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Anyoung #LosAngeles,

We must talk.

You may hear about the need to #CancelRent, due to the economic crisis of Covid. But that is just the surface. Our lives and lodgings have long been fragile.

The truth: we were in crisis already.
As of now, over 700k renters have missed payments. More even—at 62%—report being uncertain how they will make ends meet.

The virus now returns to full force, and the meager incomes the reprieve brought were never enough.

Many, even now, are merely borrowing time.
Let’s re-establish some figures. This is what it takes for us to keep indoors.

Some of you may be stacking this against your paychecks, recognizing the numbers as too large.

You are among a wide company. Especially if you’re perceived as a woman. Especially if you’re Black.
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Les plateformes de Facebook figurent parmi les réseaux sociaux & messageries où les Français 🇫🇷 sont les plus actifs selon @harrisint_fr


#SocialLife2020 #réseauxsociaux
L'usage #SocialMedia est très différent chez la #GenZ (15-24 ans) qui privilégie les plateformes vidéos et messageries.

Le top 5 :
🔶Youtube (71%)
🔷Snapchat (70%)
🔶Instagram (69%)
🔷WhatsApp (63%)
🔶Messenger (61%)
🔷A noter la forte progression de TikTok

Globalement, les Français 🇫🇷 sont toujours plus friands des réseaux sociaux et ce phénomène a été amplifié par la crise.

Ils sont 90% (+9%) à être actif sur une plateforme sociale avec une forte hausse de l'utilisation des applications de messagerie (+15%).

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Présentation du baromètre #SocialLife "Réseaux Sociaux et Marques" de @harrisint_fr lors de la matinée #SocialMedia et #InfluenceMarketing de l'@ebg.
Merci à @Phil_Khattou et aux différents intervenants.
Découvrez les principaux résultats via ce thread ⤵️
Quel est le périmètre d'investigation de ce baromètre ?
31 #RéseauxSociaux et 19 #Messageries dispatchés dans 5 grandes catégories:
- Entertainment
- Commerce
- Microblogging, Forum
- Messageries, Vidéo
- Business
#EBGLive #SocialLife
Les usages sont en forte hausse en 2020 (une activité liée à la crise) que ce soit sur les #RéseauxSociaux (83%) ou les #applis de messagerie (81%).
4,7 plateformes utilisées en moyenne vs 3,7 en 2019.
#EBGLive #SocialLife
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Today we released research that reveals the political views of #GenZ shows a vast gender divide that will have significant implications for #election2020.

Here are a few major takeaways. #Thread
IGNITE partnered with Dr. Melissa Deckman @MelissaDeckman of Washington College to survey a nationally representative sample of more than 2,200 Americans aged 18-23 in the summer of 2019.
One, for the first time in American history, Gen Z women will surpass their male peers in terms of political engagement. The #politicalpower of these young women will be an asset to candidates who actively engage this demographic.
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2/ to the DemLEFT on the floor of the House in fighting back at the absurd & very very dangerous weaponization of a political tool to repeatedly overthrow any Presidential election by the losing pol. party! Surely,U MUST know,&should be saying it more in interviews&pressers like
3/ @SteveScalise & @GOPLeader said on the FLR TDY,that this is all about the LEFT’s future POWER lust/grab for permanent CONTROL over USA. In the LEFT’s mind their actions since Nov2016 have proven that they believe they are entitled to permanent POWER in FedGovt over USA& will
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Dear #GenZ

You've been taught your entire life that your opinion matters & the world owes you something

Neither is true

So rather than taking on #GenX
the people who can help you

Let's ally against the Millennials
Who we can all agree
I like GenZ
You're looking at the current state of play & throwing a BS flag

But instead of acting like Jr Millennials
Let's work together & kill the entitlement mentality that put us in this mess

The world is harsh
You have to make your own way
No one's giving you anything
One thing hasn't changed in America
You can earn your way to a higher level than you start at

It's not easy
But you can see the Millennial plan to just steal from the rich and give to the unproductive will crash & burn once they pick those few carcasses clean

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1/19 @PiperJaffrayCo’s Fall 2019 #GenZ Insights Project is a useful read on teen consumer trends.…

If you can’t access it I made some notes for you:
2/19 Most top #GenZ social media personalities are online native: @DavidDobrik @kyliejenner @pewdiepie @emmachamberlain @WeTheDan @SommerRay
3/19 @instagram is the most used #GenZ social platform, steep decline in @Facebook usage, @snapchat is the favorite, and @TikTok_us now #3. @VSCO is flat.
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#Academy2019 @AAN_Nursing Keynote on #belonging: Dr. @LisaColemanPhD explains #Diversity (in the room), #Inclusion (being asked to dance), & #Equity (intentional reflection on history & power), & #Belonging: you can disagree about something & you’re still in the group
Dr. @LisaColemanPhD: You can’t have excellence in #innovation *without* #diversity, #inclusion, #equity *AND* #Belonging

Dr. Lin Zhan to Dr. @LisaColemanPhD: How do #nurseleaders acknowledge #implicitbias? Dr. Coleman explains we all have implicit bias. On #microaggressions: Even well-intended words can do harm. #Leaders must assess their own biases AND how they’re operationalized in their orgs.
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On defining #creativity @rexjung :

Distinct from #intelligence – a superhighway; #creativity as a slow meandering process down dirt road / side road

Must be both #novel and @useful – beyond simple #utility – something #new within a social context. Unexpected links ✨🤓✨
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Generation Z will outnumber Millennials by 2019… via @wef
As per the report "#India's Gen Z population rise to 472 million next year, 51 percent more than #China’s projected 312 million"
"Key differentiating factor between #GenZ versus #millenials is an element of self-awareness versus self-centeredness"
GenZ naturally seek their own solutions and can quickly detect whether or not something is relevant to them. #selfaware, #selfreliant #innovative
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0/ Thread. Having spent some time with @Nicolas_Colin on his new book HEDGE about #tech, #entrepreneurship, social #policy and the future of the Safety Net, I'm sharing some things that stuck with me, and why HEDGE is one for the ☀️📚📝 #readinglist…
1/ @Nicolas_Colin is thought-provoking not least because of his vantage point - graduated from the French ENA, worked at the top of the French civil service, set up his own company, and invests in startups all over 🇪🇺 with @_TheFamily
2/ Im not one for party politics, and HEDGE isn't about that. It's a book that speaks to the zeitgeist of the #techlash and ways for #startup #founders and #politicians to think about smart, sensible policies to build an inclusive Safety Net 2.0 📖
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