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[teaching theory+resources megathread 🌻🥰]

okay it's finally here, i've got the ENTIRE FIRST YEAR WRITING/COMMS COURSE uploaded for you to remix, revise and make better for your kaleidoscopic context. this thread will go over the highlights of what's in this drive for you!! 🤍 SCREENCAP of syllabus under...
THIS IS THE DRIVE WITH ALL COMPONENTS (except for the open-access readings / every reading on this course is available FOR FREE online to reduce course cost!!):…

The folder is sub-sorted by weeks. This is a 12 week course with one week break between #6-7.

absolute intro to rhetoric and the course itself. i have a fairly involved but accessible Discord Onboarding doc that i've shared in other threads. i run this course hybrid as reinforcement, but also accessibility. the server is a huge support model in this class. SCREEN CAPTURE document hea...
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"Not All" guns are loaded, but someone who thinks safety is important treats EVERY gun as loaded until they confirm otherwise.

If you want to help improve the world, inspect and abandon your need to defend yourself from the actions around you that you accommodate more than this.
Allyship so often falters at the point where someone is asked to accept that they're part of a problematic privileged group.

It *specifically* falters when they're asked to see and comprehend:

They accommodate the problematic behavior in their lives more than the marginalized.
When pools were integrated in the 1960s, violent mobs of white people assaulted any person of color for miles around the pool.

"Allies" within city governments paved the pools over instead of arresting the violent mob.

Many of those concrete monuments to cowardice stand today.
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How womens restrooms can be made more inclusive: a thread 🧵
1. Remove bathroom locks - locks in bathrooms create a sense of hostility and may make many folk feel unwelcome. This is particularly important for people who want access to join someone else in their cubicle. (cont..)
The removal of locks would transfer bathrooms from isolationist spaces (with notions of neoliberal individualism) into collective, social spaces, creating a better sense of community and solidarity amongst women, & facilitating more effective organization for womens liberation.
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1/ Thread on the endemic nature of sexual assault & harassment in our society.

It's taken me a few days to muster the courage to share my personal experiences, but I feel strongly that women's voices need too be heard.

The full article is here:…
2/ When I was 14, I was attacked by a naked man on a beach in Norfolk. I had gone to the beach alone to do some sketching. He chased me down, threw me around & groped me. As I ran away he stood wanking himself, screaming “Fuck me, Bitch!”.
3/ When I was campaigning, an older male activist developed an obsession with me. At events he would greet me by grabbing both my arms & kissing me on the lips. He would follow me around everywhere and try to stand or sit as close to me as possible. He put his hands on my legs...
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Everyone is asking what men can do. #NotAllMen #TooManyMen #YesAllWomen Men could hold silent vigils, could demand their peers change, could challenge sexism from peers (and in their own attitudes/values). Men could try to unlearn what society has shamefully taught them since
childhood, which is that women are special & different, that sex is a conquest, that control of women is a way to move up the patriarchal pecking order, that sex is something men want & women choose to give or withhold until they are persuaded or forced otherwise, that women are
objects to be looked at, that displays or language of violence & toughness are manly & are a universal way to impress other men, that women (often women of a certain race & class at least – White, middle class) need looking after & protecting yet at the same time what all women
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Upper caste panchayat in Hathras echoes the same line that the court verdict acquitting Dalit gangrape survivor Bhanwari Devi's rapists did: say 'we do not even take water touched by those people, how can our boys touch their girl?' Rank, rotten casteism stinking in the open. 🤮
Wondering what the Bhanwari Devi (stinking of casteism) verdict was? See the attached, and the link in the next tweet. Remember, the criminal justice system as well as upper caste & BJP leaders joined up then to brand saathin Bhanwari a liar, just as is happening now in Hathras Photograph of protest against the casteist Court verdict thaBhanwari Devi (Centre) was branded a liar when she complaine
Bhanwari's husband & friend, pillar of support Mohan Lal (pic) was forced to watch as his wife was gang raped: both were subjected to an anti Dalit atrocity by dominant caste Gujjars incensed at Bhanwari's activism against baby girls being married off. He passed away this week.
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Inspired by #PayUpHollywood, I took my agent's and manager's assistants out for dinner to talk to them about the way they and their colleagues are treated.

Please read.

A few takeaways, not in any order:
Most agents and managers have no idea how hard it is for assistants to make ends meet.

Even if they understood, it's unlikely they'd self-reflect and increase assistant pay, absent a push from assistants/clients/society at large.
No assistants intend to remain assistants, because being an assistant means long hours for little pay. They see their job as a stepping stone to a different job. This could change if assistants were paid fairly.

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So as long as I'm on Twitter I want to write a few words about what Twitter means to me and what it means when @twitter bans women for speaking our minds.
I joined Twitter in 2009 - omg that's 10 years ago!! - let's call this my Tenth Twitterversary Thread then.
An 'early adopter' friend suggested I join this new thing called Twitter, and I did for fun. I joined under my full name and tweeted mainly about work-related issues. I made accounts for my kids who tweeted up to me from downstairs. We just had fun with it.
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While Trump runs down the straightup Hitler rhetoric about "preserving & protecting Western Civilization," bloated with "America First" chauvinism... #FreeYourself from the Great Tautological Fallacy. #thread #FreeYourMind #TrumpInAsia
From childhood we’re indoctrinated with the notion that America is a Shining Light of Freedom & the President of the U.S. is the Leader of the “Free World.” #thread #FakeHistory #FakeNews
Is the U.S. a Shining Light of Freedom when millions of women are battered and huge numbers are raped every year? Is this a Shining Light to the world?? #MeToo #YesAllWomen
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Most men that I know, men who respect women as equals, are shocked when allegations come out about people like #HarveyWeinstein, #BillCosby, #LouisCK. They are in shock when men they know are accused of sexually harassing or assaulting women. THREAD 1 #BelieveWomen #RWU #MeToo
Some men find it very hard to believe that these things are so common, because they would never DO those things. If I were a man and I hadn’t experienced harassment and inappropriate behavior multiple times, I would probably find it difficult to believe. 2 #MeToo #BelieveHer
I decided to share about what I’ve experienced, so that good men who respect women can start to understand that these things happen to women know they know, work with, are related to, and love, every day. Their friends, neighbors, coworkers, relatives. 3 #sexualharassment
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