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Who's ready for another jab in March? Roll up your sleeve (again) for #Pfizer 1.1:

CEO Albert Bourla, Jan 10, 2022: "And we know that the 3, the 2-dose[s] of the #vaccine, offer very limited protection, if any."

#4IR #BiotechEconomy #GeneEditing #mRNA #Crispr

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Bourla con't: "The 3 doses w/ the #booster, they offer reasonable protection against hospitalization & deaths... Now, we are working on a new version of our vaccine, the 1.1 [] that will cover #Omicron as well."

Bourla: "... we are waiting to have the final results. The vaccine will be ready in March, & [] we'll be able to produce it massively."

Yahoo: "I want to quickly talk about the #kids... under 5... the company has said that it's going to need to be a 3-dose vaccine..."
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"Muuh, Bobby, what's up with the #Novak scandal/ @AustralianOpen?"

This is for sure not a #PsyOp, right @DjokerNole?

@novakfoundation supports social impact markets, digital child labour for hedge funds, the #4IR @wef- agenda.

@ProfKlausSchwab approves.… ImageImageImageImage
Credits for above tweet actually belong to @WWakeUpTime.
Poor @DjokerNole is now isolated at Melbourne Airport.
Will @ProfKlausSchwab/@wef intervene at @AustralianOpen? Is this all just a CheapThrills #Astroturf-#PsyOp for the mainstream normie to seed some Scripted Reality 'predictive programming'? "No Vax, No Winner Cup"? Poll below. ImageImage
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Le twitter-graph de @agriculteursBzh ! #GrapheAgri

Une petite analyse d'un compte Twitter sous forme spatiale et graphique, via ces followers.

Version HD, explications et analyse dans le thread ⬇️ Image
Si vous êtes pressés et que vous voulez allez vous même fouiller dans la version HD du graphe, il est dispo sur ce lien:…

Sinon, on va l'expliquer et le regarder ensemble en dessous
Petite explication sur le graphe:

Ici on représente un graphe de tout les followers d'un compte, eux mêmes reliés entre eux suivant "qui follow qui".

De cette manière on connaitra qui s'interesse à @agriculteursBzh, et à qui ils s'interessent en général.
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1/ #RKI Wochenbericht und Alterung der Schutzwirkung.
Vor 3 und 2 Wochen schrieb ich Lichtblick.
Letzte Woche schwieg ich, aufgrund der irritierenden Daten.
Diese Woche – *kein* Lichtblick!… Image
2/ Die Anzahl der #Booster Impfungen (derzeit) ist IMHO zu gering um einen „führenden“ Einfluss zu haben.

Zudem kommt das es keine Priorisierung für mit #AstraZeneca Geimpfte gab/gibt.
Hier tritt Verlust der Schutzwirkung nach 4 Monaten ein…
3/ Lokale Beobachtung das z.Z. bei Erstimpfung mit #BioTech die 2. Dosis nach 3 Wochen empfohlen wurde.

IMHO ist hier bei diesen „neu Geimpften“ eine geringere Schutzwirkung bei 2. Dosis zu erwarten.

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🧵U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Comm. 2021 Annual Report to Congress

5 sections: competition (92 pages), economic relations(168), security(100), Taiwan(52), HK(52). 500+ pages, 1.5 hr video, 32 recommendations, w. 10 top recommendations.

Directly relevant, top recommendation related to Chinese VIE structured companies.

The commission not clear whether prohibition of VIE companies are limited to US listed or not. In the next 3 years most Chinese companies will be moving US listings to HK/mainland. /2
I myself have written extensively on VIE. It is not straightforward to say VIE is illegal in China, as VIE structured companies are now listed on China's own exchanges, folded into merge and acquisition regulations. /3

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Roll up your sleeve. If you decline, you will be relegated to "unvaccinated" status. Your mobility revoked.

Nov 15 2021: "#HealthCanada Authorizes #Booster Dose of #Moderna’s COVID-19 #Vaccine in Individuals 18 Yrs of Age & Older"

Nov 17, 2021: "#Moderna Files for Authorization of its COVID-19 Vaccine w/ #HealthCanada to Include #Children Ages 6-11 Yrs"

"We plan to submit these data to other regulatory agencies around the world..."

#4IR #Biotech…
Nov 17, 2021, #Moderna: "The Phase 2/3 “KidCOVE” study of SPIKEVAX in #pediatric population ages 6 months to under 12 yrs is ongoing."

#Children are not experimental subjects.

There is no emergency. 👇

This is a crime.… Image
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It's time! #CareersInImmuno at 10AM PST | 1 PM EST | 6PM GMT with @_Jon_Silver_ @forgedonyx @ATrotmanGrant and @JonathanWosen have your questions ready about #AltCareers in #immunology #BIIW21 #CareerDevelopment. A flyer of the Careers in Immunology panel with the headshot
We've got some brilliant panelists with experience stretching across entrepreneurship, science communication, biotechnology, business and more!
@forgedonyx - Dr Danielle Twum's work in a biotech involves talking to lots of people from CEOs, clients, study directors - sharing and explaining science and the potential of her company's technology
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It's not breaking at all. It's business.

#HealthCanada is funded (90% or more) by the pharmaceutical industry.

#Children are not experimental subjects for the pharmaceutical industry.

There is no emergency to justify #EUA.

This is #criminal.

Nov 12, 2021 update.

Emergency use of unapproved experimental injections into arms of healthy children still cannot be justified.


Massive push for experimental #vaccines is not about protecting children. This is about protecting/expanding #capital markets & profits. Children & youth - experimental subjects for #biotech - a foundational bedrock of #4IR architecture going forward. 👇

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@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews Welkom terug beste volger.
We praten je bij.
1. Wij vertegenwoordigen de #Occupy beweging in #Schagen.
De strijd tegen de groeiende #Rijkdom & #Macht
van de 1%:
de 0,00001% #Miljardairs +hun hielen likkende Elite.
In dit geval 't #BioTech Industrieel Complex
-De #Pharma Maffia
@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews >>2. Waarom #PCR-Testen #GOED bruikbaar zijn
om mensen die #Besmet zijn of waren
met #COVID19 / #SARS_CoV2 te #VINDEN,
de bron van de infectie te #TRACEREN
& #ALLE besmettingen in een #Uitbraak-Haard te #Isoleren tot ze beter, of dood zijn ?
Géén verhaal maar #Feiten.
@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews >>China werd overrompeld in dec. 2019 / jan. 2020
- als 1e land (zoals Media ten onrechte schrijven) -
in #Wuhan, 'n miljoenenstad + knooppunt van snelwegen.

Ze determineerden het Genoom van 't #Coronavirus (#RNA) & begonnen daarmee de #PCR-Testen massaal uit te voeren.
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️|💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | @lopezobrador_ reiteró que al finalizar octubre todas las personas mayores de 18 años estarán vacunas contra #COVID19 en el país, además, dijo que #Guanajuato se han aplicado más de 500 mil dosis en sólo 5 días con el apoyo de la @SEDENAmx y la @SEMAR_mx
#ConferenciaPresidente | Al 10 de octubre se han entregado a los hospitales y clínicas del país 30,802,218 piezas de insumos médicos.

👉Al 18 de octubre, el @INSABI_mx han entregado a los almacenes estatales 42,221,636 piezas de insumos médicos.
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Anyone who promotes, supports, condones, normalizes, or stays silent on a global experiment on #children is a monster. It's that simple - & that grotesque. To serve capital, #biotech/#EmergingMarkets, rather than protecting the most vulnerable of society, is unforgivable.
Population of Canada: 38 million.

Deaths WITH covid as of Oct 1, 2021, age 0 - 19:

Canada: adverse event reports by up to & including Sept 24, 2021.

Age bracket 12-17: 419

The grossly under-reported adverse reactions thus far, are the tip of the iceberg. All for a disease for a median infection survival rate of 99.77% or more.
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In #biotech #stocks, more market jitters at NASDAQ opening, all biotech stocks down except for $ONT.L Oxford @nanopore and $NEO NeoGenomics Image
$ONT.L Oxford @nanopore floated on Wednesday, today still on a steady uphill. Trades in London stock exchange, so off by 4-5 hours US East time. Image
$NEO NeoGenomics has been on a tear in the last few days. A company growing both organically and by acquisition, aggressively positioning itself in the #LiquidBiopsy #CancerScreening segment. Image
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In #biotech #stocks, the highlight today is $ONT.L Oxford @nanopore which now has its own stock ticker in the London Stock Market. Yahoo Finance hasn't updated the Market Cap yet, I think it usually takes a few days. Google Finance has no matches for it yet. ImageImage
I've added it to my list between $NTRA (~$10B) and $NVTA (~$6B). Assuming it holds above $6B by the time the market cap value shows up in Yahoo Finance, that's the right place for the stock to be. Image
This now adds $6B of market cap to my list, which after a few jittery days at the NASDAQ, is at around $440-$450B, with the 4 largest #biotechs holding about 2/3rds of the value. Image
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In #biotech #stocks today, I highlight $BLI Berkeley Lights which is currently down -11%. The trend is still looking downwards since Dec 2020 when it had a remarkable burst of what I would call "frothiness" and since then it's been on a gentle downwards trajectory.
Sometimes these big short hikes are not entirely rational, and as of late, with the emergence of the meme stock phenomenon, normal decent-looking #biotech companies can be hijacked by pump-and-dumpers that don't even care at all about what they invest in.
This is nowadays magnified by the Robin Hood's of the world of investing, which act as an amplifier of the crowd behaviour that is decoupled from any logical thinking.
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#Quebec #vaccinepassport QR code begins w/ shc:/. "shc"- acronym for SMART Health Cards specification spearheaded by the Vaccination Credential Initiative [VCI]. Akinox, developer of #VaxiCode & VaxiCode Verif for the Quebec govt, is member of VCI.

#4IR #Salesforce #Rockefeller
Aug 20 2021: "Many US states have outlawed #vaccinepassports but the #SMARTHealthCard is being rolled out across the country with help from the private sector.

#VCI is a consortium of key players [] & includes major corps like #Microsoft, #Salesforce..."…
[Source of information highlighting #VaxiCode acronym for #SMARTHealthCards:…]

Smart Health Cards [#VCI] & Common Trust Network:

#4IR architecture
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In #biotech #stocks news, one of the #LiquidBiopsy #CancerDx stocks in my list is $BNR Burning Rock, a company with presence mainly in Asia that started trading in the NASDAQ a while ago. It is now at lowest levels having recently gone below the $20 mark Image
At around $2B valuation, they are still in the top 10 of companies in the #LiquidBiopsy #CancerDx field: Image
Notice that #GrailBio is still marked at $2B valuation in my table: this is not the $8B figure that #Illumina is intending to buy it at, but I'll wait until the acquisition is completed (and not legally challenged by the US/EU authorities) before updating the value in the table.
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"The promise & peril of the Bio Revolution"

"...the world cheered [] that 3 #gene-based COVID19 #vaccines – 1 developed by German #biotech co. BioNTech in collab. w/ Pfizer, another by [] biotech firm Moderna, & a 3rd by [] AstraZeneca – had proved effective in clinical trials."
"But in October, researchers revealed that off-target effects of the #CRISPR-Cas9 #gene-editing tool used to repair a blindness-causing gene in the early stages of human #embryo development often eliminated an entire #chromosome or a large part of it."

"Our deepening knowledge of #biology#genes, #microbiomes, & neural signals – is making it increasingly possible to "engineer life."... #gene drives applied to infectious-disease vectors [] could save many lives, but we may not be able to control them."

#4IR #Biotech
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In the #biotech #stocks #NGS field, there is a company that's recently IPOed and has now presented an update of their plans: $OMIC Singular Genomics @SingularGenomi1…
Their two planned instruments, the G4 and the PX, look physically a lot like competitors to the #Illumina NextSeq and NovaSeq, or the #MGI #DNBSEQ G400 and T7 instruments. But the PX is more of a multi-omics play rather than a higher throughput #NGS machine.
It seems we are about 1 year or 1.5 years away from Early Access / Commercial Launch for the PX, maybe around 6 months earlier for the G4 instrument.
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Jul 15 2020: #McKinsey "has continued to scoop up #COVID19-related contracts for [] govts... in the 4 months since the pandemic started, the firm has been awarded work for state, city & federal agencies worth well over $100 million — & counting." #Reset…
June 28, 2021: "... the #World #Government #Summit will work together with a select group of knowledge partners [] that will help govt leaders globally shape their future agenda's."

#4IR #GreatReset #McKinsey #Biotech…
"...priorities must include repairing the social fabric, navigating a transformed geo technological order, competing in a transformed global economy, and securing the long-term future."

#4IR #Corporatocracy
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Population of #Australia: 25 million [25, 844, 504]

Deaths WITH #COVID19 as of Aug 22, 2021:

Age 0-9: 0

Age 10-19: 1

Age 20-29: 2

Age 30-39: 4

Age 40-49: 5

Age 50-59: 17

Age 60-69: 45

Age 70+: 900.

Of the 900, over 75% of these deaths occurred in #LTC homes (691).
Age 30-39: 4

Age 40-49: 5
Age 50-59: 17

Age 60-69: 45
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"#Imperialism is driven by the pressure of #capital for external fields of investment. The recurrent crises of overproduction & subsequent diminution of profits & stagnation of capital leads to ever-increasing pressure to expand markets & territories."

#Biotech #EmergingMarkets
January 28, 2019, Imperial College, World Economic Forum partner, Davos.

The question to "global leaders": "How can we lead a #vaccine revolution?" (Twitter, March 16, 2019)

#4IR #Biotech #WEF
January 2021, TIME, double issue. "The #Vaccine #Revolution" has arrived.

TIME - owned by Marc Benioff, CEO/founder of #Salesforce. World Economic Forum Board of Trustees. Inaugural Chair, Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, San Francisco.

#WEF #4IR #Biotech
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1/10War on virus is about cognitive dissonance. Those of us who stood by silent as minority communities were gentrified through the war on drugs, or profited by it, do not imagine being the targets of an epic urban renewal through lockdown measures and vaccine mandates.
2/10War on virus is about destabilization.  The bulk of wage workers as well as business owners who cater to the establishment must collide with those who have realized that their livelihoods are being destroyed or their businesses are being swallowed by large corporate entities.
3/10Communities are divided.  Family members are divided over fear and uncertainty.  We are being primed for further colonization of humanity and nature.
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Within past few days the American Academy of #Pediatrics has quietly removed its "#Face Time & #Emotional #Health" info sheet (PDF) for parents w/ new infants.

It can still be found in web archives:…

[h/t @Bleedinheart2MD, @tapuaetai_l, @galexybrane]
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) & AAP Friends of Children Fund, partners & corporate donors:

Johnson & Johnson
Genentech (Roche)
Novo Nordisk


#4IR #Biotech #EmergingMarkets #SDGs
Do you see it yet?

With each passing day, children are being conditioned to endure a #4IR global architecture. The restructuring of the global economy. A societal transformation, global in scale.

"Who will thrive, who will perish?" (Deloitte)

#Digital transformation.
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EU (EUDRA) vs. NL (LAREB)-cijfers.
Bijwerkingen na #COVID-#Vaccinatie.

EU total Aug. 16:
- 681 Miljoen #Experimentele #COVID #Prikken.
Per MILJOEN prikken:
"Serious" bijwerkingen: 1.422 ❓🏥
Dodelijk: 30 ⚰️

NL total Aug. 10 op de Miljoen prikken:
Ernstig: 126 🏥
Dodelijk: 23 ⚰️
Mijn Conclusies:
1. Totaal meldingen "serious" bijwerkingen EUDRA lijkt anders berekend dan ik deed voor LAREB.🤔

2. Het #Aantal #Doden ⚰️ na een prik voor #ALLE #Experimentele #COVID-prikken in #NL is:

🔊 27 #ZEVENENTWINTIG x zo hoog😭

als bij ALLE andere prikken: RVP/Griep.
Welke consequenties moeten we hieruit trekken ?
1. Prioriteit geven aan het beschikbaar stellen van (Klassieke en Veiliger) proteïne vaccins.
2. Tot die beschikbaar zijn:
- a) strenge maatregelen tegen verspreiden (ZeroCOVID)
- b) Vertragen van prikken met experimentele vaccins
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