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✅The IMF Executive Board has approved #LK's 17th IMF program, under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF). However, this is only the beginning.

Here is a 🧵about what this means for 🇱🇰 and what happens next. 1/6

#EconomicCrisisLK #IMF #SriLanka #Reforms
🏦The EFF aims to provide assistance to countries experiencing serious balance of payments imbalances because of structural impediments, or slow growth. It provides support for comprehensive programs with policies needed to correct structural imbalances over a longer period. 2/6
🚫What it is not? The #IMF program is not a bailout. With an IMF program comes credibility and it aims to bring back confidence in 🇱🇰's economy giving #LK access to bilateral, multilateral and financial markets. However, it does not solve all 🇱🇰's economic woes. 3/6
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Was replying to devil's advocacy from @jwz regarding #Mastodon.

"How can you possibly think that this is how it is going to go?"

Reasonable, based on the track record of social media.

Except it's not "think". It's hope.
Which changes things, in ways most devs don't grok.🧵
@jwz, like myself, leans heavily towards the idea of a Federated Feed Reader... kind of the holy grail of what webloggers wanted with RSS over twenty years ago now. A non-kludgy way of sharing content AND comments transparently, between different servers.
Such a thing, it should be mentioned, was exactly the kind of thing that I remember a brilliant young kid justifiably antagonizing the creator of RSS about, because he was loathe to allowing its use in a way that would interconnect his walled garden blogging app.
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So, what an exciting week we have had, hey? Exciting and tragic. #ActionSA handed JHB back to the #anc by being naive, stupid and just plain know-it-all. Took over negotiations telling #DA who they should give what positions to, after they all signed an agreement about positions.
The #eff first voted with the #DA to get all the Metros, now they voted with the #anc again. Nothing new for them. They did this since 2016 with Mmusi too. They are by nature traitors and flipfloppers. Never to be trusted. The #PA sold their souls to the #anc again, like always.
Cope totally imploded and is now represented by a wild-eyed nutcase. #ActionSA started the instability in the Metros by constantly bashing the #DA and telling all the coalition partners how bad the #DA is. Then they went to the #DA and told them they MUST work with the #eff.
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One most common thing that you may have observed is that a lot of #privacy researchers recommend is to get rid of as many Google products and services as possible. #degoogle

Understand the Business Model -

If you are not paying for it, you are the product.

Alphabet - The parent company of Google. Pic below shows the revenue breakdown and we can clearly see that most revenue is generated from ads by selling user data.
There are N number of articles that have criticized Google for such unethical practices - some of them being privacy concerns, algorithm bias, etc. #EFF

Credit: @EFF…
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To all those who want to achieve a “Net Zero” emissions target by 2050, you realize that’s harder to do if the world is in a state of anarchy because no one can afford energy by like 2030, right?

What’s so frustrating about US and western energy policy is it assumes we can smoothly transition to a carbon free world without worrying about the multi-decade interim effects of putting up roadblocks to conventional energy investment/usage.
I get no one wants to see coastlines spoiled. But every US barrel kept in the ground, means potentially a dirtier one is produced elsewhere. Do you think most countries have better environmental standards and more responsible firms? Image
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#SARS’s Criminal and Illicit Economic Activities division traced stolen VBS money through two front companies into #EFF deputy leader #FloydShivambu’s FNB Private Wealth bank account.…
#FloydShivambu’s sustained charade of ‘fighting for the poor’ instead of robbing them is, for the first time, highlighted by a state institution in open court proceedings following #Sars investigation into his brother, Brian, and the missing #VBS millions.…
#Sars has slapped 2 companies of #BrianShivambu with a R28.2m tax bill. This eye-watering amount includes penalties because Shivambu attempted to evade paying tax for the periods 2017, 2018 and 2019.
Relates to Sgameka:…
And Mahuna:…
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The problem with #CR17BankStatements is that senior members of opposition were recepient, paid & appear there & those known to be #NDZ (moles of #CR17) appear in the statements. There will be bloody chaos in the country if the information is released to the public.
The old NIA now called @StateSecurityRS refused to give @NelsonMandela , Mbeki & Zuma the list of all sellouts and spies planted in the @MYANC during the struggle. They were told that there will never be a country if they broke that sacrosanct rule of espionage...Never reveal !
Till today @MYANC have apartheid security spies in high echelons of organisational & state leadership because @StateSecurityRS refused to make the list of Bruno Mtolo & them public, not even @NelsonMandela could be trusted with the list #CR17BankStatements will never be unsealed
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Ayer se supo que el #FMI hará su 1era misión en octubre. Con @jotaechague en @ConsultatioPlus aprovechamos el informe de esta semana para analizar un caso interesante: el EFF de #Angola, que quizás nos puede enseñar algunas cosas respecto de la macro que viene. Sale hilario 1/14
Empecemos con las diferencias: #Angola es la tercer economía de África SS, con un tamaño de solo 1/4 de Argy y una importancia regional relativamente menor. El crédito de Angola es un % mucho menor de su propia cuota como en % del total de la cartera del FMI. 2/14 Image
Otra diferencia: #Angola es muy dependiente del sector hidrocarburífero: representa c100% de las exportaciones y >50% de ingresos públicos. Su suerte está atada a los vaivenes del precio del crudo. Hechas estas aclaraciones, empecemos por las similitudes 3/14
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the problem with using Machines to generate ads is this:
1) If regularly search for things like "treatment for damaged hair" which a lot of women of colour do... the algorithms AI start to profile YOU! "Smart" ads will then look for images to serve YOU with possible solutions... ImageImageImageImage
So the agency that does buying for Uniliver will have space on sites like Clicks to serve "smart ads" that are automatically generated to be personalised for a shopper. This is why we generally have the same screenshot of the racist ad coz it was served to a particular person...
You can sort of tell with the White text on Black on a zoomed-in hair picture which I am almost 100% sure will be a picture VERY VERY similar to the person who viewed this particular combination. The problem is AI is currently VERY VERY racist as it's trained on predominately... Image
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#VBS' chair #TshifhiwaMatodzi is one of 8 arrested relating to the fleecing of the bank. I wrote about his role here, and showed how he ordered money to be paid to the #EFF leaders' front company as "lobbying fees" & because the account was "strategic".…
The #PIC appointed #ErnestNesane & #PaulMagula to guard their investment in #VBS. They rather helped to cover the black hole & took millions of poor people's money for themselves. Wrote about them here:…
#PhilipTruter was instrumental in the #VBS scam and worked closely with #PhophiMukhodobwane and #TshifhiwaMatodzi, WhatsApp messages show. I wrote about Truter's part here:…
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Look I don't want no unity with a white person. white people will never, ever look out for a black man. there are two homeless people outside my work place, one white one bkack. white people give food their own and exclude the black guy. #racism
Black people stop trying so much have white people love you, you they will never love you!! Let @MbuyiseniNdlozi speak the truth!! He's not dividing us, we been divided since even amongst ourselves. Zulus don't get along with any other tribe!
White people divided us and now we try so much to much to have them accept us? Bullshit!
#racism #ndlozi #EFF
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#OnsVervolg: @afriforum gee vandag om 10:00 tydens ’n mediakonferensie terugvoer oor drie sake van #EFF-leier @Julius_S_Malema waarby die ons betrokke is. @afriforum gaan ook stappe bekend maak wat die ons in hierdie verband gaan doen. #MalemaMoetBoet #StopMalema #GerrieNel
#OnsVervolg: @kalliekriel verwelkom die media en ons lede wat die konferensie regstreeks kyk. ons lede maak ons sterk en stel ons in staat om hierdie sake aan te pak.
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@_Revolution18 @SAReserveBank @amaBhungane @OUTASA I asked th racist @OUTASA abt this but they blocked me😂 instead of answering my questions.

OUTASA is the same as @Corruption_SA,@Our_DA, FUL,AfriForum,HSF,FreedomUnderLaw,...their MANDATE isto portray BLACKS as corrupt

@_Revolution18 @SAReserveBank @amaBhungane @OUTASA @Corruption_SA @Our_DA ST GEORGE’S FINE FOODS should offer shares to Black staff members as part of reconciliation.

@_Revolution18 @SAReserveBank @amaBhungane @OUTASA @Corruption_SA @Our_DA WMC & their Black stooges hv taken a resolution to completely privatise South Africa electricity supply.

Eskom to retrench thousands of Black workers.

Who'll benefit frm Eskom destruction?
WMC,SACP,ANC veterans,Ramaphosa,Gordhans

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