The #security workforce encompasses many generations - baby boomers, Gen Xers, millennials and Gen Zers. #GartnerSEC
This is a must for #security leadership, so that they can create an IT and security culture that leverages strengths and confronts weaknesses to uncover opportunities and overcome threats into our collaborative future. Change starts with people. #GartnerSEC Image
Generational issues are among CIOs top-of-mind-concerns. #GartnerSEC #CIO #workforce Image
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#Xennials of the world unite!
Born between 1977-1983?
What cultural, social, tecnhological and political experiences that set our micro-generation (#GenY) apart from #GenX & #Millenials?
-most lit focuses on US but I'm interested in UK, Europe & CEE…
I remember quite a bit about the politics of growing up in the UK at the time-I remember Thatcher & not having known anything before her. I remember Northern cities I grew up in & how it took ages to get them smartened up. But I also have some international political memories ...
The superpower summits for example ... Image
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I know personally 3 people receiving monoclonal antibodies this evening. All have had 3 doses of #COVID19 #vaccine or prior infection + 2 doses of vaccine. All are careful. They all have risk factors, but all are pretty symptomatic. Jan is gonna be…rough. #MaskUp. #Omicron
Tweet 2: A lot of people seem to be panicking based on this anecdote. Panic is NOT productive. Instead you need to calmly plan & act to reduce your risk. These are some effective things you can do right now:
👉Upgrade your masks. No more cloth alone. Best is N95/KN95/KF94...
Tweet 3: As an alternative to N95/KN95/KF94, if you can't tolerate those or don't have them, I rec a surgical mask (ASTM level 3, 3-ply is great) w/ cloth mask over it. Read this:…. The non-profit @projectn95 has vetted, affordable PPE including masks.
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I used to play in a creek/tunnel/ditch a mile away from my house. Where I would go, at age 9 or 10, and build dams and look at frog eggs. Also where I was accosted and/or chased, twice, by adult men. No convos with parents, this was all entirely normal. #GenX
So many instances where we kids, solo or in groups, were flashed, jacked off at, whatever by men—including on elementary school grounds. There were no all-school emergency meetings or…anything.

I also started babysitting at age 10.
We took ourselves to and from school. We’d walk or bike miles to friends starting at least in my case in 4th grade. No cell phones, parents may have not even had each other’s numbers or even names.
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What’s up, loves! My name is Rhonda Nicole and I’m a singer/songwriter and long-time Prince head. I’m absolutely over the moon to kick off this week’s special #PrinceTwitterThread all about @jilldjones and her incredible yet slept on self-titled Paisley Park debut.
A little about me...Currently, I’m the director of social media for @thenmaam. Prior to that, I was the right hand to the Fly Jock, Tom Joyner and a freelance music journalist/managing editor of the dearly departed SoulTrain dot com.
I interviewed Jill Jones for my Soul Train Artist to Artist column to chat about her third solo album, ‘I Am,’ in Feb. 2016, just days before Denise Matthews (Vanity) passed and a couple months before Prince’s death.
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A look at today's wide-ranging @pewscience report on #climatechange, #energy and #environment.
Partisan gaps continue to loom large, but survey goes deep on generations showing how #GenZ, #Millennials stand out for engagement on climate
@pewresearch 1/x
Climate change is viewed as an issue that needs attention today and majorities view government, industry -- and even 'ordinary Americans' -- as doing 'too little' to help reduce its effects.
Americans continue to prioritize alternative energy development (like wind and solar) over fossil fuels, but public is roughly divided over phasing out gas-powered cars by 2035; opposes eliminating fossil fuels from energy picture altogether
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Police claim “unlawful assembly” after killing 20 year old young black man, with his mom on the phone and his girlfriend beside him as they drove to visit his older brother and see his new home. Here is the PDF from the @aclu_mn re: protests. #BlackLivesMatter
Minneapolis police knew, or should have known, the killing of a young black man stopped in his vehicle, will result in protests. The police should have been prepared for protests and de-escalated it. Journalists have been reporting that police officers are quitting the “force”
because of fear of danger after the George Floyd trial outcome. Therefore, they knew of the repercussions of killing, wrongfully, a young black man. #EnoughIsEnough #StopSystemicRacism
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35.01/ Week thirty-five, March 13-19 2021, begins here. Last week's thread is below.
35.02/ An accurate thread of Ashkenazi culture on #Passover. [Hint: we rabbis haven't forbade potatoes yet. But don't provoke us]
35.03/ Thread about #PiDay, Albert Einstein and the movie IQ. Because, of course
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WTF is "The Squeeze"???

A thread... Image
Younger generations (#millennials, #GenX, #GenZ 👋) are working and studying harder, while being hit with higher costs, expenses and lower income than ever before.

This is a 360 degree squeeze!

Now the data can do the talking ImageImage
When adjusting for inflation, people in their 20s and 30s are making LESS 📉 today than people were in the 1970s.

😲🤯😲 Image
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You know why #GenX is tired? Our whole damn lives we’ve been watching Democrats come to power, create prosperity, try to advance social justice & human rights. Then the GOP comes to power and destroys it. We’ve spent our whole lives trying to claw back. And we’ve gotten nowhere.
I’m 47. I’ve needed the protections of Roe in my lifetime. I needed the ACA, I need protections for LGBTQIIA Americans. It’s been in my grasp and taken away. While wages haven’t moved. I’ve retrained for jobs over and over. I’ve accumulated no wealth. The future is uncertain.
I’ve paid into Social Security my whole life, knowing it probably won’t be there for me. I live in fear of a health set back that will destroy my small nest egg. I have an aging parent, and many my age have that and school age children. Every 10 years a recession, & endless wars.
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1/3 Keeping #COVID19 under control and away from those at high risk of severe outcomes must remain a top priority for all of us. Increasing #COVIDKnowHow to reduce our risk of infection and spreading the virus starts with us!…
2/3 There are things we can all do to protect ourselves and our family, friends and contacts who may be high risk for severe outcomes of #COVID19, including being prepared and finding safer ways to connect and #HelpOthers.…
3/3 Lets not forget #Caremongering this #ThrowbackThursday and everyday... this is us #Canada! from #Zoomers to #Boomers we got this #COVID19! #GenX #GenY #Millennials #GenZ
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1/3 The weekend is coming, time to brush up on your #COVIDKnowHow and get your #COVID19-Safety Dance on! #HammerandDance #GenZ #Zoomer #GenY #Millennials #GenX #Boomers…
2/3 A few key steps:
1. You put your left foot out 2 m ↔ #PhysicalDistancing
2. You put your both hands in for #Handwashing
3. #ToosieSlide to avoid the 3Cs
4. #StayhomeIfSick and head on over for #TestandTrace as needed…
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Wanna be glued to a screen for hours tonight? Here ya go!
Hey, #GenX! Which of these do you remember?
@redheadmags, @npwordsmith, @BPV103, @ourmaninchicago, and my other Baby GenX / Elder Millennials, I'll be disappointed if you don't know these. (Click "see thread".)
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