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Five years ago, I was shacked up in a wobbly shed at the bottom of a garden.

I was a single cat with three tiny kittens to feed.
The pretty lady who owned that shed didn't know I was living in it.

I used to sneak in through a hole at the back.

I gave birth to my three kittens in there.
At the other end of the garden to the wobbly shed there was a warm house with pillows and fires and food cupboards.

I wanted to live there with the pretty lady and her two fat, lazy, overfed cats.
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thread! I want to share the story of my brother's cats and the arc they've been through over the past 8 months. 🐈

this is gouda. my brother walked into a shelter late last year, said "give me your least adoptable cat", and walked out with gouda. she has socks! 🧀🧦
gouda was abused in the past. she yowled when my brother tried to put her in the walk-in closet as her space, hid under the bed, and refused to come out. a previous adopter returned her because she wouldn't come out for months. here's a rare sighting of her coming out for treats.
this is pumpkin. he joined my family in 2006! he is my round son. he hates other cats. here he is asking my brother to do something about gouda stealing his water (after she started to come out!)
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A truly on-brand #Cats story: When I was 6 I LOVED Cats. I listened to the Broadway record over and over. All I wanted for my birthday was to see it live. So my dad, a grizzled New Yorker, took me to see it in Chicago.
At intermission, he said we needed to get something in the car. However, once we got in the car he drove off. Confused, I explained, “Dad, it isn’t over!” And he looked at me and said, “Leila, I didn't realize it was really about *actual* cats."
This is not the first time whimsy irritated him. He took me out of the screening of Elijah Wood’s North because he said it was highly unrealistic.
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1/ Thread #Pets #Livestock #Horses #DisasterPreparedness

After the awful #CampFire #DisasterAssistTeam created a searchable Found Pets database w/ 1000+ animals - most were forever separated from their families

Make a #DisasterPlan for your whole family

2/ #Pets #Cats #Dogs #HurricaneSeason2019 #DisasterPreparedness

The AVMA (American Vet Med Assoc) & ASPCA have excellent #resources & tips for what to include in #DisasterPrepKits



#DisasterAssistTeam #Animals #DAT
3/ #Pets #Cats #Dogs #HurricaneSeason2019

Red Rover has printable #DisasterPrep lists & #info specific to different disaster events 🐶


Info for #CompanionAnimals 🐱

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We all want to know this right - does my #cat really love me? And if not, WHY?
🐈 🐈 🐈…
Cats can’t tell us how they’re feeling, but if we watch their behaviour closely we can work out a lot.
The things you see your cat doing are probably what it enjoys. If it gets the chance to do these things then your #cat is probably happy.
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