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🔴 Indictment and charges against GHWB. I will post what screenshots I can in this thread. Thank you @PWeepingAngel. Outstanding job.

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1/Q said it would be BIBLICAL...
Trump called himself The CHOSEN ONE today?
2/here's the video link...Made Leftist heads explode all morning...…
3/ Is it BIBLICAL? To say Trump = Chosen?

Well, God did similarly with pagan King Cyrus in the 6th century BC.

Recorded in Isaiah 45.

Wait, was that REALLY chapter 45??

God chose King Cyrus for [Good] and gave him honor power and strength to do the task.
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🚨 BREAKING 🚨 Reporters are being gathered for an unannounced press briefing. Stand by for news ~
🇺🇸❤️🇬🇹🎩TIP @stevenportnoy @W7VOA for this amazing photo! Signed sealed delivered, I'm yours ~
@stevenportnoy @W7VOA ❤️🇺🇸 #Guatemala 🇬🇹 El mas excelente !
This is going to make a HUGE difference in taking money out of the coyotes hands — aka Human Traffickers. I can't tell you how important this is for the children.
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[THREAD] 1/ In light of the #humantrafficking cases of Jeffrey Epstein & R. Kelly this week, we want to share some of the #hightech ways orgs are working to catch & prosecute #traffickers while protecting children. A summary of our white paper on 40 #ToolsAgainstChildTrafficking.
2/ This #whitepaper presents a list of technologies combating #childtrafficking. By providing this resource, we hope to consolidate core knowledge and enable law enforcement, government agencies, and nonprofits to select and combine strategies with maximum effectiveness.
3/ A prominent #hightech method to fight trafficking is #ImageRecognition. Orgs are able to identify victims (@thorn), create #videofingerprints to filter & #eliminateCSAM (@_project_vic, @twohathq), and scan the internet for photos of missing children in ads (@marinusai).
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(1) Thread: Jeffery Epstein case, 2019

Now that an official source is available I will comment on this case. My knowledge of it over the past 3 years is a bit different to most.…
(2) I say that bc I spent quite a lot of time researching Epstein & some of his associates back in 2016.

Yes, his Clinton links are important. But so are two other people:

>Ghislaine Maxwell (bad person)

>Camila Wright Zolfaghari (good person. Very good person.)
(3) In addition, I'm something of an amateur expert on the British royal family.

The second (& arguably, favorite) son of the Queen, Prince Andrew, has been photographed with Maxwell and a probably-underage girl:
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🇺🇸 6 weeks of Testimony in NXIVM case reveal lurid details of alleged Sex Cult
He is facing multiple charges, including racketeering, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of a child and human trafficking.
🇺🇸 #EndSexTrafficking 🍕#Pizzagate
🏴 Zealot offered Keith Raniere teen daughter as 'Virgin Sacrifice'
One of NXIVM leader Keith Raniere’s top-tier sex slaves offered up her teenage daughter as a virgin sacrifice, jurors heard Thursday at his sex trafficking trial
🏴 #NXIVM Trial: Jurors see Raniere's Child Porn as Mexico Trafficking Operation gets Exposed
Raniere accused of sex trafficking during his tenure atop the elite upstate NY sex cult, branding female sex slaves
🍕#Pizzagate #ClintonCrimesAgainstChildren
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.@POTUS Message in the Westminster Abbey guestbook
“Thank you so much. This has been a great honor. Special place.”

Notice: "Special Place"
GS=George Soros

We have a Special Place picked out for GS
Really special

Soros MIA Bilderberg

.@GenFlynn #QAnon #SaturdayThoughts
Q Proof
Sidley Austin Offices Evacuated After Manhattan Helicopter Crash
Representing VTB a Russian Bank Contributed 385,000 to Hillary Clinton
The Law Firm of the NWO+Dirt on Rosenstein
SidleyLaw partner Stephen Cohen w/Rod Rosenstein
@POTUS .@GenFlynn #QAnon #MondayMotivation
Michelle Obama was employed at the law firm #Sidley Austin along with Weather Underground terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, where she met Obama. Valerie Jarrett worked for Mayor Richard Daley, offered Michelle Robinson a job as Assistant to Mayor Richard Daley
@POTUS .@GenFlynn #QAnon
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#Qanon... "What Happened to Diana?"

#HiddenDiamonds are EVERYWHERE!!

This series will be posted on THIS THREAD.
In several "Parts" over the next wk.
This is personal research, based in truth, but some speculation has been required to piece together this THEORY.
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Q Drops 2/22/2019 What happened to the Mueller hype? [#Traitors]
What happened to the Mueller will take down POTUS threats [#Brennan]?
Was MUELLER the 'insurance' policy aka BLOCKADE designed to limit/restrict POTUS' ability to enforce the law?

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA
➡️Soft Push of New Narrative
➡️DS knows Mueller will find No Collusion #FakeNews is changing the narrative


@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon
🌿🌿🌿💖Q Thanking 8Chan Board Owner & All Anons💖🌿🌿🌿

#QAnon @POTUS @GenFlynn
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Brothers Linked To Jussie Smollett Attack Buying Items Worn In Assault
Brothers claim Smollett paid them $3,500 to pour a chemical on the actor, place a rope around his neck, while yelling racist slurs
These People Are Stupid
#QAnon @POTUS @GenFlynn
Nancy Pelosi to Europe: Trump is not the boss #Delusional
The house speaker underlined ‘power of the purse’ belongs to Congress, not the president

Pelosi admits travel to North Korea [past]…
#QAnon @POTUS @GenFlynn #LoveYourPetDay
Coast Guard Officer Accused of Terrorist Plot Targeting Media, Lawmakers
Accused of plans to "murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country,"…
#QAnon @POTUS @GenFlynn #WWG1WGA
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1) #QAnon 586, from just over a year ago, spreads the intel re: #HumanTrafficking drops to comes. With recent arrest account's nearing 500 & over 60 recoveries of victims, are these actions which signal a potential new #Q effort is due? "Those [good] who know..."
2) Let's talk about #HumanTrafficking, but better yet, let's see continued actions taken to negate it [ ! ]

@realDonaldTrump #QAnon #Q+
"Operation Reclaim & Rebuild" > nearly 350 arrests & 48 recoveries!…
Add the #GA arrests & more!
3) #HumanTrafficking; some of the issues in images... It's a #DS global issue. As long as it's easy in the #US, the WW criminal networks & state run systems will continue to flourish in this trade. Without question, ending it here will more than dent trafficking elsewhere.
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I don’t share FB links often but this is a MUST SEE of the Mexico Southern Border today where they stopped a 2nd Caravan from crossing. We can expect violent clashes like this but much larger at our own border very soon!!!…
Look at this wonderful illegal immigrant violently participating wearing his OBAMA backpack!
I noticed many many of them had these same identical OXFAM backpacks!
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President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Action to End Human Trafficking…
There are an estimated 24.9 million victims of human trafficking worldwide.
#EndHumanTrafficking #EndChildTrafficking #EndForcedLabor #EndSexTrafficking
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