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#embodied projections and identifications are “how animals speak”

similar to #EmotionalContagion dynamics

these are adaptive, high speed signals that travel “faster” than thoughts

remember: cortex slows
They are really “embodied action patterns”

- hominid mammals in groups
- alive biology on Earth

Bring a legacy of “ancient wisdom” re:

- how to stay alive
- how to live in groups

Add modern context, social media
… but no “animal” has been removed from us b/c we “think”
The polyvagal ppl (I am not one) categorize these behaviors along fight-flight-freeze-fawn-blah-blah

It’s right in that frame

I personally prefer Panksepp

+ modern society adaptations

Framed in culture, family, geography

… this is “unconscious” to “the rational mind”
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As a professional who helps startups find funding, I often ask my clients to talk to me as if I were a prospective investor.

I've compiled a list, and in this thread, I'll share the top 15 things startup founders should AVOID saying to investors.

#startupadvice #investorpitch
1/ "We don't have a clear revenue model yet, but we'll figure it out eventually."

Come on... no investor wants to hear this! Have a solid plan for generating revenue from the start.

#startupadvice #revenuemodel
2/ "We don't have any competition."

None? Not at all? Every startup has competition, even if it's indirect. Do your research and be prepared to discuss your competitive landscape.

#startupcompetition #knowyourmarket
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Another point on #differentiation esp as it relates to #collaboration

quick 🧵👇🏼
2/ when a person identifies themselves through #concepts they prize, hoard & claim them “as theirs”

and will sometimes “die for them”

b/c of the mechanism of identification is #conceptual
with #somatic #differentiation comes an internal network of self-experience that gives one access to a felt sense of #emergence

where harmonies, symphonies, waves, charges, compressions, tightens

of #experience occur
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my #somatic mentors insisted on two things that I am still engaged with & refining (forever) …

1/ I speak from my own direct experience, not through concepts

2/ I express my own words, and not use theirs or “pretend through their form”

to me this invites #differentiation
in other words … understanding words, even having mastery of the concepts that words describe

amounts to “very little value” from the standpoint of one’s own emergence

this is a provocative concept

esp to thinking minds (as I have)
thinking mind says “I know about this stuff … let me list off the concepts and details with the familiar words …”

embodiment says ???

(embodiment speaks without words)

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More on #differentiation

most conceive of this as a self-other experience (it is)

executing this “skill” with another, requires use of this “skill” within oneself

experientially, phenomenologically

“raw” experience is enactive, impulsive

… or soupy, slow, simmering
… or thick, fuzzy, numb, diffuse

and millions of other variations

Within oneself to “differentiate” experience here means to literally feel HOW this experience unfolds in micro-time

this is #discernment too

… to feel
… to experience
… to move
… in real time
… enacting & discerning
… electric & slow
… and the universe between

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The #InDivEU panel at #PPCParis is starting now! As @tepsaeu and @SciencesPo_CEE are enjoying their parallel sessions, we here at DiCE thought we would highlight some key points from our speakers!

Our first speaker is @IvoBelet, Member of Cabinet of Vice-President @dubravkasuica, Member of the @EU_Commission in charge of Democracy and Demography, who thanks @tepsaeu & @SciencesPo_CEE for the invite on behalf of Mrs. Šuica

.@IvoBelet describes the importance of European Citizens Panels as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe #CoFoE 👉 this panel of #PPCParis is ALL ABOUT the #FutureofEurope!

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#PPCParis is about to begin! If you can't join us live at @SciencesPo_CEE then make sure to check out our Twitter highlights!

Welcome to DAY 1⃣ of #PPCParis! Florence Haegel from @SciencesPo_CEE is opening the conference now: "The overlapping of #EU2022FR with the #FrenchElections of 2022 will frame the agenda of the French Presidency to a great extent"

As part of these welcoming words to #PPCParis we thank Florence Haegel for her warm words and short analysis of the upcoming French Presidency of the @EUCouncil

We're about to hear also from TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim

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Welcome to Day 2⃣ of the #InDivEU Final Conference!

As always we'll be highlighting the best bits from today's panels and you can also watch LIVE ON STREAM! 👉

Check out the agenda for today! We're discussing the perspectives of different political actors on #DifferentiatedIntegration, the #SingleMarket, and Experimentalist Governance!


And if you want to meet today's speakers for the #InDivEU Final Conference be sure to check out our handy guide! 👉…

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The #InDivEU Final Conference starts TODAY! Welcome to Day 1 - we've got a bunch of great panels on #DifferentiatedIntegration and the #FutureofEurope so make sure to tune in to our 📺 LIVESTREAM 👉
Today we're highlighting the key moments of the conference right here on Twitter, but you can also follow our livestream if you want to tune in to our agenda!


We're currently having some brief words of welcome from Lucia Mokrá, Chairperson of the TEPSA Board, and Frank Schimmelfennig, #InDivEU's Scientific Lead

If you want to learn more about what's coming up today, read our event agenda 📖👉…

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We're about to go live🔴 for the @IdeaEu/@IAIonline event on #Differentiation, #Democracy, and #CoFoE

We'll be highlighting some great highlights from the panel here!


#InDivEU @tepsaeu #EU3D @arena_uio
"Any modality of cooperation among Member States, non-Member States, and sub-State entities in non-homogenous ways"

- @NicolePirozzi from @IAIonline/@IdeaEu introduces the panel by defining #Differentiation from the EUIDEA perspective

"#CoFoE gives EU citizens a unique opportunity to debate the #FutureofEurope, and leaders should be ready to face uncomfortable truths about the current functioning of the EU"

- @NicolePirozzi from @IAIonline/@IdeaEu

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🇸🇮 #PPCLjubljana DAY 2 is kicking off as we speak! Join us LIVE on #Zoom for our first panel of the day, from the #InDivEU Project!

As always, we are highlighting the key takeaways here, so stay with us for #PPCLjubljana day 2!💪

Our first panel of the day is all about #DifferentiatedIntegration and the #FutureofEurope: @MichaelKaeding (@unidue) is moderating the discussion between Sandra Kröger (#InDivEU/@UniofExeter), @bonomimat (@IdeaEu/@IAIonline), and Magdalena Góra (#EU3D/@JagiellonskiUni)

We are also going to enjoy a keynote also from @dubravkasuica, VP of the @EU_Commission

"In our work on democracy, the #CoFoE is a process to bring all Europeans together"

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The #InDivEU panel at #PPCLjubljana is going LIVE 🔴 on #Zoom!

Join us over at the @tepsaeu Pre-Presidency Conference!

Below are our key highlights


First up in the panel is a keynote address from @EU_Commission Vice-Presidency @dubravkasuica, who talks about her brief in the Commission: democracy and demography

The #CoFoE is a key theme of the speech: citizens' role in shaping the #FutureofEurope is a priority of the conference, and citizens from across Europe can deliberate with each other

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Our DiCE Townhall: "Differentiated Integration and Migration: The Perception of Reality and Policy" is starting soon! Be sure to join us online via #Zoom or follow along here for the highlights!

#InDivEU @tepsaeu @IdeaEu @IAIonline #EU3D @arena_uio @FDVLjubljana #H2020


Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana is giving the opening welcome to our townhall


#InDivEU @tepsaeu @IdeaEu @IAIonline #EU3D @arena_uio #H2020
From the @tepsaeu side, @gbonacquisti gives her own welcome, introducing DiCE as a project, and kicking off the programme

We bring together three excellent projects on #Differentiation: #InDivEU @IdeaEu and @EU3Dh2020

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We're 🔴LIVE at the #DiCEConference on #Brexit!

Follow along on @YouTube and get all the highlights here⤵️


#InDivEU @tepsaeu @EU3Dh2020 @arena_uio @IdeaEu @IAIonline @EU_H2020 #H2020 #CoFoE #FutureofEurope

.@BrigidLaffan leads the welcomes to the #DiCEConference along with her fellow DiCE partner-project leaders @NicolePirozzi and @JohnErikFossum


#InDivEU @EU3Dh2020 @IdeaEu
.@NicolePirozzi is telling us all about @IdeaEu's work to monitor and assess the #Brexit process, "but also to understand the impact the impact of Brexit in external cooperation in economy, security, and migration"


#InDivEU @EU3Dh2020 @IdeaEu
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Plenary Session 4 is about to start!

"Differentiated Integration and the Future of Europe" highlighting our #InDivEU Project!

Here are the highlights

This session is moderated by @ETH_en's Frank Schimmelfennig and features contributions from Stefan Telle (@EuropeanUni), @katrinauel (@IHS_Vienna), Ramūnas Vilpišauskas (@VU_LT), Maja Bučar (@FDVLjubljana), and Gunilla Herolf (@UISweden)

"Differentiated Integration is currently in the news as one possible way out of the current Rule of Law/Recovery Fund issue. This framework for integration is what we will be discussion within the #InDivEU Project"

- Frank Schimmelfennig from @ETH_en

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In today's final session, we are discussing the "Geopolitics of Europe and European Defence" with @Isabelle_kumar (@euronews), the French Minister of State for European Affairs @CBeaune, and experts from the TEPSA network

Here are the best bits⤵️

"It feels like Europe is at a watershed moment, when we look at all the crises we face. I will ask each of our speakers asking where we think Europe is today"

- @Isabelle_kumar, from @euronews

French Minister of State for European Affairs @CBeaune is the first to speak, clarifying the French perspective of European Security: "Our aim is not to go out of the existing frameworks, the idea is to get the tools to act - ultimately - when we need to act"

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One of the most powerful ways to practice #differentiation is through the lens of responsibility.

What is mine to carry, what is theirs, what is God's?

Not an easy question to answer, but always worth a pause and reflection.

When we're in anxiety's grip, we tend toward hiding, avoiding or blaming or, yikes, the trifecta of all three.

But practicing differentiation forces us to clarify responsibility. The authors of Scripture remind us again and again that we can control one thing: self.

So we can make a list of the things we are anxious about and then a check box set of columns. How much control do I have over what I am anxious about? Lots? Some? None?

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Day Two is underway!

For all the highlights from the second day of the @aces_for conference, keep updated here, or #Zoom in yourself!

"Experimentalist Governance and Differentiated Integration:
Alternatives or Complements?" is the first panel, moderated by @IdeaEu's Sandra Lavenex, and featuring speakers from the #InDivEU project

After Jonathan Zeitlin's presentation, Bernardo Rangoni presents his findings on the topic of electricity regulation

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The 2nd day of the @aces_for conference organised with #InDivEU and @dice_h2020 is starting now!

#Zoom in to join our first panel of the day on experimentalist governance

As always, we'll be live-tweeting all the best bits below!

The first panel is an #InDivEU extravaganza! Jonathan Zeitlin, Bernardo Rangoni, and @Maria_Weimer are representing the project

Jonathan Zeitlin from #InDivEU is the first to present

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Jonathan Zeitlin from #InDivEU is currently opening the @aces_for annual conference: "Differentiated Integration and the #FutureofEurope: Promises, Pitfalls, Pathways"

Here are some key moments...

Frank Schimmelfennig from #InDivEU now gives his intergovernmentalist take on explaining #DifferentiatedIntegration

Sandra Lavenex from @IdeaEu begins her presentation on #Differentiation by giving a vision of Differentiated Integration through the prism of a "condominio"

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The @aces_for Annual Conference is beginning now!

#Zoom in to join us as Jonathan Zeitlin welcomes us to the conference

As always, we'll be live-tweeting the main takeaways

The @aces_for conference is organised with the TEPSA project #InDivEU 💪

Frank Schimmelfennig from #InDivEU is talking about #Differentiation from an intergovernmentalist perspective, where #DifferentiatedIntegration is a result of member states integrating according to different models (differentiated, uniform, regional) when preferences allow

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And they're off!

Andrea Elteto has welcomed us to the Presentation of the Hungarian and Slovenian chapters of the upcoming TEPSA Book!

As ever we'll be live-tweeting the highlights of the event, but you can still #Zoom in and join us live!…

Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana is giving her presentation first, on the changes to the political landscape since 2019, with a shift towards Visegrad prioritisation

Noting that the current Slovenian Prime Minister is a good friend of #Orban, Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana analyses the foreign policy of the new government

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🗓️We've got so much going on in the next month that it's hard to keep track of it all!

For those of you who need your TEPSA fix, he's a quick rundown💪

First off, WE'RE HIRING‼️

That's right, if you've been hankering to work in our dynamic office, where everyone has an important role and impact, then apply for our paid 6-month traineeship!

📨The deadline's on September 14th - that's next Monday!…

/2 Image
#VIADUCT_EU is holding its Teaching Award!

To recognize outstanding teaching in the fields of EU-Turkey relations and the Future of the EU, a €1500 prize will be awarded at the #VIADUCT_EU online final conference in October @viaduct_eu…

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The #InDivEU Panel "The EU's Differentiated Future after #Brexit" has just started!

#InDivEU, along with @EU3Dh2020 and @IdeaEu, form part of the DiCE Project, so of course we'll be live-tweeting in this THREAD

The #InDivEU Panel welcomes...

👉@GermanyonBrexit from @GermanyDiplo
👉@BrigidLaffan from @EuropeanUni & @RobSchuCentre
👉@FundaTekin17 from @IEP_Berlin
👉Frank Schimmelfennig from @ETH_en and @IEP_Berlin
👉Moderator: Christian Frommelt from @LieInstitut

Moderator Christian Frommelt from @LieInstitut has just introduced Axel Dittmann (@GermanyonBrexit) from @GermanyDiplo to explain #EU2020DE's approach to #Brexit: "to get a good deal in the remaining time that satisfies both sides"

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