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"I think it's very worrying that we lock people up that are actually trying to make sure that we have some kind of future." - @GaryLineker

1/🧵 #ClimateCrisis #BiodiversityCrisis #EndFossilFuels
"I understand why people can get upset because it's disruptive demonstration.

But history kind of tells you the only demonstrations that really work are disruptive ones." - @GaryLineker

"So it's a tough one. It's not a case of blaming our government for not doing enough on climate change. It's the whole world.

Governments and the powerful people of the world are the only ones that can really halt this disaster coming." - @GaryLineker

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BREAKING: Our blockade is working!!!

We just turned away a government SUV from entering the White House Correspondents Dinner hotel in DC.

Business as usual + Biden’s approval of massive new oil + gas projects is killing the planet. The solution is simple — #EndFossilFuels.
Video credit: @collinrees
Fund our uprising. We need donations to make this all possible. Chip in here:…
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1/ Electric Vehicles Keep Defying Almost Everyone’s Predictions

"There are now almost 30 million electric vehicles on the road in total, up from just 10 million at the end of 2020. E.V. market share has also tripled since 2020."… by @dwallacewells
2/ "In 2020, the International Energy Agency @IEA [famous for its poor predictions] projected that the global share of electric vehicle sales would not top 10% before 2030. It appears we’ve already crossed that bar 8 years early"

[We need this to go fast to #EndFossilFuels]
3/ "We used to worry whether there would be sufficient demand for electric vehicles, particularly given their cost and range limitations"

"But demand already outstrips supply, which, in addition to driving up the cost of E.V.s and creating manufacturing and delivery delays"
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US federal agency considering a ban on gas stoves

"US Consumer Product Safety commissioner said gas stove usage is a “hidden hazard.” Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned"

Would be great win for #IAQ #EndFossilFuels…
We have to get rid of gas turbines and home furnaces as fast as possible too (for climate reasons especially). But those ony pollute outdoor air, so we breathe 1000 times less of those exhausts vs. cooking stoves. Stoves are terrible for indoor pollution.

Electric induction cooks as well as gas and is much more energy efficient. And even if everyone switched, it is small in overall electricity consumption

NO reason to not get rid of cooking stoves already. Other than the pervasive influence of FF industry

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I'd normally not bother wasting time on this nonsense from @benleo444, theres simply more important work than repeatedly putting to bed zombie climate denial talking points, but in solidarity with @JustStop_Oil protesters risking their liberty, here goes🧵
@benleo444 @JustStop_Oil Q1. “Why was there a warming period in the Roman times over a couple of hundred years, it was exceptionally warm and then it got cold. There wasn’t any industrial revolution?” 2/n
A. There was no global warm period in Roman times, it was a regional fluctuation due to variability in the climate system 3/n…
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#ClimateTippingPoints may lead to abrupt, irreversible, and dangerous impacts with serious implications for humanity


Currently the world is heading toward ~2 to 3°C of global warming.

1/🧵 | via @W_Lucht | #ClimateCrisis #EndFossilFuels Screenshot from Science website: Getting tipsy  Climate tipp

We identify 9 global “core” tipping elements which contribute substantially to 🌎 system functioning & 7 regional “impact” tipping elements which contribute substantially to human welfare or have great value as unique features of the 🌏 system
Their estimated CTP thresholds have significant implications for climate policy: Current global warming of ~1.1°C above pre-industrial already lies within the lower end of five CTP uncertainty ranges.
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“While we value the right to peaceful protest, it is crucial that these do not cause disruption to people’s everyday lives.” - @GregHands
XR block bridges. The climate crisis is destroying them.
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The enormous fire yesterday a few miles south of us. 500+ homes destroyed, some friends lost everything.

Fueled by climate change (driest Jul-Dec on record, hurricane-force winds (likely made stronger by unusually strong thermal contrast). Why we need to #EndFossilFuels
And a video taken by the police that could be from a Hollywood disaster movie:

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Did you know that the rate of mean sea-level rise has roughly doubled since the 80s and 90s? Currently at about 4 mm per year. That may not sound like much, but it's 4 mm of inexorable ocean rise, every year, and it's accelerating rapidly.
Sea-level rise isn't even what keeps me up at night, though. That would be the coming extreme heat waves, crop failures, ecosystem death, and geopolitical instability! #EmergencyMode #EndFossilFuels
I don't see any way to sugar coat this, or that sugar coating it is in any way useful. But, here are some general guiding ideas on climate activism that may be helpful. Ultimately though, how you create change is up to you. It's a grand, joyful experiment.
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Ich habe @COP26 mit dem Gefühl verlassen, dass dieser Prozess nicht geeignet ist, die #Klimakrise aufzuhalten. Dies war meine 22. COP seit 1995. Einige Themen und Abk. haben sich geändert - aber ich könnte meine Artikel aus den 90er Jahren problemlos wiederverwenden... Thread ⬇️
@COP26 (2) Der grundlegende Fehler liegt in der Forderung, im Konsens zu entscheiden. Die gutwilligen Kräfte haben sich selbst gefesselt, indem sie das Schicksal der Welt an die Zustimmung der Händler fossiler Brennstoffe für #Klimaschutz gebunden haben. Thread ⬇️
@COP26 (3) Die Gutwilligen tun so, als ob sie etwas hätten, mit dem sie verhandeln könnten, so wie bei Abrüstungsgesprächen - "wenn du die Anzahl deiner Raketen um x reduzierst, werde ich es um y tun". Das ist ein Drohpotential mit dem sich verhandeln lässt. Thread ⬇️
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Leaving @COP26 with the feeling that this process will not deliver. This was my 22nd COP since COP1 in 1995. Some issues and acronyms have changed - but I could easily recycle my articles from the 90s… The basic flaw lies in the requirement to decide by consensus. See thread ⬇️
The good-willed forces have crippled themselves by tying its fate to the fossil fuel dealers through consensus. They act as if they had something to bargain with, like in disarmament talks - „if you reduce your number of missiles by x, I will do it by y“. See Thread ⬇️
But here the good-willed can offer no deal. Following the disarmament logic those ambitious countries would have to threaten with more emissions from their side. Which would be ridiculous on the one hand and it would not present any real threat - because the fossils don‘t care.⬇️
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Viele tausende Menschen demonstrierten heute in Glasgow, um den politischen Entscheidungsträger*innen der #COP26 mit Nachdruck klarzumachen:

JETZT ist die letzte Chance, um noch wirksam handeln und die Erderhitzung stoppen zu können.

1/ Menschenmenge bei Fridays For Future Demo in Glasgow. Oben T
Die Zeit der leeren Versprechen muss ein für alle Mal vorbei sein!

Auch unsere Parentsgruppen waren auf der Demo dabei.

2/ Lots of people behind front banner "Parents For Future&
Ebenfalls Teil der Demo war Arnd Drossel - Künstler und auch aktiv in der Parents for Future-Gruppe Paderborn.

3/ Arnd Drossel
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🆕 Pressemitteilung #ParentsForFuture

Jetzt gegen die fossile Bedrohung gemeinsam vorgehen!

#EndFossilFuels #COP26 @fossiltreaty
1/🧵 Pressemitteilung #ParentsForFuture 05.11.21  Jetzt gegen die
#COP26: Die Parents for Future unterstützen den globalen Ruf nach einem Nichtverbreitungsvertrag für fossile Energien / Alarmstufe Rot für den Planeten muss für die Ampelkoalition rotes Licht für fossile Brennstoffe bedeuten

#EndFossilFuels #COP26
Das Ende von Kohle, Öl & Gas ist unausweichlich.

Die Frage ist, ob Übergang chaotisch und ungesteuert ablaufen wird, bestimmt von profit-orientierten Unternehmen, oder geordnet von Regierungen, die multilateral zusammenarbeiten, um einen gerechten Übergang zu ermöglichen.

3/ Kohle, Erdöl und Gas sind nach dem Weltklimarat (IPCC) für
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