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In #biotech #stocks news, today we review $TXG @10xGenomics , one of the companies in the #SingleCell and #SpatialBiology sectors.
10x Genomics is a biotechnology company that develops and markets solutions for omics analysis of single cell and spatial biology samples. The company offers several product lines:
The Chromium platform is used for single-cell gene expression analysis, immune profiling, and genome sequencing. It allows researchers to study gene expression at the single-cell level, which can provide insights into cell behavior and disease progression.
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1/As promised & after reading $CRSP latest Q4 2022 #financial #report here is my impression regarding @CRISPRTX latest corporate status. I have focused only on the main issues that I found to be the most interesting & relevant. #CRISPR #BioTech #FinTwit #Genomics #GeneEditing 🧵 CRISPR Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on
2/IMO the most significant corporate event in Q4 was $CRSP announcement that regulatory Exa-cel submissions of both #SickleCell & #BetaThalassemia validated in the #EU & #UK & that the @US_FDA BLA submission is on track by the end of Q1 ‘23 - possibly reaching the #markets in ‘23 Regulatory submissions complete for exagamglogene autotemcel
3/Exa-cel/CTX001 - the key program in $CRSP portfolio, is an #autologous Ex-Vivo #CRISPR/#Cas9 #GeneEditing therapy aimed for patients suffering from #TDT or severe #SCD. The latest readout for both programs was phenomenal with 42/44 TDT & 31/31(!) demonstrated remarkable results 3/Exa-cel - formally known as CTX001 and the key program in
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1/@GraphiteBio announced that after reviewing its business, it decided to discontinue any further development of nulabeglogene autogedtemcel (nula-cel) for #SickleCell disease, to explore a range of strategic alternatives & to reduce 50% in its workforce! #CRISPR #BioTech $GRPH Graphite Bio today announce...
2/@GraphiteBio is also exploring the potential to continue nula-cel development externally. $GRPH intends to continue research activities associated with its early-stage non- genotoxic conditioning program, with the goal of advancing toward potential development candidates.👇
3/In addition, @GraphiteBio’s Board of Directors has approved a corporate restructuring that would reduce the company’s workforce by approximately 50%, among other actions to reduce cash burn while the company explores strategic alternatives. $GRPH Image
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1/@LineageCell announced it entered an exclusive option & license agreement with $ERNA for the development of novel B2M deficient induced pluripotent #stem #cell #iPSC by using Eterna’s #GeneEditing technology thus developing therapies for #CNS diseases. #BioTech #CRISPR $LCTX Lineage Cell Therapeutics, ...
2/The new cell lines - to be developed by $ERNA, will support the creation of additional product candidates at $LCTX and specifically for the treatment of central #nervoussystem #CNS disorders & other #neurology targets via Eterna’s IP #CRISPR collaboration with @FactorBio The new cell lines to be de...
3/This agreement will also allow @LineageCell to enter the #CRISPR field and will provide $LCTX an option to obtain an exclusive license to utilize & sublicense $ERNA novel #GeneEditing cell lines for #preclinical, #clinical, & commercial purposes in the field of CNS diseases. This agreement will also al...
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.@daphnezohar notes that pharma heads of R&D are leaving after ~5 years with @jaybradner, @mmammen, John Reed, Hal Barron, Rupert Vessey being recent examples. Asks @andy_plump (8 yrs @TakedaPharma) what a minimum tenure is to make an impact #BiotechHangout
In response to @daphnezohar, @andy_plump notes “There’s no way to sustain the growth that shareholders will ever be satisfied with - we tend to see short sighted decision making which is likely why we see it reflected in the tenure of R&D execs.” #BiotechHangout
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World Economic Forum founder's right testicle, Yuval Noah Harari #WEF Freewill? Well, "that is over" according to this jizz rag.
It's Mr. ball bag himself, Kuck Schlob-a-knob. Image
Won't play?
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#India's #startup ecosystem raised $455 million across 24 deals last week (Jan.16-21,'23) with #fintech #unicorn PhonePe turning decacorn at $12 billion valuation.
#StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #funding #Entrepreneurship #innovation #Motivation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $126 million off 16 deals last week (Jan.23-28,'23) across #cybersecurity, #deeptech, #energy, #gaming, #logistics, #SaaS, etc. with total #funding for Jan.'23 crossing $1 billion. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #inspiration #Thread India's startup ecosystem's funding round up for the last week and also for the January month + an inspirational quote stating that your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $49 million off 12 deals last week (Jan.30-Feb.4,'23) across #EVs, #freight, #manufacturing, etc. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #leadership #founders #Entrepreneurship #MondayMotivation #inspiration #innovation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
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Multiplexed barcoding of cells:

Fluorescence Polarization Spectroscopy…
I fucking knew it. That's just wonderful. 😑
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I wasn't at #JPM2023, but here are some of the articles I read and announcements that caught my eye from the meeting and #biotech this week! Image
.@BiotechCH (previously on Clubhouse) had a great one hour roundup; you can listen to the recording here:
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If you're a #LifeSciences VC or #founder, read this first before #JPMorgan2023.

This 2011 paper by Santé has fresh relevance as the biotech bubble has burst, and old norms return.

Big funds (>$300M) will underperform B I G.

Key take aways. 👇 (1/9) 🧵…
No VC as of 2011 "larger than $750M ha[d] ever returned more than 2.0x to its LP investors.

Fewer than a dozen funds larger than $300M" had.

With #biotech IPOs now a memory (like the period analyzed in the 2011 paper), VCs won't be able to engineer quick $$$ returns.👇🧵
The "inescapable conclusion" from the 2011 data was that larger venture funds generally *under*perform smaller funds...

"despite the presumed advantages of track record and brand name that allowed them to raise such large pools of capital in the first place."

How can that be?🧵
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🧵 Here are 10 amazing things that happened this year in #biotech.🧬
1. A HER2 targeting antibody-drug conjugate's stellar data redefined how breast cancer is categorized and offers a new treatment option for a large percentage of those with breast cancer in the future.…
2. A GIP/GLP-1 receptor agonist helped patients lose as much as 22.5% of their body weight in a weight loss study, potentially addressing one of society's biggest health problems.…
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🧵The greatest sign I see in this #biotech market is the deafening quiet. All those rock stars of the 2021 biotech bubble are now gone. Their podcasts are gone, their Youtube channels are gone, and their $400 subscription services are gone.
1/ The only people left talking about biotech are few and far between assuming they can even endure the myriads of scoffers and skeptics. See, real investors are not fair weather investors.
2/ They aren't pounding the table at the peaks and disappearing back to their day jobs in the crash. The real investors are hear every day. They are the ones picking up the pieces left behind.
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885 of all small molecule drugs pass the rule-of-five test; of these, 619 (70%) are actually dosed orally, whereas 159 (20%) of orally dosed drugs fail at least one of the rule-of-five parameters
-John P Overington, Bissan Al-Lazikani and Andrew L Hopkins…
@johnpoverington et al determine that all current drugs with a known mode-of-action act through 324 distinct molecular drug targets. 266 are human-genome-derived proteins, and the remainder are bacterial, viral, fungal or other pathogenic organism targets…
Small molecule drugs modulate 248 proteins, of which 207 are targets encoded by the human genome. Oral #smallmolecule drugs target 227 molecular targets, of which 186 are human
-@johnpoverington, Bissan Al-Lazikani, Andrew Hopkins…
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1/@GraphiteBio presented preclinical results supporting the use of a single-#cell #RNA #sequencing method to assess #gene correction outcomes in #patients treated with nulabeglogene autogedtemcel (nula-cel) - GPH-101. #BioTech #CRISPR #GeneEditing #Genomics $GRPH #ASH22 GraphiteBio presented precl...
2/GPH101 (nula-cel) is a #CRISPR #Cas9 #GeneEditing autologous #stem #cell-based #therapy in clinical development aimed to treat #SickleCellDisease. GPH101 is designed to directly correct the underlying mutation, thereby decreasing HbS production & restoring HbA expression #ASH22 GPH101 (nula-cel) is a CRIS...
3 $GRPH gene correction platform involves editing hematopoietic #stem cells found in the #bonemarrow that develop into various types of #blood #cells. Since red blood cells lose their genomic DNA during maturation-tracking #GeneEditing in mature cells via sequencing is impossible Graphite bio’s gene correct...
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#Genetics #biotech

Transhumanism future horror

"Our ELITE package offers you the opportunity to genetically engineer the embryo before implanting it into the artificial womb"

(CRISPR-Cas9: since 2008)

As soon as they can, they DEFINITELY WILL.…
humans playing God will only end in hell on Earth.

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With solar names like $ENPH & $FSLR not looking great, who will be leaders of the next bull market?

One group in particular has been showing ALL the signs of leaders

I'll dive into this group in the thread below

As @markminervini notes in his book, Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard, superperformance stocks very often come from 1 of 4 groups, and it seems like the potential leaders of the next bull market will be consistent with that model:

Drugs/medical/biotech $XBI $XPH

Why this group?
See the breakdown of the 99 RS names according to @MarketSmith below as of about 2 PM EST today

Over 1/3 of the top percentile of stocks in the market are in the biotech group (!!).

This group is overflowing with potential key leaders for the next bull market... so which ones?
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🧵 My “One Thread to Rule Them All” for $BEAM

Attempting to estimate revenues ‘til 2031

⚠️ Warning: This is VERY long

Figures are “Blue Sky Scenario”

At the end I’ll throw in more conservative estimates

🚨 If you love BEAM or #GeneEditing + #CRISPR be sure to LIKE & RETWEET!

Approval: 1H 2027

Wave 1 Market: 25k US/14k EU

Market in 4 years: ~27k total ($CRSP/$BLUE)

Cost: ~2m

27’: 500 patients= 1b
28’: 2000 patients= 4b
29’: 1b (ESCAPE looming)
30’: zero
31’: zero

IND: Approved Today! 😊

Approval: mid 2027

Price: $375k (Wedbush)

Market is small, so little effect on revenue.

Success IMO will unlock hidden value. I see multiplex editing as a big weapon vs. cancer in 2030 and beyond!
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🧵When resources are limited, the question of what knowledge is needed and when — the ‘decision gate’ analogy — becomes the principal strategic consideration in determining the priority of activities during early drug development
@NatRevDrugDisc #biotech…
Evidence showing ligands & receptors to be variable and discerning instigators of signals, and translators of information, respectively, have illustrated the fallacy of assuming that the surrogate host cell is an inert vessel-Terry Kenakin @NatRevDrugDisc…
Stepping back from the rather safe HTS paradigm to discovery in virtual space which is still not yet fully developed, certainly needs courageous management decisions not only in terms of financial investments, but also in organizational evolution @Aalanine…
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In #TechBio news, a post on the definition of TechBio as found in the first Google search hit I found, followed by a possible alt definitions stemming from the comparison of the terms #techbio and #biotech Dx/Tx:…
Definition: "TechBio is the direct application of engineering to biology".
"[...] applying an engineering mindset to solving biological problems means we can still work with limited information. We see TechBio as being concerned with four main components:
1. Reading bio — understanding genetic information (DNA, RNA, proteins, etc.) ex: next-gen sequencing
2. Writing bio — synthesizing DNA, RNA, and protein constructs. ex: creating custom DNA oligonucleotides
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An Israeli biotech company, Renewal Bio that recently created mouse embryos using stem cells, has announced plans to make human embryos to harvest tissue for organ transplants and anti-aging procedures.

#Stemcells #biotech #biology #Syntheticbiology #Aging #transplant
The scientist behind the work clarified that:
The synthetic embryos were not "real" embryos and did not have the potential to develop into live animals. But that is partly because they don't have the technology, right now, to do so.
He admits to taking his "ground-breaking" technology to the next level and creating human embryos. The purpose is to harvest tissue to be used in transplant treatments meant to lengthen a person's life and health.
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$NTLA and $REGN report initial data from ph1 study of #ATTR for NTLA-2001. All patients across the two doses showed 92-94% TTR reduction at day 28.
#crispr #genomics #genetherapy #biology #biotech
At both dose levels, $NTLA-2001 was generally well tolerated. 2 patients reported transient infusion reactions, which was the only observed treatment-related adverse event.
$NTLA-2001 is an in-vivo administered #genetherapy.
It is one of the first few in-vivo #GeneTherapy being tested. Congrats to the $NTLA and $REGN teams.
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In #biotech #stocks news, no opening to the US market today due to Labor Day holiday, which is a perfect time to discuss the only stock in the list of #biotech companies that I track, which is not listed in the US stock market: $ONT.L Oxford @nanopore
ONT decided to IPO in the UK rather than the NASDAQ, with two main consequences to the stock price: (1) many of the retail broker apps with a US Dollar account won't trade it as easily as US stocks, and (2) the value of the stock will correlate with the value of GBP vs USD.
The later can be seen when looking at $ONT.L Oxford @nanopore stock versus the GBPUSD trend line (yellow): when the GBP loses value to the US Dollar, seemingly ONT loses value, being traded in GBP. And vice versa, for a large pharma company such as $AZN Astrazeneca ...
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Man kann von der #Uebergewinnsteuer halten was man will, aber das Argument, dass man demzufolge auch die @BioNTech_Group für aus Not und Elend erzielte Überrenditen besteuern müsse ist von der #FDP an den Haaren herbeigezogen, denn... (1/4)
Die Energiekonzerne, erhalten derzeit ohne einen Finger mehr zu rühren ein Vielfaches der Erzeugungskosten. Das sind echte #Windfallprofits. Zumal wir auch recht sicher wissen, dass im umgekehrten Fall Verluste per Bailout solidarisiert werden (weil systemrelevant und so..) (2/4)
Der Fall der @BioNTech_Group ist ein vollkommen anderer. Hier hat man kurzfristig und innovativ durch Forschung und Arbeit eine neue Problemlösung gefunden, die zwar eine hohe Produzentenrente, aber eine NOCH höhere Konsumentenrente und gesellschaftliche Rendite hat. (3/4)
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Another twitter profile of one of the #biotech #stocks that I track, this time it's $TWST TwistBio. The company is a DNA Write company, currently applying their tech to #SynthBio, #NGS and #AntibodyDiscovery Image
The different segments are easy to explain, and in many cases we can draw analogies to $ILMN Illumina in #NGS: they provide products and services to different segments as a 'tools' provider. Now on to Twist Biopharma, here is were things get complicated.
Twist Biopharma is by all intends an purposes just another branch that concentrates on the antibody side of things. Part of what they offer is just more 'products and services', like they would do with NGS or SynthBio. The complicated part is their intention to also engage...
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