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Hey @DestLinuxPod Halfway through ep271 and I'm liking your rundown of #foss/#floss on mobile📱. Personally I use Opera browser as it's the only one to support fit-to-zoom so I don't have to strain to see small text on sites that don't render well on mobile. But I'd like to draw
your attention to Bromite, particularly @dasgeekchannel. It strips all tracking kind of like ddg. I'm dubious about ddg as the company is based in the USA but they have held up well so far.
I really prefer a folder structure with my notes and nowadays lean heavily toward #markdown. I've tried many over the years but all seem to cease development. Found Markor on F-Droid and it's perfect for me, so I donated him a tenner.…
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Un cliente del ámbito de la energía solar nos propone un reto: llevar a cabo la ingesta de miles de datos por segundo desde múltiples emisores, asumiendo el procesado, almacenamiento y posterior explotación de dichos datos. Lo hemos conseguido y te contamos cómo. Hilo va.
Aunque podríamos pararnos a hablar de las diferentes piezas de este proyecto de #BigData, hoy nos centraremos en mostrarte cómo hemos desplegado más de mil contenedores para la parte de recepción, procesado, caché e inserción en BBDD de todos esos datos.
Empezamos por el principio: Desde el equipo de desarrollo y en coordinación con el equipo de sistemas de Irontec, se diseña una arquitectura con los siguientes elementos: #MQTT, #Redis, #ClusterBBDDRelacional, #Elasticsearch
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"What Would Open Source Look Like If It Were Healthy?" That's the question @brainwane set out to answer in her @github talk earlier this week - a talk that considers #FLOSS in the broadest possible terms and still makes specific, concrete proposals.…

1/ The title-card from Sumana Harihareswara's Github talk,'What
Harihareswara starts with the obvious proposition that "open source" can't be healthy if the programmers who create it aren't healthy, and draws a link between basic income, child care and universal health care and the health of open source.

She also points out that the "health" of open source has been systematically poisoned by harassment, misogyny and racism, and names people who were driven out of OSS because of their gender and race - as well as people like @aaronsw, hounded to death by the FBI.

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I met @mala on 9/11/01, at a surreal dinner we pressed on with despite (or really, because of) the intense terror of the day. He was wearing a t-shirt from NTK, his seminal digital newsletter, bearing its slogan: "THEY STOLE OUR REVOLUTION. NOW WE'RE STEALING IT BACK"

1/ EFF's 'public interest internet' illustration: a 2.5-D gamel
Online culture has its roots in a strange swirl of hobbyists, the military, corporate misfits fooling around with their employers' vast computer labs and students and academics dabbling in the early digital world.

It was no garden of Eden. There was plenty of fighting and plenty of difference, but there was, despite it all, a sense of mission: a collegial urgency to build a commons that would be part of the digital world that everyone could use.

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1/Today is our birthday! 🎉 4 years ago we launched the first version from scratch 🎂

Our platform is use in 18 countries, 309 instances around the 🌍!

Thanks to all who trusted us & preferred #floss for #participatorydemocracy🫂
2/ Throughout these years we've been working to strengthen the democratic guarantees of the platform, always nursed buy our community #metadecidim

🤔Why this?
Because a platform designed to articulate democratic processes must have a democratic governance
3/There is still a lot of work to be done, but we keep on going.

For example, we are running a grant programme to make our code more inclusive with #DecidimFemDev together with @DigitalFems
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I like how CPython is a community project. How much community does and contributions are always welcome.…
Let's be honest. This is a shame. Yeah, I know that Python Core Developer is a hard and unpaid job. But maybe there are some people who are willing to do it a bit better than what we have now. Like PRs triaging a bit quicker that in a couple of years. I'm not sure, obviously.
Yes, I've started to pay attention to this just from May'13. And that is the date I've submitted my PR. Now I see that the state of community contributions management in CPython is much worse than a PR which is 4 months old.
Python is getting nowhere this way.
#Python #FLOSS
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1/4 "Algorithms are opinions embedded in code."

This is a very interesting talk and it reminds me of a topic that I haven't had the opportunity to talk about in a long time. Software freedom. #FLOSS #GNU #Freedom…
2/4 It's not only about protecting our data, but we should also care about protecting what's done to our data, and sometimes even how it's done. If you can't have access to the code that is manipulating your data, this is bad and this can be dangerous. Some people think that our
3/4 data should be monetized, in a way that you should be paid somehow if someone is making money out of your data. Well, start paying with freedom by freeing the source code of the algorithms that are manipulating my data. Maybe you're wondering: But Marcel, what could go wrong?
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🆕 Microsoft.Workflow.Compiler sample with low VT detection!
1⃣C:\ProgramData\ccm_deploy.xml 🧐
MD5 fb98cddfa2e13334989d27d1b5b7cdda
VT (0/56):…
2⃣Loads C:\ProgramData\package.xml
MD5 a916ca1d57d9c3b2627907ab68a264fe
VT (1/58):…
[1/4] Image
I uploaded both to @virusbay_io:…

and the extracted payload to @anyrun_app:…

Injection Target Process = %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
PPID Spoof Parent = True
PPID Spoof Process = explorer
Returned true
[2/4] Image
@virusbay_io @anyrun_app More info on @mattifestation's method:
1⃣ My favorite implementation uploaded publicly is this Excel file (probably authored by @egyed_laszlo):
2⃣ The first workflow VT sample uploaded was ~1 year ago:

^plus background & links
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