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@waltherhoffen Ted Bundy was one of the biggest chads of all time. But he's an "incel" because he killed people?
@waltherhoffen The hashtag #YesAllWomen, about women's experience being harassed by boorish, sexually confident men, was originally started in response to Elliot's day of retribution. Elliot, who never spoke to a girl out of politeness.
@waltherhoffen Women cannot conceive of a man who isn't either Chad or a slightly inferior Chad whose advances are unwanted. They just take all THEIR negative experiences with confident, attractive men and project them onto men too terrified to even talk to them.
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So as long as I'm on Twitter I want to write a few words about what Twitter means to me and what it means when @twitter bans women for speaking our minds.
I joined Twitter in 2009 - omg that's 10 years ago!! - let's call this my Tenth Twitterversary Thread then.
An 'early adopter' friend suggested I join this new thing called Twitter, and I did for fun. I joined under my full name and tweeted mainly about work-related issues. I made accounts for my kids who tweeted up to me from downstairs. We just had fun with it.
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Sad that @DietlandAMC is over (hopefully just for this season). Plum (@JoyNash you were spectacular) was such a character for right now, for this angry, fight-back, badass, warrior woman moment.

That percolating revolution-- #MeToo #NotAllMen #YesAllWomen--touched deep.
The writing, the acting, the power, the hypocrisy, the betrayals, the realness--#Dietland/@DietlandAMC felt like such a big slice of Everywoman's life.

It was a refuge and a place to ponder. I know it opened doors for many women. (Mostly I needed the vent for my Trump rage.)
I hadn't thought at all about some of the issues in #Dietland and that embarrasses me as a feminist--that I hadn't thought about space in the world and how some women are taught to hide in ways I never had to or thought to. Those were powerful revelations for many of us.
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I want to talk about #MeToo ( #YesAllWomen ) & @JustinTrudeau 's response - and yes, there has been a response. I'm writing from the perspective of a woman who spent 30yrs working with survivors & offenders & who is also a #MeToo survivor. 1/?
More than a yr ago I saw that old story about JT and the reporter being circulated by JT haters. Along with that were calls for a nice conservative lady to come forward with allegations against him. There were even offers of money for doing so. 2/?
There were also requests from right wingers for a man, any man, to come forward with sexual abuse allegations or even just gay sex allegations against him. Everyone can plainly see that this is not about #MeToo but about weaponizing a good movement for bad ends. 3/?
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While Trump runs down the straightup Hitler rhetoric about "preserving & protecting Western Civilization," bloated with "America First" chauvinism... #FreeYourself from the Great Tautological Fallacy. #thread #FreeYourMind #TrumpInAsia
From childhood we’re indoctrinated with the notion that America is a Shining Light of Freedom & the President of the U.S. is the Leader of the “Free World.” #thread #FakeHistory #FakeNews
Is the U.S. a Shining Light of Freedom when millions of women are battered and huge numbers are raped every year? Is this a Shining Light to the world?? #MeToo #YesAllWomen
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Most men that I know, men who respect women as equals, are shocked when allegations come out about people like #HarveyWeinstein, #BillCosby, #LouisCK. They are in shock when men they know are accused of sexually harassing or assaulting women. THREAD 1 #BelieveWomen #RWU #MeToo
Some men find it very hard to believe that these things are so common, because they would never DO those things. If I were a man and I hadn’t experienced harassment and inappropriate behavior multiple times, I would probably find it difficult to believe. 2 #MeToo #BelieveHer
I decided to share about what I’ve experienced, so that good men who respect women can start to understand that these things happen to women know they know, work with, are related to, and love, every day. Their friends, neighbors, coworkers, relatives. 3 #sexualharassment
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