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1/38. Today is the eighth day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw the closing plenary of the Technical Dialogue of the #GST, discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork, the continuation of the #NCQG’s 6th Technical Expert Dialogue and the first stocktaking plenary. 🧵 Image
2/38. Today also saw a focus on #HumanRights with a number of side events and an action drawing attention to the key message that “there can be no #ClimateJustice without #HumanRights”.
3/38. Joining "No #ClimateJustice without #CivicSpace and #HumanRights: zooming in on the @UNFCCC process"* with @ciel_tweets, @amnesty and @350, we heard important messages on the need for safe #CivicSpace under the @UNFCCC so that we can make our #LossAndDamage demands heard!
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1/30. Today is the seventh day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw an intense second plenary on the adoption of the agenda, discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork and the start of the New Collective Quantified Goal’s 6th Technical Expert Dialogue on #ClimateFinance.🧵 Image
2/30. This morning kicked of with the event “Linking #LossAndDamage to Conflict Affected and Fragile Settings” held alongside the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) with @FriEnt_news, @IDOS_research and @BROT_furdiewelt. Key messages included:
3/30. Steffen Bauer of @IDOS_research: “#LossAndDamage has become a reality even only at 1.1°C degree of heating. It puts lives and livelihoods at risk today…Every increment of warming that we can avoid makes a difference.” Image
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Tomorrow, @KornelisBlok's 40+ years of wide-ranging, thorough, and groundbreaking work on the energy transition will come together in his "Need for Speed" lecture. Recommended!
Time: 15:00 CEST
#energytransition #tudelft
Time to tune in! Image
.@KornelisBlok's 1984 analysis of 100% renewable energy for the Netherlands! Including heat pumps and electrolysis. Image
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The @WMO report and subsequent headlines about the world being about to hit 1.5˚C warning are very concerning and a clear danger sign that we are running out of time for action to reduce emissions. BUT...
A 🧵
While it doesn't mean we have busted the Paris agreement 1.5° limit - because measuring climate involves a 20-year average - it does mean we're getting closer.
A large El Niño projected for later this year would roll the dice further for 2024, as do predictions for this rolling into a super El Niño for 2024.
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Je commence à récupérer des 133 heures de session d'approbation du rapport de synthèse #SYR du GIEC #climatechange2023, la semaine dernière, et j'ai préparé ce long fil, qui en présente les points clés, en 🇫🇷

C'est parti, 🧵⬇️
Ce rapport de synthèse du 6ème cycle d'évaluation (2015-2023) s'appuie sur les 3 rapports spéciaux de 2018-2019 et les 3 rapports complets de 2021-2022, et intègre leurs principales conclusions.

Ces 6 rapports, rédigés par plus de 1000 scientifiques, ont examiné les éléments probants de plus de 85 000 publications, et ont tenu compte de plus de 300 000 commentaires de relecture, de milliers de relecteurs.
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Our new @NatureClimate paper just out! State-of-the-art estimates of economic impacts of climate change show that benefits of #ClimateAction outweigh the mitigation costs by a factor of 1.5 to 3.9 ➡️strong economic validation of #ParisAgreement 🔗 1/7
We combined climate impacts of
🟠sea-level rise,
🟡river floods,
🟢labour productivity,
🔵energy supply/demand,
🟤forestry and
⚫️road transportation
and transform this in financial costs. But not: ❌biodiversity loss❌health❌tipping points 2/7
For a 3°C scenario (RCP6.0, roughly current trend/baseline), economic impacts are 10-12% of GDP, with high regional differences. Even higher if sea-level rise adaptation is not optimal. 3/7
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📢 @CANIntl - LIVE NOW: learn from experts & civil society leaders about upcoming @IPCC_CH Report, what it means for policymakers, and how it can scale-up global #ClimateAction.

w/ @1TeresaAnderson @JPvanYpersele @harjeet11 @sindra_sharma @kaisakosonen…
On 1.5°C limit of #ParisAgreement:

"Because the very reason this target was chosen, is not in terms of the easiness of achieving it.

It was chosen to avoid the most servere impacts. It's a must. We must keep it alive." - @JPvanYpersele
"It's a truly unique moment in human history.

1. Where we are today. Climate change is here today. It will get more severe sooner.

2. Climate change intensifies deep injustices.

3. There's a massive gap between where we need to be and what's happening..." - @kaisakosonen
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I am just appalled by the media coverage of @POTUS's decision to approve the Willow oil drills in Alaska.

WHY is the framing "Biden vs the activists," when even the @IEA says that meeting the 1.5C target of the #ParisAgreement requires no new fossil energy development?

First we have @jendlouhyhc @JenniferJJacobs, who broke the story, reporting that it's only "environmental activists" who "insist [Willow] will exacerbate climate change."

This is anti-science, verging on misinformation.

I searched the entire story for any mention of the Paris Agreement, the IPCC, or the IEA. But I searched in vain.

These global institutions were never mentioned.

Story here 👇

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#GoWokeGoBroke #emergencyalert #GOPClownShow #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #MurdaughTrial #WorldBookDay #thursdaymorning

"Despite the scientific warnings, governments have never met a UN biodiversity target they have set for themselves and there is a major...…
#GoWokeGoBroke #emergencyalert #GOPClownShow #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #MurdaughTrial #WorldBookDay #thursdaymorning

...effort to make sure this decade is different."

And that was pretty much the very first thought I had after I read the subhead.
#GoWokeGoBroke #emergencyalert #GOPClownShow #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #MurdaughTrial #WorldBookDay #thursdaymorning

Really, every mark set by the #ParisAgreement has been missed... and those were only band-aid marks, not even measures that actually had teeth.
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Urteil: Freispruch

»das Gericht sieht aus eigener Lebenserfahrung im Fenster putzen, und ich putze nicht gut Fenster, den Tatbestand der Sachbeschädigung als nicht gegeben an. …
… Da das entfernen selbst mit Wasser und Tuch gehe recht leicht und es nicht vorstellbar ist, dass die Reinigung 4-5 Stunden gedauert haben könnte. Eine substantielle Veränderung der Fensterscheibe war nicht gegeben.«

Soviel zum Juristischen.
Die Vertreterin der Staatsanwaltschaft sagte, sie habe nicht vor in Berufung zu gehen, aber am Schluss entscheidet das ihr Vorgesetzter Dr. Hader, der im #Jansenbrücke|nverfahren federführend ist.

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We present genomic evidence showing the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed during the #LastInterglacialPeriod!🇦🇶🌊🚨#popgen #icesheet #interdisciplinary
...the tipping point of future #WestAntarcticIceSheet collapse could be reached even under the #ParisAgreement (+1.5-2.0°C) Image
We used found population connectivity between Ross Sea and Weddell Sea in an #Antarctic #octopus, and dated it back to #LastInterglacialPeriod. This is only possible if #WestAntarcticIceSheet completely collapsed and opened seaway connecting 2 basins… 🧵/9
This is my PhD work with @JanStrugnell @NeridaWilson @nick_golledge @naish_tim PhillWatts @Cataribio @iracooke @DrShmoo FelixMark, KatrinLinse. This work was only possible with their help+many hrs my advisors @JanStrugnell @NeridaWilson @Cataribio spent troubleshooting w me🧑‍🎓1/9
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This Friday I'm defending my PhD thesis 'Steel Beyond Coal'.

With nearly 6 years of research on steel decarbonisation coming to an end, here comes a very long 🧵about steel, coal and what we can do radically reduce carbon emissions in line with a just transformation.
For you impatient ones, scroll all the way down for a TL/DR

For everyone else: enjoy the ride

To download the thesis see here:
First things first. Steel is iron, carbon, and alloys such as nickel and chromium. Yes, carbon is per definition a part of steel. But let this not distract you, this does not mean we cannot phase out fossil fuels (quite the opposite).
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Wir haben gestern im 1. Space besprochen,wo wir bei der Räumung waren & was das mit uns gemacht hat.
Ein🧵wie #Luetzilebt, zufälligerweise zeigt dies auch sehr gut, wer außerdem aktiv den Protest & Sicherheit unterstützt hat.
Wie hat @david_dresen den Beginn der Räumung erlebt?
Luisa kam rechtzeitig zu #TagX um sich in Solidarität mit #Luetzilebt in den Protest einzubringen, oft in der ersten Reihe, Mitten im Gewusel. Auch vom Monopod hat sie sich räumen lassen. Ihre Tipps selbst involviert zu sein, gibt's unter
Leo war als Aktivisti und Pressesprecher für @LuetziBleibt mehr oder weniger "unterwegs". Die Machtlosigkeit von der er erzählt, haben viele gefühlt. Aber hört selbst und erzählt uns, was es mit euch gemacht hat?
PS: ⚠️ Immer dran denken wer mithören könnte 😉
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Lützerath lives! The world is watching and fighting for #climatejustice!

The village of #Lützerath, in Germany has become a crystallization point in the global fight against coal and other #fossilfuels.

🧵 (1/9)
(2/9) It is on the brink of the biggest coal mines in Europe which are owned by the biggest #CO2 emitter in Europe, the fossil fuel megacompany #RWE.
(3/9) The village was occupied by climate activists for 2,5 years to stop RWE from digging the coal under Lützerath in solidarity with the fights of indigenous and most affected people in the #GlobalSouth
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Ich war am letzten Samstag (14.1.) auf der friedlichen Großdemo bei Lützerath (in Keyenberg und Umgebung). Damit habe ich meine Solidarität mit den Aktivisti, die Lützerath besetzen und meine Enttäuschung darüber,
dass die Gesetzeslage und die Politik ein Vorgehen, für das es keinen vernünftigen Grund gibt, das uns allen schadet (und gegen das Pariser Klimaabkommen verstößt), zulässt, und darüber, wie es in der Politik kommuniziert wird, zum Ausdruck gebracht.
Weiter hatte ich nicht vor, mich dazu zu äußern. Jetzt ist es aber so, dass die Berichterstattung über die Demo gelinde gesagt extrem scheiße läuft. Ich schreibe im ersten Satz FRIEDLICHE Demo. Die angemeldete Großdemo, die von Polizei und Medien im Vorfeld heruntergespielt wurde
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Ca. 30 Menschen haben sich am frühen Morgen mit großen Schlössern an das Tor vor der Zentrale des #RWE-Konzerns in #Essen gekettet.

Aktivist:innen von @ExtinctionR_DE, @SciReb_Germany und @AufstandLastGen fordern von RWE ein Räumungsmoratorium für #Lützerath.

Es braucht JETZT eine Neubewertung zu #Lützerath!

Die Nutzung der Kohle unter dem Ört im Rheinischen Braunkohlerevier führt zu einer Verschärfung der Klimakatastrophe und damit mit zum Kollaps der Ökosysteme der Erde.

In #Lützerath stellen sich seit Tagen Hunderte Umweltaktivist:innen der Polizei in den Weg und leisten Widerstand, damit die Kohle unter dem Weiler bleibt.

Die mutigen Menschen in Lützerath haben schlicht recht - #MitDerWissenschaft im Rücken.
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What were #India’s major hits and misses in #ClimateAction in 2022?


1. As per the requirements of the #ParisAgreement, India submitted its plan for #NetZero #emissions by 2070 and also updated its NDCs.

🔖 Bookmark this #thread!

2. Long-term strategy (updated) + Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which reaffirm attention to #climate policy. #India also consolidated its position on climate #geopolitics globally.

3. #India announced some big policy changes to upgrade for planned #renewables expansion.

The draft new electricity plan increases the 150GW target of installed #solar capacity by an additional 36GW to 186GW by 2027.

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Our new report 'Paris Maligned' finds #oil & #gas🛢️companies are spending vast sums on new #FossilFuel production that will tip the world past #ParisAgreement goals & towards climate catastrophe…
'Paris Maligned' finds #Exxon, #Shell, Total, #Equinor & other companies approved $58bn in investment that is only needed if #oil & #gas demand reaches the point to push global 🌍 temperatures above 2.5°C🌡️…
Thom Allen, #Oil & #Gas Analyst & report author said: “Oil & gas companies are marketing themselves as part of the solution to #ClimateChange, while simultaneously planning production increases that would lead to climate catastrophe"… #BigOil #greenwashing
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1/30.📢NEW BRIEF: “What happened at #COP27 on #LossAndDamage and what comes next?” which details #COP27’s outcomes on issues related to #LossAndDamage and ways forward as we look to #SB58 and #COP28.

Full brief here:…

See some key takeaways below🔽 Image
2/30. Ahead of #COP27 the key issues that were expected to be discussed included:

1⃣Establishing a #LossAndDamage finance facility (or fund);

2⃣The operationalisation of #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage;
3⃣The integration of #LossAndDamage into the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) on #ClimateFinance;

4⃣The inclusion of #LossAndDamage in discussions under the #GlobalStocktake of the #ParisAgreement;
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A sustainable finance taxonomy is a critical policy instrument for identifying if and to what extent economic activities contribute to international goals and national commitments aligned with the #ParisAgreement and/or the #SDGs. 🧵 Image
Taxonomies can increase the #resilience of financial systems by enhancing the management of #sustainability risks and contribute to closing the funding gap for implementing #sustainableactivities.
There has been enormous momentum across the world to systematically integrate sustainability into financial decision making. However, channeling capital into sustainability-aligned investments requires a clear definition and common understanding of what qualifies as #sustainable
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What happened with human rights at #COP27?

Some good developments and some bad ones, all under the looming presence of Egypt's crackdown on free speech and expression.

Before & during #COP27, we were concerned about the lack of access to these highly important negotiations.

This inaccessibility showed up as:
📣 High costs of travel and lodging
📣 Lack of access to meeting rooms
📣 The presence of plain-clothed security documenting activity Image
Restrictions on civic space undermined the overall efficacy of this year’s negotiations.

While we got important wins, like a #LossandDamage facility, we also saw major gaps for human rights protections in the #GlobalStocktake and other key decisions.
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#COP27: we have a deal

For 1st time, rich countries have agreed to pay poor countries for damages caused by climate change - a contentious deal 30 years in the making.

But, they could not agree on details of the fund. Decisions on who pays and who receives put off to next year.
Live now: 🇪🇺VP @TimmermansEU tells #COP27 plenary: "The world will not thank us when they hear only excuses tomorrow"

"Friends are only friends if they only tell you thinks you might want to hear" says the Dutchman.

"What we have in front of us is not enough of a step forward"
The #COP27 deal has not obliged "major emitters [like 🇨🇳] to increase and accelerate their emissions cuts" says Timmermans.

"It does not bring a higher degree of confidence that we will achieve the agreements made under #ParisAgreement and in Glasgow last year"
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1/25.📜It’s day thirteen of #COP27. We’re in overtime now and behind closed doors, Parties have been working with the @COP27P to find common ground on funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage.🧵
2/25. At 12:00 today @CANInt held a press conference to give a state of play update during which we heard from @mohadow of @PowerShftAfrica , @Eddypc of @CANRacCanada, @LiShuo_GP of @GreenpeaceEAsia, @RachelCleetus of @ucsusa, and @TasneemEssop of @CANInt.
3/25. Key messages included, @RachelCleetus on the G77 and China’s continued expectations for #COP27: "Climate-vulnerable countries came with a clear ask. They want a #LossAndDamage fund under the COP and the CMA. Then we can talk about getting it operationalised."
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